April Gypsy Wife blocks

So my A Lovely Year of Finishes goal for April was to catch up on all my blocks for the Gypsy Wife quilts, both low and higher volume versions. And hey – I managed it! (Largely because I was on holiday in the middle of the month, so I did a whole lot of block sewing…)

Since I was most caught up on the Brights version, I’ll start there. Here are all my blocks so far – February, March, and April:

Gypsy Wife Quiltalong

I like having all the blocks up on the design wall because it does help a bit to see where I need more or less of a particular colour… but they are not easy to photograph like this!

For April we were sewing seven blocks (see a chart with all the blocks and when to sew them here), mostly Courthouse Steps blocks, but also a Square in a Square and a heart-shaped block, which I totally swapped out for something without a heart on it because ugh.

Gypsy Wife Quiltalong
Gypsy Wife Quiltalong
Gypsy Wife Quiltalong

There are a lot of small bits of fabrics in these blocks and I keep digging through my scrap baskets looking for stuff to use, rather than using the fabric I bought for it. Which is fine, even kind of great, but sort of makes me laugh because I probably could have gotten away without buying anything at all.

Gypsy Wife Quiltalong

This Granny Square block is the one I made instead of the heart block. I just needed a 6.5″ quilt block, and there it was! I’m pretty sure it’ll fit in perfectly with the aesthetic of the quilt, and it saves me from having a block I don’t like taking up space in a pretty awesome quilt. I used a tutorial from Why Not Sew, if you want to try out making one too.

So after that was all the catch-up for the lower volume version – I had to do all of the March blocks and the April ones because I fell behind! Here are all the blocks – February through April – so far:

Lowish Volume Gypsy Wife

So here are my March blocks:

Lowish Volume Gypsy Wife

The slightly scary Pershing block! As with my brights version, this block came out about 1/8″ too small. Which isn’t bad, but I still wish the pattern had a little more detail about what size the central units should be as you go along, so that I could have measured and saved myself losing that bit of size. I think I pressed this one with a little too much steam and Best Press because I pressed some wrinkles into it. I’ll have to wash it to get those out at this point, I think.

Lowish Volume Gypsy Wife
Lowish Volume Gypsy Wife

I really love the fabrics on the outsides of both of these blocks. That red one surprises me because it doesn’t feel like a print I’d usually go for, but I just like what it’s adding to these blocks, with the bits of red but lots of neutral. The blue is such an interesting and strange print – I have a feeling it’ll pop up again before this quilt is through…

Lowish Volume Gypsy Wife

I question every decision that went into the making of these two blocks. Every single one. I mostly like the prints involved (I don’t like the star print, but I almost never like star prints), but I don’t understand at all why I paired those two blues and those two… whatever those other ones are. From a distance they just sort of blend into a block of nothing.

Lowish Volume Gypsy Wife

For my April blocks I did do the stupid heart block. I thought that since I was making two versions of the quilt, maybe I should make one of them properly. I reserve the right to change my mind eventually a swap this out for something else entirely… A note about this one: you’ll be left with a spare hourglass from the construction process, which will be useful in one of the blocks next month – if you save it, you can trim it down to the required size and save yourself a little time.

Lowish Volume Gypsy Wife

By and large I’m happy with these, although that peach number is another one that kind of blurs into nothing because the fabrics are two samey. (Also, I need to trim the borders on that one on the bottom left – I cut the outside ring too big.)

Lowish Volume Gypsy Wife

This block gives me some troubles. I keep trying to push myself a include bits that I don’t think are necessarily lower volume, because I’m afraid of the quilt falling flat if I don’t play around the the volume a little bit, but I’m not sure this was a successful experiment. I think it might just be too bright, regardless of how quiet they are compared to, say, a burgundy or a navy blue.

Lowish Volume Gypsy Wife

This one I think I pretty much got right, though. That blue is fairly dark, but somehow (in the group photo above) I think it just adds a little punctuation, without being such a misstep.

Anyway, next up is the Hope from Hartford block, 3 hourglass based blocks, and more square in square blocks! In the meantime, if you’re quilting along, come link up with Megan at Jaffa Quilts. Our prize this month is sponsored by the wonder Fat Quarter Shop:


Don’t forget to visit all our amazing sponsors who can be found here at Michelle’s blog, Factotum of Arts and check out the schedule to see where we are at! This is a very easy quiltalong to keep up with because there are only a few, often small blocks per month and usually only one slightly more complicated, intense or larger block to complement it. We’d love to have you, so just start sewing along and start linking up! (I don’t think anyone’s double checking to be sure you’re all caught up, so you know… dive in where we’re at and then backtrack through the previous blocks!)

So this is still my project because it’s very nearly May now, so I want to get started on my May blocks right away, before I have a chance to get distracted by all the other wonderful distracting things out there!


18 thoughts on “April Gypsy Wife blocks”

    1. Thanks! I’m trying to have fun with it! It’s nice using up lots of bits and pieces from my scrap bags, though I’m still generating more and more every time I cut into something for these blocks…

  1. Aww your heart melted a little 😉

    I almost feel sad when I have to cut into a huge piece of fabric to just cut out a tiny square that I only need one half of lol. I didn’t even think of how small these pieces/blocks were until i started making it. And when you finish a block it’s like “that’s it?!”

  2. Looks like you are sincerely enjoying this… Cause it shows in those gorgeous blocks! I enjoyed reading your thoughts on how the blocks turned out. Looking good, Kristel!

    1. Thank you! I’m really liking that one too, even though it sort of gives me the most issues, so to speak. For whatever reason, I’m a lot more insecure about how that one will come together!

  3. The blocks don’t give the finished size of the different components, but I found I could measure them from the template page(the one for if you were hand piecing), Hope that helps.

  4. Ooh, these look great! And I love that you swapped out the heart block. It’s going to look rad when it’s all together! Both versions! And my Pershing block is about 1/8″ too shy too. But I so wasn’t going to piece that one again! 🙂 I do love this pattern, but yes, sometimes I wish there were more details regarding block construction and sizing.

  5. Some great looking blocks! Nice fussy cutting too 🙂 I love it when it’s possible to use up some scraps!

  6. I love both sets of blocks! I think your heart is fabulous – I had reservations about the heart too, but I’ve seen so many great looking ones now, I ‘ve really come around 🙂

    1. Haha… I haven’t really come around about the heart, but I’m trying to stop being such a baby about it. It’s just one block in a whole big quilt… I keep thinking I’ll piece it in sideways or something so that it’ll look like an arrow instead of a heart. But we’ll see 😀

  7. Lovely blocks, I particularly like the low volume version… it’ll be a quilt you could relax under & admire all the fussy cutting! Linda

    1. Thank you! I really like the low volume version too… well, I like them both. I’m sort of loosely planning to hand-quilt the low volume one, although maybe that’s a crazy idea – I’m a very slow hand-stitcher! It somehow feels right for that quilt though.

  8. I really like both sets of blocks, even the ones you pointed out. I admire you for swapping the heart block you didn’t like and wonder if you wouldn’t be better doing that in the other version – no point making a quilt as is just because you think you should.

    1. Thanks! I might swap out that heart block yet… I haven’t really decided. I was thinking that maybe I’ll put it in sideways or upside-down so it just kind of looks abstract, rather than like a heart. But I haven’t decided yet. It’s a long ways off till it’s finished, anyway, so I can make up my mind later 😀

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