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Sunday Stash: Totalling the Diet Train


If there’s anything I’ve learned from 15 years of failed attempts at dieting, it’s that I’m not really very good at dieting. Chocolate, fabric; it’s all the same. I did great in January, I crashed and burned in February, and now in March I’ve… well, crashed and burned again? I don’t know. Certainly the fabric diet train has been totalled by this second crash, if it wasn’t already written off in the first.

Well, this week I’m hosting Molli Sparkles‘s Sunday Stash link-up and giveaway – arriving a day early here because it’s already tomorrow in Australia πŸ˜‰ – so I guess it’s good that I’ve got a lot of things to show you…

Molli Sparkles

The Mad About Patchwork Stuff:


I was looking for the pattern on the left and came away with it and the pattern on the right (which, omg, SO MANY PIECES… it turns out the answer to the Enigma – how to make this quilt without y-seams – is all the Half-Square Triangles EVER… seriously, making this quilt will use up your yearly quota of HST).

And somehow all this stuff hopped into the envelope as well:


The top two are Anna Maria Horner prints from Field Study and as with so many AMH prints, whenever I look at them I wonder WTF I was thinking because I don’t have one sweet clue what to do with them to make them turn into something good. But then someone else will use them and they’ll be brilliant! and amazing! and I’ll have to have them! And so now I do, but right now… I kind of hate them. I suspect I’ve actually bought the bottom print before, one of the prints from Sarah Watson’s Indian Summer line… I really need to clean up my sewing room and get my fabric back in order by colour so that I can actually see what I have.


There was also a bit of Joel Dewberry love going on because I also bought two different Tile prints from his Notting Hill line as well as the Frames print. Love the colours in these ones. I always say I hate pink, but I LOVE that pink print ridiculously.

The Hawthorne Threads Stuff:

This is still en route and I’ve deleted the email with the invoice so …. it’s a mystery. But I bet it’s good.

The Fabricland Stuff:
I shit-talk Fabricland a lot because mostly it has a lot of not terribly great fabric, but I went there looking for hardware to construct a bag and discovered that they have a new collection of fabrics they’ve got labelled “Anna’s Fabrics” and if you read the selvedges or even the bolt ends under the Anna sticker, they are actually designer fabrics from companies like Andover and Robert Kaufman. I don’t actually love any of the fabrics I picked up from that line, but I was so weirded out that I somehow walked away with .5 metres of each of these:


Ric Rac Rabbits by Marissa and Creative Thursday for Andover fabrics


Fiesta by Jennifer Sampou for Robert Kaufman.

They also had a section for fat quarters:


I picked up a handful of different things, aiming mostly for ones that had the printed side of the selvedge. No info on the blue strawberries or roses. The blue and white is from Paris & Company by My Mind’s Eye for Riley Blake. The grey with dots is something Christmas related also for Riley Blake (the selvedge is too hard to read). No info on the elephants, I just thought they were sort of fun and weird. The next two are both Rocket Launch Club prints by Sarah Jane and the last one is Ombre Dots from Riley Blake.

And finally… The Craftsy Stuff:
It’s just that Craftsy is having a Tula Pink workshop and and and… I barely like most of the prints in this line, but it’s Tula Pink! I love Tula Pink!


And it involves a lot of 2.5″ strips of fabric, which made me wonder if the mystery is going to be something like her pixelated Anchor quilt! Or maybe it’ll be something like the butterfly quilt! I do know that, no matter what, my quilt will have a lot of horse’s asses in it:


A 2.5 inch strip is apparently NOT the thing to do with that print. Besides horses’ behinds, there are also hoppy bunnies, which feel like a weird addition, as they’re too sweet and simple and graphic compared to the more realistic style of the rest of the animals and the… busy-ness of many of the other prints. It’s like some kind of Easter novelty fabric that accidentally slipped into the mix. It’s pretty cute, though. Wouldn’t it make a great skirt for a little girl?


Love that geometric print too. I’ll have to dig through those jelly roll bundles and see what I think of the other fabrics, because I didn’t really like Acacia much either until I saw it in person and then suddenly all those bits I thought were weird seemed to come together.

Anyway… that’s it for this edition of Kristel Has No Self Control. Except that there is a giveaway to go along with the link up! Link up any time this week and you’ll be entered to win…

A fat eighth of the only sparkly fabric I own, something or other from Kokka:


Two charm packs of Parson Gray’s World Tour line (they only have 12 charms each! why so stingy, FreeSpirit?!), because we all know how Molli feels about David Butler:


And one charm pack of Amy Butler’s Belle line:


Now, show us what you got!

1. Link up a blog post welcoming any new sewing supplies to your stash.

2. If it is fabric from your existing stash that you’ve showcased before, please use new photos with as much natural light as possible, and provide as many manufacturing details about the fabric.

3. Try to leave a comment on at least two other links. We want this to be a safe space for sewing supply collectors, after all!

4. Grab the button from Molli Sparkles, and proudly proclaim you endorse Sunday Stashing!

Sigh. I wish WordPress would let this be hosted on site, rather than sending you away to link up! In any case, I’ll let Mr Random pick a winner – you can be from anywhere – after the link up closes at the end of the week. Best of luck and can’t wait to see what’s new in your stash!


Author: clumsykristel

I'm a 30-ish quilter, and occasional sewist and embroiderer. I mostly talk about crafty things I'm working on, or wish I were working on.

52 thoughts on “Sunday Stash: Totalling the Diet Train

  1. So many pretties! I am undecided on the new Tula Pink, though I do love those bunny dots!

    I’m pretty sure those Christmas dots are from “A Merry Little Christmas” — this is a red version.

    • I’m sure you’re right about the dot – on the selvedge, the only part I could read was the word Christmas, the rest of it was just a teeny tiny font (and I was very, very tired when I wrote this post). The Tula Pink is better in person than I thought it would be – I think it doesn’t photograph well because some of the weird colour-combos seem to work better in person. But yeah, I’m still not totally sold on it. I’m gonna have a quilt made out of it, though!

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  3. I laughed so hard reading your post. I totally get you on so many things. First, the crash and burning of the diet. Yeah. TOTALLY. GET. THAT. Then, the AMH prints. I feel the exact same way. I go to buy them, but think “there’s no effing way I’d use this fabric”. Then I’ll see what someone made with it and I’m all, “I effing have to have that fabric, like, NOW.” So far, I’ve resisted because my brain knows I have no idea what to make with it. And the Tula Pink… Yes, I felt exactly that way about Salt Water. I just bought some bundles because I know I’ll regret not getting it, but I dunno… octopuses (octopi?) are just not my thang. Neither is green, so I avoided that bundle of Salt Water like the plague. Also… sorry for all the horses asses. That was funny and not, all at the same time!

    Thanks for hosting the link up this week, and for a funny and witty blog post. Love those!

    • Haha… I’m glad you were entertained πŸ˜€ I can be a bit long-winded sometimes, so it’s good if it was amusing! (I’m half surprised it was coherent at all – I’ve been working night shifts and never get half as much sleep as I need and I kept zoning out while I was writing and then I’d come to and realize I had a couple lines of just /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// or whatever and so I’d have to go back and try it all over again…)

      Anna Maria Horner…. I don’t know what it is about her stuff, but it always seems to horrible to me until I see it in anything and then it’s just instantly elevated to some higher plane. I do have a handful of her prints and yeah… I don’t think I’ve ever used any of them because I just can’t figure out what to do with them. I need to just take a stand and refuse to keep buying them, maybe πŸ˜€

      I think my favourite Tula line is still Neptune, which goes ages back! I do like Salt Water (and don’t even hate the octopuses, though they do seem like they’ll be a handful to make use of), but I’m finding more and more that I like a lot of random prints from Tula’s lines, but not necessarily the line in it’s entirety.

  4. I’m not feeling Tula to much lately either, mmm sad, I thought I knew what that rose print was but I just checked and it wasn’t it, sorry tried to help, I love knowing my selvedges, like the Paris & Company by My Mind’s Eye also has the really delicious Ice Cream cones to go with that geometric print.

    • I half wondered if that rose print was something from Tanya Whelan maybe, I think she’s done a lot of roses, but I don’t think it’s her. Oh well!

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen anymore of that My Mind’s Eye line – I’m not super familiar with much of their stuff. (I have used some prints from…. Boy Crazy or something like that. A little kid’s line, anyway.)

  5. You’ve got some great fabrics there. Haha! Love your 2.5″ strips. Think I pixelated horses arse quilt might work well πŸ˜‰

    • Haha… wouldn’t that be hilarious? I think the quilt is going to be something to do with the foxes (which are in one of the prints) because I think the Craftsy site said something about it being called Foxes Tails or something like that. The horses certainly stood out more to me than the foxes did, on a quick once over πŸ˜€

  6. Oh, my! Imagine those bunny prints in sateen as big full skirts on dresses with the polka dot as the solid color top & matching sash? The deep purple with a navy top would be so “sophisticated Easter” for a little one. Those top AMH’s would be great for the Gypsy Wife if they coordinate at all with the color scheme you’re using.

    • It would be ridiculously cute and something I’d have probably loved when I was a little girl πŸ˜€

      I think I was thinking about my Gypsy Wife when I bought the AMH – my colour scheme is less a scheme and more just aiming for bright, clear colours, which these aren’t particularly, the backgrounds especially are a little bit muddy (or greyed out or however you want to say it), but I haven’t been very good at sticking to the brights plan, so I might just wind up using whatever is on top of the fabric stack when I’m making my blocks.

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  8. I’m so with you on the diet thing. It’s all just one big crash around my house. Lots of great additions there although I did have to laugh at all those horse’s asses, it will be interesting to see where they end up.

  9. Well when you fall off the fabric wagon, you sure do it with style! So much yummy goodness. Gotta say I do love to shop at Mad About Patchwork, too. Those patterns are going to be awesome! I do agree that, for the most part, Fabricland’s fabrics are of low quality. But I do have a membership, and go to their 50% off sales to stock up on thread and such. And yes, they do have a small collection of good fabrics that I have no trouble picking up there. Where abouts in Canada are you at? Can’t wait to see your horses’ arses in action!

    • There’s quite a few things I still pick up at Fabricland – thread, rulers (when they’re 50% off), various other notions and things like… interfacing and that. I just mostly avoid their fabrics these days. They do surprise me periodically by having some good stuff – a while back I found some long out of print Laura Gunn prints that I loved (and bought more of the instant I saw it :D) and I’ve run across… oh, who is it that does the Henna Garden print? Sandy Henderson? anyway, some of her fabrics just randomly mixed in with the other stuff. I don’t always have the patience to filter through the racks just to find those good bits, though.

      Anyway, I’m in Calgary. (Originally from Saskatchewan, though. And I still feel like a tourist here.)

      I’m interested to see what will become of the horses’ arses too .. I’ve got 9 strips just like those three I highlighted πŸ˜€

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  11. I don’t have any new fabrics to link up but I’ve enjoyed looking at yours. You’ve picked a wonderful variety. It’s funny how some collections have a few prints that don’t seem to go with any of the others. But I’m sure you can mix and match and come up with great combos πŸ™‚

    • Sometimes when I question the inclusion of a particular fabric in a line (like those bunny dots), I wonder what I’m missing about the process of developing a line of fabrics – there must be some reason why Tula Pink felt like the line needed a piece in that particular style, rather than just having designed it around the same time and including it by default – but I really can’t find a way mentally to Make It Work. Oh well… it doesn’t really matter, I suppose!

      You can link up with something old, so long as you write a new post, if you’d still like to get in on the linky – it’s open for the rest of the week!

  12. Yep dieting is a pain in the horses ass…and I agree that the bunnies do throw the whole scheme of the line off. Yet it is a pretty cool print on its own. Cant wait to see what it all becomes!

    • I’m sure the finished quilt top will be really interesting – Tula Pink usually does have interesting quilts! I’m intrigued that those bunny dots seem to be a focus print in the quilt (mostly it’s 2.5-in strips, then half yards of the bunnies and… more of that background print) though because they seem like they’ll be hardest to integrate. Oh well… we’ll see what comes of it πŸ˜€

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  14. Great giveaway…Enigma quilt looks interesting!!

  15. Don’t tell anyone, but I don’t think I like much Tula Pink or AMH. I do like Tula’s colors, but it’s like you said, when cutting for a project I feel like I’d end up with a bunch of horse’s tushies, raccoon tails and octopus legs. Not so much my bag. And AMH has a bunch of odd (to me) pixel-ations in it, although I do think that’d be better cut up than the animals. That said, this could all be some psychological process I’ve (subconsciously) developed because I own no Tula or AMH and am trying to make myself feel better about it. It does seem that I’ve developed a love for Joel Dewberry, so I definitely enjoy those picks! And your tiny blue elephants πŸ™‚ At least when you crash, you do so with style!

    • My favourite line of Tula’s is still Neptune, which I didn’t like to begin with and then came around on (just as it was getting expensive to buy). She has a kind of weird mix of sublime and awful prints, sometimes… and sometimes her colour combinations are just unbelievably odd. But it usually seems to come together for me in the end. AMH is… well, I don’t know if there is such a word, but if some people are minimalist, then she’s just maximalist. She can always find a way to add another element or colour or style or whatever to her repertoire. I rarely like her individual prints, but then when I see them put together, they just sing, somehow.

  16. This is not good for me – all that fabric! What a wonderful haul, love the rocket launch club.
    I’m signed up to Fabriholics Anon! But I’ve linked up this week because I had winnings to show!

    • It is very tempting, isn’t it, seeing all the things people are buying? My attempts for Fabricholics Anon have been pretty terrible so far — hopefully the rest of the challenge will go a little (a lot!) better!

      You can also post old things, if you take new pictures/write a new post about it. I’ve got some sort of… themed ones planned for the future, should I actually manage to stop buying fabric long enough to stop having things to show πŸ˜€

  17. Funny post, I enjoyed reading πŸ™‚
    Thank you for hosting!

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  19. I missed the fat quarter bin on my shopping trip, I shall have to take a look the next time I’m at my Fabricland…

    • Yeah, I was surprised by how much interesting stuff was in there. (But then I was in again this week and it seemed like they stuffed it full of a bunch of junk, compared to the previous visit!)

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  21. The new Tula line is actually quickly becoming one of my faves, ever! I am dying to see what they mystery project is- horse bums and all πŸ˜‰ Thanks for hosting SS.

  22. Thanks for hosting this week’s Sunday Stash! I signed up for the TP quilt along too! Love the additions to your stash!

    • I can’t wait to see the TP quilt top — someone commented below you with her theory on what the quilt top might be, it’s pretty neat, so I could be happy if that is what it ends up being πŸ˜€

  23. I can’t believe your Fabricland had Sarah Jane Rockets!! I’ve been looking for them for ever! I may need to start going to mine on a more regular basis. As for AMH… i love everything she does, my Gypsy Wife is about 97% AMH! Don’t like her prints, send them my way!! πŸ˜‰ Sorry about the horses arses, but i’m sure in the grand scheme of the quilt you probably won’t even notice them all!

    • Your Gypsy Wife is going to be amazing – AMH’s fabrics always look fantastic put together… my brain just can’t see it until it’s already finished πŸ˜€

  24. I’ve been resisting that Craftsy Tula Pink workshop because of the fabric diet but I am dangerously close to caving… I have a theory that the pattern is the one shown on her design wall in this picture: The centre fabrics in the diamonds are the same ones they have 1/2 yard cuts of in the kit and the rest could definitely be 2.5″ strips. The last time I signed up for on of the Craftsy mystery quilt workshop it ended up being basic instructions to make a disappearing 9-patch (and I got my money back.) Anything is better than that.

    I once found some out of print Amy Butler fabric (that sells for $30/yard online) in some random area of Fabricland. Most of the time that place is just depressing though. Thank goodness for Mad About Patchwork. And Hawthorne Threads.

    • Oh…. I like that theory about the Tula quilt — I kinda like that pattern! All that off-white print could be setting triangles (or whatever you call them when you’re dealing with a diamond design) or something like that. Hmm…

      Yeah, I’d be pretty pissed off if I signed up for one of those and that’s all it was! I was a tiny bit wary of the whole workshop thing because it’s not going to be like a class (and I do worry that I won’t start or finish it because there’ll be no incentive to keep up with whatever is being worked on in this or that week), but hopefully it’ll turn out well!

      I buy most of my fabric from Mad About Patchwork and Hawthorne Threads, with a scattering from other places. But they’re definitely my favourite. I usually go into Fabricland looking for notion type things — I was there this week for fusible web and checked out the fabric anyway. I picked up some Joel Dewberry (from Heirloom, not my favourite print, but it’s kind of interesting) and some other designer prints that I like but hadn’t bought. They’ve got a $5/metre sale on some of their fabrics right now, so I got a half yard of Joel Dewberry for 2.50 — crazy!

  25. Your post was seriously cracking me up! I loved this episode:) Makes me feel not so crazy…I have the same diet problem, which strangely also imitates my real life dieting:) Try to be goo…then…binge! Oh, well. Bummer about the horses bums! Bet it will be an amazing quilt though.

    • Haha… I’m glad you were entertained πŸ˜€

      I’m sure it will be a great quilt – I’ve liked most of the ones I’ve seen that Tula Pink has designed (not all, obviously, but if I don’t like the project in the end… well, I can always use the fabric for something else – 3 jelly rolls will stretch a fair distance!)

  26. Good stuff. Written in your typical Kristel awesomeness. Am I allowed to send you that yard now that you’re agreeing with me about falling off the wagon?! The dark side welcomes you back, old friend. Mwahahahaha

  27. I come here to read about how others are suffering as much as I am through the stashdown and now you just make me jealous with all of your new purchases! so thanks a lot. πŸ™‚

  28. Haha! I have the Tula Pink Workshop in my basket! I may have to cave as I love the horse bits! I can totally see it cracking up my granddaughter! I do not like her colours but seem to have two soon to be three of her lines. Big fabric fail coming up! Love your post.

    • Sometimes I think I don’t like Tula Pink’s colours and then I’ll see them in person and think they just work perfectly. I don’t really love the mint/purple or the pink/orange combinations in Fox Field, but they bother me much less seeing the jelly roll strips than I thought they would.

  29. I have the enigma pattern too – it’s been on my to do list for a long time. If you’re going to fail a fast that’s the way to do it! I’m just totally jealous, I miss those squishy flat rate envelopes arriving SO much…

    • Apparently I missed them so much that I just had to break down and buy buy buy! I think I’ve decided I need to adjust my goal: if I make the next four months without buying, then I’ll be able to buy myself a new sewing machine now, rather than holding off till next year. Maybe some proper incentive will do me some good.

      That enigma pattern… man oh man. I want to have that quilt, but I SO don’t want to put that much effort into it.

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