I’m covered in bees! (Sunday Stash)

Since I’m fabric fasting, more or less, I decided to go back in time, all the way back to early 2010, when I first got a credit card (I resisted for years out of a terror that I’d turn into one of those people with no income but credit card debt in the thousands, but you know… they’re just kind of useful sometimes) and discovered the things you could buy on Etsy! I fished all these out of the stash the other day because I was talking to Mari-Ann/Rockislander about her teal bees fabric (talking to her about how much I want some!) and it reminded me how much I love this collection of Patty Young’s Flora and Fauna.


I’ve said all over the place that I don’t like fabrics with bugs on them and I may never have told any of you this, but I have a deep-seated, gut-wrenching terror of moths (seriously, if you ever want to see me freak the fuck out, put me in an enclosed space with a moth – of all the things with wings that freak me out, it’s things with fuzzy wings that careen drunkenly around me that bother me the most). But omg I love this fabric.


If I could get my fingers on the keys to Michael Miller’s kingdom,.. this is the line I’d reproduce. Even just select fabrics – bees, moths, dandelions. But this is the one, definitely. (And from Freespirit, select prints from Mendocino. From Moda… I don’t know. Maybe some old Tula Pink.) If I could find it, I’d buy a yard each of the bee prints (but I probably wouldn’t want to pay what people would be charging these days!). The print is small enough to be useful in all kinds of things and the colours are just gorgeous.


I don’t love the floral prints. Well, these ones, there were some more daisy like ones too, but I think they might have been just a border fabric and I rarely buy those. Anyway, these flowers are the kind of flowers I draw, because I’m not an artist and big, round, five-petaled flowers are about as complicated as I can manage, but I don’t need to pay someone else to make them for me.


A couple years ago I completely randomly found a couple bolts of this line of fabric at Fabricland, which is a Canadian chain which mostly sells not-that-great fabric. But, every so often they’ll pop up with something kind of amazing, like Flora and Fauna fabric 2 years after it’s gone out of print and can’t be found anywhere else. I didn’t buy much of it then because it was my other less favourite print – those big hummingbirds on the left side of this photo and the green print up in the collection of raspberry ones – but I kind of wish now that I’d bought enough to back a quilt with it – it’s a big print that I don’t really want to chop up for other things, you know?

The real question, though, is why didn’t I buy the teal prints when I was buying it? So much love and I never even considered it! (I guess I was poorer then and had to be more choosy about what I bought – I couldn’t get a little of everything.)

Anyway, linking up with Sunday Stash, hosted this week by Alissa at A Stitch in Between:

Molli Sparkles

8 thoughts on “I’m covered in bees! (Sunday Stash)”

  1. Oooh, this is gorgeous stuff. I hope you can somehow get your hands on some of that teal. 🙂

    Sorry to hear about your aversion to moths. My patronus is a luna moth, just so you’re aware.

    1. Mari-Ann is going to share some with me, which is ridiculously sweet of her 😀 (We’re trading some precious fabrics for different precious fabrics.)

      Luna moths are pretty – unlike the standard brown and grey creepies we see around here – but anything with wings gives me the willies. (There’s got to be a better word than that for that sensation. They make my skin crawl, anyway, and maybe send a shiver down my spine. Just… ugh.)

  2. I feel you with the moths. I used to hate butterflies for the same reason and one time I was dragged to a butterfly conservatory where you’re in a huge aviary type thingy AND BUTTERFLIES FLY EVERYWHERE ALL AROUND AND ALL OVER AND OMG THEY TOUCHED MY HAND and it was so scary. I’m a bit better with butterflies these days… as long as they’re outside, on the otherside of the window at the end of the garden where I can admire how pretty they are 🙂 MOTHS THOUGH CAN KEEP AWAY FOREVER.

    Anyway, if you ever had a project in mind for these fabrics, without the teal, I guess you could alwaus supplement some teal from your stash. Or.. you know, buy some more teal prints just to match 😉

    1. Bah… WordPress just ate my comment I was writing.

      I was saying how there’s a butterfly conservatory at the zoo in my city and I’ve always refused to go into it because ugh gross etc. I’d probably wind up freaking out, flapping my arms around like a mad-woman, and killing whatever exotic butterflies they keep in there. Best all around if I just stay away. (They’re pretty, but I don’t want them anywhere near me!)

      The quilt I’m loosely planning to use these for will work just fine with just the three colour groups, so that’s good. I just want the teal because it’s pretty 😀

  3. I have two sisters who are afraid of moths and butterflies and it’s because they’re ‘sticky’. We went to a butterfly house at the Devonian Gardens once with our kids and my oldest sister refused to go in. She only went in because of her daughters and she walked in the middle of the path and far from any people who might stir up butterflies. She freaked when she saw them moving at her. Too funny! I have to admit, I did try to get them to fly around her, but really, a fear of butterflies is just funny. Snakes not so much, butterflies, yes.
    And isn’t Mari-Ann the best! Glad you were able to get some teal wasps 🙂

    1. I didn’t know they had a butterfly house at Devonian Gardens! (I guess I’m glad I didn’t know, but anyway…) I think the last time I was there they were doing some reconstruction type stuff, so maybe it wasn’t open. Or maybe I just instinctively avoided it, who can say? I know they’re not going to hurt me, but I get freaked out by the thought of them landing on me. I don’t know…

      Yeah, I’m pretty excited about the teal bees from Mari-Ann – she’s a sweetheart 😀

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