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Sunday Stash: Crash. Burn.


I’ve kind of been missing in action for a while – and the important things I’ve missed talking about: the winner of my giveaway was Sarah at Thrift Store Crafter and although I’d said the Gypsy Wife link-up would be happening here at the end of February, plans changed and it’s actually being held by Jo at Riddle and Whimsy – and that’s mostly because I sometimes wind up a depressed headcase in winter (I don’t say that to make light of depression, but to try to downplay it for myself a bit because I’ll do whatever I can to talk myself out of sinking further into all this), it’s a depressing season and I haven’t really been capable of doing much the last couple weeks. I’ve got a couple half written entries spanning all sorts of random topics (for example: why I don’t go look at the blogs of Dudes who favourite my blog – sorry if there are any dude quilters out there who have avatars that looks like ‘dude’ is the only appropriate word to describe them: you know, fedoras, sunglasses, goatees… – I just assume you’re all trying to sell me on your 10 point plan for making mad bank via blogging), but anyway… I’m back for now at least. Hopefully for a while. Hopefully I’ll even have something to talk about and show you that isn’t just fabric I’ve bought. Fabric I’ve illicitly bought. Fabric I’ve bought even though I’m on a fabric fast.

When I crash, I crash hard. Fair to say.

It all started on January 31. I was looking for a copy of the Gypsy Wife pattern because I wanted to run the aforementioned giveaway and I was hoping to find a copy that was actually in Calgary so that I wouldn’t have to have it shipped to me and then have to turn around and ship it away again – why pay shipping twice, you know? So anyway, I went to a local fabric store – Traditional Pastimes – which is (was?) doing a once monthly get-together for people working on Jen Kingwell patterns (Gypsy Wife and… the medallion one that I can’t remember the name of right now). I thought to myself that if they were doing a Wednesday night thing on the subject, then perhaps they’d have the patterns in stock. They didn’t, but as always happens when I walk into a brick and mortar fabric store, I got a bit sucked in.


Just in the door they had a display of Parson Gray fabrics, the Vagabond line, and a gorgeous quilt using it, and then I conveniently remembered that I’d been buying some Parson Gray fabrics to eventually make a quilt for my dad and bam, 30 more FQs!


It’s a kind of interesting line. There are a lot of bits of it that I don’t really love, but it works together really well and of course it’s a bit more masculine than your standard fabric choices. Which is exactly what I was aiming for. And I’m hoping that these prints will mix in with another FQ bundle of Parson Gray fabrics that I’ve got (World Tour) so that I can get a nice mix for the quilt, whenever I make it.


I think I’ve at least half-ways settled on a quilt pattern, even, but I need to fiddle around with the concept. It’s a pattern by… Ashley of Film in the Fridge (oh, I hope I got her name right, wouldn’t I feel like a dick if I’ve misnamed her!) that was in a recent quilting magazine – Quilty? or something else… I bought two magazines in the same day and forget which it was in) which kind of looks like flags, I guess, or pennants, rather. But I want to make a paper-piecing pattern for it, rather than the pattern’s general idea of Just Wing It and Trim Off the Excess. I just can’t with all that fabric waste. Yeah, there’ll be a lot of weird, lost triangle points either way, but at least the background can be a bit less wasteful.

Anyway, then I kept looking, which wasn’t a great thought because a 30 FQ bundle is already a lot when I’m supposedly fabric fasting.


Back when I’d been to Traditional Pastimes for the first time I’d run across this long quarter roll of fabric from the Styl Mod line by Newcastle Fabrics and I hadn’t bought it because I was trying to be well-behaved… (and that was BEFORE my fabric fast even started).


I caved and bought it. Another 29 quarter yds/metres of fabric. And then, you know, since I had an uneven amount, 1 FQ short of a full 60 quarters…


I bought a FQ of this Amy Butler print. From the way it was a folded, I thought it was a different AB print than it turned out to be. This one is Twilight Peony in Amaranth from Soul Blossoms. It’s not bad as florals go, but they’re still not generally my favourite type of print ever.

When I opened that last FQ up and realized it wasn’t the print I thought it was, I talked myself into finding (online) and buying the print I really, really loved so that I could use it for the backing of my Gypsy Wife quilt:


Sketchbook in Spring from Alchemy. Love the colours, love the sketchiness of the print, just LOVE. Anyway, Hawthorne Threads didn’t have enough to back a whole quilt, so I bought what they did have and then decided that even though I didn’t love it as much, I could instead use the other colour way of the same print for the quilt backing:


Sketchbook in Fresh. I did get enough of it to back a quilt, so that’s what I’m going to do. But the idea with buying quilt backings it that I’ll only buy backings for FINISHED quilt tops, not ones so far from finished it’s barely beyond the infancy of the idea! (Seven blocks do not a Gypsy Wife quilt make.) I’m still a bit back and forth on this blue and green version of this print. I find it appealing but strange. (And I have a huge hate for blue roses — they just spray/dye them that colour, it’s not like nature produces this sort of blue in a rose!)


Anyway, since I was already shopping Hawthorne Threads, why not throw in a little bit of extra goodies? I had thoughts about these, but I forget what those thoughts were! I should really write these things down when I think I have a genius idea for something. (These will come back later, anyway, because there are certainly new plans for them.) These are World Tour and Belle, from Mr and Mrs Butler.

So my bad behaviour at Hawthorne Threads over, I turned my wicked eye toward Mad About Patchwork instead. Because my February Stash Bee block was posted and the recipient asked for something in the Radiant Orchid line…


I didn’t have much that could even charitably be called Radiant Orchid, so I ordered these and then posted a photo on Flickr of the 3 or 4 choices I did have in my stash, which I was sort of hoping my recipient wouldn’t like, so that I could justify having bought these. My recipient did okay a couple of my choices and then when these arrived I decided that they were too pink from the top (Oval Elements in Crocus) and from the left (Diamonds in Raspberry from Tula Pink’s Acacia) and too green in the middle (Pixel Dot in Pomegranate, also from Acacia) and too lavender from the bottom (Deco Dots in Aster from Amy Butler’s Gypsy Caravan). So I wound up using my stash anyway.

Anyway, whenever I shop at Mad About Patchwork I always find myself adding extra because, you know, there’s a flat shipping rate, so I might as well get my money’s worth, right?


Why not add a charm pack of Botanics? And the matching charm pack of Kona solids? (These were intended to be a giveaway for my 200th post, but it passed unceremoniously, so maybe I’ll save them for a different giveaway. Or maybe I’ll keep them, because I’ve been all about the Emerald Greens lately and there’s a colour I don’t really have in my stash. Like, at all.)


And how about Pippa in Citron from Michael Miller’s Citron Gray. (Which, by the way, is not citron in colour at all.) Lovely.

You might think that was all that I managed to buy in my two day reign of fabric buying terror, but it wasn’t. No. No, I also hit up Etsy to see what could be seen from the Canadian sellers.


I finally bought a collection of fabrics I’ve been eyeing (from a destash seller, Liette at Coudsdonc) for a long time. First up, 5″ strips of a selection of Nicey Jane prints. These strips are intended, eventually, for the Gypsy Wife quilt, where long pieces of fabric will become my friend. (Come December. But hey, let’s buy them in February!) The white is a half yard of a white on white dot from Lakehouse Fabrics – hard to photograph!

Also, I picked up a mixed lot of Atelier & Akiko prints from Lecien. I don’t know the name of the line/lines these came from, but first there are these four fabrics, which are not quilting cotton but feel like… I don’t know, kind of like gauze, I guess, so maybe this is double gauze fabric?


I had been charmed by the hand-drawn, children’s art aspect of these fabrics, but as it turns out, I don’t really love them up close. The lines look kind of… like they were badly rendered. I don’t know. They’re kind of made of dashes or slightly jagged lines, rather than smoothly drawn lines. (Even accounting for crappy children’s drawing, it looks odd.) But it sort of looks (to my eye) like when you have a flaw in printing and every line is just ever so slightly offset so that nothing quite matches up. I don’t know.


These are the regular cottons from the same line. Fat quarters and cut squares and all sorts of bits and pieces. I still like the idea of these ones, but I definitely like them better from a distance rather than up close where the jagged lines stand out so much to me.

So that was two days worth of Grabby Hands buying of fabric. I wish it had stopped there, but it didn’t. Because I mentioned at the top of my entry that I’ve been kind of depressed and I mentioned back in January that a part of the reason I want to fabric fast is that I often fabric shop when I’m depressed because it’s that brief high of Oh Pretty! which feels good for about five minutes, until I remember I actually have to pay for it all and then it just re-depresses me because it’s wasteful to shop just for those brief bursts of joy. Well. Let’s leave alone the ridiculous psychology of why people shop for happiness (because it IS a ridiculous cycle!) and instead look at some more of my later February purchases. There were only two, so I think that’s not too bad, but I wish there weren’t any, so that’s not great, but I’m trying not to beat myself up, so let’s just say I’ll do better in March.

First, I finally had an idea as far as the whole 2014 Pantone Quilt Challenge, which I won’t talk about, lest I decide not to do it. This whole Radiant Orchid thing is really mystifying me because if you go to Pam’s Colour of the Year page at Mad About Patchwork and then compare the Pantone swatch on the lower left of the page to the photo at the top of the page…. there’s a whole world of difference between them! I don’t know which is the “right” colour and every single fabric I see that’s somewhere in that pinkish-red purple range somehow feels right until I compare it to either of those two images and then they just all seem wrong. Anyway…


I still think none of these are quite right, but I’m planning to change their looks by heavy application of coloured threads. The print is Tangle in Lavender from Anna Maria Horner’s Dowry, and I think I probably won’t use it for this project. Too busy. The other three are Kaffe Fassett shot cottons in Grape, Granite, and Lilac. (Lilac is the palest colour, Grape the darkest.) I think I’ll just use the three shot cottons for this idea, with the binding in the darkest colour. The Dowry print… it intrigues me, as AMH prints often do, but also makes my brain hurt because it’s not the sort of thing I can really imagine using. I really don’t tend to buy these busy prints too often because I find it hard to mentally place them into projects. There is just so much going on that I can’t figure out how to give them room to breathe.

Anyway, I think I mentioned flat rates and always adding just a little more to “make it worth it” so…


I also added Pam’s most recent Low Volume Bundle. From top left: Botanics Leaves in Curry, Botanics Graph Paper Garden in Curry, Stitch Squares in Sea, Pearl Bracelet in Glacier (LOVE!). And again from the left: Sun Print Text in Mulberry, White on White Basics Medium Dot from Riley Blake, Prisma Noir from Minimalista, and La Creme Swiss Dots in Red. I also bought a couple yards of an off-white Kona cotton… or maybe that was with the other Mad About Patchwork purchase, but either way it’s a basic and too boring to photograph.

And so was the couple yards of Moda Bella cotton I bought in an off-white from Fat Quarter Shop along with these two half yards:


On the left is Cherry Candy in Robin’s Egg from Fig Tree & Co.’s Avalon line and on the right is Mezzanine in Seashell and Coral from Fig Tree & Co.’s Tapestry line. These didn’t photograph too well, the blue should be more blue and the off-white should be more creamy.

And that, my friend’s are the full depths to which I crashed this month on the whole Fabric Fast. But as I said somewhere in all this mess: I’ll do better in March.

Linking up with Sunday Stash, hosted this week by Sarah at Mila + Cuatro and Fabricholics Anonymous:

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Author: clumsykristel

I'm a 30-ish quilter, and occasional sewist and embroiderer. I mostly talk about crafty things I'm working on, or wish I were working on.

30 thoughts on “Sunday Stash: Crash. Burn.

  1. Go big or go home, huh? I sure hope the sun starts shining soon – we had a teaser day yesterday with warm and sunny weather, and then today? It snowed. Wish I was kidding.

    • wow I thought it was bad here in NC where it is 71 today (~20) but last week snowed and was below 32/0 πŸ™‚

    • Haha,.. yeah, that was pretty much it!

      We had a similar thing… last week it was pretty nice out (warm, melting all the mountains of snow we’ve got left from December — that’s unusual here, usually we have a snow/melt cycle all winter long, this one has been a snow/stick around forever/snow some more cycle) and then now it’s just dropped back down into the deep freeze and started snowing yet again. Sigh. Spring can come any time.

  2. If you ever need a place to get away – and out of your slump…come on down. You definitely sound down. You did get some great fabric!! This month I bought fabric but managed to spend only half as much as last month (still a nice dent in the budget). Next month I am going to try and 1/2 it again ….we will see.

    • I really need to get a passport! I even know other people in your approximate area (actually, maybe not at all — I don’t know how big NC is, so maybe where my other friends are from is not actually that near to you) and you’re incredibly sweet to offer πŸ˜€ It’s a winter thing (mostly) with me, which makes Canada a not great place to live in because hey, winter!

      That’s kind of a fun idea, aiming to spend less each time πŸ˜€

  3. Boy, do I understand you! SAD affects a lot of us in the winter, especially in the northern climates. I can’t wait for the snow and yuck to go away and for things to get green again. even though I still can’t go in the sun, I can look at it!

    • Yeah, we’ve got a couple months to go, I suppose, on the winter thing up here. There was an article online about winter in Canada saying not to get too excited about spring yet because we typically get 1/4 of the season’s worth of snow all in the one month. Yikes! There is a lot more sunshine at least, which is nice!

  4. Lovely additions to your stash! The challenge sounds like a lot of fun! I do know what you mean about AMH prints. Hopefully Spring, warmer weather and lots of sunshine will be coming soon. Since moving to NC, the SAD isn’t as bad but this year it’s been tough.

    • We won’t get proper spring for a few more months at least (far enough north that winter keeps us in a chokehold for a long, long time), but at least there’s more sunshine through the day. Of course I’m at work for most of it, but as long as the sun is still up when I’m going home, that’s still something πŸ˜€

      AMH prints always seem to look good in combination with the whole line,… kind of crazy in a way I don’t usually work, but they look good together, but I have such a hard time pairing them up with other things.

  5. If it helps any, January sucked horribly for me, and I didn’t sew a darned thing. On top of that I’ve spent most of this month sick, so I finally broke and ordered myself the background fabric for a project that’s been kicking around in my head for six months. So much for my fabric fast…

    Now, I’m about to buy cutting mats, and debating adding fabric to the shopping cart, just to get to the free shipping amount. *sighs* Back on the willpower wagon for the rest of the year.

    • Cutting mats are necessary, at least I consider them to be so! I’d totally be adding things to the cart just for the free shipping though; it’s a slippery slope, isn’t it?

      Oh well, we can just start again, right?

  6. A quick stop by comment for now as I haven’t finished reading your entire post but got to the part about Radiant Orchid and i just wanted to say I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM! I can’t work out the colour either because it looks like soft purple with a pink/grey hue but what I see people using online is brighter purples/fuschias!

    • I half want to order the stupid swatch from Pantone just so I can see what it’s actually supposed to be! (Too bad shipping costs are higher than the cost of the swatch!)

    • For the record, for both of you: You don’t have to get an exact match to the Pantone color, because you probably won’t be able to find one. We’ve been telling people to just find a decent red-violet and go with it. For my project I’m using one of those shot cottons you show up there. πŸ™‚
      I know depression can be a serious slog, I hope it eases soon. My favorite mantra is by The Bloggess ( “Depression lies.”

      • Thanks for the info (on both counts!). I hadn’t thought I’d find an “exact” match for Radiant Orchid, but I’m surprised by how hard it’s been to find something that feels like it’s in the right range! (I was a little tempted to find out where the nearest Lowe’s is so that I could check out the colour there! But then I didn’t know if the Canadian Lowe’s actually have the same paint lines as in the US — guess I could have looked that up, but… — and also I don’t have a car, so taking transit to who knows where just to check out a paint chip seemed a little too invested :D)

        On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 6:20 PM, Work-in-Progress Girl wrote:


  7. I was rather confused for a while about the Pantone colour – I think the image with the orchid is incredibly misleading because the background colour isn’t Radiant Orchid, it’s the colour of the petals, which is the same as the photo of the swatch. I think. That’s what I settled on, which was handy for me as I had a very, very close match to the swatch in my stash already. You’ve acquired some lovely fabrics, winter can be such a depressing time, I hope the sun shines for you soon. Thanks for linking up.

    • Yeah, I’m leaning more towards the pinker/redder version of the colours they’ve shown – it seems to match more of the images on Pantone’s website too.

  8. Holy Dooley, that was a fabric buying frenzy.
    Most people understand SAD and probably have it. Grey, nothingness weather is so oppressive. I certainly hope a) you can afford all that fabric or it’ll just make you stress and b) it did the job of helping you feel a bit cheerier. I bet the writing of this post helped cheer you too, with all the lovely photo taking and talking about pretty things – I know it has helped me just reading it. I can’t worry about you, as that’ll get me more down but in my head, you’re ok by the time you read my comment and hey, March is less than a week away and then April brings much more light! Hang in there x

    • The money isn’t an issue – that’s one thing I’ve never been bad about – but I do sometimes feel guilty about spending money on things I’m not actually, actively making use of. If that makes sense. Like how long is this all going to sit around because I’m quite slow to create? But anyway, I have been better since the beginning of the month – the sun’s staying up a little longer, so I think that helps a bit (though it’s gotten very cold here again, which doesn’t).

  9. well, if you’re going to crash hard, why not make it count?! you got some gorgeous fabrics on your shopping fast – err – binge ; ) hope you find lots of lovely uses for them and that your Gypsy quilt comes out stunning! for what it’s worth, I’ve succumbed to three of these “just need one little…… well I get free shipping if…. oops!” online splurges since the year started – it is a nice short high, but I also like to think of it as long term because it’s not food eaten and gone, but fabric bought and lovingly added to our stash to enjoy again and again!

    • That is true (and some slight consolation, I suppose) that at least it’s longer lasting than food or other crap I could spend my money on πŸ˜€

      I’ve been better since this burst of shopping, though I do occasionally get the urge to shop, I’ve been better at ignoring it!

  10. Hey…if you are going to crash make it meaningful right? Hahahah I have to admit chica, your fabric picks are giving me some serious serious serious lust over here and that is saying something because I’ve had no cravings for two months! Agh! That Alchemy print is my fav of that line…drool… Okay, I’ll shake it off. In the meantime…you can always do better in March!

    • Yeah, I’m definitely planning for a more successful month πŸ˜€ (And I did manage the rest of February after that burst of insanity, so that’s good at least!)

  11. Oh chicken, you did go on a bender. <3. Some days are just like that with the fabric and the chocolate and the staying in bed until 4 pm when you jump out to pretend that no of course I haven't spent the day in bed and I've totally been productive…
    Sometimes life can just suck the life right out of ya. I'm sending big internet hugs your way, and making you a cup of tea (you'll have to make one yourself and then pretend – cups of tea don't travel well by post.).
    On the bright side, at least your depression didn't lead to ugly fabric. You know, when you buy just for the sake of buying and come home and look at it and it's all "what was I thinking?". Everything you bought is gorgeous! Maybe winter is not the right time for your fabric fast? Maybe you need to embrace what makes you happy right now, rather than it causing you to beat yourself up. Spring/summer feels more like fasting season to me πŸ™‚
    The dowry is beautiful, but I struggle with multi colour prints unless I'm using the with their collection of equally multicoloured prints and blenders. The thing I have tried to learn from the penny patch is that the more of these random prints I include the less it matter that they have odd tones/colours in them. It only stands out when I use one by itself.
    I hope your day/week/month get better.
    E xx

    • Benders are fun now and again, though, aren’t they? (At least until you wake up the next morning ;D) Thanks for the kind words (and the imaginary/self-made tea). I did wind up with some lovely fabric, though, didn’t I?

    • Haha.. yep. I did it but good. (I suspect there was some element of might as well be hung for a sheep as for a lamb type thing going on :D)

      On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 5:20 PM, Work-in-Progress Girl wrote:


  12. First, thank you so much for the pattern! It has arrived safely and I’ve already put it to use making my February blocks. I’m really excited to be making my red and white Gypsy Wife quilt thanks to you!

    As for the fall from grace fabric shopping-wise, good for you! You deserve every inch of that fabric! Enjoy it!

    • That’s awesome! I can’t wait to see your blocks! If you’ve got all of them finished for February, don’t forget to link-up at Riddle and Whimsy – there’s a prize again!

      I’m sure I will enjoy my new mountain of fabric, if only I can talk myself into getting back into the sewing room! Soon.

      On Wed, Feb 26, 2014 at 4:05 PM, Work-in-Progress Girl wrote:


      • ‘A little less conversation, a little more action’, as Elvis would’ve said :-). Just go into your sewing space and do a few stitches on something/cut fabric ready for a project, just something small and quick. Do it again tomorrow and before you know it, your mojo will come back. You are in control of your mind to some degree, so cajole it into doing what you know you want. Little by little x

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