8 thoughts on “Wordless Work in Progress Wednesday (plus Wordy Talk to Me Tuesday on a Wednesday)”

    1. I agree… it really seems not to bother some people though! (At least I can trim them off blocks that come to me though, not like watching it on a Craftsy class and being unable to do anything about it :D)

    1. Thanks! I’ve had fun making them, though I am always a little scared it’s going to look a bit crazy when it’s all put together, with no particular through line in terms of colours. I’m just pretty using whatever’s near the top of the pile!

  1. So fun getting to actually hear you talk about what you are working on…..I was totally checking out your stash in the back:) Hope you get your sewjo back! And love that shirt!

    1. Geez am I getting terrible about responding to comments…. anyhow, I keep trying to make a video showing my stash properly, but it’s hard to get good lighting in there for recording and to do it without making people want to vomit from the camera shaking around 😀 I’ve been doing a little sewing this last month, but not a lot… it’s been significantly hotter here this year than it usually is, and the heat is making it unpleasant for sewing. I did get a quilt top put together, though, so I guess that’s something! (It was just charm squares, so it’s not much. But it’s something :D)

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