Ramble Ramble (Random Thursday)

So it’s been a little while. I’ve been sewing, though, so I figure it’s all good! I meant to post last week, but then I just didn’t have anything to show and I didn’t even work on reorganizing my sewing room, so then I was going to post over the weekend, but it was my weekend off and I was actually sewing and no way was I stopping just to write a blog post. And then this has been a weird, weird week. I normally work a really set schedule, but I had a first aid course to attend on Tuesday (which shifted my work day by 3 hours from 6 AM to 9 AM) and then I had a training thing on Wednesday (which shifted my work day by 3 hours) and at least when I’m working my normal 6-2:30, I can get home when there’s still a drop or two of sun in the sky, but coming home after 5 pm means it’s already dark enough not to make photo taking virtually impossible.

I used to take photos of everything with flash because fuck it, what else can I do? But I’ve been trying to be at least a little better with my picture taking. And to that end, I asked my mom to buy me a light box for Christmas. Which yay, lightbox! But I can’t get enough light into it! I can clamp lights onto the table for either side, but I don’t have any lamps high enough to get above it and the lighting in my sewing room is unbelievably terrible (I could take off the light cover, which would help a little, but it’s not the most attractive of looks, having a bare bulb), so even the light box isn’t helping too much! (I’ve been trying to use one of the clamp on lights from the top and one from the left and then tilting my sewing lamp in from the right, but the angle is all wrong and the lamp on top is too heavy and it rests right on the light box surface, so it doesn’t really diffuse the light properly. Basically I’m winding up with kind of yellow photos and still having shadows where shadows ought not to be. A couple of Giveaway Day’s ago I won a pdf guide to photography from someone, but do you think I can find that file now?

Anyway, on the subject of Giveaway Day – I never did find a good entry to pop this in, but if I’m calling this one random, then why not now? (Finally!) This December I won a giveaway from Stephanie at Simple Sewendipity!

Heat Pad

How pretty is that? It’s a heating pad with lavender in it and it just smells unbelievably delicious. You microwave it to heat it up and then just apply wherever needs some extra warmth. Lovely! (I kind of want to pull it off the heating pad, though, and just hang it up in my sewing room it’s so pretty!)

Right, so, weekend sewing. I started out by pulling a long-standing WIP off the design wall:

Design Wall

I think I started this one about two years ago and I love it immensely, but it just seems like so much work every time I think about it! (It’s all with inset seams and it just gets heavier and harder to put in the bricks each time.) I’m a little worried it’s going to fade since it gets a shot of sun every day, and also it’s kind of made my design wall useless to me. So time to go.

Now this is all that’s up there:

Design Wall

Two of these are going away because they’re bee blocks. The other is my first Gypsy Wife block – just testing things out!

Hive 12: January Block

This is my first Stash Bee block, for Heather at Quilts in the Queue. This block was paper-pieced in the centre and then it’s just a sea of white around. I had to make this one twice – the first one when I was pressing it, suddenly came up with two dots of that blue water-erasable ink, which was a bit weird because I hadn’t been using the stuff! It didn’t come off with water like it usually does, so I thought it was going to be garbage and I rotary cut off the white from the sides so that I could trim it down into sizes useful for remaking the block. About an hour later, one of the dots had disappeared and now the second one has gone away, so I don’t know what that was all about. I still have that extra centre unit, but it’s got a 1/4 inch border of white sewn on and I’m not sure it’ll be easy to get off – I’d left on the paper and so I’d used a tiny little stitch to sew it down, and I don’t relish the thought of ripping all those little stitches.

Aeneous - January block

And this is my last block for the Simply Solids group on Flickr, for Laura at Waffle Kisses. This block uses this herringbone tutorial from Bijou Lovely and I think it comes out pretty great looking. I’m really happy with this one and hope the recipient will be happy too.

I also sewed up an entire quilt top, which you can see on Instagram (I’m @clumsykristel), but I haven’t been able to take a proper decent shot of it. It’s too big to tape to the wall for a photo and my yard is such a snowy mess that I can’t take it out and pin it to the fence either. Anyway, hopefully the backing material will arrive soon and then I’ll be able to take a finished photo! (I hope!)

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8 thoughts on “Ramble Ramble (Random Thursday)”

  1. I know exactly how you feel with the lighting…ugh!!! Isn’t annoying…you get a few hours over the weekend, and that’s it! But anyway, your new blocks are lovely, but I like your other quilt you were working on too.

    1. Exactly! And I work alternating weekends, so I’m only actually home for the light twice a month!

      I really love that quilt that I put away, but it’s a difficult one to work on. You can’t join rows or anything like that, instead, you piece little sections and then insert them using inset seas. Which isn’t difficult, but it’s getting harder and harder the bigger the quilt top gets – it’s just kind of heavy to drag that whole top to the sewing machine for every single addition! Hopefully I’ll come back to it fairly soon though, as it’s one of my favourite unfinished projects.

  2. Thanks for joining in the Let’s Bee Social party at Sew Fresh Quilts! Sorry to see your quilt from the design wall put away, but I can totally understand. When you know it’s holding you back, it’s got to go. Love your new blocks!

    1. Thanks Lorna! It is a bit hard to get back to things sometimes, but I really do want to finish that one, it’s one of my favourites that I’ve started! I kind of hate that I’ve taken such a long break from it, but I guess I’ll come back to it in my own time.

  3. I am working all the time to, and I swear when I get home and it’s already dark, as much I would like to sew and blog and take photos and be all creative, it’s as much as I can do to take my shoes off and watch bad tv. Weekends are my sewing haven, but for some reason people keep inviting me to things (lunches, birthdays, christenings…) don’t they realise this interupts vital sewing time!!!
    Hopefully taking down your big blue wip won’t mean it gets stashed away, never to be seen again – it’s too pretty to disappear forever! But sometimes having it stare at you all the time strips the energy/enthusiasm away and you need a break to really WANT to work on it again.
    Sorry, I’m rambling 🙂
    Hope you have a fabulously stitchy weekend!
    E xx

    1. Yeah, I have the exact same problem after work – there’s just not enough time in the day! And for me, I only get alternating weekends off, so my sewing usually happens in spurts on those weekends, but not so much otherwise.

      I don’t want that WIP to disappear forever, but I need to figure out some plan for it, I guess, because it’s just been taunting me from the wall for a while 🙂

  4. Taking photos outside is what I prefer,but since it is to dang cold I will just have crappy photos until the weather warms up! Sometimes you just have to put a project away for a while until the mood strikes.

    1. I can sometimes live with the cold for taking photos outside (I guess it depends exactly how cold it is…), but it’s too dark even for that by the time I’m home from work! (And also, there’s too much snow in my yard right now for my usual photo taking places. Also ice, my backyard is on a hill and you’re taking your unbroken limbs into your own hands going out there if you don’t have to!)

      I’d like some more of my projects to come out of hiding and get finished up, but I always did like starting better than finishing!

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