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Sunday Stash: Odyssea


So I’ve been accumulating fabric for close to ten years and for the most part, I’d say I’ve gotten rid of the oldest (cheapest, ugliest) stuff I’d bought, but I do still have some fairly old things that have been taking up space, either waiting for Just The Right Project or things I’d bought just because or even things I bought with a particular project in mind, but then never quite got around to making. I bought this Odyssea fabric with intentions of making this quilt, designed by Charlie Scott for Moda Bakeshop back in 2010. But I never got around to it, and now the tutorial for the quilt is gone. (It can be found, photo free, on the Internet Archive Way Back Machine, but I’m more wibbly these days about using that much fusible web in a quilt. Well, also, I’m more wibbly about cutting out that many circles of fusible, plus fabric. I don’t have a circle cutter and don’t really foresee myself buying one.)

Odyssea by Momo

All my quantities of this fabric were intended for that tutorial/pattern — 2.5 yards of the fish damask for the backing fabric, 1 yard of the swirly seaweed for the inner border and binding, 1.5 yards of the seashell for the outer border. And the layer cake for the interior part of the quilt.

For a little while today I thought I finally had a use for some of it – I’ve already gone and closed the post or I’d link to it – but it was for a baby quilt that uses 36 charm squares (so I’d have had 3 (handmade) charm packs to sell/giveaway after and would have used most of the extra fabric as sashing, borders, binding, and backing. Perfect! Alas, the Mama of the baby in question thought there was too much pink and floral in the mix for a boy’s quilt:

Odyssea by Momo

Fair enough, I suppose! Maybe I should still make it, just put it up for some future baby, but I feel like I’ve got way too many things churning in my head that want/need to be made, without adding still another project to wind up languishing on the heap of In Progress projects.

Linking up to Sunday Stash with Molli Sparkles:

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Stash: Odyssea

  1. Could you use the blue and some of the less girly prints for her quilt and then cut the girly ones into charms?

  2. I am willing to bet you could sell them easily on IG and then they are off your list permanently lol 🙂

    • You’re probably right about that… I never can find that sweet spot of sellable prices and not totally ripping myself off, though 😀 I don’t hate them, anyway, so maybe one day it’ll come in handy.

      (I do have a stack of uglies I should probably try again to sell, at least some of them might actually appeal to some people. But most Americans baulk when they find out the shipping prices and there don’t seem to be so many people in Canada that want them. I did put them up on IG a while back and then took them down half a day later because I always hate flooding people’s IG feeds with a bunch of those types of posts one after another. Maybe I should put them on etsy instead.)

  3. Ack, I never realized that the Moda Bakeshop posts might not be permanent, I have one I’m using at the moment I should go and save. I have a hard time using those larger cuts which *might* come in handy for a backing or something, even if it’s a print I love.

    • I think most of their stuff seems permanent, so I’m not sure why that particular one disappeared, they do still have other posts further back in time than that particular one. I have lots of things there bookmarked, but hopefully no more of them will go away before I get around to making them 😀

  4. I love the flowers and fish of that line!! Good luck fro finding a use….you could always make one up and then sell it :-).

    • It is a cute little line, isn’t it? It might wind up back in the cupboard for a while yet until I find another use for it 😀 One of these days I get through some of these stashed fabrics…

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