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Sunday Stash: I swear I didn’t break my fabric fast for this…


…but I totally broke my fabric fast. Sigh. I think this bundle of stuff — bought within my own rules, using a gift card given to me at Christmas and buying backing material to finish a quilt — was like a bug bite and I was left with a really, really intense urge to scratch. And scratch that itch I did. (If you follow me on Instagram — @clumsykristel — then you may have seen a picture of a receipt for some fabric I bought. $225 worth of fabric. 15 yards worth of fabric. Well, more, really, since 29 of the quarters were actually quarter metres, rather than quarter yards.) I made the mistake of going to a quilt store, and as an actual fat kid, I should know better than to let loose a fat kid in a candy store. The best solution is always to just avoid the candy store entirely! But I went to a quilt shop – I was looking for the Gypsy Wife pattern by Jen Kingwell, and they were out of stock – and I found a bundle of FQs that I think will be great to make a quilt for my dad and another bundle of fabrics that was there the last time I was in the shop and which had dug into my brain and made me want it. What’s worse is that it didn’t stop there, no. I came home and instead of telling myself that tomorrow’s another day and it’s okay and I’ll do better in February… I went online and bought a bunch of fabric from Hawthorne Threads. And some scrap packs from a seller on Etsy. And some more fabric from Mad About Patchwork. Crash. Burn. But tomorrow’s another day and I’ll do better in the rest of February.

Anyway, here’s the ‘within the rules’ purchases. I’ll save the ill-gotten gains for another week.

Acacia Racoons

Acacia racoons. This raccoon print had put me off the Acacia line entirely and it wasn’t until I actually saw the line in person that I bought any of it. Normally I’m a pretty big Tula Pink fan so I had been surprised to like Acacia as little as I did. But yes, seeing it in person made me want it and I’d bought myself a roll of long quarter metres. I finally turned it into a quilt top — hopefully I’ll have that to show you soon — and so I needed a backing material. I guess I’ve come around on the creepy raccoons a little because I found myself amused by the thought of a quilt back full of raccoons peering out at you.

So next up was a little Amy Butler. When I first started sewing, I’d bought a fair bit of Amy Butler fabric (because she was about as modern as any of the local shops got), but then I got a little tired of her Super! Busy! Prints! and Colours! because all her lines are everything she can think of and then a little more added on after that. There’s pretty much nothing pared back about an Amy Butler line. (It’s true the Midwest Modern prints were fairly restrained.)

Amy Butler

But this print here. Oh my god it’s gorgeous. This is the kind of pink that makes me want to have a pink house (and normally I’m a big mean pink hater) and then the way it looks against that blue is just… sublime. Love it. I didn’t let myself buy it for ages, but then Ashley at Wasn’t Quilt in a Day made that incredible log cabin quilt and I had to buy a bit of it. I bought a fat quarter of this print, French Wallpaper, and then a charm pack of the whole Belle line. I haven’t opened up the charm pack yet and I know I’m only sort of in love with some of the prints in there instead of all the way in love, but I’ve got plans for a (hopefully) sweet little baby quilt using it. And I’ll put a few chunks of this wallpaper print on the back and then want to have my own baby so I can keep the quilt instead of giving it away.

Sunrise palette

Next up was another charm pack, this time the Sunrise palette in Kona cottons.


This is going to be a giveaway and it’s going to hurt just a tiny bit sending it off. Look at all those luscious gorgeous colours!

Catnap FQs

Then some assorted prints from Lizzy House’s Catnap line. The red one is Catnip in Raspberry, below it is Chasing Butterflies in Clementine, and then on top right is Cats Cradle in Raspberry.

Botanics FQs

Some super quiet Botanics prints by Carolyn Friedlander. Let’s see. Top left is Foliage in Charcoal Metallic, then Hand Drawn Stripes in Garden, then Leaves in Charcoal, and across the bottom is Leaves in Curry. I’ve been quite undecided about this line – I like how it all looks together, but suspect that I’d really dislike some of the prints on their own. Still, I haven’t actually seen it anywhere – none of the shops I’ve been to recently carry it – so maybe I’d like it all better than I think. Anyway, it was good just to pick a couple prints I think I can make use of, rather than buying it all and feeling a bit meh about it.

Assst FQs

And finally, three randomish ones. The two on top are from Lotta Jansdotter’s Glimma line with Soba in Grey and Kulla in Rosey Cheeks. The bottom one is Denyse Schmidt’s Sparse Floral in Maple from Shelburne Falls. I’m not quite sure why I picked that one because I don’t usually go for that type of floral. Maybe I was half asleep when I picked it out? I don’t know. It’s kind of cute, but yes… an unusual choice for me.

So that’s that. I’m linking up, of course, with Molli Sparkles for Sunday Stash. Hope to see you there too!

Molli Sparkles

Come back next week to see the spoils of my rampage through the fabric world. It might have been glorious, but I’m too busy berating myself to be completely sure! (I always tell people not to feel guilty for indulging themselves, so long as they’re not hurting anyone. But it’s hard not to feel guilty when you’ve got a relatively simple goal – just don’t spend money on stuff you don’t really need – and you crash and burn so very hard. I’m sure I’ll get over it soon enough. And I am giving at least some of it away, so that’s something…. right?)


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34 thoughts on “Sunday Stash: I swear I didn’t break my fabric fast for this…

  1. uh, wonderful rainbow solids!

  2. Okay, so if you are consumed by guilt from your ill gotten fabric purchases, perhaps you could just pack up the ones from this post and ship them to me. I think they would fit in beautifully in my stash. I have a Kona problem, just bought some Lotta Jansdottar, and have been hankering for those Botanics. And don’t get me started on Amy Butler…. so I’m willing to help you out if you need to dispose of evidence or whatever. 🙂

    Fabricfast, smabricstash… buy what you love.

    • Haha 😀 I think you might be the first of many wanting to suggest that very thing!

      My ill-gotten gains includes several yards of Amy Butler, actually. But that’s going to be a quilt back, so I’m trying to let go of that bit of guilt, even though the quilt won’t be ready for quilting until, oh,.. December. (Why did I have to buy it now, while I’m officially fasting, instead of then when I won’t be?)

  3. I had kind of put myself on a fabric fast as well. But, like you, spent a gift card. And then I had to buy for my Quilts of Valor project. And now I’ll need background fabric to go with my gift card purchase…it’s a slippery slope indeed!

  4. Oh you go girl! ;)…I have so been looking at Kono solids. I just bought fabric too but I am on no fast, sorry. Thanks for the idea of basting my paperpiecing BEFORE the final sewing. By the way, I do love that sunshine pillow, such a perker upper in this winter season!

    • I love Kona – so many colours to choose from!

      I hope the basting thing helps! I know there’s a way to cut your fabric almost to size even accounting for the angles, but I usually wind up accidentally cutting them for the opposite angle (I can never remember if I need to cut with the right side of the fabric up or down). Next time I paper piece I’ll have to take the time to figure it out and write it down or make a little tutorial or something. I don’t paper piece too often, though. I love the results, but it can be super time-consuming!

  5. I have been terrible lately buying too much!! Next project will be from my stash 🙂 I love your choices and that side shot of the Kona charm pack is so cool!! Love it!

    • It’s just so easy to buy new for new projects, isn’t it? I’m working on a Gypsy Wife quilt and I bought a pile of new bits and pieces for it, and then have promptly dug into my stash for most of the blocks I’ve made so far! (Which is great, of course, using stash, but it begs the question why I didn’t just start there!)

  6. I love all your fabric, being a confirmed fabriholic myself, but you are right, that beautiful pink on blue is yummy!

    • There’s an orange and blue version that’s really beautiful too! I pulled open the charm pack today – definitely my favourite print in the bunch! (Well, my favourite print. The pink and blue is my favourite version of the two.)

  7. You should be ashamed of yourself and not be allowed to use your sewing machine for a week.

  8. Oooo. You might have fallen off the wagon, but you fell into some bee-you-tee-full fabrics!! =)

  9. Never mind – gorgeous buys. Start again now……!!

  10. I’m not on a fabric fast, per se, but I had to make the same rule about buying backing fabric when the top isn’t done (or even started, but let’s not go there). I have 5 quilt backs ready–without tops. So I get you.

    • I have a few spare backings around, but that’s mostly because I bought a couple and then didn’t wind up liking them for the project in question.Mostly I rarely buy more than a yard/metre of fabric, it’s kind of weird hitting the button for 4+ yards 😀 Anyway, the rule is largely so that I don’t use it as an excuse to buy fabric… there needs to be a reason I’m buying it!

  11. Januaray was a slippery slope for me as well and it ended with a quilt show (actually on feb 1st) but I am going to try and regain Feb with some finishes and not buying unless it’s backing to complete projects taht I have completed tops for and only if there is nothing in my stash that will work. I hope Febuaray is better for you as well — avoiding temptation might be key but I know for me that’s going to be a tricky one as I have 3 classes I am taking in different shops that start this month.

    • Oh, yeah, I can see where that would be SUPER tempting! It’s pretty easy not to buy online (delete the emails without reading about the sales, etc), but the instant I walk into a shop I feel like I have to walk out with SOMETHING and there are so many things to look at and touch and want 😀 Best wishes for you with getting through the classes!

  12. Your post name and the first sentence cracked me up! I’m sure you’ll do much better fasting next time, so don’t be too hard on yourself 🙂 I love all of the fabric you picked up and can’t wait to see the rest next week!

  13. Oh you are terrible, Muriel! (Have you seen the movie Muriel’s Wedding?) This post is hilarious and is something I would do. I just couldn’t set myself up for failure with this whole fasting thing. Congrats on failing so miserably! haha haha ;-P

    • I haven’t seen Muriel’s Wedding… should I? (Okay. Reading the IMDB synopsis, my only real response right now is, “Is there really a place called Porpoise Spit?” and also a kind of generalized shudder as far as ABBA goes — I had a creepy Biology teacher in high school who used to play ABBA before class everyday and I now associate ABBA with creeps leching on teenagers.)

      Anyway, yeah. It was a failure for the ages 😀 (Shame it’s mostly in the mail and I’ve got to wait, wait, wait for it to arrive.)

  14. No quilt guilt!! 🙂 I am trying to restrain from shopping….but had to go to my LQS for a ‘quilty’ gift for upcoming retreat. I got the gift, and tore myself away from the store with ONLY one yard of fabric for myself! Deleting every shopping email I get in February! I have to save for when we go to the Hampton Roads quilt show at the end of the month; where I will be tempting beyond control! 🙂

    • Only one yard for you is really not bad at all! I wish I’d been so restrained! (But I did get some neat stuff, so…) The quilt show should be fun! I’ve only been to one before and I was so very, very helped out by the fact that I was in university and super poor and couldn’t afford anything – I think I bought a couple loose 5″ charms from one shop and nothing else! (It was also a fairly small show, so not a lot of vendors.)

      On Tue, Feb 4, 2014 at 8:29 AM, Work-in-Progress Girl wrote:


  15. Ah yes the after purchase guilt, well you can give it all to me and then you won’t have to feel guilty, lol. Don’t be to hard on yourself tell everyone you are helping the economy!

    • Haha.. this is true! I even supported the local economy (buying from a local brick and mortar shop), the Canadian economy (shopping at an Canadian online shop AND paying shipping through Canada Post), and the American economy by shopping from a US shop. Looking at it that way, I’m nearly a saint ;-D

      On Tue, Feb 4, 2014 at 5:00 PM, Work-in-Progress Girl wrote:


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