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Sunday Stash: Low Volume Love


I was going to draw this out another two weeks, but I want to wrap this up, so this is the end of all the stuff I got from Hawthorne Threads back in March. I think most of this stuff was from a giftcard from the Fabric Fairy Michelle at Factotum of Arts, though some of it might have come from a fabric purchase before that.


On the right is the only bit of Alison Glass’s Sun Prints Text I bought – I like it a lot, but it was never available when I was still buying fabric left and right, and then it started sticking around right when I wasn’t buying fabric so much. The other two are Heartfelt from the Art Gallery Fabrics line Littlest.


Down at the bottom is another print from the Littlest collection, Dream Cloud. The stripe is Sunburst Stripe from Dear Stella… I’m not at all sure about the colour, turquoise maybe, but it’s so pale that I can’t really be sure that’s what sort of blue it’s supposed to be. That last one is Kyubu in Atmosphere from the Robert Kaufman line Satsuki. (I liked this one better before I saw it in person. I don’t like the metallic bit too much and I don’t know… it’s just one of those ones that worked better before I looked at it too closely.)


Some familiar ones here again… more of the Satsuki, this time in Natural (and again I don’t love it, but there it is) and another stripe from Sunburst Stripe. Last here is Up in the Air in Pollen from Skinny LaMinx’s Up Up and Away line. Love this print!


Oh look, it’s Up in the Air again, this time in Blue Moon from Skinny LaMinx’s Up Up and Away Line. Still love it. Up above it is a print from Lizzy House’s Catnap line, Chasing Butterflies, love that lime on aqua. At the bottom is an Angela Walters’ print from her Legacy line, Drawn Destiny in Denim. This was my favourite print in her Legacy line, probably because it draws out all the best parts of her particular long-arm quilting style. The shades of blue are great too.


I also picked up that same Legacy print in Linen and another print from the Littlest collection, Teensy Weensy in Lotus. And finally Scissors in White from the Dear Stella line Do It Yourself.

So that was the end of that bout of fabric related madness. Tune in next week to see what I bought (in March) from Warp and Weft.

Linking up with Molli Sparkles for Sunday Stash. (Look for the pink sparkles on the column to the right!)


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12 thoughts on “Sunday Stash: Low Volume Love

  1. Love that Legacy in linen. Nice choices!

  2. Love the Dream Cloud and the text prints.

  3. Okay, you are well and truly off the fabric fast wagon. Like, miles behind it still folding up all your goodies! I rather like those Satsuki prints, I’m sure you can make them work into a LV project!

  4. Such a lot of low volume loveliness.

  5. So much goodness here!!

  6. I have the Littlest text print and I love it so much for a LV. Now I want those other Littlest prints you bought #whyamIpoor.

  7. All gorgeous! I haven’t seen that satsuki line but I love that print!

  8. You did it again. You have me wanting to copy your fabric order to Hawthorne Threads. :o) Gorgeous stash additions, Kristel.

  9. You have some serious yum here! I keep seeing prints from the Littlest line, and I really should just purchase some for myself. Every time, I love them!

  10. Eep! I love those scissors, Kristel!!

  11. Sweet, I just got some low volume prints too, they are growing on me.

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