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Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day – Kiddie Fabric (Cotton)


Giveaway Day is now Closed. Winners will be notified Saturday December 14, 2013 have been notified and a post about the winners will be up as soon as I hear back from them. Thanks everyone for playing along!

Here were my winners:



Zura blogs at Sew Retro Chic and has a sweet little boy, so hopefully that fabric will be useful for something cute for him. Leigh Anne blogs at Ella’s Cottage.

It’s Giveaway Day! If you have stumbled across my blog somehow without knowing what Giveaway Day is… well, it’s a day (week, really) when Sew Mama Sew does a link-up of blogs where something crafty (handmade or supply related) is being given away. There are several categories: Handmade Baby and Kid Items, Handmade Accessories, Handmade for the Home, Sewing and Craft Supplies, and Handmade Bags two categories this year: Craft Supplies and Handmade Items. What used to take a day, has grown so large that it encompasses the whole week to let people have a chance to enter as many giveaways as possible. Stop by Sew Mama Sew to check out all the categories and to spend countless hours (seriously!) entering your name into the hundreds of awesome draws that are held.

NOTE: One of the following giveaways will be drawn for a Canadian or International (meaning not from the USA) entrant only. There are always a bunch of giveaways that are restricted to US residents only and while I don’t begrudge anyone the need to keep their mailing costs down (especially just before Christmas, which so many of us celebrate a little too extravagantly) I always like to have a giveaway that’s just for those of us who are typically excluded. I have one more giveaway here, which is open to entrants worldwide. You may enter either or both of the giveaways as you choose. For this giveaway, I will have Mr draw two numbers, one of which MUST belong to a Canadian or non-American entrant and then divvy up the prizes from there. If the first person drawn is from the US, then I will continue to draw numbers until I draw an non-US winner. The International recipient will get their first choice of prize, whatever is left will go to the second prize winner. (If MR Random draws two international names, the first name drawn will receive the prize pack of their choice.) The draw will be held on December 14, whenever I wake up, but I will only accept entries date stamped with December 13.

Kiddie Fabric

I’ve been on something of a mission this last few months to get rid of unwanted things. I’m having a really hard time getting rid of fabric – even the fabric I don’t want any more or know I won’t use! – but getting rid of children’s fabrics is pretty easy for me. If I make kid quilts, I prefer to use fabrics that aren’t necessarily baby or child focussed whenever possible. And yet somehow I’ve managed to amass quite a collection of children’s prints. Sometimes it was just because it was so damned cute. Sometimes it was just because it came in a scrap pack of fabric I purchased online. Sometimes I bought it with a particular project in mind (and then never finished it, most likely…). I’m splitting this pile of fabric up into three different bundles – two quilting cotton and one canvas (the canvas fabrics are being given away here). Both cotton packs are a mix of cut lengths (the dinosaur fabric is a half yard) and totally random scraps – some large, others small. I’ve broken the packs up by weight, so they’re both about the same amount of fabric (within about 15 gr).

Prize Pack One: Boy(ish) Prints + Blue Alphabet Panel

Kiddie Fabric

I don’t generally love to buy fabrics that are kind of… gender-specific – you know, cars and dinosaurs for boys, dolls and princesses for girls – but it’s awfully hard to find kids fabric that feels gender-neutral without just being green and yellow. I don’t actually mind putting pink or purple into a boy quilt or wrenches and robots into a quilt for a girl, but some people do get really bent out of shape if you cross the lines. (I gave a blue quilt to a friend once for her daughter and she actually questioned me on my choice of colour for a girl quilt! I felt like taking it back and still sometimes do, when I think about it!)

Kiddie Fabric

This Alphabet panel came from Deb Strain’s Love U line for Moda. I think it was designed with a soft alphabet book in mind. Each of the patches is about 6″ square, and the panel itself is 24″ by Width of Fabric.

Prize Pack Two: Girl(ish) prints + Green Alphabet Panel

Kiddie Fabric

I say that about not loving to do gender specific quilts, but it’s awfully hard to get away from anyway! Look how readily my fabrics split down gender lines. If I were to show you all the baby quilts I’ve ever made, at least two are boy specific (blue and brown with trucks on the backing or blue with little car fabrics) and two are girl specific (purple with mermaids or pink pink pink). (The rest could go either way, I think.) How do you feel about gendered fabrics? Do you think you should have a pink/blue divide? Do you mix a little of both regardless of the recipient? Or do you do like me and try to default to what the parents will prefer or avoid the situation altogether by not using children’s fabrics and pink/purple?

Kiddie Fabric Kiddie Fabric
Kiddie Fabric

The panel is exactly the same as the blue one – just a few close-ups to show what it looks like.

The Important Bit: What I need to know
1. Where are you from – please include your country, I don’t know what all the US short-forms are for state names.
2. Which prize pack would you prefer to win, one or two
3. Gendered fabrics/colours, what do you think? (This isn’t a requirement, I’m just interested to know people’s thoughts! Please don’t start an argument in the comments if you disagree with someone.) (Haha.. as if anyone has time for arguments, with all the giveaways to be entered!)

You do not need to include your email address in the body of your response. WordPress lets me require an email address from all people leaving comments, and I do, so it is accessible to me already.

Don’t forget to stop by my other giveaway here and Sew Mama Sew to enter as many more giveaways as you’ve got time to enter!


Please also note that I will be editing your response to include a comment number, so as to save myself counting (and then counting again) through dozens (hundreds?) of comments to find the winners. If you do not tell me where you’re from, your response will NOT be included in the draw. Please forgive me if I don’t respond to your comment – I try to respond to every person who comments on my blog, but Giveaway Day has a tendency to make one’s email inbox explode, so I might not this go-around.


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259 thoughts on “Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day – Kiddie Fabric (Cotton)

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  2. 1. Hi there! I’m from Washington state in the U. S., not the Seattle area, all the way over on the east side almost in Idaho. When I was expecting my first child I stayed away from gender specific fabrics for nursery sewing, mostly i used bright primary colors. I do love some of the cute boy or girl specific prints and would use them if I knew the child or parent would like them. If I’m the U.S. Winner I’d choose the second bundle.

  3. 2. I’m from Spain
    I love pack 1
    I love bright colors and don’t believe in gender colors… but my daughter is pink pink pink.

  4. 3. I’m in Illinois in the USA. I like the first pack as I have 2 daughters (age 2 & 4) & have tons of girly gender specific stuff. I tend to do gender specific for quilts, but I do like non-gender specfic quilts that I’ve seen others make.

  5. 4. I am from Montana in the US. And being a transplanted Southern who is experiencing her first Montana winter…’s cold! With a 9 month old grand daughter, I am opting for the girl’s bundle, but usually don’t care about ‘gender’ colors.

  6. 5. From Georgia, southern part of the US@, expecting a boy great grand

  7. 6. I’m from Co Durham in the UK.
    I’d love either set but the those ladybirds are lovely so I think set two. I love gender neutral fabrics as I think children should be encouraged to explore and find themselves. This has led my little girl to be constantly referred to as a boy countless times because if kids don’t where pink people just automatically assume their boys.

  8. 7. Hi! I’m from Munich, Germany, and I’d pick the boy bundle. Thanks for the chance!

  9. 8. Hi I am now living in France but originally from the UK. I quite like gender fabrics especially baby fabrics, maybe I am just old fashioned! I would be happy with either giveaway and thank you for thinking about “us Internationals” Linda

  10. 9. from Alberta Canada, I think I’d like the boy one–even though I have 3 boys and only 1 girl, I have lots of girly fabric and not much boy-ish fabric!

  11. 10. I am from Michigan, USA. I would love the girl prints. Thanks.

  12. 11. I live in Missouri, USA. I love the boy prints! I do tend to make gender specific quilts. I have made some gender neutral quilts with grays and reds. Seems gender neutral to me. Thanks for the chance!

  13. 12. I’m from the Pittsburgh area of Pennsyvlania.
    I like the boy prints you have selected. I was almost the same way with the little mans nursery when he was born-I was DEAD SET against anything that was character themed like Winnie the pooh ect.

  14. 13. I’m from Croatia and I would prefer prize Nr. 1 🙂

  15. 14. I am Canadian. 🙂
    At the moment I an interested in Gender neutral, as we are planning for a little one, gender still unknown….but I really like bundle 2!

  16. 15. I’m in the US in Wyoming. I’d prefer the 2nd bundle. My little girl just started school and suddenly “girly” is required. I’ve don’t like restricting things by gender. My baby girl loves balls and trucks for instance. My little boy was given a very floral quilt as a baby and it’s still one of our favorites. I like to try and come up with unique combinations because I love novelty fabric. My very favorite baby quilt is a primary color (and some green) quilt with characters from Goldilocks, the three little pigs, Little red riding hood. Thanks for the chance!

  17. 16. I’m from Oklahoma (US). It’s a hard choice since I have one of each gender under 2 years old and all of the prints are cute…I guess I’d go with the boy bundle :). And I happen to love gender specific fabrics but I can understand those that don’t.

  18. 17. I’m from the US and live in Canada. Since I have two little girls I usually stay away from boy fabrics and thus would love the girly pack! Thanks

  19. 18. I’m from central Wisconsin USA, but am a Canadian transplant 🙂 I have a boy and a girl, both under 2, so would love either pack, but probably choose the boy pack as I more quickly see girly prints for some reason… I have gone heavily gender specific since my daughter was born as I find I hardly use neutral stuff on her. ( she is a very “girly” little girl! )

  20. 19. hi, i live in kentucky in the usa. i like both bundles but am partial to the girl pack. i only make charity quilts, but my income is less than four hundred dollars monthly for disability so i cant afford to buy fabric. i agree with you. if i am making a quilt for a certain child, i always find out from the parents what their child likes. i recently made a quilt for a 6 year old girl at church who has cancer.

  21. 20. Manitoba Canada. I’d probably take the girl pack, as it isn’t overly pink. I prefer my daughter to make up her own mind what colours she should be drawn too. So all colours should be gender neutral. When I was expecting her (but didn’t know her to be a girl), I went with dark wood furniture with teal and red – perfect for both genders.

  22. 21. Oh I’d choose the more neutral first set for sure! I share your love of neutral. I want things to be for the whole family and I don’t like it when people give my daughter pink things because I am worried it will be harder for her brother to share them because grandma and others will always call it “her” quilt, “her”…whatever. My blasted sister-in-law is replacing everything she already bought for her son so her daughter can have all pink and purple. Too expensive! I will admit, however, that I jus finished a quilt top for my daughter that is several shades of pink and purple. I love it!! I live in Ontario, Canada.

  23. 22. Hello from cold & white Calgary, Canada! i’d like the boys, but you have some lovely things in the 2nd pack as well! I wish society wasn’t so black & white (or blue & pink!) in this regard! everybody is more complex than just one colour/label!
    Thanks for participating in the giveaway!

  24. 23. Hi I’m from Kilkenny Ireland. I would love the “boys” colours as it so hard to get boyish fabrics here in the shops.

  25. 24. I’m from the USA and would love the boy pack!

  26. 25. Thanks for the giveaway! I’m in Panama. I like the boy prints and almost always make gender specific quilts.

  27. 26. I am from Ontario Canada. I like either prize… both are equally awesome!! Thanks!!

  28. 27. Hi! I’m from Arizona, and I love the girl prize pack! They are both awesome though, and since I have 2 of each, and one of an unknown status, lol, I’m happy to have either! I typically buy whatever the kidlets show interest in, and pick out, and then I tend to buy gender neutral until after baby’s born.

  29. 28. I live in Manchester UK. I love prize pack 1. I wish gender wasn’t a issue at all and have a girl that loves vehicles and robots and pink! I say chuck whatever fabric into a quilt that a child will love, they all like bright colours!

  30. 29. Germany (so international) .. I actually like the boy fabrics more myself ..
    And to the whole boys/ girls fabric I couldn’t care less … when they are tiny they grow out of anything so fast just take whatever you can get from the generation before (older siblings, cousins, friends … ) and after that, just let them wear whatever they fancy .. if they want a pink tutu for ballet ok, if they want john deer leotards for ballet ok … I can’t remember when the whole gender specific stuff started .. I guess when little boys weren’t put in dresses anymore (my garndma had a great collection of those .. all her boys and girls wore them, made it easy to change diapers .. or in summer just leave the diapers off outside … )

    Ohh well you get it .. I’m not in favour of pressing someone into a colour scheme, but if they want a certain colour I would never refuse it … of course it’s also a question of availability — if you inherit most stuff from your older male cousins, it’s hard to get pink, red and shiny girly stuff, so maybe that’s just my point of view so I don’t feel bad and neglected about my childhood …

  31. 30. I live in Georgia, a state in the southeastern part of the US. I love number 1. Thanks so much for sharing! I try to buy fabric that is not gender specific. Boys won’t touch anything with pink in it so sometimes just the color makes it gender specific. Take care!

  32. 31. Hi, I’m from Vancouver, British Columbia. I love pack #1. I do a lot of charity sewing to raise money for our local animal shelter. Cheers!

  33. 32. I’m from Georgia (USA) and while I think they are both great, I’d probably lean towards #2 because the panel is more gender neutral. I definitely don’t mind gender-specific colors (I actually do like them) but I have a good friend who is currently expecting her first but they don’t know the gender yet. The green gender neutral panel would allow me to make the baby an alphabet quilt either way!

  34. 33. I’m in New York.
    I like the Boy(ish) Prints + Blue Alphabet Pane.
    Gendered fabrics/colors can be fun but I like to use a good mix. A balance between size of prints, color, etc.
    Thanks so much for the giveaway! It’s a really cute prize pack.

  35. 34. thanks for the giveaway.
    I live in North Carolina, USA.
    I would love the boy fabrics since I am going to be a grandma in March.
    Merry Christmas.

  36. 35. I’m in England!
    I like prize #1
    I’m not into gender specific colours – with 3 sons and a daughter I don’t think my daughter ever wore pink!!

  37. 36. Hello, I am from Abbotsford BC I have a new little guy so I would love #1 for an eye spy quilt I am collecting up for. MY daughters favorite color has always been green so I think any color/any gender goes.

  38. 37. I am from Louisiana, USA

  39. 38. Hey! I live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I am a bit of a gender colour follower (if you know what I mean). I think that it’s just the way it is that little boys really do love trains and tools and trucks and little girls love princesses and butterfly’s. Obviously, if the parents are anti-gender-conditioning or if they’ve picked a neutral scheme or if the kid is actually super into squirrels (or something not in the pink/blue spectrum) I’d go with that.
    I like the pretty pink option (if I win) and my two little nieces might get lucky with birthday presents 🙂
    E xx

  40. 39. I’m in Portland, OR USA.
    I would love the boys as it seems my friends are only having boys these days.
    I’m an neutral about gendered colors, I just want them to pick colors that look nice!

  41. HI, I’m from Montana and would love the girls pack!
    Zero here this morning+looking like Christmas!
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  42. 40. I’m from Colorado, USA! I would prefer prize #1 for boys. And as far as colors – whatever the eye is drawn to! My 4 and 2 year old love all colors and are just now learning from others what is a “girl” color.

  43. 41. Hi I am from South Carolina, USA. I like the girly prize pack number 2. I’m kind a traditionalist when it comes to girl s and boys colors. thank you for the chance to enter your giveaway. conn_and_vans_mom(at)yahoo(dot)com

  44. 42. HI – I’m from New Zealand. I like the first bundle – the boy one – I love the bright colours. I have two girls and two boys and tend to make the girls girly skirts (not necessarily all pink) cos they love wearing them. My boy used to love dressing up so was often wearing poofy skirts and dresses (while playing in the sandpit with trucks making boy noises) but when he got close to age 5 yrs he stopped and refuses now, he thinks its silly! Its amazing watching them change as they grow.

  45. 43. Those little elephants are so cute! I have two boys so definitely the boy fabric for me, and I’m in the UK.

  46. 44. I’m from Barcelona, in Spain. I’d love to win the first pack as I love the prints you’ve included! Thanks for the giveaway

  47. 45. I would love the Girl(ish) fabric as I have a niece that is 7 months and I would love to sew for her 🙂 I am in Alberta Canada, thank you for the chance to win!

  48. 46. I’m from Alberta, Canada! THANK YOU for doing an international winner! I understand shipping constraints but sometimes it’s very sad for any non-US people. 🙂 I’d love the first pack but both are great.

  49. 47. I’m from Prince Edward Island, Canada 🙂 It would be all girly for me LOL

  50. 48 Love prize pack 2, just because of those little buses ! I think pink is the only color that is hard to put on a male child, unless they specifically love it. All others – are fair game 🙂
    Emily in WA, USA

  51. 49. Love pack 1, so many things I can make for my little grandson. I’m from Bristol, RI. Thank you.

  52. 50. Hi – I live in Spokane WA USA and I sew pillows, dolls and more for ill children in our Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital. So kid fabric is my thing! I use combinations of colors and fabric both for boys and girls. I don’t specifically make a pink doll for a boy but if the fabric has pink in it, then that’s ok. I love either pack because I sew for boys and girls!

  53. 51. Prize pack #2 is so sweet, perfect for my beautiful granddaughter.
    I’m from Saskatchewan, Canada.

  54. 52. I’m from Nova Scotia Canada.
    I’d choose #2, I’m usually drawn to the pinks!

  55. 53. Hello from Arkansas USA I love the second pack. Sometimes fabric that is just all colors is better because you can give to either one.

  56. 54. I’m from Virginia (USA) and I would love to win the little girl bundle because my sister in law is due in march and she is having a baby girl!!!
    Thanks, Jessica

  57. 55. I actually would love to make some kid themed quilts for the childrens hospital in our area. We’ve done it before, and it was well received. I’m from Florida in the US. Thanks.

  58. 56. IL.. i like the first boy one! I have a lil toddler who would love it!

  59. 57. I’m from Western North Carolina in the U.S. I’m not a big fan of pink for girls and blue for boys. I have one of each and am much happier with my boy in pink and my girl in blue (just to break the norm – people say I’m kind of strange though! :)) I’d be happy with either pack (although the “boy” fabric would probably be my top choice).


  60. 58. I’m from Iowa in the US. I love both sets of fabric and would be thrilled with either. It’s really strange but I’ve never made a baby quilt so I can’t say I have any strong opinions on genders in quilts. Probably it would depend on the tastes of the parents.

  61. 59. Hi, I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. I am happy with either package. Thanks for the chance.

  62. 60. Hello, I’m from the middle of the United States, Kansas. Thanks for the chance to either of the giveaways.

  63. 61. Hi kristel, totally canadian, and i would love number 2. Baby quilts are tricky, i like orange and green for neutral. Non gender quilts

  64. 62. I am in California USA! And boy, what nerve for someone to complain about a color a handmade with love quilt is done in! I would love the girls bundle as I have 4 little grand daughters! And gender specific? Not sure.. lately they have been coming out with ugly colors for both..brown and pink or brown and blue or brown and green. I don’t see those colors saying “baby!” I love your giveaways!

  65. 63. Fab giveaway!
    I live in Sydney, Australia
    I like prize pack 1 please

  66. 64. Hi Kristel, I’m in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada and it is -40 C here today. Great day for quilting. I only make gender specific quilts for kids. I feel that they are more personal. I would love the boy prints.

  67. 65. CANADA!!!! Manitoba and it is a freezing -40 today! I would pick the girl bundle since I only have daughters 🙂

  68. 66. I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the US. Really like the colors in option 1 and I also live non-gender colors.

  69. 67. In in Missouri (MO), USA. I like the boy(ish) prints mainly because my best friend is having her first baby (a boy!) soon. I don’t mind gendered fabrics/colors because they have their own very pleasing aesthetic, but I appreciate and encourage non-gendered choices because those combinations can be a delightful surprise.

  70. 68. I’m from Michigan, US. I like the “girl” prints-Prize 2. I don’t stick to gendered colors, except I don’t usually give all pink or purple to a boy. Girls like all colors, typically from the rainbow. Boys do too, except pink. I think they are afriad of being teased. I like blue, so that doesn’t keep me from giving a girl a blue colored quilt. Thanks for the chance to win.

  71. 69. The Big Apple! New York, NY…. My sister in law is pregnant and not finding out the gender in advance so I’m having trouble pre-making baby stuff! Preference for the “boy” bundle (but hope she has a girl!)

  72. 70. I live in Papua New Guinea, but we have all our mail sent to Australia and pick it up when we visit (which is fortunately fairly regularly).

    I just showed my 6 year old daughter both packs and she loved the first one (the “boyish” pack). We tend to go with interests (she’s rather keen on the dinosaurs) rather than by gender specific toys and quilts.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  73. 71. I’m from Virginia in the US. I love the bundle one. It can be so hard to find cute fabrics for boys (Although I do get sick of dinos/trucks/pirates nonstop).

  74. 72. I’m from Ottawa (Ontario, Canada). I like the first prize pack. Personally, I don’t like gender specific colours. I’m ok with blue for a boy buy I hate pink for a girl…probably because I don’t like pink. A little is ok, but I find it gets overdone, especially in the younger ages.

  75. 73. From Australia 🙂 Love pack 2! Thank you!

  76. 74. I’m from Florida in the US. I love both bundles, but if I had to pick, I’d pick the first. I usually avoid the pinks and often use blues for both boys and girls.

  77. 75. I’m from California, USA! I live in San Diego, which is the southwestern tip of the contiguous states. :O) I have two sweet boys so I’d choose the boy fabric. I prefer gender neutral, but I’ve received “girly” stuff for my boys and it never bothered me at all!

  78. 76. I’m in Missouri (MO) in the US. I like the girlish set of the two.

  79. 77. Im from Illinois (USA), and I love the girl package of fabrics! Thank you !

  80. 78. I’m from Toronto Canada! I love the girl stuff!!!…although i love the boy stuff too! i have boy-girl twins…how can I choose!?

  81. 79. We’re in So. California (USA). I enjoy the neutral colors and don’t pay much attention to color genders. I would choose #1

  82. 80. Im from Newnan, Ga USA. I like the girl fabrics. Thanks

  83. 81. I’m from Melbourne, Australia and I’d pick prize #2. I tend to pay more attention to “gender colours” when I create for boys, but it really all depends on what the child I’m creating for likes. 🙂

  84. 82. Hi. I’m from Alberta Canada. I would be thrilled to win any of your giveaways but I am partial to that little print with the girls and their teddy bears on it. I usually create a specifically themed baby quilt. I have made four quilts with Dr. Seuss’s Lorax fabrics and they are pretty much gender neutral and I enjoyed working with those fabrics. Thanks you. Thank goodness it’s warmed up a bit eh?

  85. 83. I’m from the US. I have boy / girl twins that are 2 years old. Either pack would be perfect for me. Thank you for the chance to win. Those fabrics are super fun.

  86. 84. I live in Texas, USA. I like both packs, but if I had to choose a fav it would be the girl. Thanks for the giveaway. I think it is more important to focus on gender colors with boys than with girls. It’s more ok to have blues, greens, and browns in a girls quilt than it is ok to have pinks in a boys quilt, ya know?

  87. 85. A Canadian living in Colorado here. No preference. I go more on cuteness factor than gender, although I probably buy more ‘girl’ cuteness than boy.

  88. 86. hum…..boy bundle and I prefer gender neutral fabrics for kids because I make charity quilts and they are easier to give away if they are gender neutral. And I live in Salmon Arm, BC in Canada. 🙂

  89. 87. I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia…i probably buy more girl than boy…^^

  90. 88. I’m from Sydney Australia & I like prize 1 the best. I don’t have any particularly strong feelings about gender specific fabrics & colours for baby quilts but I know what you mean about some people getting a bit bent out of shape about it. Because of that, I try to find out if the patents have any colour preferences – with all of the work that quilting involves I’d be disappointed if the recipient didn’t like the finished present. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  91. 89. I am from Australia and love pack 2!

  92. 90. I’m from the United States in Texas.. I love prize pack 1 and while I don’t believe in gender specific colors… I somehow ended up doing my children that way… my girl is all pink and purple.. my boy everything blue.

  93. 91. Hi! I’m from Israel, and I’d pick the boy bundle. Thanks for the giveaway!

  94. 92. I HATE gender specific anything, I feel extremely strongly, it stifles girls’ ambitions to do anything to do with engineering/maths/science because “it’s for boys”. Toys seem to suggest girls should just go back to their pink kitchens and make the hard working boys sandwiches…. oh and get some makeup on otherwise you’re ugly and your looks are the most important thing if you’re a girl… GRRR!!!! What does that do to our confidence? And boys should be allowed to play with dolls (dad’s play with their babies?!) or play dress up if they want, it’s not actually harmful and the negative reinforcement from it does damage their confidence, making them either bullied or a bully in later life. We really do damage our kids by imposing rules, lets just go with the flow. If a girl wants Meccano and a boy wants a pram for Christmas, why is that so wrong?

    BTW I’m in the UK and I like both packs, but I’ll choose number 2 I think.

  95. 93. Hi there. I am from Portugal. I generally use light colors. I would choose number 2.

  96. 94. I was torn about the prize packs.

    I like the pinks in the second one, but the DINOSAURS! in the first swayed me, so number 1 kinda chose me.

    Telling little boys they can’t wear pink is as uncool as little girls being told they can’t like robots or whatever. Enforcing certain colours or fabric choices as being the only “right” ones for any given gender is rather silly, it is just colours and patterns after all.

    If a child wants to wear a pink tutu all day long I’m totally fine with that, whether they are boy or girl. That being said I personally tend to default to neutrals even though I (now as an adult) LOVE pinks (and dinosaurs, and robots).

    *wavies from Norway*

  97. 95. I am from South Australia and I would love number 1. I am not sure about gender specific fabrics. I have loads of pinks as my daughter loves to come shopping with me but this creates problems when I want to make a gift for a non-pink girl or a boy.

  98. 96. I’m from New Jersey (East coast of the United States). I love the girl pack, especially those ladybugs…I thought I had seen and stashed all the ladybug prints ever made…

  99. 97. I’m from Canberra, Australia and I’d love pack 2 – I think that gender specific colours and prints are a state of mind – Who says boys can’t have pink, or girls blue??

  100. 98. I’m in Australia and Pack 1 would round out my “boy” fabrics nicely – Such a lovely offer – thank you, and Merry Christmas

  101. 99. Hi I am from sunny (very hot) Queensland in Australia. I am fairly easy with fabrics an tend to use more ‘adult’ prints however I do fin very little boys like their cars and fire trucks.

  102. 100. I’d prefer the “boy” pack.
    I’m from France.
    I try to keep toys for my son non gender specific, and I try to do the same when I make him something. I use a mix of all colours.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  103. 101. I am in London England. I am not a red for girls and red for boys kind of person !!

  104. 102. I’m from Nottingham, England, nice and easy! I like both sets of fabrics, but am more drawn towards the boys as I have a baby nephew. I think baby quilts can include whatever colours you like and don’t need to be blue cars or pink princesses!

  105. 103. I’m from Texas, and I like both sets (I have 5 daughters and 1 son, so I can use any kind of fabric!). I prefer things to be on the GN side–boyish or girlish is fine, but not covered in pink ruffles or in fire trucks! The last few baby quilts I’ve made have been definitely leaning towards GN.

  106. 104. I am from Houston Texas, United States. I would be happy any bundle you chose. I make all sorts of quilts for kids. and I love surprises. thank you for a chance to win.

  107. 105. I an an indian living in Qatar. I do not follow gender specific guidelines.. its all a bit of baloney 🙂
    that girly set is beautiful though.. i am partial to that leaves print and owls 🙂
    thanks for your generous giveaway!

  108. 106. I ive in Huntsville, AL(USA), and I love the boys fabric pack. I make burp cloths for baby showers, and it is a lot harder to find good boy fabric than girls I think! If I can find some unisex ones it makes my life much easier

  109. 107. I’d like the girl-ish pack. I’m expecting a new grand baby in the new year and am cheering for a girl (to balance up the grandson/grand daughter numbers!). I often think it’s a pity people separate colors quite so much for boys & girls.
    I’m from Tasmania, Australia.

  110. 108. Hello, I’m from Wisconsin in the USA. I love the girl pack #2; I don’t care about colors for my kids except that my son will not wear pink. That is my only requirement 😀 Thanks for the chance to win!

  111. 109. I am from Ontario, Canada, and I would love the second pack. I do care about colours for each gender – I am the proud mom of 5 boys and a new baby girl!

  112. 110. I’m from Texas in the US. I like girl pack 2. I have a little daughter and I don’t love buying fabrics and colors that scream GIRL, but I try to pick out things that look a little bit girly, you know? Like not something you would put on a boy. But I am hoping she won’t become too much of a pink princess type of girl! Although that seems to be a stage that most go through!

  113. 111. Hi I am from sunny Israel, love both packs but no 2 is just what I am looking for right now (planning a girly quilt). I also prefer children’s quilts to be gender neutral but I find customers really look for the pinks or blues or trucks or mermaids, so now I make more quilts like that. I still occasionally make a neutral quilt, usually takes longer to sell.

  114. 112. Hello from Massachusetts, I would like Prize Pack # 2. I have a little girl and its very hard to stay away from pink & purple but most times there’s no way around it!
    Great giveaway, hope I win. Thanks!

  115. 113. Hello from Michigan USA 🙂 very chilly here. I would choose pack #1. I am like you – I decide on the quilt based on the person(s) I am making them for. Some like the gender neutral and some do not. I prefer neutral and not too girly. But that is me!

  116. 114. Hi there! I am from Portugal and I would prefer the boyish fabrics. I also love fabrics that are not gender specific, it gives more possibilities! Thanks for the giveaway. Ana

  117. 115. I live in the US and would prefer Pack 1. I don’t have any kids yet, but a big part of why I don’t want to find out the gender beforehand when we do is that I don’t want a whole bunch of gendered stuff for a baby! A carseat is a carseat. Thanks for hosting!

  118. 116
    1. USA
    2. One
    3. I prefer prints and fabrics that are not gender-specific. But while giving gifts, I adhere to the norm just so the gift will be used!

  119. 117
    1. From South Carolina, USA (on the coast!)
    2. Either one! Thank you!
    3. I have a little girl, 3 months old, and while I’m content to dress her in neutrals or light blues (in addition to her pinks), after a while it does get old to keep saying, “no, she’s a girl.” Gotta love neutrals for passing from child to child though!

  120. 118. I live in Nashville tennessee. I live #1, but like you don’t really do the gender thing very well! I just like unique!

  121. 119. Hi, I’m from Louisiana, USA. I would choose pack 2 just because I like the owls. I also try to stay away from gender specific fabric when sewing for my kids (because who knows what the next one will be?) but sometimes something is just too cute to pass up!

  122. 120. I’m in Kentucky, USA and really like the first pack. I really don’t like the gender specific colors for children. In fact, I regularly use blues for my nieces and my son actually enjoys wearing purple. I say let the kids wear anything they want and not define them by a color choice.

  123. 121. Dallas Texas USA and really like the first pack.

  124. 122. I’m in Texas (USA), and I love the boyish pack!

  125. 123. I am in Oklahoma, USA. I would pick the boy pack. Gender colors vary…you can use some blue on a baby girls stuff, but pinks have to be subtle for a baby boys. Merry Christmas. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  126. 124. I am in South Carolina (US). I would pick the boy pack. My little girl use to love all colors but lately has been very into pinks and purples. I would like to think I didn’t push her to it but somehow she got that idea.

  127. 125. i am from ohio US and would like 1

  128. 126. I am from Maryland, USA! I love bundle 1, boyish fabrics…not that easy to find cute ones! I don’t really follow any gender rules, but we have a lot of customers that will not buy anything with polka dots for a boy!

  129. 127. I am from Missouri, USA. I would pick the girl pack. Thank you!

  130. 128. I’m from Washington state in the US. Both are adorable, but the owls in the girls bundle is my fave. 🙂 Thanks for participating!

  131. 129. Hi! I’m in Canada! 😀

    I love the girlish one – mostly because my little girl is 4 and is totally into pink and purple. And believe me – I have no idea how that happened. I’m with you on the gendered fabrics. I always try to keep it generally neutral (especially because I make and sell reusable bamboo potty training pants and find that parents want to use them to train multiple children and therefore appreciate the neutral ones more). But anyway, my little girl ended up going to nursery school and learning from the other little girls that life is all about pink pink pink and princesses. oy!

  132. 130. Hi, I’m from Germany and I would pick the girl bundle. The fabrics look great. I don’t believe in gender colours either and have seen little boys who like pink and purple just as much as girls. I say let them, after all us girls wear blue as well, right? 😉

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  133. 131. I am from Lantana, Texas, USA. I like the Prize Pack 2.
    I think having gender specific colors is fine, but not necessary. I can do both ways, just whatever suits the mood at the time. My granddaughters are so girly in some ways, and so tomboyish in others, that it works both ways. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  134. 132. I am from West Virginia in the US. I really like prize pack 2. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  135. 133. I’m from England, but I live in Wisconsin, USA.
    I love the boy pack #1. I have 2 boys and a girl and I do like boyish fabrics for my boys.

  136. 134. I am from N Ireland, my natural inclination is for boyish fabrics. I also like boy pack no 1

  137. 135. I’m from NW Ontario, Canada.
    I’d love the girl’s pack no. 2.
    While I don’t think colours need to be gender specific, with my first brand-new grand-daughter, I tend to gravitate towards more girly prints and colours.

  138. 136. Southeast Michigan. Any win would be great.

  139. 137. Greece! Either bundle is good with me! I am also not very gender specific, but my MIL is and I have recently started hearing the kids say things like you can’t play with that it’s pink or it’s a truck ( I have 1 boy and 1 girl) I used to love to see my son play with his sister’s barbies, but that hasn’t happened much recently.

  140. 138. I am from the Missouri Ozarks in the heart of the US. I would love either prize pack but guess I would choose #2 because I have a granddaughter. I make a lot of “I Spy” quilts for local charities and have difficulty with the same issue. I do however, put power tools on a girl’s quilt and sewing machines on boy’s quilts, etc. They are for charity so I haven’t heard a complaint yet, but I am not always around when the quilts are being bid on. Thanks, Kathy

  141. 139. I am from Pasadena, California- about 10 minutes from downtown Los Angeles. I like #2. I have a boy and a girl, they both wear blue and pink. Actually, my son prefers pink pull-ups at night!

  142. 140. I’m from the US and I’d love either prize pack. I generally don’t buy gender specific fabrics either but I have one daughter that likes blue and sports and one that likes pink and ballet so I buy what they like.

  143. 141. Australia,
    I have a daughter and a Niece but I also have a nephew so either one would be lovely.

    I don’t always stick to the gender divide in terms of fabrics. My daughter loves Buzz Lightyear, Dinosaurs, Cars, robots. I have a friends who’s son loved fairies. I think we put to many expectations on kids about what they “Should Like”.

    The grey elephant fabric you have in the boy pack I personally think would be lovely for a little girl.

  144. 142. I like the second, girly fabric. I don’t mind gendered fabrics, but sometimes I do think that too big a deal is make out of colors. They are JUST COLORS after all! I am from Wisconsin, USA.

  145. 143. I live in NC in the USA. Either fabric bundle would be great.

  146. 144. I live near Seattle, in the US. I have a friend who’s pregnant right now and not planning to find out the sex of her baby, and it’s making it really hard to choose fabrics for a baby quilt…I’m discovering I’m more reliant on gender color/pattern stereotypes than I realized I was. I’d be happy with either fabric bundle. Thanks!

  147. 145. I’m from Putrajaya, Malaysia 🙂 I’d love the 1st pack, the boy pack. After 2 girls, I now have a baby boy to sew for and my stash is just full of pinks! I appreciate gender specific fabrics for when they are babies, they are usually cute!

  148. 146. I live in the US in the state of Virginia. I have 2 boys but I love the girly fabrics for me. =)

  149. 147. I live in Utah, USA. I like the boy pack. I do a combination of both some, gender neutral, some very boy or girl versions. Thanks for chance to win.

  150. 148. I live in South Dakota, USA. I’m not really gender specific; I just love color. I’d pick the boy pack. I actually had someone give me a quilt made with that alphabet and I would love the change to do that for someone else.

  151. 149. Good idea to include the excluded. 🙂 I’m in NY state, USA. I’d prefer the girl pack. I try to stay gender neutral. I’m hoping my girls are tom boys and so far have kept most of the super girly stuff away. There’s much more to women than looking pretty!

  152. 150. I’m in Alberta, Canada.
    I would pick #2 (I’ve lots of nieces to sew for – so I’m collecting pink fabrics ;o)
    Yes, I tend to sew gender specific quilts – which I didn’t even realize until you asked! LOL

    Thanks for your lovely giveaway!

  153. 151. I live in Colorado, USA. I’d probably prefer number 2.
    I hate pink and blue – they are so stereotypical for young kids!

  154. 152. I am from southern Ca in the USA. I would love the number one pack for a boy! I love the kid packs!

  155. 153. Best wishes form Mexico!! Love the pack 2!!!

  156. 154. I am from Seattle area, USA. I would prefer to win number 1. I think most of the times the things they genderize for boys also work for girls, but not the other way around

  157. 155. I am from Gilbert, Arizona. I like number 2. thanks, kathy

  158. 156. I’m from Minnesota, USA. I am having my first boy in April, so I would love to win the first set!

  159. 157. I am from Utah USA 😀 I have 4 little boys so boys!! Other than that anything is awesome! Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  160. 158. I’m in the middle of the USA, near St. Louis, Missouri. I have 3 girls, so the girl bunch seems the natural choice for me. I embrace all fabrics, gender specific or not. I would not exclude something simply because it seemed “girl only”. Also, I have no problem with boys loving pink!

  161. 159. I am from Indonesia. I would prefer the boy fabric as I have so many friends expecting little boys at the moment! And gendered fabric – I think its inevitable!!

  162. 160. I’m in Victoria, Australia. I love the 2nd prize pack! I don’t buy many gender neutral fabrics, I don’t find there ARE many available!

  163. 161. I live in Hillsboro, Oregon in the US. I think I would prefer the boy fabrics.I think any color is fine for any child as long as the child likes it.

  164. 162. Hi, I’m from Russia and seems to be the only Russian around here 🙂 I would go for the first package. And as for the gender fabrics, I think the important thing is that the kid (he or she) likes it, so it all depends on who you make the quilt for. When I was little I didn’t like pink, but really enjoyed yellow and purple.

  165. 163. I am from Virginia in the USA, and I would like prize pack #1. I don’t know about gender-specific, but I do like being able to make things specific to what people like. My daughter likes turtles – not too gender specific. My grandson likes trucks and trains – pretty typical boy! but he doesn’t like sports.

  166. 164. I’m from Minnesota in the US. I love prize pack #1. I don’t usually go for gender-specific, but some of them are really cute. And some that are meant for boys, I’d totally put on my girl. Who doesn’t love a little dinosaur or monster action on a girl? 🙂

  167. 165. Hi – I’m from New Zealand. I have two sons so I would normally head toward a gender specific pattern or neutral. I think that if I had a daughter I would put boy stuff on her but it’s not the same the other way. My six year old says his favourite colour is pink and gets teased about that at school already … let alone if he was wearing it.

  168. 166. Hi, I’m from south western Ontario , Canada, I like number one, I have a nephew I need to make a quilt for and those fabrics are very cute.

  169. 167. Hi I’m from Malaysia. I would choose the price pack 2 if I won. I’m not too much on gender specific color when come to sew something for my children…basically they will make the choice(except when they are baby,then i will stick to blue for boys and pink for girls)

  170. 168. I’m from Sweden but living in Malta in the middle of the Mediterranean =)
    I’d choose pack 1 if I won, to cute dinos in there!

    I’m against the current right now, I was a real boyish girl growing up, refused to wear dresses etc. But I love the fact there are gender differences, while I do think each kid should be free to choose whatever they want to wear – before they’re old enough to do so I love to make things in pink and soft pastels for girls, but that doesn’t mean I want them only to play with My Little Pony, I’m all for girls playing with cars and going rock climbing =) Gosh darn it this was complicated to explain in a good way! =D

  171. 169. I’m from US Virginia and I like pack 1. I don’t go with the whole pink is for girls blue is for boys deal. My first born was a girl and her nursery was done in blues, greens and yellows mainly. ( and I would have taken back the blue quilt with such comments made)

  172. 170. Greetings from Germany 🙂 Number one for me

  173. 171. I am from Norway! I like the girlish bundle. And yes, I think it is ok to call it that.


  174. 172. Can I sound a little snarky and cheeky when I raise a fist in the air for a giveaway that excludes the US?! Even though I’m an American, living abroad {in Bermuda ;)} I’ve been shunned from many a giveaway and I just think it’s plain unfair. *pouts* Yeah yeah shipping costs yada yada yada. Anywho, this is a great giveaway, love that there are two options and if pressed I’d prefer the girl bundle – just more opportunity for me to use it since my girl is still small. My 6 year old has, for the most part, outgrown kiddie prints. While I don’t shy away from using them, I generally ignore the gender specific prints when planning a project for a child, I more take their interests into consideration. I recently made a car themed pillowcase for my daughter because she digs them and a dino one for my son because he’s convinced he’s actually a Velociraptor left on our doorstep. So there you go – one not-so-traditional kiddo and one that follows the trend.

  175. 173. I’m from Spain. I like the boyish one.

  176. 174. l like the girl prize pack because of the cute owl fabric. I live in North Carolina (NC) on the east coast.

  177. 175. I’m from Malaysia. I love pack 1 🙂 it’s for my boy.
    I prefer bright and cheerful colors.

  178. 176.
    1. I’m from North Carolina, U.S. of A!
    2. Either one, honestly! They’re both terribly cute.
    3. It frustrates me a little when fabric is given a “gender” when it’s being sold. Whether it appeals more to boys or girls seems like an individual thing, and it should be labelled as “children’s print” rather than “boy’s” or “girl’s.’ But that’s just my two cents!

  179. 177. I am from Michigan in the U.S. I like both packs and would love either one. I try to go for colors that a child’s bedroom is to make a quilt but I love to use bright colors which I think either gender can use.

  180. hi there- number 1 is so great even though I loved the dolls in set 2- I think 1 is best- such pretty colors – I am and from edmond, oklahoma thanks so much!

  181. 178. I’m from Israel.
    I’d love to win the boyish prints since I have 3 boys…
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  182. 179. Hi. I’m from California, the sunny, but not-so-warm state at the moment. We have had almost two weeks of below freezing temps, and for my area (Silicon Valley) this is extremely unusual! : )

    I’ve never been big on gender-specific colors. Occasionally, our son will make a comment about a boy liking a girl color, and he will get a look from me. Our youngest is a girl, and unprompted loves pink. Our oldest daughter has always loved green or teal, and our son has always loved yellow/gold. Purple seems to be big with boys (10-14 range) in my area, so maybe gender-colors will be a thing of the past one day.

    I’d prefer #2, because the fabrics are so sweet. Our youngest is four, and would love the pink ladybug fabrics. Thank you!

  183. I’m in Washington state in th US. I like pack #2. As far as gender specific fabrics go, I have a really hard time finding gender neutral fabrics and feel that they all end up looking boyish, so I kind of like gender specific whenever possible.

  184. 180. Florida, US. I like both prize packs, but will choose prize 2. As for gendered fabrics both.

  185. 181. Hello from Ohio, USA! I love the boy fabrics!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  186. 182. Hi there! I’m writing from Ireland. I love both bundles, and I have both a boy and a girl, so I wouldn’t mind to win either. I’d rather go for unisex prints, but they are all soooo nice! Solution: get them all!!!

  187. 183. I’m in Virginia, USA. I would love the boy fabrics, I’ve got a little guy and another on the way!

  188. 184. We are from Oklahoma, USA and I would like to try for the boys pack. Our new great grandson Thomas would be a fan of your great fabric picks.

  189. 185. Hi there, I live in the South of Germany and I would love the girl fabric. Thank you!

  190. 186. Hi there, I’m in Texas, USA. I really love the #2 choice for girls. Cute, cute cute.


    courtneyahrenholtz at

  191. 187. I’m in Sydney Australia, and I would be happy with either pack. I have 2 boys and a girl.
    I’m not overly fixated on ‘pink for girls, blue for boys’ but it seems the shops are, walk into any department store girls section and its wall to wall pink! I think my daughter looks lovely in blues but they are difficult to find.
    When I was pregnant and I was shopping for unisex clothing I wasn’t keen on the lemon/mint stuff, but I did buy a lot of white, grey/red, and cream/brown stuff for them.

  192. 188. I am from Germany. And I love Pack2.
    Here it is difficult to find things for girls wich are not pink. Thats why I started sewing. I love green and blue for my girls. But… THEY still love pink.

  193. 189. I’m from Phoenix, Arizona in the USA. I like the girl pack as I have mostly girls as grandchildren

  194. 190. i’m from British Columbia, i have so many little guys to make things for so #1 would help my stash alot. lol

  195. drawstring bags with a window – toy storage is on my mind at them moment! Or maybe a framed wall hanging – that one would need a bit more though.

  196. 191. I’m from Ontario ….and would love the prize pack 2…and I tend to sew based on gender colour.

  197. 192. I’m from Washington State, USA. I love the boyish print fabric. All my grand kids are boys. I do like gender specific fabric; such fun.

  198. 193. I’m in southwest Ohio, USA. I’d prefer the boyish prints. And I also am aggravated by gender-specific prints (though clearly not enough to pass on a great giveaway!) When I was pregnant and decided not to find out if I was having a boy or a girl, I was annoyed again and again by how hard it was to find gender-neutral decorations or fabrics!

  199. 194. I’m in Tasmania, AUSTRALIA. I have both girls and boys in my life and like you, get frustrated at the lack of “neutral” fabrics for young children. My sister-in-law is having her third baby and doesn’t know what she’s having and I’d love to make her a cot quilt but can’t find any fabric that I love!!

    As for the giveaway – I prefer the boy fabric. Boys are always harder to sew for!

  200. 195. I’m from Ontario, Canada. I’d prefer prize one (boyish). Thanks so much.

  201. 196. I am in Utah, freezing my behind right now… The girl pack would be great. Would you like my address now? 🙂

  202. 197. I am from Connecticut, USA. I would prefer the girl pack though both are great! I don’t know how I feel about gender specific quilts. I do wonder why everyone is so against pink! LOL

  203. 198. In Canada. I’d choose the first assortment although on gendered colors, my boys are in love with purple. I think of color as being a personal choice bit but do find it a bit annoying when people assume a baby in pink is female.

  204. 199. I’m in California, USA. I like #2. Sometimes I use gender focused colors, but I also mix it up. Usually, for baby quilts, it depends on what I know of the parents…

  205. 200. I’m from Minnesota, USA. I would pick the boy bundle.

  206. 201. I’m from the west coast of Scotland. I like both bundles, but those elephants are winning me over.

  207. 202. thank you for the chance to win. i am from Saskatchewan, Canada. I am due in March and we were not able to find out the sex of the baby so either option would

  208. 203. I’m from Springhill Florida. I love pack 1

  209. 204. I am from Ohio in the US. I like the first pack. I used the dino fabric in a knit to make a dress for my granddaughter so it would make a nifty matching tote bag for her.

  210. 205. boy pack, please! Missouri, USA

  211. 206. I’m from Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    I love the boy pack
    As for the gender question, I think all colors are for everyone and my kids do to, so no problem for me! 🙂

  212. 207. I live in the US, southern Utah to pinpoint more. I don’t really like gender specific but I don’t go frilly pink for boys or masculine things for baby girls. Either bundle is nice. Thanks.

  213. 208. I am from Michigan in the US, thanks.
    I would like #2 for the girl.
    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

  214. 209. I’m from Georgia (GA), USA. I’d love the boy pack! My little guy is just about old enough for me to start sewing for him.

  215. 210. Love the boy pack! I’m from Canada. I’m not too concerned about gendered colours, and my baby will like what he likes(when he’s old enough to figure that out…)

  216. 211. I would love to win the boy pack to make something for my 3-year old grandson. I am from Georgia in the southern US. I don’t think baby stuff has to gendered color oriented or gender neutral, but my son certainly does. Babies will grow up to like whatever color they like.

  217. 212. I’m from Illinois in the United States… and I have three little girls, so that is a super easy decision. we are all about super girly stuff here! (and legos, robots, ninjas, etc. as well, but we have a deep love for PINK in our house!)

  218. 213. I am from Maryland in the USA. I have a boy and a girl , but I have so much fabric I can use with my girl that I would chose pack 1. I just always bought what I liked gender neutral or not.

  219. 214. I’m from Cape Town, South Africa (Awesome place to live!). I would choose the second pack of fabric (if I could I would choose the second pack of fabric but the first alphabet panel!) I don’t think quilts need to be gender specific, but unfortunately fabrics are often made that way – a purple/pinky fabric might have ballerinas all over it. A boy may be quite happy with pink and purple but not with ballerinas or fairies. I guess it also depends on the child and the mother and what they are like. So I’m not much help!

  220. 215. I am from a small town in Michigan, USA. I would be happy with either package, but would probably choose the boyish fabric. I much prefer gender neutral items for babies!

  221. 216. Hello! I am from New Jersey, USA 🙂 I like boy things, but it doesn’t really matter 🙂 when I make baby quilts though I usually go with greens/yellow/purple and maybe add a touch of blue or pink… most of the time I’m not sure yet if it’s a boy or a girl 🙂 and I don’t want to be surprised if the sono was wrong!

  222. 217. I’m from USA. I could take either: girl or boy fabric.

  223. 218. I’m from Beckington in the UK. I prefer the boyish fabrics, but I have both and would use both! On the whole i like to make gender neutral as I think they age better with the children. I do however think every girl needs a very pink quilt and every boy a very boyish one!

  224. 219. Hi, I’m from Alberta, Canada. I have a lot of boys in my life, so that would be my first choice ( I do love those ladybugs, though!) The gendered fabric thing really annoys me, and while I don’t want to give in to it, it’s really hard to get away from it.

  225. 220. I am from Melbourne Australia and love pack 1

  226. 221. I’m from Southern California in the USA! I love pack 1!

  227. 222. Hello I’m from Golden Valley, Arizona, USA. I would like prize pack#1. I try to match whatever colors the mom is going for.

  228. 223. I am from Colorado, USA and I would love pack #2

  229. 224. I’m in Illinois (USA) and I love prize pack one.

  230. 225. I’m from Charlotte NC in the USA. Since I have 3 young girls I would really like to win the girl bundle. Thanks!

  231. 226. I’m in Portland, Oregon. I’d love prize #1. And I prefer gender-neutral prints for the most part–but I also think with the right spin, most things can be. I just like bright, bold looks for babies and kids!

  232. 227. Oh my, these are some seriously cute fabrics!! I couldn’t decide – I love both bundles. Dinosaurs! Owls! Trucks! Ladybirds! Oh man, do I have to choose? (Tell you what, if I’m lucky enough to be one of the winners, just surprise me with whichever pack the other winner doesn’t choose. 😉

    I’m in Wellington, New Zealand.

    As for gendered fabric. Yeah, I’m not a fan, but it does seem to be very hard to get away from. I’ve got a 14 month old boy, and everyone just gives us boy-coloured clothes for him (brown/blue/green with monkeys/dinosaurs/trucks on them). All of which are cute and adorable, but I do worry sometimes about kids growing up feeling that they can’t like colours because they’re for the “wrong” gender. I have plans to dress him in mixes of colours and give him variety in toys and the like as he grows up, to try not to limit his options to what society seems to think they should be. Because really, who cares?!?! (Also, until the 1930’s, pink was actually the colour for boys. Which just goes to show – there’s no basis at all for girls preferring pink.)

    So yeah, it was nice to read about your non-gender-coded quilts! Love it. 🙂

  233. 228. Hi there, i’m from the Netherlands in Europe. I think i’d prefer number 1, because those can be used for boys and girls, whereas the pink would not go well for boys 😉

  234. 229. I forgot to say where I live, duh! I live in Md, in the USA. Either set would be great, but some of the fabrics in the second set are so cute.

  235. 230. I’m from Adelaide, South Australia. I like both but would choose the first pack. I don’t really like dividing things up for kids by gender at all. I was a tomboy growing up and never liked that I was expected to like ‘girly’ things

  236. 231. I’m Dutch, but live in Hungary. With 2 little boys I adore the boy pack you made. 🙂 Big boy is 2 and really loves anything animal right now, “moo”-ing and “woof”ing all day long. And even louder when we don’t pay immediate attention…

    I must say I really like the owls, leafs & ladybugs as well in the girl(ish) pack! 🙂 It’s just that bright colors make me happy for kids in general. 🙂

  237. 232. HI there,
    I am from Canada. Thanks for being so generous with your giveaway. I like the boy prints. I use gender prints all the time. Great for baby quilts. Have a Merry Christmas.


  238. 233. I am in Somerset, South West England

    I would love the boys’ pack please!

  239. 234. I am in Georgia USA. Girl bundle, please. I don’t mind gender specific fabrics because I have a little one that loves really girly things!


  240. 235. Hi I’m Debby from New Jersey, USA! Thanks so much for the chance to win – I would love to have the girl bundle.

  241. 236. I’m in Montana, USA. I like the pinks bundle. I wish it was a mixture of both because they are all cute. And that tells you what I think of genders…lol

  242. 237. I live in Southern Nevada, USA near Las Vegas, but I am from Washington State. I used primaries for room décor, but mostly because I did not want to know the gender when carrying. I try to read the mom’s preferences when sewing for another’s baby:-)

  243. 238. I’m from Minnesota, USA

    I love the first one (I have a boy)

    I love gender specific fabric! I love anything with fun patterns

  244. 239. I am from Texas, USA and I like both packs, but I prefer 1. I prefer to steer away from gendered fabrics in general, but it seems like when making baby quilts it’s almost impossible not to go that route.

  245. 240. I am from California, USA, I like the boy pack! Thanks for the chance

  246. 241. I’m form Madrid in Spain. I think I’d choose pack number 2. I’ve only sewn a baby quilt, for a boy, and I did it in blue, yellow and brown, not just blue.

  247. 242. I’m from Canada and I would love prize pack 1 because I have an adorable little boy to sew for. And I like gendered fabrics. They’re cute!

  248. 243. Ontario, Canada. I’d like the boy one for my son.

  249. 244. I’m from British Columbia, Canada and would love the boy bundle for my boys. However I do love the owls in the girls bundle too.
    I’d say vehicles are boys fabrics, and dolls & flowers are girls fabrics. And color wise just pink & purple for girls otherwise all the other colors are for both genders. 🙂

  250. 245. I like in England (UK) and would pick the blue bundle as I have 2 boys (although I LOVE those ladybirds!). I think it is hard to get away from gener specific colours and patterns now. I painted the nursery blue before we knew which sort we were having as I love blue. I figured if we had girls I would add pink bows or something. My younger son loves pink though so perhaps he would have liked it if we had! When they are little no-one wants there baby girl mistaken for a boy or vice versa so perhaps that is why we parents are so particular? Thanks for the chance to win.

  251. 246. Live in North Dakota US ! Would love the boy pack…. and i like gendered.fabrics !

  252. 247. Hi,

    I’m from Belgium but I live in Madrid, Spain. If I would win, I’d pick the boy pack, I think I would make a car playmat with them for my little boy, thanks for the chance to win!

  253. 248. From CA, US – package one would suit me – avoid assigning gender to fabric, clothes, toys, etc. although outside influences are hard to beat.

  254. 249. Oregon, USA here! I am loving the ladybugs in pkg 2! Either would do, as I have grandsons and granddaughters.
    Merry Christmas

  255. 250. I’m in the US and would prefer the boy fabric but would happily take either.
    For baby quilts I tend to do neutrals/rainbow colors, but I don’t have a problem with using lots of stereotypically “boy” fabric to sew things for my sons. Mostly though I choose solid colors and geometrics when left to my own devices.

  256. 251. I’m from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia – definitely international!
    I love the ‘girly’ pack, #2.
    Like most little girls, my daughter often chooses very gender specific fabrics when we are shopping, but surprises me sometimes with the colour/style which could be considered boyish. I like to stick mostly to neutral prints – spots, stripes, geometric but am often drawn to a pretty floral.

  257. 252. Virginia, USA. Pack 1. I do like gender specific fabrics, though it doesn’t have to be super-girly or only blue. But I do love some bright pink or purple, and it just doesn’t work for boys. (But I have boys)

  258. 253. I LOVE all the ABC fabrics. I’m in Virginia, USA. thanks for your giveaway. Any gender

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