Bits and Bobs (June Goals)

I’m feeling very talky today, so naturally I’m home alone all weekend AND I don’t have to work till Monday. No one to talk to! GAH. I’m going to go crazy. A little bit.

Anyway… I spent so much of May not sewing that I got way behind on my just-for-me sewing plans – I didn’t even look at my May A Lovely Year of Finishes goal (which was my Layer Cake HST Quiltalong) and I didn’t touch my Gypsy Wife blocks at all. So I’m behind by all of May and now need to get June done for two quilts… so that’s going to be my goal for the month, getting all those sets of blocks finished!

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Here’s where I’m at:


By the time I’m caught up, I won’t be able to fit all my blocks on the design wall any more! (And so probably I’ll wind up taking down the low volume ones and leaving the brights up instead.)

I’ve only got five more blocks to sew for the Layer Cake Sampler Quiltalong


which means I could finish them by the end of the day if I’d just focus on them. But I’m too distracted! Too distracted by sewing up a block of the Infatuation quilt:

Infatuation block

I went and fished another solid out of my bin of solids, one which I fortunately had about three-quarters of a yard of (it takes 5/8s I think to make a single block). I really like this blue, but I think I need to learn to label my solids when they come in the door because I have no idea what colour it is. I’m pretty sure it’s a Kona cotton, but when I compare it to my colour card (which is out of date), I can’t decide what colour it is. I thought at a glance that it was Midnight or Nightfall, but when I put the fabric up closer it looks more like Navy or Indigo. I tend not to find the colour card all that useful in that way… the swatches are two small and I often think I have a match, then when I get it in yardage I discover that it’s really not at all what I thought. Anyway, I actually really like how it looks with a selection of fabrics from Lottie Da and True Colours (crappy Instagram photo):

Lottie Da, True Colors, and an indeterminate blue...

But whether I love it or not, I don’t know what it is to order more anyway! How much would it suck to make a guess, order 6 yards, and then find out I’d got something a shade or two off?

I’m starting to think that’s what’s going to happen is I’ll make four of these blocks, with four different backgrounds and I’ll either crap out and decide that a 60″ x 60″ throw is enough (or I could slap a border on it so that it’d be big enough to be useful… I’m short, but I like a quilt to wrap under my feet and over my shoulders) or I’ll find something much more neutral and make four coloured background blocks and five neutral ones so that I could mix them all into one quilt. (But then I’d probably not find it that aesthetically pleasing, so. I don’t know.)

Anyway, I also have five or six small things to make, a couple pouches and some hot pads (and I need to find my Insulbrite for those… I know I’ve got two opened packages of the stuff, so I really do need to look) and some other little bits and pieces. None of it sounds like so much when I lay it out like this, but I never seem to sew half as much as I want to, so I never can tell if these ideas of what I should do are realistic. In any case, these are only the things I hope to get done this month… and the Gypsy Wife stuff is the actual proper goal.

10 thoughts on “Bits and Bobs (June Goals)”

  1. I’ve had to make this month’s Gypsy Wife blocks my ALYOF goal because I’m doing a million other things and I’m sure I will forget about them, but I really want to stay on track!! Are you still working on your LV ones??

    Are you specifically wanting to be OCD about the blue background? Or why not try different shades of dark blues, then it wouldn’t matter so much if you don’t know what they are? (Maybe some blues would work better with other fabric selections to make the colours stand out more than others?).

    I’ve seen people cut up their Kona cards to make them easier to use but it seems so scary to do! I thought about doing it for my Bella Solids card since that just has flaps of fabric over the top of each other and it’s hard to properly see the fabrics but if I’m going to stop using them, I couldn’t be bothered (I feel like such a hater of Moda solids…).

    1. I seem to be running out of month to work on my Gypsy Wife blocks! I wasn’t supposed to work this weekend and was going to spend my days just working on those blocks, but one of my co-workers broke her foot and won’t be working for quite a while, so now I’ve got to go in (which is the bad bit about being the boss, isn’t it?) on my day off. Woohoo. (People keep telling me “At least you’ll get double time for the extra hours” which, yes, but ugh. The money isn’t really worth it most of the time!)

      On a whim, I went and bought a cream on cream Swiss Dot print that use as the background. It’s certainly less exciting than the brights (or even the deep blue), but I do like it. I’m still going to make four blocks with coloured backgrounds though. I might just wind up with two of these quilts.

      I’ve thought about cutting up my Kona card, but it’s less that it’s awkward to use and more that the swatches aren’t really big enough to get a good sense of the colour. And also, it doesn’t have any of the new colours because it is SO old.

      Are all the Moda solids kind of crappy? I’ve had issues with the white/off-white (whatever I’ve got) but hadn’t noticed problems with any of the coloured stuff I’ve used in the past. But then I’m wondering if it wasn’t the contrast of using good fabric with bad that made it so noticeable to me this time.

      1. You work in retail, right, i think? Yeah, money definitely isn’t worth it :/ I used to be superviser in retail and yeah double time is nice but so is a day off. And days off when everyone has has a day off!! WHAT IS A HOLIDAY AGAIN?! You mean Christmas isn’t that time when people go crazy and yell at me for no reason, it’s actually a fun gift giving day for family and stuff? Sometimes I regret quitting (no fabric money) but I really needed to get out of retail. At the moment being unemployed is better than going back to retail again!

        Not all of the Moda colours are bad, so maybe it is a case by case thing. But I have a couple (I THINK they are a yellow and pink which are the worst) which just fray so easily and feel so thin. Looking through them, it seems the darker the colour, the better quality it is (excluding white because I’ve not had problems with my white BUT the Kona White I have seems nicer/thicker). Comparing the Moda ones to the few bits of Kona I have though, the Kona seems much higher quality. And it really is weird because the majority of print fabrics I have are Moda, and Moda fabrics are always the ones I gravitate to when new lines come out and the prints just seem like a different fabric used. I wonder if shelf life has something to do with it also, maybe? If it’s been on a bolt for 6 months before you buy some, compared to the new lines which go pretty fast and would be used a lot :S I’d assume someone is more likely to buy the brand new Kate Spain or Bonnie and Camille print off the bolt rather than stocking up on a random colour (when so many colours are there to choose from so one person’s yellow preference isn’t another’s).

        1. Haha.. I’m lucky to escape on most holidays – I just do file maintenance (so all the pricing stuff), so they do their level best at head office to make sure we don’t have to come in on holidays, lest they have to pay us triple time. But yeah… most of the time I’d just rather have the time off.

          I have some Moda Bella in black that seems pretty comparable to their print lines, but the off-white I’ve got is thin and see-through and shreds a lot and can’t be pressed flat (because it’s already got a wave as if someone ironed the heck out it). I think they must use a different base cloth for their solids, because they DO have such a different feel from the very nice prints.

  2. I love those low volume blocks – so striking. I have started writing the color in the seam allowance on my Kona’s every couple inches with a pigma pen.

  3. Those blues can be tricky! I love the way the block is coming out though…that lower left combo looks awesome.

    1. Those oranges with that blue are pretty magnificent, aren’t they? And then that green to keep it freshened up! (The green works much better for that than the grey in the sample.)

  4. So glad I came over here to say Hi! I forgot to post my July goals and then I was like wait, June? Guess your behind too πŸ™‚ How is your summer going? I ran across a Strawberry swap and thought of you so was going to see if you wanted to play along,
    That dark blue really makes the Heather Bailey fabrics pop.

    1. I think I just need some time off from blogging… I haven’t felt like doing it at all πŸ™‚ I’ll come back to it one of these days, but it’s been hot and gross so I haven’t felt much like crafting either. I didn’t finish my June goal though, nearly… I got half way there though, which is something I suppose. I might try and talk myself into writing about it tomorrow, but we’ll see how that goes πŸ˜€ I got sucked into watching Orange is the New Black and that sucked up a lot of my time this last week, so now that I’ve gotten through it, maybe I’ll be more inclined to come back to blogging.

      I started working on another block with the Heather Bailey fabric (this time on orange) and my curves came out pretty badly, so that kind of sucks! The orange is interesting, but I really don’t think I could do an entire quilt with it.


      On Mon, Jul 7, 2014 at 9:33 AM, Work-in-Progress Girl wrote:


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