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[Edited to say: Is anybody else annoyed with Flickr for changing yet again? Where did all my pictures go? Note to self: it now overrides to an embed code automatically (or it is right now…) and I need to change it to HTML and the size I want every frigging time, instead of it remembering what I asked for the last time I got an html code from them.]

So last week in my Sunday Stash post I alluded to the fact that I had a package of fabrics coming from Hawthorne Threads, which contained I couldn’t remember what… well, I actually had two packages coming from them. The first one was illicitly bought (illicit because I was supposed to be fabric fasting), but the second was a gift from the ever lovely Michelle at Factotum of Arts – she sent thank you giftcards to her top commentators when she reached 500 followers. Even though they were ordered and sent about a week apart, they both arrived on the same day last week, and so I’ve gotten the two bundles of fabric all mixed up. In any case, I decided to spread out the sharing of these fabrics, so hopefully if I’ve got something new to photograph and look at all month, maybe I won’t keep wanting to buy more…

So this week it’s all about the greens. I was clearly feeling in a very lime sort of mood when I bought these. I had a bath yesterday that smelled like a pina colada (something from Lush) and my sister thought maybe I’ve turned into a secret drinker, downing cocktails in the bathroom on Saturday evenings, but maybe I’m just in the mood for something tropical. Because it’s snowing. Again. Or maybe I should say Still.


From the left, we have Squared Elements in Lime and Nature Elements in Lime Sherbet both from Art Gallery Fabrics and Cherries in Key Lime from The Henley Studio’s Retro Bake line for Andover.


Okay. I’m going to have to stop saying that I hate florals. Maybe I’m just picky about florals? Maybe I just like occasional roses? Whatever the case, from the left we have Vintage Rose in Lime and Featherleaf in Green from Heather Bailey’s Lottie Da and Delhi Blooms in Lime from Amy Butler’s Soul Blossoms.


In slightly quieter greens, I picked up Finery in Cream from Heather Bailey’s Freshcut line, Confetti Dots in Grass from Dear Stella (I think I should have gotten lime, this is a bit of a dreary green in comparison to the others), and Boho Stitches in Sand from Pat Bravo’s Rhapsodia, which is nearly not green at all.


And then finally, one very dark emerald green, Foliage in Fern from Carolyn Friedlander’s Botanics line. This one feels quite different from anything else I picked up in these two bundles of fabrics, but it was bought with a specific purpose in mind: to be binding on a quilt I’d eventually like to make, using the Botanics charm pack (and the charm pack of Kona cottons matching the Botanics line). I don’t know what size that quilt will wind up, but I’m thinking I should have bought 3/4 of a yard (instead of the half I did get) just in case. Ah well… I do have some other cuts from that line, so I could just piece it, if I wind up needing to do that.

Linking up with Molli Sparkles for Sunday Stash:
Molli Sparkles

Later this week I promise to be back with, you know… posts about things I’ve sewn, rather than fabrics I’ve bought.

Oh! Oh, also! I should say who won my giveaway from last week’s Sunday Stash! The winner was lucky #13: Cristina from Pretty Little Quilts.


Author: clumsykristel

I'm a 30-ish quilter, and occasional sewist and embroiderer. I mostly talk about crafty things I'm working on, or wish I were working on.

10 thoughts on “Lime

  1. Ooh! You got fabric with bling! I’ve been wondering about those metallics I’ve seen popping up around blogland. Are they beautiful and shiny in person? I also like that Rhapsodia – it makes me think of Ireland and leprechauns.

    • I did! I haven’t sewn with it yet, though, so I’m still a little curious what it’ll be like going through the machine… I’ve had some bad metallics in the past (largely on Asian style prints), but these ones don’t have any texture difference or anything. They are nice and shiny! This gold is much nicer than a silver one I had a while back (in this Craftsy box of horrors).

      That’s kind of hilarious about the Rhapsodia print… I can see that, for sure. I was really drawn in by the shade of green on it.


  2. Your greens are gorgeous! And two packages on the same day, that is always a good day! Perhaps it is not that you don’t like florals or are picky about them rather, you have a refined taste when it comes to them because you choose some beauties!

    • Haha… I like that, “refine taste”… I can certainly live with that assessment 😀

      It was kind of a funny mail day because one of the two packages I had to pay tax and duty on (because it came to Canada from the US… where I live they almost never charge it, even though they’re supposed to if it’s over x-amount of money) so my postal lady came to the door with it and asked for the $13 and we talked about how much crap I buy, yet how rarely I get charged. Then she did the deliveries at the box (I live in a neighbourhood with community boxes, they only come to the door if something needs a signature or to be paid for) and she dropped the second package in there. The second package had a higher listed cost, but I didn’t get charged tax on it, only the cheaper parcel! Go figure how that happened. (At least I didn’t have to lay out $26 for them.)

  3. Love your limes! Gonna have to get me some of that Squared Elements.

  4. When they were still testing the flickr layout I opted into the change to check it out and then changed it right back to the old one! I’m sad now that it’s been rolled out. We’ll probably get used to it and then they’ll change it again…

    I’ve really been feeling green lately and I’ve never been a green person! It just seems like such a fresh, soothing colour. I really like that feather leaf print! I’ve been seeing Lotti Da around a lot lately, maybe I should check it out a bit more.

    • Ha… you know, I’d forgotten about the testing phase for that — I’d opted in and then almost straight back out too. Didn’t like it then, don’t especially like it now!

      I’ve always liked green, but often found it hard to find fabrics that I liked in green. I tend to always wind up with the lighter colours, though, rather than anything very dark. Dark greens and dark blues are two of the few things I actually need more of in my stash 😀

      • You know what I noticed with the new layout just now that makes it even more annoying? The sizes aren’t always in any logical order! I usually use the 640x? size and i couldn’t find it on my picture, but then I noticed it was at the very bottom, below Thumbnail. This does not make sense!!

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