30/30 Challenge – Week Two

So the sewing for 30(plus) minutes a day thing is going over pretty well! Unfortunately, I spent most of my time working on the same project, so it’s not a very exciting show and tell for the week:

More Radiant Orchid

It is done now, though, so it should be more interesting from here on out! But yes, this is my Pantone Quilt Challenge project… but I’m still keeping it under-wraps, a bit, because I want to stage my photos a little bit and I need to either do it at work (where I have access to some props, and thus I need to do it in the middle of the night while no one is there to wonder WTF I’m doing and why they’re paying me to do it) or I need to buy one prop in particular and bring it home and do it on a sunny morning. So.. all you get to see still is some rows of stitching and my four finished corners. I love when stitching binding and you round that last corner and there’s just a few more inches of binding to go. Best part of a project.

I also stitched up another two blocks for the Layer Cake Sampler Quiltalong:

Layer Cake Sampler Quiltalong

I LOVE this block. (I don’t love the wrinkling, though.)

Layer Cake Sampler Quiltalong

I had a slightly more frustrating time with this block – it just wanted to wrinkle all over the place and the corners wouldn’t line up and it drove me slightly made in general. But I’m trying to just let it go! It won’t be horrible in the finished quilt, it’ll just be another block.

I’m still two blocks behind and I was going to stitch them up on Monday, but I got distracted by the prospect of making a sample drawstring bag for the 4S Swap (Simple and Sweet Scrappy Swap) on Flickr. I had some purple fabric in a heap near my sewing table (rejects from early in the Pantone Quilt Challenge process) and really, really wanted to use that Anna Maria Horner fabric from Dowry:

Drawstring Bag

It’s such an easy little project to make, and I think every single one I’ve seen has looked great. I added a little flange to mine to emphasize some of the blue in the print and to tie it all in to the lining fabric. It might have been a slightly brighter blue than it needed to be — the perils of choosing fabrics in a mostly dark/ill-lit room — but I love it anyway. I don’t know what I’m going to do with this bag, probably I’ll give it away eventually, but making it was all for my enjoyment, and I did.


20 thoughts on “30/30 Challenge – Week Two”

  1. You’re such a tease! Can’t wait to see your Pantone entry in full!

    I’ve been wanting to make one of those drawstring bags… just haven’t gotten around to it yet… love it with the Dowry print!

    1. Haha.. it’s going to be disappointing now because I’ve shown too much of mostly nothing and then when everyone sees it they’ll go, “That’s it?” It’s always best never to anxiously await anything because that’s the fastest way to kill it 😀

      It took a while to make the drawstring bag, but it’s super easy to do. I don’t want to make my own ties again if I can avoid it, though. It’s not that it’s hard, just that it’s annoying… ribbon is where it’s at.

  2. I love the blocks you have created, but if i might be so bold to offer a suggestion or two that you could try to eliminate that wrinkling… It could be caused because your stitch tension is too tight on either top or bottom, or it could be because the grain of one on the triangles is slightly on the bias which makes one piece slightly stretchy… A thinner cotton or poly cotton will stretch like that where a high quality quilting cotton is not likely to… Hope that helps!

    1. It was definitely the bias problem! I forgot to write about it in my post, but the rippling problem started right from the beginning when I cut the fabric. (And regrettably it’s going to affect the next two blocks as well.) I’m working from yardage for the background fabric and I cut my 10″x WOF strips wider than necessary so that I could trim the edges to straighten it, but it had a real wave to it right off the bat and I couldn’t get a straight cut off the edge. Finally I gave up and use it as it was, but that was definitely the problem. It’s actually a Moda Bella cotton, but I’m really not liking it very much – it seems thinner, more shred-happy, and… I don’t know, just less pleasant to sew than any of the other solids I’ve used. I mostly use Kona cottons, but I’ve also used Michael Miller’s Cotton Couture and Art Gallery solids, which are both lovely to work with. I usually like Moda fabrics, but this solid is not making me happy.

  3. I love that drawstring bag, Kristel – I have some of that same fabric – also rejected from my Pantone project – and the way the flange & drawstring pulls out the blue gives the print a while new angle! I look forward to seeing your Pantone project very very soon : )

    1. Thanks Sarah! I really loved the print, but it just didn’t seem right for the Pantone thing. ( I LOVE that print you used in your pillow project, anyway – it was definitely the right choice!) I had wanted to play up the bit of red in that print, but nothing I tried seemed to work very well – it was just too jarring. Blue felt like a too easy choice, but I’m glad I did it anyway, since it might have been overwhelmingly lavender without it.

      On Wed, Mar 19, 2014 at 7:36 AM, Work-in-Progress Girl wrote:


  4. I love the fabric that you’re using in your Layer Cake QAL! I have a quilt made from some of the fabric in that line and it is quite possibly my favorite quilt!

    1. I LOVE that fabric too! I have one half-finished quilt made using a jelly roll of it, and now this will be my layer cake version, and eventually I also have a charm pack! (Who knows what I’ll do with that, though, a single charm pack doesn’t stretch *so* far.) I’d love to see your quilt from that line – will I find it at your blog? (I’m about to go check, either way…)

  5. Your Pantone Quilt looks amazing!! I’ve seen the full project because I watch your videos 🙂 so I KNOW what I am talking about 🙂
    And I love the drawstring bag… you are just great in choosing the perfect fabric and colors for your projects!!

    1. Thanks, Alida 😀 I really need to photograph it, but it’s so hard to find good light! And I really need some kind of rack or something for displaying these things when I do photograph them! I’ll have to figure out some way to tape it to the wall.

      The drawstring bag was fun to make and I love the outcome! It’s funny that you mention that about choosing the perfect fabric and colours because that’s one of the things I love about your paper-pieced blocks – the way you get all those prints and colours to work together to make something with so much depth.

  6. At least you have something to show! It’s been so dark and dreary for me lately that I can’t even get a semi-decent photo to post 😦 Beautiful purples so far though… I’m going to have to check out the layer cake along, I’m doing what seems like a million 12 inch blocks for a queen quilt, so I’m always looking for more designs!

    1. The Layer Cake Quiltalong makes all 16″ blocks, but they’re all made using 16 half-square triangles, so they’re all very adaptable to a smaller size – just use 3-in HSTs instead.

      I was going to start in on taking some detail shots for my Radiant Orchid quilt, but we got a big snow storm going on right now and it’s gotten very dark and dreary. Sigh. I was really hoping the nice weather we’ve had the last week or so would stick around.

      On Wed, Mar 19, 2014 at 6:24 PM, Work-in-Progress Girl wrote:


  7. Congrats on the finish! Your blocks are lovely, don’t worry about the tiny wrinkles, that’s what quilt batting is for. The flange adds a lot to that nice bag, great idea to add it.

    1. Thanks Regina! I’m sure most of the wrinkling will hide once the project is washed — everything else will be crinkled in the dryer, so it’ll blend right in. (So long as the rest of the quilt doesn’t get so wrinkly…)

      On Thu, Mar 20, 2014 at 1:10 PM, Work-in-Progress Girl wrote:


    1. Haha.. thanks! I shouldn’t tease things out like that because that’s a great way to build up some disappointment 😀 (“Oh, is that all?”) I normally don’t show so much of the interim pictures because I always hate to spoil it at the end, but doing the 30/30 challenge meant I talked about the in-progress stuff a lot more than I might have usually.

      On Thu, Mar 20, 2014 at 1:27 PM, Work-in-Progress Girl wrote:


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