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Sunday Stash, Saskatoon Edition


Well, it’s not quite the Saskatoon edition, more cross-country, I guess, but I did go spend a stack of money at Periwinkle Quilts (Quilting? Quilt Co.? I forget the name…) in Saskatoon. Every time I’m in the city, which is only once every 12-18 months, I stop by and spend some money. When I was first learning to quilt, I did most of my shopping there, so I still like to support them when I can. At the time they had a basket of 5″ charm squares that you could buy individuals from, and that was usually all I could afford – I was a starving student at the time, saving my pennies to buy food, so buying things like yardage was pretty much unheard of for me!

In any case, this was the most recent haul, photographed on my Grandma’s lovely, luscious olive green paean to 70s carpeting:


That little hedgehog print was the first thing I picked up, and then the others around it were bought because I felt like they sort of went together, somehow. I don’t know what any of these prints are because I didn’t get the side of the selvedge with the name printed on it. (The red is just a Kona cotton. I was pleased to see that Periwinkle had a nice selection of solids – I’m always surprised by how many places don’t carry much in the way of solids, when at least solid white has been standard for years.) The one on the left didn’t photograph very well, but it’s just a pale yellow stripe on white.


I really liked the one on the left and was hoping it’d match the hedgehog above, and it doesn’t, really, but I think they could still be used together, especially with the one in the middle – it kind of bridges the gap between them. Then again, they’ll all get filtered into my stash and maybe will never be paired up again. More again with no words on the selvedge.


I was all gung-ho about peach when I was there and I don’t really know why. It’s not really a colour I use much of, but then I wound up putting most of the peaches away and just kept the dot. Love me some dots. (I still am wishing I’d bought some of those Confetti Dots, but never did and now it seems too late with the upcoming fabric diet.)


These little guys made an appearance the other day – a couple mini-charms of Color Me Happy. I’m half wishing I’d bought myself a couple more of these, since I’ll be into the fabric diet by the time this line is properly released. I really like the green and blue prints in the line (but am not a particular fan of the floral on top or any of the pinks – just not my shade by a long shot).


And then the last was this little pile of remnants. They had a bucket of these things, which I always like finding in a store. These will be useful for the Gypsy Wife quilt, which uses long strips of fabric for the striped portion.

The cross-country portion of today’s Sunday Stash (being published on upsidedownmagicland’s Sunday, I think) (Upsidedownmagicland is me and some friends’ speak for Australia and New Zealand) was my last purchase from Mad About Patchwork. Rumour has it that I’m going to be getting a gift card from MAP for Christmas, so there’ll be another purchase sometime in the future, but I might wait a little while and really deliberate before I make up my mind what to buy with that.


I really made this purchase just because I wanted this rainbow bundle of fat eighths (which I think is still available here) and thought I’d better do it now because it probably won’t still be around 6 months from now. So pretty and mostly destined (probably) for the Gypsy Wife quilt to be.


This was a little bit of yardage I picked up – the olive one is destined to be borders for a proposed Acacia quilt (to do with my 2014 goal of actually using a Craftsy class) (or maybe it was meant to be binding? I can’t really remember and I’m not at home to measure the amount I bought) and the other is just a half yard of a pretty fabric that I liked but had never bought.


And then last up are these two bundles of 5″ stripes of Nordika and Carnaby Street, both from Art Gallery Fabrics. So lovely to work with! These are also bought with the Gypsy Wife quilt in mind. I want to mix in a fair amount of black/navy blue with various jewel tones, so these will work well for that. Again, this is wanting long strips for putting it together, so I think it should work out, though I guess I can’t be sure what the length is supposed to be for those long strips – hopefully I’ll be able to cut them from these anyway!

Ugh.. okay, the clock has very nearly ticked over into tomorrow (ie. Sunday in my part of Canada and not just in upsidedownmagicland) so I guess I better get this published. On the road again tomorrow, this time for hours and hours and hours and hours to drive back to Calgary. We had a fast flight out – 45 minutes – and now I’m in for a long cold drive with four other people. Ugh. Should have paid the $150 and flown! It might have been worth the saved six hours travel time!

Linking up for the second to last time with Sunday Stash at Finding Fifth. In the new year, the link up will be hosted by Molli Sparkles — there’s a button on the right side of the screen. Look for the sparkles!


Author: clumsykristel

I'm a 30-ish quilter, and occasional sewist and embroiderer. I mostly talk about crafty things I'm working on, or wish I were working on.

16 thoughts on “Sunday Stash, Saskatoon Edition

  1. Nice stash! I am loving peach, there’s a lot of nice prints with it in, including those lovely feathers! Hope the journey is ok 🙂

    • Those feathers are from Indian Summer, which did have some really lovely peach prints in it. I seems to work really well against the navy, too!

      Thanks! I’m sure it’ll be fine, but a 7 hour trip does drag on a bit 😀

  2. I’ve been oogling my gypsy wife pattern book. trying to figure out what fabrics to use. I have no idea!! Looooove that rainbow bundle.

    • I do have a lot of thoughts about what’ll go into my Gypsy Wife (see: any of my recent Sunday Stash posts), but I bet once I start it’ll kind of all fall by the wayside and I’ll just do whatever 😀

  3. Oooh, loving all the goodness you’ve got happening there!

  4. Oh my what a lovely haul, especially love the rainbow bundle.

  5. That really is quite the haul there. Hopefully these beauties give you lots of fun when the fabric diet begins.

  6. Love the rainbow bundle especially. Nice stashing!

  7. Love your stashing talents! Great fabrics! The carpet makes a nice background.

    • Haha… I always laugh when I’m at her house because it hasn’t changed since they built it in the late 70s – lots of olive green, orange, and bronze and black accents.

      If only my stashing talents could be put to use in a money making way rather than a money spending way ;D

  8. greetings from upsidedownmagicland. Christmas 1992 I spent with a Calgary family driving to Kindersly SK and i have fond memories. thanks for stirring them up again. They thought i was crazy going out in minus forty to get a photo but it had to be done!

    • I actually had to drive through Kindersley on my way back to Calgary 😀 SUCH a long drive! We were lucky to have a much warmer day than -40 for the journey – maybe -20 and a lot of sunshine.

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