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Edited to add: The winner of the July Gypsy Wife Quiltalong giveaway was Crafty Kat, who is doing a very lovely blue and orange and grey version of the quilt that I’m really liking a lot!

So it may have been a while since I posted much, but it hasn’t been a while since I added more fabric to the hoard. (When I die, I think I need to be buried with all of it, like the Sutton Hoo, but maybe in a giant sewing machine or something.) I did have little bits and pieces of things coming in while I wasn’t posting, largely things for projects in progress, rather than actual stash additions, but then there were also one or three purchases, like this one below, of things I didn’t really need, but kind of wanted, and splashed out for. See… Pink Castle Fabrics had a big 50 Fat Quarter mystery bundle on a decent price and even though the last time I bought a 50 FQ bundle (from Craftsy), it didn’t really work out for me… I took the chance anyway. And I think it was mostly successful! I’m more happy than not, certainly.

These are my least favourite of the bundle:

New Stash!

Yeah. I know. Heather Ross. I wasn’t as blown away by this particular line as some people, and these are a couple of the prints that I liked the least. I’m pretty meh on zombies in general, so that one didn’t speak to me. And the dots… I don’t know why the dots don’t work for me, but I tend to have a harder time liking multi-coloured fabrics than I do with tone-on-tone. Also, I just don’t like the colours in it – I like dots, just not in these particular colours.

New Stash!

That little pink and white floral near the bottom here is my least favourite from this grouping of fabrics. The rest I’m pretty okay with, even that novelty jam jar print, which I can’t imagine myself actually ever using. I didn’t check for names on any of the selvedges, because 50 prints would be a lot to identify in just one post anyway, but if there is anything you want to know about, please ask and I’ll check for the name or see if I can figure it out.

New Stash!

It feels like they sent me the entire collection of that solid colour with the white silhouettes of daisies print. I’m liking the pez prints more than I ever thought I would. I’ve seen them used well in a lot of children’s quilts, but that’s not something I sort of aim my sights toward making very often, so I try to avoid buying those kinds of prints in general. But I do like them, it turns out. Maybe it should be inspiration to make another kid’s size quilt again. Maybe I’d actually finish something if it were smaller!

New Stash!

I love dot fabric, so I like that they sent so many of them, but I wish the green ones hadn’t been quite so close together in colour. It doesn’t look like it quite so much in the photo (because it was a bit more shadowed than I thought) but the one up top and the one in the row below it are nearly the same shade, just with different sized dots.

New Stash!

Do the blues feel sort of boring, here? I feel like they are. I love blue, it’s probably my favourite colour (blue, green or red,.. well, who can really decide, anyway?), and I feel like there are dozens of great blue fabrics in the world, but they sure picked some dull ones. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with them,… they’re just sort of meh.

New Stash!

I haven’t really got much to say about these neutrals either, but they’re all pretty decent choices. All in all, I think it was a pretty good collection of fabrics, and I think I only actually owned four or five of them before buying this mystery bundle too, which is pretty awesome. I could have done with a bit less pink, but that’s a pretty minor complaint over all.

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16 thoughts on “Sunday Stash…

  1. Glad this box turned out better for you! Guess we’ll be seeing a lot of white daisy fabric in your future creations 🙂

  2. I know what you mean, I like the vintage-y ditsy floral fabrics, but not so much when mixed together with the geometric and oversized flowers of many modern prints. They should be fine in nice small strips, where the pattern disappears 🙂

    • That’s a good idea for using up those little floral fabrics. That’s a type of thing I usually never buy because I usually wind up disliking them and not knowing how to use them. But yeah, definitely a good idea!

  3. Hahaha I was going to comment that the novelty jam jar print is my fav of all the pinks! And I don’t know about you, but the larger white on color flower you got in many colors is a super fav of mine. Just used the blue in my recent Forest Friends tutorial and wish I had more. Has a great modern/retro vibe. Hope you enjoy all your new stash, Kristel!

    • The jam jar print is cute, I’m just never quite sure where to use prints like that! It’d make a great lining for a pouch or something, though. The white on colour flower print has really great, bright colours, so I definitely like that about it. I think it’ll turn out to be a pretty useful print.

  4. You’re very brave! I’m always terrified of the mystery bundles, but this turned out very well indeed.

    • Haha.. yeah, after the Craftsy fiasco, I swore I’d never buy one again, but that didn’t really last very long! I think you have to take into account the types of fabrics that the sites sell and where the boxes come from. I took a chance on the Craftsy box because I figured that I liked more of what they sell than I didn’t like, but it turns out they don’t package up the boxes themselves, so they don’t actually know what’s in them and they may or may not actually have anything in common with the types of things Craftsy sells. The Pink Castle one I knew came from their existing stock and since I knew that I liked quite a bit of what they sell, it seemed like a pretty safe bet. I’m pretty happy with it, anyway, though there are a few “uglies” in the pile 😀

  5. There are some good ones in there! (And some not so good ones…). A lot of the prints I recognise from their sale section so have to wonder if the boxes are so cheap because they’re trying to sell of their sale fabrics anyway? I guess that shows how much time I spend checking out their sale section…

    • I imagine you’re right about them off-loading their sale section fabrics. They’re not going to choose the fabrics that are still hot and new and likely to sell at higher prices, but I’m definitely more happy than unhappy with what they sent… there are a couple uglies, but far fewer than there might have been.

  6. I absolutely LOVE that dark blue with the orange flowers. That is a gorgeous fabric. I agree with you about the zombies, but you’re on your own with the Heather Ross dislike. 🙂 On the whole you got a good selection of blender prints. Have fun playing with it!

    • Haha.. yeah.. generally I like Heather Ross and I even liked parts of that line, but they managed to choose the prints/colours I like the least 😀 The zombie print, though,.. ugh. Waste of perfectly good fabric.

      Anyway, yeah, I really like that blue and orange print too. SO pretty!

  7. I’m not much of a gambler, so I probably would not have reordered after a first disappointing batch. Glad you got something you can work with. Maybe sell what you don’t want on ebay, Instagram, or etsy? There is someone who will just LOVE what you don’t!

    • I’m not usually much of a gambler either, but I took into account the seller and the types of fabrics they typically sell. With the Craftsy box, I assumed they packaged their mystery boxes themselves and so I thought I could make the decision to buy it based on the types of things they already sold, but I didn’t know that they don’t actually build the boxes themselves – they purchase them pre-packaged, so they don’t know what they’re sending out any more than I knew what I might get in it. Pink Castle did make their boxes themselves, though, and so I knew exactly what sorts of things would likely wind up in it.

      I sometimes think about selling some of my unwanted stuff on Etsy (Instagram didn’t really work out for me, the one time I tried it), but haven’t actually looked into it too much. One day… 😀

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