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Fabric Binge, Post the Second


I’m really hoping to talk about the fabric diet thing sometime this week, but I’m going on holidays out of town next week (nowhere very interesting, just back to my hometown in Saskatchewan – I’ll be flying in to Saskatoon, so if you’ve got an suggestions for fabric shops to stop by, other than Periwinkle, let me know!) and I feel like I’ve got so much to do before I go that I can’t really take the time to write up a proper entry. Also, it’ll give me something to talk about while I’m out of town! (My hometown has a Fabricland, which is a fabric store with a lot of home decor and clothing fabrics and some lines of fairly cheap quilting cotton, but fortunately hasn’t got any proper quilt shops, so I won’t have that distraction/damage for my bank account.)

In the meantime, here’s some more of that fabric binge I referenced last weekend.


I’m starting with a bit of an easy one. Easy in the sense that it doesn’t exactly count as binge buying. This is what I’ll need to finish up the Confetti-Go-Lucky quilt. The big pom-pom type print is going to be the main backing fabric, but I couldn’t get quite enough to cover the whole back, so I’m going to piece in some of the other stuff. I was planning to use the garland type one, but I think it’s going to be too busy/distracting. I don’t know! I bought the two dot prints so I could audition them both for binding, but maybe I should put in some of that instead? I don’t know! And I’ve got one single spare hexagon that didn’t get used in the quilt top, so I could piece that into the back somehow too, maybe. But I don’t know! (All these fabrics, by the way, are from Bonnie and Camille’s Happy Go Lucky line.)


But, you know, I did binge buy this pattern, which I don’t need at all, but just think is pretty neat. (What a great reason to buy something, eh? It’s “pretty neat”.)


This next one I can talk my way into claiming as non-binge buying – it’s a border for a quilt I’m going to make in order to fulfill a 2014 goal of sewing my way through a Craftsy class instead of buying them and occasionally thinking about watching/sewing along with them. This fabric comes from Tula Pink’s Acacia line, it’s one of her hidden animal prints – see the butterfly? (I like this one better than some of her others- the cabbage rabbits are not my favourite.) Anyway, I say I can talk my way into calling this non-binge, but I did use it as an excuse to buy some Comma fabrics, which I never bought much of despite liking it so very much. (A rare instance of not over-indulging myself. I do kind of wish I’d indulged in the black/grey prints, but never mind that.)


So sorry Comma – I washed you out and made you look so much less attractive than you actually are! Well, try to imagine these in the citrusy palette!


But now comes the proper binge. The Black Friday PinkCastle binge.


In a way, this is a kind of wasteful purchase. Wasteful in the sense that it’s basically a scrap pack, but because it’s been curated and chopped down into sixteenths of a yard (which must, admittedly, have been time consuming), it wound up costing me $14/yard instead of Pink Castle’s more typical, say, $10-13/yard. But it’s 32 different 1/16 yards in jewel tones.


And look at those luscious colours and lovely prints. Some of these I’d love to go back and buy entire yards of. (But I’m not going to.) The plan for this pack, and the whole reason I bought it, is to put it to use in the Gypsy Wife pattern that I showed last week. I want to make that quilt as scrappy as the pattern, but scrappy within a certain set of colour values, I suppose.


Since I was there, I didn’t waste any time snapping up these Bike Path prints from Alison Glass’s Sunprints collection.


Or these texty prints either. I keep wondering when the text print explosion will die out, but I’m happy to keep it going as long as it wants – it’s nice to have a neutral option that doesn’t involve floral and that adds something interesting to background, rather than just sinking back and taking up space. Anyway, that’s it for me today – can’t wait to go check out what’s in everybody else’s stash for Sunday Stash at Finding Fifth:

Finding Fifth

Don’t forget to stop back tomorrow for Sew Mama Sew‘s Giveaway Day, wherein I’ll be giving away an entire Sunday Stash post worth of children’s fabrics. If you’re in love with canvas elephants or little dinosaurs or ladybugs… this is the place to be.



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I'm a 30-ish quilter, and occasional sewist and embroiderer. I mostly talk about crafty things I'm working on, or wish I were working on.

11 thoughts on “Fabric Binge, Post the Second

  1. “Pretty neat” sounds like a good reason to me!!

    How ‘hard’ are the Gypsy Wife pieces, or are they just simple block pieces put together? I’ve started eyeing it off. It will look amazing in those jewelled prints you bought!!

    • Ahhh I just went and bought the pattern. I didn’t realise it was made by an Australian, so it should only take a couple of days to get here from her site, and with tracking, woo. Because I really need another project to work on… πŸ™‚

    • Since you bought it now, no need for me to tell you about the piecing πŸ˜€ But from what I’ve read of the pattern (I didn’t read the entire thing, though I have read most of it) it looks like a combination of pretty simple piecing (making hourglasses and so on) and some slightly more complex blocks. The harder bit is going to be getting the stripes in there properly – it’s all joined up in sort of weird ways, and there are some partial seams and things like that (if I recall correctly). I think as long as we take it slowly and focus, it should still come together pretty easily.

      In regards to your other comment, I feel the same about not really needing another project, but it’s just so INTERESTING, I couldn’t help myself! It’s so unlike other quilts out there – just kind of wild and a little crazy, but then using a lot of traditional bits and pieces. It should be fun to make.

      • I’m trying to decide now what fabric I want to make it with. Another reason to buy some more fabric hmm? πŸ˜‰ Being wild and crazy is exactly what drew me to the pattern as well. I’ve been seeing a few of them pop up in a few places and I like it more and more everytime I see it! It sounds like it will be a great skill builder… and I guess because it looks so wild, it won’t matter too much if things don’t match up (or so I’ll tell myself when I can’t get it to work out properly!!)!

        • That’s exactly true, there’s going to be so much going on, not one single person (except you, probably :D) will notice if you nip off the corners of your half-square triangles or get one stripe switched around with another one or whatever. I can’t wait to start it, but I’m making myself wait until I clear a couple smaller projects off the pile first.

  2. I, ahem, also bought those jewel tones. I am joining in on the Feathers QAL hosted by Nydia at ADD crafters. Finally a quilt for my (our) own bed.

  3. Those texty prints are nice! Love the bright blender prints too πŸ™‚

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