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Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day – Kiddie Fabric (Canvas)


Giveaway Day is now Closed. Winners will be notified Saturday December 14, 2013 have been notified and a post about the winners will be up as soon as I hear back from them. Thanks everyone for playing along!

Here was my winner:

Katherine blogs at Sew Me Something Good, and lives right across town from me. I sent out her prize on Monday, so here’s hoping Canada Post managed to make the trip across town by now!

It’s Giveaway Day! If you have stumbled across my blog somehow without knowing what Giveaway Day is… well, it’s a day (week, really) when Sew Mama Sew does a link-up of blogs where something crafty (handmade or supply related) is being given away. There are several categories: Handmade Baby and Kid Items, Handmade Accessories, Handmade for the Home, Sewing and Craft Supplies, and Handmade Bags two categories this year: Craft Supplies and Handmade Items. What used to take a day, has grown so large that it encompasses the whole week to let people have a chance to enter as many giveaways as possible. Stop by Sew Mama Sew to check out all the categories and to spend countless hours (seriously!) entering your name into the dozens of awesome draws that are held.

I’m holding two separate giveaways, one for children’s fabrics in quilting cotton – see here! – and this one, which is for children’s fabrics in canvas. This giveaway is open worldwide. The draw will be held on December 14, whenever I wake up, but I will only accept entries date stamped with December 13. Mr Random will be doing the honours.

Kiddie Fabric

When these Daiwabo elephants were first released, you me and everybody else in the world I think fell all over ourselves to get our hands on it. But in too much of a rush, I didn’t pay enough attention and bought myself a Fat Quarter pack of canvas elephants, rather than quilting cotton elephants. Oops. I couldn’t figure out what the heck to do with them, so mostly they’ve just sat around unused. (A few of them do have a couple small pieces cut out of them, but not much.) The hippos came later and that’s actually a half yard of fabric (I believe, I didn’t measure it though to be sure). Canvas as a fabric kind of mystifies me – except for bags (and maybe slipper outers?) I can’t really figure out what to use it for. It’s a bit coarse so I don’t like it for quilting and it’s strong enough it seems like it should be used for things that might take some abuse. But what exactly? I just don’t know. Cushion covers? A fat quarter didn’t seem (to me) like enough to just… make something with.

The Important Bit: What you need to do to be entered
Unlike my other draw, I don’t need to know where you’re from, but I like it when people are a little more engaged than just leaving a “Thanks for the chance.” type comment. So tell me what you do with small amounts of canvas. I don’t care what the winner actually does with the fabric, but just a general idea about how you would make use of quarter yards of canvas. (I just can’t imagine using it in a quilt. Although it does give a nice weight, and I do sleep better under a weighted blanket than under a lightweight one.)

You do not need to include your email address in the body of your response. WordPress requires an email address from all people leaving comments and it is accessible to me (though not to anyone reading my blog).

Don’t forget to stop by my other giveaway here and Sew Mama Sew to enter as many more giveaways as you’ve got time to enter!


Please also note that I will be editing your response to include a comment number, so as to save myself counting (and then counting again) through dozens (hundreds?) of comments to find the winners. If you do not post some sort of response that indicates you’ve actually read the post, you won’t be entered. You don’t have to answer the canvas question – you could tell me where you’re from or what your day has been like or what Hogwarts house you’d sort in. Please forgive me if I don’t respond to your comment – I try to respond to every person who comments on my blog, but Giveaway Day has a tendency to make one’s email inbox explode, so I might not this go-around.


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432 thoughts on “Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day – Kiddie Fabric (Canvas)

  1. 1. I’d bet the canvas would make a good squishy block. I’ve made several and they always seem to go over well! You can even add in little ribbon “taggies” or a bell or squeaker to make the block more interactive.

    • Ohh.. that’s a good idea, I never thought of something like that! Well, too late now, but if I ever make that mistake again… I’ll have more thoughts on the canvas use!

  2. 2. love these elephants! I would make pencil cases and toiletry bags for my girls with them. Thanks for the chance!

  3. 3. Oh I love these little elephants. I would saw a little dress for my daughter and use the patterned cotton for pockets and collar.
    Thanks and Joyeux Noel.

  4. 4. I like to think I would be a Gryffindor, but would probably sort into Hufflepuff. Lol!

  5. 5. I like the idea of using the canvas for pillows because the stiffness will help the cushion keep its shape. I’d probably combine several colors to make a larger cushion.

  6. 6. I find that canvas makes great storage solutions because of how much body they have, so these would definitely become pouches or buckets here! Thanks very much!

  7. 7 – I’d like to use them to make small storage buckets–I think they’d be perfect for a baby’s room!

  8. 8. I would use it on projects for the little ones. Who doesn’t like fun animals?

  9. 9. Pouches, bags and buckets are all great with canvas!

  10. 10. Mixed with similar weight fabrics, I think I’d use them to make grocery totes.

  11. 11. I use canvas to make all kinds of bags, purses, luggage, totes… etc.
    I’m from Argentina, my day so far has been quite busy, I think I’d sort into Hufflepuf (though I’ve never done any of the tests that I’ve seen on-line) lol, anything else you’d like to know?

  12. 12. I won a scrap of it and made hubby a mugrug

  13. 13. I’d use this for more divided baskets for baby showers! They’d need to be patched together a bit (the pattern calls for half yards) but that’d be fine I think. Thanks!!

  14. 14. I’m a children’s photographer so I love to incorporate small pieces of canvas or home dec weight fabric into my shoots for a punch of color. They don’t wrinkle like quilting cottons do!

  15. 15. totes. with a 9 month old grand baby, we always need totes. Although I might take the green and make a pen pouch for me

  16. 16. I think this fabric would make great stuffed blocks for baby to throw around! So fun! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  17. 17. These would make great little aprons. My little girl and her friends like to help with the cooking but are too small for most off the shelf aprons so I like making slightly shorter ones.

  18. 18. I’d just patchwork it in with something else for a larger bag project, or make something small like a pencil or project zip pouch. There’s probably enough here to make a funky baby sunhat too !

  19. 19. It would be real cute for a variety of covers (passport, e-reader, tablets) or zipper pouches!

  20. 20. I’ve never used canvas before so it would be a challenge for me to use it. I would probably incorporate it in zipper pouches. Thanks you!

  21. 21. Little zippered pouches would work well or fabric baskets for a kids room. Thanks!

  22. 22. It’d probably be great for pouches! And, I can see the half yard being used in some cute little boy pants! (I imagine canvas is durable enough for that! )

  23. 23. I think it could totally work for a patchwork toddler backpack with a little zipper pouch for little treasures included.

  24. 24. I would totally use that canvas for morsbags. Have you ever heard of that? They are easy to make and fun to give away. Here’s the website: Join a pod!! Join my pod (Sparkys Mom – Columbia, MD). Pillows would be great, too.

  25. 25. love love love the elephants, I would love to make some fabric bins to keep on my night stand

  26. 26. I live in Croatia. Thanks for a chance to win! julia(dot)glotova(at)gmail(dot)com

  27. 27. I love using canvas for bags and pouches.
    I am Canadian!

  28. 28. Grocery bags, bags for my nieces πŸ™‚

  29. 29. Usually I like making bags with canvas, these would make great Diaper/Wiper bags (you know, just a small pack of wipes and a few diapers).

  30. 30. I’ve just started making bags and purses, like so many of my projects I love scrappy…I will add these to my scrappy bag/purse collection.

  31. Picnic pillows!

  32. 31. I would make kid’s tool/art supply belts.
    Thank you!

  33. 32. I would love to make some zippered pouches!

  34. 33. I love these prints! I like to make picnic/camp quilts with canvas.

  35. 34. I would love to make a little backpack with it! And use it for pocket linings for kidΒ΄s pants or skirts. And the gray elephants for me for a little zippered bag!

  36. 35. I really love to make zippered bags. I find them so useful for many things (make up, toys, traveling, etc). These would be great for those sort of projects.

  37. 36. I would use canvas in a bag to tote. Thank you.

  38. 37. I love elephants, but don’t have any fabric with elephants yet. I would make makeup bags for my coworkers.

  39. 38. I would use canvas for pouches, baskets and pillows!

  40. 39. Little zipper pencil pouches. A few months ago I did some charity sewing to make pencil pouches for kids on a reservation and I used cotton/linen blend (which was almost like canvas).

    I could also use it to make Teesha Moore style patches or dotee dolls. Anything goes with fabric for them.

    And reusable grocery bags. Those things get beat up!

  41. 40. I have used the yellow version of this fabric for a tote! I will make a patchwork tote. This would be so wonderful to receive this bundle!

  42. 41. Oh I have done the same thing! Could have kicked myself, as it was fabric that I needed for a quilt that was in progress, and then canvas showed up instead of cotton! Grrrr ! So frustrating! But… It got used for other things … Eventually! Lol! I made coin purses and makeup pouches, and little sling backpacks with it! These are adorable and would be put to good use! πŸ˜‰

  43. 42. I like making little pouches and bags with them. Great for organizing essentials in your purse! I love these elephants!!

  44. 43. I’m hoping to explore more things in 2014, like bags, zippers, etc. The things that scare me the most. This canvas would be a good place to start. Plus, great gifts for the babies I know that are arriving in 2014.

  45. 44. These would be perfect for small pouches. And I’ve seen the elephants before but the hippos are a nice surprise. Would love to have these in my stash πŸ™‚

  46. 45. i’d love to use it on a new wallet! perfect size!

  47. 46. I’d like to try to use it to make one of those box bags. Somehow they confuse me….

  48. 47. First, I think I’d be sorted into Ravenclaw. I would really like Luna Lovegood to be my best friend. πŸ™‚ Second, fabric for boys seems to be harder for me to find and fall in love with. This elephant fabric would make some lovely things for my little one…bean bags, tote bags, new knees on old jeans.

  49. 48. I was GOING to answer the canvas question, but then the chance to sort myself into a Hogwarts house? Yes, please. I think I’d end up in Ravenclaw, where quirkiness is welcome.

  50. 49. I’d probably use the canvas to line a bag or to make fabric boxes for storage. The print is so cute!

  51. 50. As I mostly sew bags, these would make a terrific diaper bag πŸ™‚ So cute!

  52. 51. These would be great accents/pockets on a backpack.

  53. 52. I’d make a cute diaper bag thing. Canvas would be great for that!

  54. 53. Thanks for the giveaway! I agree that these would make good pouches and totes.

  55. 54. Totebags!

  56. 55. I love canvas fabric, espec. these elephants! They make great baskets and table runners/placemats because they are so sturdy!

    I’m from Delaware in the USA ~ thanks for the chance to win!

  57. 56. Canvas would make nice tote bags. I love bags to organize and lug my stuff around. These would be cute for diaper bags. Thanks you for sharing! Love your comment about which Hogwarts house would you sort:)

  58. 57. Thy are really cute! Maybe a cushion or zip bags?! I am a new follower by the way (i want to see what you do with all that lovely fabric you binged on!)

  59. 58. I think this fabric would make great carry all bags!

  60. 59. I use small cuts of canvas for wallets…holds up much better than quilting cotton.

  61. 60. I’d make cute bibs for my grandson!!!

  62. 61. Awww… these wee elephants are adorable!! I’m thinking some carry all bags would be fun!! Thanks!

  63. 62. I think they’d make really cute zipper box pouches. I can make each child one in different colors so they can toss their small toys in there!

  64. 63. I think I would make some of those little fabric boxes to hold all kinds of little things.

  65. 64. I’m thinking a cushion. Some chairs are just so hard. My Gma loves a good cushion.

  66. 65. I’d make some zippered pouches or little baskets – doesn’t that sound good?

  67. 66. I’d like to make a quilted plush teddy bear or elephant or maybe baby blocks as a toy. I’m getting ready to have a baby soon & whatever I make will be for her. Ooh! With enough, I could make a hoodie. Thanks!

  68. 67. A canvas bag of elephants would be fabulous!!!

  69. 68. Canvas? Always good for knitting bags/WIP sacks.

  70. 69. I love those little ellies πŸ™‚ I actually love canvas and minky together to make a nice winter weight quilt. I used a canvas and minky to make a whole cloth quilt for my son and he uses it every night. It does wash up softer.

  71. 70. My husband stuck me with some canvas (totally not my idea, especially since it was plain gray)- and I thought it made the perfect tote! (Also, I’m not a fan of the thank you and run comments either.)

  72. 71. I use it to make bags…combined with sturdy linen for example.

  73. 72. I am in love with hippos, so this has my name on it. I have no idea what I’d make. I need a shopping bag, but would I look ridiculous carrying hippos and elephants as I do the groceries?
    E xx

    • Perhaps the better question is Do you care if you look ridiculous carrying hippos and elephants? Because I think as long as people own it, they usually can get away with it πŸ˜€ (I’m pretty sure I look sheepish in everything by t-shirts and jeans; clothes wear me more than I wear them.)

  74. 73. These prints would be perfect for adding a little texture and extra cuteness to my I-Spy quilt that I’m collecting for! It’d also be really cute in a “softie color book”
    Thanks for the chance to win this bundle!

  75. 74. Little zipper bags or small storage boxes would be perfect for this!

  76. 75. I like using canvas for small pouches. It makes them more durable πŸ™‚

  77. 76. I use canvas (all sizes) in totes and pillows (backings) and I’ve also made a couple pin cushions with canvas.

  78. 77. I would use this canvas to make fabric box things, and would be fun to make girls pencil cases, or maybe lunch bags. I’m currently making beach bags but using big bits of canvas. Thanks for being so generous!

  79. 78. I would make little zippered pouches. I’ve been sewing them to conquer my fear of zippers.

  80. 80. I love making zippered bags. This would be perfect for that!

  81. 81. I would LOVE to make bags with such cute fabrics! Thanks πŸ™‚

  82. 82. OMG, those hippos are adorable! I haven’t used much canvas before, but I think that it would be brilliant for making gift bags for kids or even storage bags for kids (for toys, travel, etc.). Now that I think about it, that would be a cool gift idea for my niece!

  83. 83. I use canvas for pouches and bags. It is a wonderful fabric for QAYG items! My sisters friend is having a baby and she has asked me to make a small diaper bag so this fabric would be a wonderful choice for such gift…FINGERS CROSSED:-)
    Thanks, Jessica

  84. 84. So cute! Those could be used for quilted coasters to give some weight, zippered bags, coin purse. Piece together for a bigger bag. Etc!

  85. 85. I use canvas for sewing handbags. I will use great canvas like your samples for the outside of a bag and will use natural colored canvas as an interfacing in tote bags between the exterior fabric and the lining for extra heft. Thanks for the giveaway!

  86. 86. I think it would be very cute to make a zipper pouch with this fabric, or handles for shopping bags. I think you can use fussy cut bits of canvas in your quilt piecing, but a whole quilt would be very heavy!

  87. 87. I’d make pencil cases I think! So cute!

  88. 88. I have used canvas in bags, pillows and zipper cases before. The elephants are very cute. Thank you for the chance to enter. conn_and_vans_mom(at)yahoo(dot)com

  89. 89. Small bags, wallets, pencil cases! Very cute. I’ve never actually seen a quilt made of canvas.

    Thanks for the chance.

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  91. 90. I normally make small projects like zipped pouches and pencil cases but I seem to be addicted to hexagons lately! I can’t get enough of them! Thanks for the fab giveaway!

  92. 91. I love these elephants! I would make notions bags out of them, for holding knitting or crochet accessories or pencils or buttons. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  93. 92. I make little zippered pouches. Sometimes boxy ones and sometimes flat. We all have stuff that needs corralling into something cute!

  94. 93. I like to use them in bags – give a little weight here and there. Thanks so much for the chance!

  95. 94. I would probably do some QAYG panels for a bag, I love those ellies! Thanks for the chance to win πŸ™‚

  96. 95. I would love the elephants for noodle head divided baskets!!!

  97. 96. i would make something magical and adorable for little kids (i have two of them!). i am kind of envisioning a little house / play-mat bag thing with pockets for a soft elephant toy, etc. so cute! thank you.

  98. 97. I like to piece it together and use it to make fabric baskets for kid toys, yarn and other items.

  99. 98. I would probably do a bag or a pouch! Best wishes from Argentina

  100. 99. These are fantastic and I would use them for either zipper pouches or buckets πŸ™‚

  101. 100. I would like to make a seat cushion for a toy chest/bench for my son.
    Alibear167 at gmail

  102. 101. I would probably try and make a zipper pouch πŸ™‚ good luck with all the counting!!

  103. 102. I would definitely make some housey-type slippers! or zippered pouched.

  104. 103. I love using canvas weight fabrics in bags or pouches – thanks for the chance to win!

  105. 104. Little zipper bags or lunch bags.

  106. 105. I think I would make cute little clutches or pouches. Canvas is the perfect weight!

  107. 106. I’d use them for zip pouches or maybe pillows!

  108. 107. I have never used canvas to sew with….but I think i would make a zipper pouch or i just downloaded a pattern for a knitters bag…that would be great for it

  109. 108. I love the elephants! I think they would make a cute diaper bag!!

  110. 109. Wallets or cosmetic pouches are great projects to do with a bit of canvas fabric. These are awesome!

  111. 110. maybe piece them together and make a kids tent? Or bags and buckets are always great. . .

  112. 111. I would make something for my Nana – she loves elephants!

  113. 112. I like to use canvas in zipper bags. They are more sturdy with canvas.

  114. 113. I make tote bags. The canvas is for the exterior, I line them with regular fabric.

  115. 114. I would frame this fabric and give it to my daughter. Why?? Because after 14 years she has returned to school to finish her college education. Her motto is – How do you eat an elephant?? One bite at a time πŸ™‚ She is taking her college courses one bite at a time. Thanks so much for this great giveaway. I love the fabric.

  116. 115. I want these so much! I actually think Jocelyn has a fantastic answer there, but I would make a slew of Noodlehead Divided Baskets and then just wait for people to have their babies. Which in my neck of the woods might be a week or so. But I think there are so many things you could do! Thank you!

  117. 116. Love the elephants. I think baskets would be a great idea. Thanks for the chance.

  118. 117. Wouldn’t the elephants make great pencil pouches. Thanks for the giveaway.

  119. 118. I think you could piece the smaller pieces together, then use the large piece you make for tote bags or a fun table runner, or leave them smaller for potholders, mug rugs, placemats, zip pouches, etc. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  120. 119. I love the elephants! I think they would make fabric baskets or zipper pouches for little treasures!

  121. 120. Lately I have been into making fabric baskets,the canvas would be nice as it would add body/structure to the baskets and so require less interfacing. Another thing I make a lot of is crayon rolls,these prints in particular would make the cutest little crayon rolls! I had not seen the Hippos print before.

  122. 121. I feel like I’d make a little toy for my daughter or pincushions for myself πŸ˜‰

  123. 122. I’ve never worked with canvas but pencil cases would be a good project

  124. 123. I would make a makeup purse or little case like that with the canvas. Not sure beyond that! Love this giveaway!

  125. 124. Hmmm….I’m never really had any bits of canvas lying around so I don’t really know what I’d use it for. I would guess zipper pouches would be good.

  126. 125. I won several pieces of canvas in last year’s giveaway and made pouches with the fabric. I would probably do the same with the elephant canvas – geared toward kids.

  127. 126. I would use it in a tote bag. If I could figure out a specific block, then I would just cut squares, and quilt some patchwork! Thanks for the chance to win πŸ™‚

  128. 127. I would probably make it into tote bags. It would also be good for crayon rolls or for a bag to hold art supplies. I got sorted into Hufflepuff when I took a quiz which is probably about right. πŸ™‚ (But I would have rather been sorted into Ravenclaw.)

  129. 128. I’d probably use it to make kid shoes or maybe a bag! I love the simple designs of this fabric πŸ™‚

  130. 129. I would use canvas for a pillow to go on my couch.

  131. 130. I think these canvases would make awesome storage boxes (maybe with some linen?) or, the bottom of a tote. That’s what I’d do! :O)

  132. 131. I’d love to use these for chair cushions for the kitchen. Thank you for the chance to jazz up my space πŸ™‚

  133. 132. Love these elephants! I would use these to make zipper pouches. Thank you!

  134. 133. Cute canvas like this is nice to sew along the bottom of a lighter weight curtain to help it hang neatly. But I foresee making totes & pockets for aprons with these!
    Thanks for your giveaway! Now off to explore your blog!

  135. 134. Oh those canvas elephants. I missed when they came out, and just finished a holiday party swap where my person included some of the elephants on green. So here’s my chance to get a piece to play with for me! I made a project tote for her.

  136. 135. You can make a draft stopper with a long narrow piece of canvas. I’ve been accumulating some scraps of canvas that I’ll probably piece into some type of a bag.

  137. 136. I love to use canvas for fabric storage baskets. these would be adorable in a baby room! Also, canvas makes nice sturdy tote bags…

  138. 137. I think quilt as you go on canvas for a bag would be great. It would be sturdy and piecework at the same time. thanks for sharing

  139. 138. Those elephants are so cute! I had a fat quarter of the cotton sent to me in a swap that I used in a little boys quilt. For these canvas pieces, I think they would work wonderfully in the making of bags. Ones that are simple and could be used to haul library books home ( we are a home schooling family, so we use the library a TON!)

  140. 139. I really like canvas for cushion backs – it feels a bit more sturdy than quilting cotton and a FQ will do for smaller cushions. I reckon it would also be good for making an oven mitt – I have a pattern that uses a FQ of your feature fabric.

  141. 140. Hmm, I think pouches to hold keys or chapstick or something like that would be nice with canvas. I don’t sew with canvas much, but this is just too cute to pass up the chance!

  142. 141. I think they would make great little portable toys wallets. Thanks for the chance.
    clunsford at gmail dot com

  143. 142. The canvas fabrics would make a nice library tote or unlined zip pouches. Thanks for the chance to win.

  144. 143. I like canvas for bags or pillows, specially in kids room because of durability

  145. 144. I have used some lighter weight canvas in quilts before and it turned out nice, but also smaller amounts are great for little zipper pouches. Kind of boring sounding, but I have made a couple and the uses are really endless. I have a couple of great Japanese printed canvas zipper pouches that I use everyday for my quilting/sewing tools! Thanks. cobbv19(at)gmail(dot)com

  146. 145. Hi. I am following you now on Bloglovin after I saw your comment on my post. I like to follow fellow Albertans. πŸ™‚ I lived in Calgary for a few years too. I would use the canvas elephants to make bags and zipper pouches and possibly key chains. Thank you for the chance to enter. They are adorable.

  147. 146. I love making zippered pouches with canvas. Sturdy and durable. Maybe even a pencil roll. Love the elephants so much!

  148. 147. These would make fun pencil pouches and zip pouches are another project for these adorable prints.

  149. 148. I might use it for a small fabric basket

  150. 149. I would make a small simple wallet!

  151. 150. I think small pieces of canvas would be good for making a sturdy bag or storage basket. πŸ™‚

  152. 151. I actually have these in the canvas and believe it or not I’m making a whole swoon out of them! I know they’re on the heavy side for quilting, but I just love them too much πŸ™‚ I have also made little sipper pouches and things with them and they hold up nicely. I just bought some quilting cotton elephants but I’m starting to think I’ll never tire of them! Thaaaanks!

  153. 152. I saw these and thought “kid’s messenger bag”. But I could also imagine some pillows for the reading corner! Also, I once did this test on FB and it told me I’d be Gryffindor!

  154. 153. I’ve never sewn with canvas, but these elephants are so adorable…I would probably make some cushions for my deck swing out of them. Canvas would be suitable for that, I think…or maybe some beach totes…

  155. 154. I’ve never used canvas before, honestly. My first thought is pillow (covers) for the couch. Hear me out – I have three dogs, and they’re allowed on furniture. I question the longevity of quilting cotton near the mutts. My second thought is zip pouches. Oh, and Ravenclaw, likely.

  156. 155. I would use these to make kid lunch boxes, patches on thier clothes, bags , pouches, maybe even a pillow

  157. 156. They would make darling totes/baskets for toys.

  158. 157. I think that they would make some adorable, yet durable knee patches on my sons pants.

  159. 158. You can use small-ish strips of canvas for one side of wristlet key fobs. Then, you can pick a fun coordinating cotton fabric (or another canvas) for the other side. Bonus – they’re super quick to make! πŸ™‚

  160. 159. I do love these Elephants & I know several grown ups who would love them as much as me! I like using canvas fabrics like these as a feature panel in a tote bag, or in the Jane Market bag pattern they’d look great as the main exterior pocket. I also like canvas as a zipper pouch fabric, depending on the thickness & weight you could nearly skip the interfacing – always a bonus in my book. Thanks so much for the fab giveaway(s)!

  161. 160. These elephants seem to call for a patchwork cushion cover. hmmm or thinking of it it can be a lamp shade! They are gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win

  162. 161. I’d probably make a patch work tote.

  163. 162. Very cute elephant prints. I’d be making a shopping tote bag as we have to provide our own bags at shops these days. They will definitely stand out from the crowd (or possibly draw a crowd).

  164. 163. love the Elephants!! I’ll make a bag or some pillows!

  165. 164. I think these would look lovely made into children’s bags

  166. 165. I would make a thread catcher/ pin cushion with the canvas. I think it would be a nice weight for them. A cushion for a grandson’s bedroom would be lovely too.

  167. 166. Bags, cushions for chairs, details for clothes (pockets, knees)… πŸ˜€
    Thanks for the chance!

  168. 167. With bubs no. 2 nearly here, this would be great to make some storage baskets for the change table.

  169. 168. Love this print! I’d make myself a patchwork tote bag

  170. 169. I would use these fabrics to make a patchwork bag. I love the elephants. Although I think I would also like to make a scissor keep in some of the green for my son as he loves green.

  171. 170. These would make fabulous pencil cases for my little ones! Such a lovely offer – thank you, and Merry Christmas

  172. 171. I’d make pincushions! How cute!! Merry Christmas

  173. 172. The elephant canvas would make lovely little bags or zip pouches for my young nieces. Thanks for the chance to win!

  174. 173. I would use this canvas to make pillows for my nephew’s nursery. My sister decided she was in love with elephants when she started planning the nursery. As far as canvas in general, I’m not really sure either–purses and pouches??

  175. 174. At fistr sight, I thought: these lovely elephants would make a fab QAYG tote. Oh! I can see it already! yum!

  176. 175. These fabrics are so cute and I’d make bibs and pencil rolls. Thank you for the giveaway!

  177. 176. Pouches, phone cases, that kind of thing I reckon! Maybe even slightly weightier drawstring bags.

  178. 177. i would make lunch sacks with a few of them combined.. and they make great business card holders!

  179. 178. I love canvas as it has a nice weight. Along with cushion covers and bags, it also makes nice notebook covers, I also use it to make the outers for children’s crayon rolls. Storage bags or boxes are another use…

  180. 179. I love canvas for making bean bags for kid’s games.

  181. 180. Love these elephants! I think I would tackle a little purse or pencil case type of thing with it!

  182. 181. I think they would great mug rugs.

  183. 182. Hmmm… I don’t know. I think it would be great to use them to make some little bags or pouches. Also, other peoples’ ideas of using it for soft blocks or bean bags would be great!

  184. 183. I think it would make some cute pin cushions for beginner sewers!

  185. 184. Generally, I don’t know what to do with canvas either but last night, I made my very first pair of baby booties and I am just in love with them and I think canvas would be great for those because it’s sturdier than regular quilting cotton.. So that’s what I would make – baby booties. And I could probably get 3-4 pairs/FQ too πŸ™‚

  186. 185. I use canvas for bags (obviously) and fabric storage baskets, also once made toy cubes for babies filled with foam. Larger cuts are great for bean bags.

  187. 186. I make all sorts of presents with canvas, sometimes for me, myself and I I must admit! Pincushions, make up pouches, simple totes. Mostly zakka style: the canvas instead of in zakka world much used linen, often combined with quilting cotton. A little gem with much effect is the puffy pouch from Pink Penguin blog (free tutorial). And yes, I want to say it anyway: thanks for the giveaway πŸ˜‰ !!

  188. 187. I have never used canvas for quilts.. but I have for cushions and for little zip bags – they are a great weight from some scrappy bags! I like Marika’s idea for baby shoes! clever idea ! I think rice hand warmer packs would be good for it also!

  189. 188. These would make great bags or, if you had chairs the right size, seat covers for dining room chairs.

  190. 189. I have used canvas for zipper pouches and these fabrics are so cute! Thanks for the giveaway. Ana

  191. 190. I’d like to make a small bag to keep small baby stuff in so it doesn’t get lost in a suitcase.


  192. 191. Patchwork tote bags!

  193. 192. I think these would make outstanding cat toys, the kind to be filled with catnip and then batted about by our motley crew of tabbies.

  194. 193. I would use this for mini wallets or fabric boxes- thanks for the chance!

  195. 194. I would use it for making fabric baskets or zip pouches. They’re perfect for that.

  196. 195. I would make some little zippered pouches. They are endlessly useful, so I must need an endless supply…

  197. 196. I think bags (zippered pouches, drawstring totes, backpacks) are all great in canvas. It gives more body than just quilting cotton–sometimes I’ll use both a heavier fabric like canvas with a lighter like quilting cotton as lining. I love the elephants!

  198. 197. A small piece of canvas would be good for pouches. Zipper things of all sorts. I use tiny cotton pieces all the time…like the size of a quarter sometimes. I have a hard time parting with my itty bitty scraps!

  199. 198. I’d use them to make zippy pouches and pencil cases and such. I’ve made some cute make-up bags too.

  200. 199. I think I would use it to make a lovely bag/tote!

  201. 200. a tote or a basic short curtain–the canvas stiffness holds nicely on my boys’ window πŸ™‚

  202. 201. I think I would try to make my daughter an apron with some and perhaps tackle a pouch.

  203. 202. I love little zipper pouches – they take a fair bit of abuse, sometimes!

  204. 203. It would be perfect for a wallet or checkbook cover. Or as a bright colored accent on a totebag.

  205. 204 This canvas would make an awesome patchwork floor mat for a little one’s room! Thank you for the opportunity!

  206. 205. I’m with the many who would make a zippered pouch or a wee wallet. Or juggling beanbags for the kids, and myself. Oh yeah, that!

  207. 206. i would probably make an art pencil roll for one of my kiddos. i’ve also used canvas to make an emergency first aid kit to keep in the car.

  208. 207. Hi! I like to use heavier weight fabric like canvas when I make zipper bags – sometimes it can add enough structure that I don’t need to use interfacing. Cute elephants!

  209. 208. Oh I love these little elephants! Thanks for the chance! I would make zipper bags or car wallets for my kiddos! bjwagner812(at)gmail(dot)com

  210. 209. That elephant fabric is just the cutest, canvas is great for making knitting/crochet bags, my 9 year old girl has just started knitting in school so I would probably make a patchwork knitting bag for her. Canvas is also good or making bunting as it stiffer the cotton. Ooh or some fabric nesting bins just for me!!! Thanks

  211. 210. Bag or pillow covers are a favorite of mine to sew!

  212. 211. I love making heating packs from small amounts of fabric. You can make them very colorful without being too childish, as you don’t wear it, but you can just be happy by looking at this. And when you are freezing or even have pain, the look at the cheerful fabric makes it less worse in an instance!

  213. 212. I would make little purses or buckets for my daughter to play or store her trinkets

  214. 213. They are so cute and I think they would be perfect for a pillow or maybe a bag. I like making pouches from smaller fabrics. Pillows, coasters, placemats, it all works well for that. Thanks for the chance πŸ™‚

  215. 214. I would love to use them as an accent strip on a clutch bag….I would pair it with linen that has a lightweight interfacing on it so they would be about the same weight!

  216. 215. Canvas is a bit of a tough one, but nothing beats canvas to repair blown out knees in children’s pants. And I tell you – my son can bust through the knees of any pair of pants in seconds flat. I always like some strong, colourful canvas on hand for just such a problem. πŸ™‚

  217. 216. I think there is enough to make a backpack… and I know my daughter would love these little elephants!

  218. 217. The fabric is adorable, I think I would use the canvas to make some mug rugs! Thanks for offering the giveaway.

  219. 218. I think as far as children’s canvas, it would be great for those fabric “baskets” to keep toys in, floor cushions for kids to sit on, bags to hold art supplies, etc.

  220. 219. Hi there. I would make a child’s size circular floor cushion. The thicker canvas would withstand much dragging around the floor. I am also supposed to be making canvas chalk bags for my daughter who is a rock wall climbing instructor. they clip them to their belts – apparently!

  221. 220. There’s plenty in there to make a bunch of zipper pouches to organize the diaper bag! Or they could be lined with vinyl to make some wetbags…

  222. 221. Lovely fabric… I read the post!! But I don’t follow too much HP to pick a House πŸ˜‰ and I guess I will try to use the canvas for a bag? I don’t know, never made one and never used canvas before, but it’s good to try new things!!

  223. 222. I love those elephants! I know they are supposed to be kiddish but I would make wallets with them for myself and my mother. We would both love to sport one. Besides we are in Alabama. It is all about the elephant here (Alabama University mascot is an elephant)

  224. 223. I’ve only used canvas once to make a bag for my son for church. Perhaps this would make a cute small bag. πŸ™‚

  225. 224. these would probably work well for little soft blocks or zip bags – the canvas would add some nice stability.

  226. 225. Griffindor of course, otherwise I’d be disowned by my children, and probably a bag, canvas just lends itself to that it seems.

  227. 226. I use small bits and pieces of fabric to make zipper pouches.

  228. 227. I would probably use it for an art smock for my grand-daughter.

  229. 228. Hard to say what I would make out of it but I always seem to be searching for canvas in my stash. Last time I needed canvas I was asked to make a walker bag. Those cute elephants would surely make a cute walker bag too. You have a lovely fun blog and everyone does appreciate the chance to win. Thanks again.

  230. 229. I LOVE elephants. This giveaway is so delightful! I would probably make bags or something for my pregnant friend’s nursery if this jives with the direction she chooses.

  231. 230. These elephants are adorable! I would make a patchwork canvas tote!

  232. 231. Wallets, pouches, patchwork bag, brush/crayon/pencil/marker roll, ornaments – so many possibilities! Thanks for the opportunity!

  233. 232. The canvas is so cute. It would make great tote for school or grocery shopping, or even some fabric baskets for kids to store their small toys. Thanks, Kathy

  234. 233. Hello again from Greece, so I like the weight of canvas for bags and I would combine these cute prints with colored linens. You can also make great “wall art” with canvas if you are into that kind of thing, or just stick a piece of the fabric in a embroidery hoop and put it up on the wall!

  235. 234. I love using canvas for small zip pouches. It’s quite sturdy and gives a professional appearance.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  236. 235. These would be so perfect for what I am working on right now–zippy pouches for teacher Christmas gifts. Please oh please!!!

  237. 236. Love this line too, I think you could patchwork multiple colours of this canvas to make a great scrappy bag for a child to carry toys when going out, or a sturdy nappy bag for a mummy who likes a bit of modern elephant. I have used Canvas to make washable sturdy change table covers. I don’t like the wipe clean ones as they stick to the skin and can make change time uncomfortable. I would rather just wash them once in a while.

  238. 237. I LOVE elephants! I would make crayon rolls, diaper/wipe case, baby blocks, pillowcases, and totes with this beautiful fabric.

  239. 238. I think these would make a great tote. I’m constantly forgetting my reusable totes when I go to the grocery stores

  240. 239. Maybe a child sized backpack or suitcase…it looks SO cute! It would be adorable to make a bag to use for my just-turned-one year old’s clothes when we travel!

  241. 240. i love canvas to make small baskets – so much fun

  242. 241 They’d be perfect for little cloth storage baskets for the kids room!

  243. 242. I love making fabric tote bags and my daughter loves elephants, so I think I would patch several together and make her a tote bag or if I could figure it out, a diaper bag for her new little one.

  244. 243. I like to use them to make small bags. Sturdy!

  245. 244. I’d like to use them for storage bins/bags (for my first grandchild arriving in June!)

  246. 245. I would use the hippo first as my niece would love a tote bag with it on it.

    I notice in my picture I’m looking a little green. lol

  247. 246. you narrative had me cracking up! To answer some of the questions, I live in huntsville , AL i would like to think I would be sorted into gryffindor, but that is where everyone wants to be, but I don’t know if I’m brainy enough for ravenclaw so there you have it. Happy Christmas as they would say! πŸ™‚

  248. 247. Oh, I love the cloverleaf bag from sew mama sew. I think these elephants would be darling!

  249. 248. I’ve used canvas for hats, tote bags, fabric boxes and even for an apron. Sometimes it’s nice to have that extra weight for certain projects. Canvas works well for more structured projects, in my experience.

  250. 249. I’d love to make a little backpack for a friend’s boy, a case for my sunglasses, and if enough is left over some key fobs.

  251. 250. I would use the canvas to make a new laptop sleeve for my computer (accent pieces). Also, I think I would be sorted into Ravenclaw.

  252. 251. Canvas is always great to add structure and weight to a tote. I can’t stand it when my bags are all slouchy when I set them down!

  253. 252. Small accessory items (wallets, passport covers, wristlets) and fabric covered buttons. I never got around to buying the elephants. Thanks for the opportunity!

  254. 253. Beautiful fabrics. I love them. thanks kathy

  255. 254. I think the canvas will work well for a tote bag, depending how much fabric is available. If not, then a pencil case or makeup bag kinda thing will probably work too

  256. 255. I think small wallets or bags/pouches, or, with enough fabric, I think little floor cushions for my daughters’ playroom! I love this fabric.

  257. 256. canvas bags & baskets for storage!
    mandiprout80 at gmail. com

  258. 257. I’d make some patchy fabric boxes for my daughter’s doll clothes!

  259. 258. My daughter is an elephant nut so I would make her something to keep her electronic reader in that had a strap of some sort so she could carry it to the beach with her. She just moved to Florida =( Mom (me) lives in Kansas!

  260. 259. I’d make journal covers for journals with lots of stitched paper pages and ephemera added in.

  261. 260. I would probably make some sort of art work with it in my newborn’s room. WE are doing an elephant/giraffe theme and since we just moved into our new house I haven’t decorated yet. So I think this would be perfect for it!

  262. 261. I would probably make a tote, or coin purse.

  263. 262. Some little fabric boxes would be great. Maybe a set of small-medium-large for a child’s dress to put hair bows and whatnots in. A zipper pouch for crayons on the go. I might be able to just squeak out the body of a mei tai (baby carrier) from a fat quarter.

  264. 263. Ooh this is so cute. I think they’d be best used as a lunch bags or fabric storage buckets. Maybe even a tool/gardening belt for my kids!

  265. 264. I have used canvas to make coin purses and for handles on small bags. Love the elephants!

  266. 265. I use canvas for zippy pouches and also for the backs of cushion covers. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  267. 266. I have made a few carry on bags for when we fly using the QAYG method and small bits of canvas. These elephants are just great!

  268. 267. I haven’t actually tried sewing with canvas yet, but I quess it’s good for bags. And since it’s more of a kids fabric, it will probably make a good backback. I know a couple of little guys that would love to have them πŸ™‚

  269. 268. What adorable prints!

    I would make zippered bags with canvas.

  270. 269. Lots of possibilities here! Have sewn canvas with elephants and black denim for open wide zips. Canvas with hippos would be fun as a tote liner, adding a little hidden whimsy. And bits of canvas are sized just right for fabric postcards and artist trading cards. And canvas has a great painting surface for mixed media collages & sturdy enough for assemblage pieces & won’t disintegrate under heavy stitching! Yes, just lots of possibilities!

  271. 270. I will use it to make pouches or bags!

  272. 271. I would use this canvas fabric to make a lunch bag for my sister. She is blind, and she collects elephants! Thanks for the chance to win!

  273. 272. i think that bags would be perfect. However, my 20 year old elephant-loving son would probably get a pillow for his dorm room from this fabulous fabric!

  274. 273. I’ve made zippered pouches and pillows with canvas scraps before. They hold up well and are easy to clean. Thanks for the chance!

  275. 274. I would make a quilt as you go tote.

  276. 275. I absolutely put canvas in quilts! I would not use all canvas, but in small doses or as a backing…love! And sometimes I make little corn hole bags and things like that with canvas. Or journal covers… I heart canvas and would LOVE to win these!! Thanks for the chance:)

    • I don’t know if you’ll get a notification for this or not – normally I email directly, but I turned off my option to get emailed when I get comments, so I haven’t got one in my inbox with your address in it…. anyway, I wanted to ask what’s a corn hole bag? And also, do you find canvas… uncomfortable feeling in a quilt or does it just kind of blend in because it’s not a 100% canvas quilt? (Also, I used to have a jean quilt from my mom, which was insanely heavy and warm and probably was less squishy comfortable than a canvas quilt would be, so I don’t know why I have such an aversion to the thought of it.)

  277. 276. I’d make little purses, I think. Or use it in baskets/fabric boxes!

  278. 277. These are adorable! I think the canvas would be great for zippered pencil pouches for school or for the binder. Sturdier and just as pretty.

  279. 278. I love to make coin purses from small pieces of canvas!


  280. 279. You are very smart to edit and number your entries. I used to host many giveaways on my blog – one took in something like 900 entries! – and would you know I stupidly had to count each and every one to get to Mr. Random’s 544 (or whatever it was). Not the sharpest blade, me.

    Anyway, what would I do with canvas… well, my first thought is that it makes great bottoms for pouches or little buckets. I like the scrappy look so a bit of canvas here and there would make this 1/4 yard go a long way. I also have a pattern for little slip on shoes (for kids) and I think canvas would work well there. I could see myself using it to make a few bows for my daughter, too. I went bow crazy a while back and made her a bazillion of them, but she doesn’t have any elephant or hippo bows!! πŸ˜€

  281. 280. Use for tote bags or pouches.

  282. 281. My daughter loves elephants so I may use this for something in her room

  283. 282. I would make zipper pouches or patchwork bags.

  284. 283. Those elephants are amazing! I don’t consider a fat quarter a small amount of fabric! I love making fabric bunting and I think the canvas would give it an excellent weight! Also possibly a small clutch (

  285. 284. I use small pieces of canvas for kids toys. There’s a dinosaur in the Wee Wonderfuls book that calls for corduroy, but I use canvas for it.

  286. 285. A bag for my son to go to school

  287. 286. I would use this for a little zip bag or small purse. Also – works well as the background in a embroidery frame art piece. Thanks for the opportunity!

  288. 287. Oh me too, I fell in love with this elllie canvas and I have to admit I have some of the green. I make little pouches and zippered tote bags from canvas. I have 3 girls (my daughter and 2 future daughter-inlaws) and 5 sisters besides myself to sew for – so I am busy. They love the things I make and it is so much fun sewing for others. I quilt mostly and would not use canvas in a quilt, but I love the stuff for other applications. Want to make some key lanyards yet and a camera strap. I hail from Wisconsin. Happy holidays to you!

  289. 288. I would make change purses, they would hold up better than the fabric ones. Or use it for purse straps, or bag straps. Thanks!!

  290. 289. Coin purse or pencil case.

  291. 290. I love those elephants! I would back small amounts of canvas with a heat resistant fabric to make oven gloves/potholders!

  292. 291. Tote bags! Likely for my niece “el” πŸ™‚

  293. 292. I like to use canvas for more-structured bags like library bags. A fat quarter would be big enough to make a side of a bag, and smaller pieces could be used as embellishments.

  294. 293. I was thinking of using to make pattern weights, and depending on the quantity, perhaps a wallet. It’s a lovely patterned canvas! adriprints at yahoo dot com

  295. 294. I love elephants! I’d make a small tote for a lunch bag and lined snack packs to go in it. Thanks for the opportunity

  296. 295. I like to use canvas to make zippered pouches, fabric buckets or boxes, tote bags (patchwork), applique for knees of kid’s pants. I just love the elephants.

  297. 296. Wow, love all those ideas since I have a baby on the way. I was thinking about some type of bag at first. But fabric bins are a lovely idea, but so are the cubes. Thank you!

  298. 297. Ha, this looks great. I have been knitting a lot of sleeves for e-readers and tablets and added to that a fabric lining. This stuff would be just the thing!

    Great giveaway! Ciao, Fleur

  299. 298. Hi. So, I stumbled upon your blog from the comment you left on MS’s blog about being a no-reply blogger! I love the canvas elephants and hippos. I’m not exactly sure what I’d make with them, but most likely a little backpack for our four-year old. I think it would look so cute, and canvas means it would last a little longer than quilting fabric. I agree about bags coming to mind when it comes to canvas. Although there are probably hundreds of projects that aren’t bags or cushions! As to which house I’d be sorted, probably Gryffindor, but doesn’t everyone think that of themselves? Thank you!

  300. 299. probably something for my three boys.
    maybe small purses for their allowance.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  301. 300. I would make some kind of stuffed toy for my baby niece!

  302. 301. I like making little make-up purses with Canvas. My daughter and girlfriends love love love getting those as gifts!

  303. 302. I would make some toy storage…a bin or pouch

  304. 303. i love the designs and i love canvas because its so durable! i think it would be great to frame for a babys room or gift or to use to make a baby tote!love the elephants!

  305. 304. cute bags or storage bins or pillows or chair covers or art totes… lots of ideas! Thanks for the chance to win!

  306. 305. I think this fabric would make some adorable little pillows for my niece. She loves elephants.

  307. 306. I think these would make lovely fabric baskets/boxes.

  308. 307. These canvas fabric will be perfect for fabric baskets, pencil/crayon pouches; love making those!

  309. 308. They would make great cornhole bags!

  310. 309. I think I’m going to make a patchwork tote bag with a canvas bundle. My sewing teacher actually made a hobo bag using fat quarters so I think it’s definitely doable.

  311. 310. Maybe a fabric basket or a library book tote??? Thanks for the giveaway! Amy @ gasudimack(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

  312. 311. Cutting small squares and glueing them onto a white wood board as a bedroom decoration!

  313. 312. I have only used canvas a few times and I made totes for my girl scouts. They then decorated them with paint and they were very durable. They would make great bibs too with something softer on the bottom.

  314. 313. You could make notebook covers, or little baskets, canvas is really cute when blended with other fabrics like gingham, it gives a very country style look. You could also make little decorations with a runner stitch too in contrasting colour. I so love those elephants! I recently made a blanket with charm squares and I had 2 with the elephants on pink background. thanks for the chance!

  315. 314. I typically use canvas for teeny diaper bags or bucket hats- have you tried the free pattern by oliver+s?

  316. 315 I use it for small bags, maybe a patch on a jeans, clothes for the dolls. I whish you a merry christmas !

  317. 316. i think they would make some sweet book bags for littles, anything to get them interested in reading.

  318. 317. Love those elephants. I’d love to try a qayg tote with them. Thanks for the chance to win.

  319. 318. I like to use small pieces of canvas for snack bags. This fabric is darling. Thanks.

    courtneyahrenholtz at

  320. 319. We have a little new great grandchild and I think this canvas would be adorable on his jeans when he starts crawling. We grew up having to patch our hand-me-downs and my favorite trick is to applique over a stain or small snag, or even a tear..

  321. 320. i have made some nice little bags for my bike to hold my cellphone and camera.

  322. 321. I use small amounts of canvas to make wallets, passport holders or zippy pouches. combined with linen, they are great for bags, too!

  323. 322. I think I would make a patchwork bag for my grandson to put his matchbox cars in.

  324. 323. A wallet or little zippered pouch for coins.

  325. 324. Love all types of zip pouches!!! The canvas works great for these. I have been wanting to try the little fabric boxes too-canvas would be great for these. Have wanted these elephants forever-never got it. Have a great holiday!

  326. 325. I would love to make a tote with them. Also, iPad and Kindle covers. Wait, no, placemats. Better yet… Gimme the fabric already! πŸ™‚

  327. 326. I’d probably make a little backpack for my toddler.

  328. 327. Last time I used canvas was for a lunch bag for my son. It’s still pretty soft, but made it a bit sturdier. I also made a canvas backpack. Thanks for the giveaway!

  329. 328. Special little bags for boy things!

  330. 329. Liitle purses and ear plug holders use up smaller amounts of fabric and work OK with a canvas fabric.

    Thank you for the chance.

  331. 328. Hi there…I’ve used heavier weight cottons for pot holders before…I feel they hold up better than just a quilting cotton. So this would be a great use for these canvas fabrics. Bags of course, wallets, lunch bags, placemats…. Love these prints, thanks for the chance to win them!

  332. 329. Love tags prints. I have a lot of gars on my to do list that they would become.

  333. 330. I think canvas would be good for fabric buckets which can be used for organizing.

  334. 331. I think these canvas fabrics would be perfect as a little cosmetic bag, don’t you? So cute!

  335. 332. I would love to piece them together(probably with 1/2″ seams for durability), combined with canvas solids to make a bean bag for my girls! They would LOVE it!

  336. 333. These FQs would be great for zipper pouches.

  337. 334. I’ve always known I would be in Gryffindor. Sigh… if only it were real…

  338. 335. I think these would make up a nice tote bag, or several cosmetic bags. Little storage boxes would be cute too!

  339. 336. oh oh, baby shoes! that’d be adorable. And my day has been lovely so far with a day off of work and a ridiculous and hilarious viewing of “Austenland” at the dollar theater.

  340. 337. I am not a quilter, I Mmake bags, purses and other decorative items. The elephants are screaming baby shower gift to me:

    Tote bag for mummy carrying baby stuff
    changing mat with towel on reverse and wipes zipper puck
    fabric basket for nursery to keep nappies etc
    cut out around elephants, sew around in circles and stuff to make baby mobile
    a cuddly elephant toy for decoration
    add a border of elephant square fabrics sewn into a ribbon to Ikea style linen white or cream curtains

    This is what I would do with it- for my friend who is having a baby in 2 months and does not want to know boy or girl.

  341. 339. I use them for e.g. phone pouches or little bags

  342. 340. Hmm there are loads of things – cute pouches, a tote bag, a cushion cover or maybe a basket. Too cute to just use on one project! Thanks

  343. Hello! I use canvas for totes. These could be pieced together to make a fun tote! Zipper pouches. Some stuffed softy monster creatures.

  344. 341. Bags and pouches seem to be the first choice when making something out of canvas but like you I just don’t know what else to do with it. I like combining it with quilting cottons for a quilt but I would never make a quilt exclusively out of canvas fabric. I am guessing that there are a million uses for it though from decorations to doll cloths but I just can’t bring myself to use my precious fabric for decorations πŸ™‚ But aren’t those elefants perfect for fussy-cutting and being the center of a quilt block?

  345. 342. Boxes and bags for toys.

  346. 343. I love your story about these prints; that’s totally something that would happen to me! I think they’d make great zippy pouches. Thanks so much for the chance to win them!

  347. 344. I love using small pieces of canvas for box pouches, I think the added weight gives the boxy shame ore body. Thank you for this lovely giveaway, those are some pretty cute elephants!

  348. 345. A little purse would be perfect. And my 3 year old daughter loves elephants, so I’m sure she’d be asking for a new purse as soon as she saw this fabric!

  349. 346. Love the elephant prints… would love to make pouches with any of the printed fabrics. They would make great gifts for my daughters and their friends.

  350. 347. These canvas bits would be part of small zipper pouches. I make a lot of them for gifts which I fill with pencils, candies, fancy gel pens, gift cards, or what ever else will fit inside that would make the giftee happy. These elephants and hippos make ME happy.

  351. 348. When I saw this fabric, my first thought was a patchwork library tote for my son – – and then when I read that they are canvas instead of quilting weight, I though perfect!

    Thanks for the chance. πŸ™‚

  352. 349. It woulb great for a pocket on a otherwise neutral bag.
    Happy holidays!

  353. 350. I’d be in gryffindor πŸ™‚

  354. 351. I need some heavy duty fabric for a great travel bag. Thanks.

  355. 352. I would make some sort of “soft” toy for my little guy. Even a wall quilt would be cute. Or covered canvas wall hangings…I could go on and on…

  356. 353. Most definitely a nice sturdy tote bag. Thank you for the wonderful give-a-way!

  357. 354. Maybe some small storage for my toddlers closet!

  358. 355. These could be a really cool patchwork bag, or mixed with some neutrals

  359. 356. I have a very active kids who wear out the knees in jeans fast. I try to patch the knees with canvas now, it feels like its sturdier than patching up with scraps of denim, and it looks cuter too. I have just started making them canvas treasure bags as well for all the little bits and pieces they find that is super important for them to keep.

  360. 356. I’d use the canvas to make hanging jewellery organisers. They’d be good to make stationery pouches too

  361. 357. a wallet or a purse/bag/fabric bowl.

  362. 358. Maybe a fun bag for my little girl.

  363. 359. I would love those to make a fun storage bucket for my kids!

  364. 360. oh i love sewing bags – these would make a whole set of adorable bags! my brother has five daughters – they could each have one!!

  365. 361. I love using canvas for tote bags and I love have a different tote bag for all occasions.

  366. I’m with you. Give me a real comment! It never occurred to me that people weren’t reading when they just leave a thanks and an email. But now I know and I am sad. Their loss – your writing style reminds me of me and I love it.

    No clue what one would do with canvas. In fact, don’t enter me in the drawing as I don’t need them, cute as they are. But I love your blog and I am going to follow!

    • Welcome! I’ve added you to my feedly too — loved your blog when I popped over to enter your giveaway. I always keep a great big list of all the blogs where I enter on Giveaway Day and then I slowly over the following weeks start reading them one by one (used to be you could do that at the same time as entering, but it’s getting harder and harder!) but you’ve jumped the queue πŸ˜€

      Apparently canvas is good for little kid knee patches, basket/pouch/bag making, and wall-art. I know there’ve been a few more in there, but those were the biggies!

  367. 362. I remember when these canvas elephant prints came out and I fell in love with them. But I didn’t purchase them when I saw them and then they were gone! I have looked for them everywhere. I about had a heart attack when I saw them on your give away! I would use them to make zipper bags or wall pockets. I would keep one for me and then sell the others to make money for my favorite charity, Days for Girls ( Merry Christmas!

  368. 363. I would make a patchwork book bag, canvas is so nice and strong for bags. Thanks!

  369. 364. Dude. Forget everyone else’s comments and let’s just do a straight swap of our respective giveaways – no-one will know, who even reads everyone else’s comments ;)? I haven’t entered every single giveaway, just the good ones – do you feel special? I love the elephants but the hippos – dying! I never know what I’m going to make with half the fabrics I buy, I just keep them in my stash until the right project comes along.

  370. 365. Canvas is great for throw pillows because it is more sturdy than cotton, and these elephants and the hippos would make a wonderful throw pillow for a child’s room.

  371. 366. Hi, I’m from Austin, TX and I would probably use this awesome canvas to make some kind of ‘stuff’ holders (boxes) for my little girls’ room. For odds n ends that just don’t have a home of their own. Thanks!

  372. 367. Ohhhhh, I saw those elephants at a fabric market, and just had to get some to make something for my wee one. I am not sure what yet… πŸ˜› But canvas? I am thinking of some project bags for a friend, and the sturdier fabric would be great for that. Thanks so much for the chance. πŸ™‚

  373. 368. Hi, I think canvas would be good for making pouches, or to cover books. And oh my goodness -the hippos!

  374. 369. I think it would make some good pencil/train/small car cases! But i could also do with a laptop cover of slightly sturdier fabric than quilting cotton…fingers crossed.

  375. 370. . I think that is the next number cause the ones below arent numberd. I love the canvas to decorate a nursery

    • Had to adjust the number — I’m just slow to get these #s updated. Or rather, there’ve been too many to keep completely up to date with it! I’m getting there…..

  376. 371. Canvas bits – I like them for fabric baskets, or kitty tents, or caddies for gardening tools (or as gardening aprons), for sunhats, beach quilts, picnic totes, so many uses!

  377. 372. I’ve recently started saving all my tiny scrap bits & put them in a box … and then on a ‘rainy day’ I pull them out, give them to my toddler along with a tub of glue & something to stick them too & he, oops I mean we.. have heaps of fun with the ‘rubbish’!

  378. 373. I like to make little pouches and bags with canvas, it gives them a better shape than quilting cotton.

  379. 374. I make gift card holders!

  380. 375. I’ve never worked with canvas actually, so I’m not sure. I might put it together with some other canvas pieces and make a tote bag. Thanks for the chance!

  381. 376. I love using canvas for bags.

  382. 377. Baskets, pin cushions, stuffies… want some. I am happy to follow you on Bloglovin. Merry Christmas from Oklahoma, USA. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  383. 378. Hi. I will probably use these to whip up some zip pouches…or try my hand a making a basket.

  384. 379. A small bag or tote.

  385. 380. Either a tote or a fun mug rug.

  386. 381. I think they would be great for pencil cases for my nephews and also for me (still in school in my 30’s). I’ve been experimenting with waxing canvas lately and this bundle would be perfect!

  387. 382. Some kind of small pouch. But I like the idea of using them for fabric building blocks. Thanks for the giveaway

  388. 383. Canvas makes great zippy pouches. Or a pillow. TThose hippos are adorable. thank you for the giveaway!

  389. 384. I’m thinking lap top/i-pad cover, or bible/journal cover or pot holder. I prefer canvas weight for aprons myself – I could probably piece these into a peg apron. Ooor you could do a ukulele cover, child’s book bag – sheesh I’m on a roll here!

  390. 385. I’d use it for purses, wallets, pieced to make bags. Or for fabric storage boxes – can you imagine a tribe of elephants (and the lone hippo here and there) lined up along a shelf for storage? (Hmmm….. actually, I think that’s what I’d do if I won. These would be great in my little boy’s room!)

  391. 386. I’d use this fabric in kids clothing (think lining, sleeves, pockets, etc) anything that gives a bit of colour pop!

  392. 387. My cousin has a baby boy. Or a toddler now. I could make some cute pants add some elephant knee patches.

  393. 388. I’m not a quilter, so quilts tend to be the last things I think of. I think this particular fabric would make some awesome fabric “boxes”, show-off storage for toys, of which we seem to have way too much already. The toys I mean, not the storage, I always lack storage…. πŸ˜‰

  394. 389. I love the idea of blocks (or balls) for babies to play with! I’d do that.

  395. 390. Hi there,

    Thanks for the second give away. I think that I would make bags from the canvas or cushions for my loungers outside.
    Have a Merry Christmas!


  396. 391. I actually had to think about this one for a little bit. I saw the giveaway on Tuesday, but I didn’t have a good answer. I decided not to enter. However this morning a wonderful idea popped into my head. I am trying to get rid of my diaper bags. Twins are two and really don’t need a full diaper bag anymore. I just need a few diapers and wipes really. I would make a tote bag to carry around those few items that I still need for them. Thank you for the giveaway.

  397. 392. I would make a little fabric basket for my daughter!


  398. 393. Patchwork bags or cushions for me!

  399. 394. Stash boxes or accessories for nursery! These are so cute:-)

  400. 395. I think this canvas would be terrific for some small fabric bins or pouches!

  401. 396. I would make small storage buckets or bags for my sons cars

  402. 397. I like to use canvas to make messenger bags. Thanks!

  403. 398. I think the fabric would make a adorable kid bag or storage baskets

  404. 399. I make crayon rolls, notebook covers and small wallets with canvas. I ❀ the hippo print!

  405. 400. I’d make small baskets for storing little things like ribbons, thread,…

  406. 401. I would make bags or zipper pouches. Maybe storage baskets.

  407. 402. They would make cute makeup pouches for my sisters πŸ™‚

  408. 403. I’d be gifting this to my wife. She likes to make wallets and bags, so she’s probably use this for a scrappy wallet. Or something for our daughters bedroom. Thanks

  409. 404. This would make awesome tote bag for going to the library and toiletry bags for travelling. Thanks for a chance to win these adorable elephants. πŸ™‚

  410. 405. I use canvas to make key chains to piece together into a sweet D link belt. πŸ™‚

  411. 406. I’ve got loads of baby expecting friends I might make some diaper totes for them? thanks for the chance!

  412. 407. I’d use it to make pouches or zippered bags for my little kids stuff, they love to have save their toys in those bags I make for them. Thanks for the chance to win!

  413. 408. I will make little pouches, bookcovers or coin purses :))

  414. 409. I’d probably makestuffed animals. Actually I have an adorable elephant pattern I printed off from a blog I like a while ago but never made. My sons would be thrilled to find little canvas elephants under the Christmas tree if I’m fast or in Easter baskets if I’m slow lol.

    I like to think I’d be a Gryffindor, but I might end up in Ravenclaw. I’m smart and aggressive.

  415. 410. I think I would make wallets, pouches or bags

  416. 411. I would use it for pages on a soft baby activity book. Canvas is great for that !

  417. 412. You’re right, fat quarters are a curious size for canvas. Maybe some novelty stuffed animals for the kiddos? Or pockets for a tote bag.

  418. 413. I make little pouches, my lil’ ones loving having bags to put stuff in!

  419. 414. Canvas is great for little coin purses, of course. I also want to get some together to back a fabric-memory game for my amlost 2 year old.

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