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Sunday Stash, Christmas gifts edition


I may have officially started my fabric fast…. five days ago, but there are still two packages somewhere in the molasses-in-winter slow slow slow postal system. (I realize there’s a lot of stat holiday downtime this time of year, but cmon!) So, in the absence of any new textiles to show you, I might as well show you those couple crafty things I got in my Christmas gifts this year. (Well. I’m not showing you my gift certificate from Mad About Patchwork, since any old viewer could lift that string of numbers and walk away with my $75 worth of stuff :D)

My mom has a tendency to buy me kitchen gadgetry for Christmas, even though I don’t have my own kitchen (I rent from my sister and thus share kitchen space, so basically nothing in the kitchen is mine, except a few things I use and they don’t, like a stick blender and my microplane grater), but she’s been trying to pick up crafty things for me lately instead. It’s kind of a crapshoot, because she doesn’t know what I have or what I’ll use and so I’ve gotten weird angle rulers in the past and templates and things that I’ve never used/aren’t likely to use.

This year, she went around to a couple quilting stores with me a couple months before Christmas, so she picked up some Wonder Clips for me, since she’d seen me using them earlier that day:

Wonder Clips

I had a package of the small ones, but I’m happy to have a second package of them – they’re great for binding. Anyone have thoughts on using the large ones? They seem so big in comparison and I can’t quite figure out what I’ll use them for.

Christmas fabric

She also bought me some fabric from Stampin’ Up, which is a paper-craft company who has recently branched out (in a small way) into fabrics. The wife of a friend of mine used to sell Stampin’ Up and I used to say whenever I saw the catalogues that if only they had fabric versions, I’d probably go broke buying it (I bought paper from the friend’s wife once, about 5 years ago, and still haven’t opened the package… needless to say, paper crafts and I don’t get on), but then when they did go into fabric, they never seemed to print the stuff I actually liked. They sell it in groups like this, where you get all three prints together, regardless of if you only like one of the three or whatever.

This isn’t something I’d have bought for myself, but it’s now a part of my stash. And I think I’m going to turn it into pot holders/hot pads for Christmas gifts for next year. I just need to figure out how to neatly machine sew a binding, because I don’t want to hand-bind a bunch of pot-holders. I suppose they’d be quick though…

A Christmas gift to myself

I also was given a bit of money for Christmas, so I bought myself a gorgeous colouring book. And if you’re a fan of colouring or have someone in your life that is, I’d completely recommend this book! I don’t have permission to share any part of the book, so I’ll direct you here to Mary Corbet’s Needle ‘N Thread site, where she posted (with permission) a few interior shots. (It’s her fault I own this. Just saying.) [Edited to add: I really didn’t explain myself well. Mary wrote to the publisher & artist/author and got permission to run a stitch-along type project using one of the drawings from the book. She hasn’t said yet which page she’ll be working through, but depending what it is, I might stitch-along with her. The book is really lovely and I think it’ll translate really well to embroidery.] I don’t need another embroidery project to start and not finish, but depending what Mary’s stitch-along turns out to be, I might throw up my hands and give in to my constant desire to start new things. (Ahem. Because I totally started something new yesterday that I’d forgotten to include on my Wish List because I forgot I had it. It’s a sickness, I tell you, this starting new things. But this one is small, so I should be able to finish it soon!)

So that’s all that. Hopefully next week I’ll have some lovely, lovely fabric to pet and coo over. If Canada Post ever decides to get my stuff through Customs. (Bet they’re going to make me pay tax/duty for the Craftsy one. I just have a feeling. It wasn’t heinously expensive – under $100 – but it’s going to be a big damn box, and I swear I get taxed on big damn boxes more often than little ones, even when the little ones are worth a lot.)

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11 thoughts on “Sunday Stash, Christmas gifts edition

  1. Your new coloring book looks awesome (even if we can only see the outside)! Another idea for the Stampin Up fabric could be to make those 4 patch coasters? Then gift them? I found a tutorial:

    • The colouring book is amazing – there’s piles of detail to fill in and to make it fun for kids, there are hidden animals in the foliage that you can find and count as you go along, there are mazes, and pages with blank areas that you can fill in yourself with suggestions on what to do. If I had a kid of colour-book age in my life, I’d totally buy one for them too.

      4 patch coasters are a good idea, didn’t think of that! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the book recommendation. I slipped over to one of the links and ordered one. I like the elements in the book for free motion quilting too. Thanks for enabling my sewing passion 😉

    • It’s such a gorgeous book! I didn’t think about free motion quilting, but it’d definitely be inspiring in that way – the vast majority of it is quite densely packed with beautiful little images and I can see a lot of it translating to fills for big empty spaces in a quilt. Anyway, happy to help ;D

  3. Interesting stash additions! My MIL brought some fabric back from the USA once, I didn’t ask her to; it all ended up in the ugly pile! It was truly bad, so in my mind you did quite well AND you have a plan for it already! I’ll check out that book, I have had Jenean Morrisons Pattern and Colouring book for a year or more but have only sat and coloured once!

    • It’s not that it’s such horrible fabric, really, it’s just not very me. (And generally I don’t decorate much for the holidays, even though I celebrate them.) I started sewing some pot holders up, but they’re kind of boring, so I need to go come up with a better plan. I’ll have to keep thinking on it.

      The colouring book is so beautiful I’m almost scared to colour in it 😀 I haven’t got decent enough markers for it right now, but eventually I’ll get some and then I’ll really have to make myself sit down and use it like it’s meant to be used.

  4. I think the big wonder clips would be good for bags with a lot of interfacing and layers, to hold pockets or whatever together while sewing. Do I see a QAYG weekender bag in your future perhaps?

  5. Ohhhhh I just might have to get that book. It can be my portable “something to do while on lunch since I can’t carry around my sewing machine at work” thing for the week. It looks so pretty!

    Because I bought my own house a year ago, for Christmas my grandparents decided to send me “house crap” like old lady table cloths and curtains and just ugly, cheap magnets and placemats and stuff. I appreciate the sentiment, but… I can furnish myself and I just wish they’d either send nothing at all or just send money so I can at least get things I need/want. Oh, families.

    • It’s *such* a lovely book. The kind that makes me not want to colour in it because omg, what if I ruin it? I don’t have any good markers right now, but when I get some (someday..) I’m going to make myself colour it anyway, just because I must. And also, I think I’m going to get some gold ink and bling it up a bit.

      Haha.. yes, families. And then they wonder what became of it when they visit…

      • I’m glad I live on the opposite side of the country to my family so I don’t have to worry about that often! Though it was easier before I bought my own house, because I would always have the excuse “oh… it disappeared during the last move…”.

        I’d be terrible with thinking I messed up the book too. I was one of the people in school who would re-write notes and rip things out of my work books to re write them because I thought it looked messy and unorganised, so I can only imagine I’d start thinking i didn’t choose the right colour for the book! My mum sent me a cheque for my birthday so I might put the book on my birthday list as soon as I cash it in 😀

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