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Happy New Year! (Assorted bits of bloggish clean-up)


I don’t know where all the time went over the last week or two, but somehow none of the entries I meant to write and post got written:

– the year in review
– my goals for 2014
– one or two last Sunday Stash posts with Fiona of Finding Fifth (The Stash link-up will transfer to Molli Sparkles in 2014)
– a post about why I’m fabric fasting for part of 2014
– a post about all the WIPs I’d like to work on in 2014

I’d hoped to finish my Sunshine pillow too. But no dice. When I was in Saskatchewan before Christmas, I spent significantly less time online than I thought I might – played A LOT of cards with my parents, spent a night over at my Grandma’s house, did a bit of baking – so I came home with over 100 blog posts in my Feedly queue and then I had house guests for five days and my sewing room still hasn’t been cleaned up. (I slept in there while we had guests. It’s covered in dirty laundry and piles of things that I moved from one place to another, either because I had to sleep on the futon – a common storage spot – or because we had to dismantle my sewing table and take it downstairs for Christmas dinner.) Sometimes when I get overwhelmed by a job, I just kind of check out and go fishing instead. (In this case, fishing equals watching tv and spending too much time in bed.)

Anyway, I had my big Sew Mama Sew giveaway in December and never properly announced the winners (I did update the posts themselves, but that’s it), so the winners there were:


Katherine blogs at Sew Me Something Good and she’s already received her prize – it only went across the city! (If I had a car, I might have hand-delivered it, alas it’s a long, long, long trip by transit.) Zura blogs at Sew Retro Chic and lives in Malaysia, so I don’t think it’s arrived yet. I asked to send it by air mail, but when I checked my receipt afterward, I saw they’d only charged me for surface, so it’ll probably take 2 months or something ridiculous to arrive. Leigh Anne blogs at Ella’s Cottage – not sure if she’s received it or not, but she’s only across the country in PEI, so I hope CanadaPost managed to get it there in a timely way!

I was supposed to draw my next giveaway, these two Color Me Happy mini-charm packs on December 27, but didn’t manage it until last night.


My winner this time around was the lovely Ashley of Wasn’t Quilt in a Day:


I’ll pop those into the mail tomorrow or Saturday for Ashley.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll get my shit together enough for a proper post. I wouldn’t hold my breath though… I’m back up to 47 blog posts to read and I can’t even think of what to do first. (Overwhelmed, therefore shutting down. I suppose I should start with the laundry though. That’s easy and would clean up a good half of what’s driving me nuts about my sewing room.)


Author: clumsykristel

I'm a 30-ish quilter, and occasional sewist and embroiderer. I mostly talk about crafty things I'm working on, or wish I were working on.

10 thoughts on “Happy New Year! (Assorted bits of bloggish clean-up)

  1. Oh goodness, that feeling of just having too much and not knowing where to start – I find it so overwhelming. Just makes me crawl in bed and pretend there’s no such thing as laundry or dirty dishes. The biggest problem with that is ignoring it just means that by the time I do get to it the washing pile has doubled in size :-/
    My only advice is – pick a spot and just do a bit. Once something is done you’ll feel so much better and it’s so much easier to do the next bit. And just think! You get to sort out your sewing pile while you’re at it! (Is that a silver lining or an extra chore? I’m not sure…).
    Anyway… Welcome to the new year!! Will look forward to hearing all about your plans… Even if I don’t hear them for a month 😀
    E xx

    • Yeah, I’m working on the easiest stuff – laundry, emptying recycling and garbage bins… stuff that’s fairly instant gratification, I guess 😀 (And relatively easy to do – I rarely fold my laundry, so even that part of it isn’t very time consuming.)

  2. When I have lots to do I start with the laundry, the instant gratification seems to be what I need to get me going. I also use the reward system…If I do XYZ I can have a coffee and check e-mails, watch a quilt show, or whatever I would rather be doing. Repeat.

    • Hah.. yeah, that’s pretty much what I’m doing. Got a load of laundry going now and I’m emptying all the garbage bins/recycling bins — easy to do things that make also make a visible impact. After that will be the harder tasks… I keep thinking I need to hire an organizer like on one of those hoarder shows. I’m a long way off from a hoarder, but I organize about as well as one 😀

  3. Thank you Kristel! I don’t mind waiting at all, don’t worry! Will blog about this win once the fabrics arrives. Meanwhile I’m going to enjoy reading your blog posts & especially your beautiful creations 🙂

    • It’s mostly just annoying — I can’t stand waiting, so I hate to make other people wait 😀 (I’ve ordered some things from Amazon and keep checking twice a day to see if they’ve updated the tracking info, even though it was a holiday for the new year and I know it wasn’t going much of anywhere. I can’t help it! I want it now! Possibly even yesterday!)

  4. I know what it’s like to get wrapped up in other things, but it sounds like you were using your time wisely with family and on yourself! I can’t wait for those mini charms – it’s like you read my mind. I thought I’d hit jackpot when you shared the pillow tutorial so I’m even more pumped now 🙂

    • Yeah, I wouldn’t take back how I spent my week before/around Christmas. Just one of those… best laid plans, things 😀

      I can’t wait to see what you do with the charms when they arrive. (Then again, I’d probably open them up and then think about just wanting more yardage from the line and then save them until “later.”)

  5. Nodding my head as I read along, Kristel. Funny how we have all these ideas of what we can accomplish on a holiday (or what we think we should, anyways) and yet, the best thing for us in the long run, is just to have a break. :o)

    Thanks again for spoiling me with those yummy canvas prints! Can’t wait until I have some finished projects using them – I’m still in the admiring and dreaming part of the process, though. ;o) I’m trying to take care of WIPs and making my goals for the year. Seriously considering joining you in a Fabric Fast (thinking it may mean I get MORE sewing DONE – less time online shopping = more time in front of the sewing machine… ;o)

    • Yeah, and really… I’d rather spend time with my 95 year old Grandma while I can than blog about sewing.

      I don’t know if my fabric fast will help with my productivity – somehow I picture myself wasting a lot of time looking at things online and wishing I could have them 😀 But if it somehow helps there, I can get behind it for sure.

      Can’t wait to see things as you finish them – you make such beautiful things! (So glad you did the Blogathon this year – your blog was one of my favourite ‘finds’ from that :D)

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