Sunday Stash: The end of the Craftsy Mystery Box Saga

I said last week that this week would be my Post of Shame wherein I’d show you all the yards and yards of fabric I bought in my half-day long rebellion against the Fabric Diet. But it hasn’t all arrived yet, so I’m going to wait another week (the stuff from Hawthorne Threads should arrive this week) and try to do it all in one big post of Yeah, I Tried. Until I Didn’t. And Then This Happened. Instead we’ll go back to Craftsyland…

FreeSpirit Garden FQ pack

I mentioned last week that the saga of the Craftsy Mystery Box of Ugly Fabric had to come an end. I’d been waiting for them to send me 6 more Fat Quarters to complete the Mystery Box of Horrors (since it had only contained 44 out of 50 Ugly Fabrics it was supposed to contain). I’d been corresponding with someone at Craftsy called Bob and that FQ pack is what he sent — 20 FQs rather than the 6 random ones I’d been expecting.

I said in that last post that it wasn’t something I’d have picked out for myself, but that I liked some of it quite a bit. Here’s a closer look at what was in that bundle, which is called Garden and is by FreeSpirit fabrics. There’s no other information on the selvedge (about a designer or production year or anything), so that doesn’t feel like much information, but it’s what I’ve got!


This is my favourite print and I like it in both colours (though I prefer it in teal). I think these ones will work in my Gypsy Wife quilt pretty well.


This kind of paisley-like one is called Floret apparently. You’ll see most of these are kind of busy in a way I don’t often buy — a lot of colours and a lot of pattern.


This is my least favourite of the bundle – it just feels… I don’t know. Too sketchy compared to the others, maybe? The print is called Oasis.


I didn’t really care for this one – Promenade – to begin with, but I’m starting to come around on it a little. I like it best in the teal, but it’s not too bad.


I wish the colours in this one were clearer and brighter, they feel a bit greyed out to me. Anyway, this is Terrace.


I never really love border prints – Field Double Border – but I think this could have made an interesting (insane) apron or something along those lines. Or a pillowcase.


And finally Courtyard, a big old crazycakes print.

I do have some thoughts on the use of these – a couple of them might wind up mixed in with the General Population part of my stash, but I’m thinking I might maybe chop this up into 5-inch squares (or maybe I’ll figure out something better divisible by the size of a Fat Quarter) and turn it into another wonky star quilt (with white stars) or maybe just plain patchwork squares quilt. I don’t know, we’ll see!

Anyway, one more bit of fabric, and that’ll be something I swapped with someone on Instagram — no money changed hands and I sent away a little more fabric than I got back in return, so I figure it doesn’t break my Fabric Fast rules…


This is a Stof print, Vine Stripes in purple and white from Pure. I traded this for about a yard of Joel Dewberry stuff I had but couldn’t see myself using. I like how simple and graphic this one is.

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16 thoughts on “Sunday Stash: The end of the Craftsy Mystery Box Saga”

    1. I was thinking it must be from a house designer, but I couldn’t find anything on their website as far as that went!

      I think my favourites in general are all the teal fabrics, but that’s pretty usual for me 😀

    1. I’m sure I will! I just need to figure out the best way to use them — that seems to be a problem I have with busier fabrics! (I often like them, then don’t know what to do with them/)

  1. The Floret is wonderful! I think I like a few more of them than you do, so I’d try and find a project for the line where maybe you add a few others you like more to round it out. But you could always save the sets that don’t thrill you for a coordinated swap or giveaway Either way, how delightful to receive so many more FQs than expected!

    1. I definitely feel at a bit of a loss as to how to use them! I agree though about trying to find some other things to add in — probably a lot of solids because it feels like it needs something to sort of… neutralize all that busyness. But I don’t know… we’ll see what happens, I guess 🙂

  2. I have some of the Promenade print in green, and I had no idea what it was (no selvage info–was in a random box of FQs sent to me) so thank you! And that purple is delicious. Definitely my favorite of the bunch.

    1. Yeah, that purple is my favourite too 🙂

      Sometimes I almost wish there were selvedge info on both sides of the fabric so you’d get some info regardless of what cut you get. But then the top two fabrics both had the “right” side of the selvedge and still didn’t manage to show the name of the print, so it mightn’t help anyway.

  3. I love them all…so when you feel like swapping…throw some my way! I think it is because you lean to a more modern design; like the stof prints at the bottom of your posts. I will post a “fat quarter” cut chart on my blog, I “borrowed” from facebook….it might give you some cutting ideas.

    1. I do tend to like things a little bit “cleaner” than these are… less going on, one way or another (though there is always something in my stash to prove me wrong if I say anything like that :D)

      Thanks for posting that FQ cuts chart — I’m going to have to bookmark that post (I’ve got it open in another tab right now) so I don’t forget about it.

  4. I love all the fabrics, but then I’m big into busy and bright. 🙂 At the Houston Quilt Show last October, they had some fabulous quilts made out of nothing but border fabrics…an awful lot of mitered edges, but might be fun to try with stuff you’re not fond of anyway.

    1. Hehe… I like bright but not busy, so much. It depends though 🙂

      Yeah, trying to do something with that border fabric using mitred edges could be interesting. I don’t have a lot of any of them, so I’d have to combine them, but it could make an interesting challenge of sorts!

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