Talk to Me Tuesday: 26 August 2014

Apologies for the choppy edit: I cut about 5 minutes from the original video.

Jelly Roll Jam II from Fat Quarter Shop
Little Lemon Slice pattern from Cate Anevski via Feeling Stitchy
Open Wide Zipper Pouch by Noodlehead

Drop by tomorrow (August 27) to enter a giveaway for green fabric or a giftcard from Mad About Patchwork

4 thoughts on “Talk to Me Tuesday: 26 August 2014”

  1. I was good and did shut it off LOL! But you had five whole minutes left 🙂 And strangely, I have noticed the same problem with my needles/fabric and I just figured it was some weird fluke… now I don’t tend to change my needles unless they break (bad I know) but maybe I should try that too… food for thought

    1. I’ve never had that happen with my needles/fabric before… it kind of freaked me out! I ran out of time today, so I never did get a chance to swap in a new needle and see if it helps. On the smaller runs, I’m not so worried about it, but there are a few pretty major ones that I’m a little concerned will only get worse. Sigh. Hopefully it’ll be an easy fix, anyway!

      I’m glad you shut it off! I’m hoping to get the package off in the mail soon, I’m just sort of lazy and forgetful 😀

      There was a ton of time left because right when I was about to say goodbye, I remembered that I’d forgotten to talk about the giveaway I’m doing tomorrow. So I jibbered on about that for a while. (Seriously, I just talk too much sometimes.)

  2. Can you get warranty work done on the sewing machine? If it was fixed and still doesn’t work, surely they should be able to look at it again and fix it (for free) right? It’s always possible they screwed it up! Though then they can turn around and be all “no you did it”.

    I keep pronouncing your birth stone as period -ot lol.

    1. It was actually just the needle that caused the problem. But yeah, the guarantee it for a year, I think they said, so if it had been something they’d done, I could have taken it back. I’m glad it was an easier fix than that, anyway, since it’s hard for me to get over to the shop (with no car).

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