Gypsy Wife Quiltalong

I was thinking the other day about how, x-hundred years from now, when Chinese or Australian or Indian (Japanese, European, African, South American…) archaeologists are picking through the rubble of post-apocalyptic North America, they’re going to start uncovering the remnants of dozens and dozens of Scrappy Trip Around the World quilts and Economy Block quilts and Single Girl quilts and think there is some kind of special meaning beyond the fact that we all just love our x-alongs. We run a lot of quiltalongs in socialmedialand.

Here’s another one. Maybe the best one. A Gypsy Wife Quiltalong.


You know you want to! How could you not? And, alternatively, Intrepid Thread is running a Gypsy Wife Block of the Month (wherein you get the pattern to begin with, then an assortment of fabrics every month), but this is such a scrappy quilt I really can’t see wanting to buy a bunch more fabric for it. Especially since I did a little stocking up before December was over, with just this quilt in mind…

Gypsy Wife fabrics

I want it to be bright and happy and a little bit crazy because that’s exactly what it should be. (But there’s another part of me that kind of wants to make a second one, all in neutrals and low volumes, just to see what would happen… or maybe blacks, whites, and greys, with occasional bits of red.)

If you’re looking at that pattern cover and thinking, “Yes, please” but also “Oh my god, way too complicated,” then please rest assured that it’s not going to be very difficult. A couple of the blocks are a little more complicated than the rest, but for the most part it’s a lot of things you’ll already be familiar with – square in a square blocks, pinwheels, and so on. AND I happen to have already seen Michelle’s proposed quilt-along schedule and there aren’t all that many components to be made in any given month; it’s going to be so very easy-going that it won’t interfere with whatever else is on your plate. In fact, if you really get going on it, you could find yourself finishing it a lot faster than the quiltalong will ask you to finish it. I’m going to use this as a little side-along to whatever else I’m doing for the month – I can spend a chunk of time one Saturday a month making a half-dozen or so (often small) blocks and then package it up and set it aside until the next month. [ETA: The schedule was posted – you can see it here – after I wrote this post, but before I took the photos to include in it, so it was sitting around as a draft while that schedule was getting it’s first moment in the sun. Also? Michelle is giving away a copy of the pattern! Drop by her post to enter by/before January 16.]

We won’t start sewing until February, so there’s plenty of time to pick up the pattern and decide on fabrics. Check in with Michelle at Factotum of Arts to see the schedule and join up with the Flickr group here.


Cmon…. join us! Ahem. Audrey! Erin! Ashley! Sarah! Joanna! This means you! I’ve seen you all back-and-forthing about it in one place or another….


22 thoughts on “Gypsy Wife Quiltalong”

  1. ughhhhhhhhhhh, this is my dream quilt, and i need another commitment like i need a hole in the head, but i just might have to do this, dangittttttttt. it’s so beautiful. what’s the finished size?

    1. It’s about lap size, I suppose — 59″ x 68″ — but the pattern also has suggestions for adding a scrappy border to make it about 10″in larger in either direction.

      This is a low-commitment commitment, though… it’ll really just be a few blocks a month (and then December is putting it all together, which might take a little more work).

      1. I think so! It seems the easier option, otherwise I will spend too long trying to pickout scrappy or another collection… haha

    1. It really is tempting 😀 If you were even a beginner quilter I’d probably be bullying you into joining along too, but even though it’ll be fairly simple, I’m not sure it’s really First Quilt material.

      1. Haha that’s probably true! I do like a challenge though 😉 I am in the process for gathering fabric for my first quilt, I should probably stick with one for now! I can’t find a BOM that delivers to the UK anyway 😦

        1. Yeah, I don’t know too many UK fabric shops either, though probably some of them do BOMs. (I’ve bought embroidery supplies out of the UK, but never fabric. Shipping is ridiculous.)

  2. i really Don’t need another project, i still have’nt finished 2013 but i Do love the craziness of this quilt and it’s a good stash quilt, hmmmm, got to find the pattern in Canada.

    1. Oh, also… if you happen to find it in Canada, could you let me know where? Supposedly there’s a shop here in Calgary that sells JK patterns, but they don’t list anything on their website. (I guess I should suck it up and call them to find out.)

    1. Yeah, I’ve actually read about a few more than JK lists on her site. I think Michelle and I are probably both planning on pointing the errors out when we get to them.

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