Work-not-in-Progress Wednesday (plus Birthday! plus Giveaway!)

Work NOT in progress? Yeah. Well. You may have forgotten, but back in March I got my hands on a Juki straight stitch sewing machine. Which wouldn’t work for me. It took me half an age, but I finally took it in to a sewing machine repair shop in mid-July to have it looked at. I’m not honestly sure what they did with it – the feed dog lowering mechanism was broken so they repaired that and they got it stitching again, but it didn’t seem as if they needed any parts to get it working again. They did charge me for (and sent me home with) a packet of specialty needles, which I’d read in the manual that it needed, but which I didn’t know if I was using (because I just used a needle from one of the packets that the former machine owner had stashed in the ziploc baggy full of spare machine parts). So maybe it was as simple as swapping the needle!

In any case, I brought the machine home and I sewed an entire quilt top on it and it was great and running smoothly and happily and I was impressed and pleased and all things wonderful and good. Until I switched to a new project, which was going to be a quilt from John Q Adams/Quilt Dad‘s Beyond Neutral quilt book (not an affiliate link). It’s using all that green fabric I showed off on Sunday and 5 yards of a blue I’d bought for something, which it turned out not to work with, and I was really excited to get working on it. Until something weird started happening:


I started getting runs in my fabric. It’s just like when you catch a toenail on a pair of stockings and suddenly there’s a run up the side of your leg, except it’s my fabric that’s being ruined! My exciting new project!


Looking at it from the reverse, it looks like the needle is catching a single strand of thread on the fabric, pulling it through to the back (the biggest loop here is the pale blue you’re seeing the wrong side of in the top photo), thus pulling a run into the fabric. In fact, all those little loops of whitish looking thread are blue from the front. It’s not just ruining one of the fabrics, though, it’s ruining both layers — all the fuzzy looking blue blobs are bits from the bottom layer of fabric (bottom when it’s run through the machine, top when you’re looking at it above), which are pulling runs into the bottom as well.


I think this is the worst one I had — it pulled the thread through so far that it pleated/puckered the fabric!

My only real thought as to the cause is that there must be some kind of flaw in the needle, maybe some kind of rough spot that is catching the fabric on the way by and causing the runs in the fabrics. It’s the same needle I used to sew the aforementioned quilt top (which you can see in my Instagram stream or can wait to see when I finally get it quilted) and it didn’t cause any problems then, but it seems (to me) the most likely cause. Feel free to prove me wrong, though! I tried to do a google search on the subject, but I didn’t really find any suggestions or answers!

In any case, since I have no work in progress to show you, I might just as well jump on to the next part of today’s post: it’s my birthday!


And birthday’s mean giveaways around here! Last Sunday I talked about buying a nice big stack of (kinda sorta) peridot coloured fabrics from Mad About Patchwork and some of that bounty of greens could be yours… or possibly better yet (I dunno… maybe you hate green?), you could pick out your own fabrics to celebrate my birthday!


(The very lovely) Pam at Mad About Patchwork is sharing a $50 gift certificate with one of you to help me celebrate! Just think what you could do with $50 at a fabric shop….


You could pick up a kit for Lorna McMahon‘s adorable Fox & Friends quilt pattern.


Or you could pick up a Chasing Fireflies curated bundle of Fat Quarters.


Or you could curate your own bundle, as I did with my collection of greens (though, admittedly, I did also pick up a green stash bundle to round out my choices.


Or you could save it for a little while (yeah, right!) and pick up something from the coming soon section, like this Kate Spain Horizon jelly roll. In any case… I don’t think anyone would have too many problems finding a way to drop $50 at a shop like this one!


I haven’t been flashing this green around for nothing, though, because if you don’t happen to win the gift certificate, you might just win a Fat Eighth bundle of all 18 fabrics that I picked up from my last virtual shopping trip at Mad About Patchwork. (They’re all approximate cuts, by the by. I took the super scientific approach of not pressing the fabric and then just cutting them up the fold line in the middle, so they’re… approximate.) I don’t know what you’ll do with them, but my brain flashed through a dozen options before settling down on the pattern I mentioned above. Green is awesome – you can do something fresh and spring-like with leaves or trees or you could add reds and go holiday or add a bunch of blues for a more soothing watery palette or add purple for something floral and vibrant…

So if you want to enter: please leave a comment below. Maybe tell me about your birthstone and if you like it (or don’t) or (if you read my Sunday Stash post) about your favourite gemstone for jewellery or about your favourite famous piece of jewellery. (Yeah, okay. So I’m not a very girly-girl, but among my favourite blogs are From Her Majesty’s Jewel Vault and The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor, which I mostly only like when they’re talking about jewels. I’m not a jewellery person, but I do like to look at all the amazing sparklies locked up in the royal jewel vaults of various European houses.) Or maybe you could tell me about the kind of day you’re having – I’m writing this post a day ahead, but I can almost certainly guarantee I’m at work and grumpy about it while most of you are reading this. I was supposed to be on vacation this week, but my back-up broke her foot and is off work, so I had to cancel and… well, I’m a little bitter about it! Maybe you could tell me about your up-coming weekend. I think I’m going to go check out the Royal Tyrell Museum of Palaentology, which I haven’t been to in years (and years and years…). In any case, the point of all this: leave a comment. I WILL NOT count your comment if you only say “thanks for the chance” or anything along those lines – I’d like to hear something a bit more interesting than that! You don’t have to wow me with your witty repartee, I’d just like something more interesting to read!

I will draw the winners on Tuesday, September 2, so enter sometime before then! (Or anyway, sometime before I come home from work that day. I usually get home around 3:30 pm MST.) The first name drawn will win the gift certificate (unless you’d prefer to win the fabric bundle, in which case: say so in your comment!) and the second name will win the fabric.

A very, very special thank you to Pam for providing the gift certificate (and for always providing me with the sweet, sweet hits of fabric that I sometimes need to get me through a crappy week like this one, when I’m meant to be on holiday but am not).


And finally, finally… linking up with Lorna’s Let’s Bee Social, The Needle and Thread Network, and finally Work in Progress Wednesday with Lee at Freshly Pieced.

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179 thoughts on “Work-not-in-Progress Wednesday (plus Birthday! plus Giveaway!)”

  1. I’d be completely distraught if I were in your shoes with your current WIP – it really is the worst kind of sewing problem, that no amount of unpicking & re-sewing will fix. I feel for you, I really do, fabric is amazing & wonderful (yes, all of it!) & for it to be ruined is so upsetting. But on to happier things, happy birthday! I’m a July birthday girl but have never been a fan of rubies & like you, grew up feeling a bit cheated – my Mum & sister both had lovely birthstones. I’m over that feeling now but still don’t really like rubies, but semi-precious stones like peridot & aquamarine are more my thing. Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

    1. That’s exactly the most frustrating thing about it, that nothing I can do fix it! I can use those bits of fabric for practise stitches while I try to get the machine running properly, but after that, they’re kind of just garbage. Some of the smaller runs I mightn’t worry about so much, but I do worry that the larger ones will just get worse as time goes by.

      Thanks for the birthday wishes 😀

      I like the red colour of a really nice ruby – I’m all about red – but I think I prefer aquamarine and peridot these days too. I’d have probably been all over ruby when I was a kid though. (Amethyst was the gold standard for me though. Apparently I was more into purple as a girl than I really remember.)

  2. I agree with you that your stitching problems are probably due to a dull needle. I hope you get it figured out. Those Juki straight-stitch machines are so nice.
    Thanks for the giveaway. Love the greens you have chosen!

    1. There was a burr on the end of the needle – as soon as I swapped it out, everything went right back to working perfectly! I’m glad it was an easy fix because it’s a great workhorse of a machine!

  3. When I saw you fabric pull for peridot, it made me think of my son, who also has
    that birthstone. A very underrated stone and color. It is an interesting stone to me though, as some peridot stones are mined in Arizona on the San Carlos Indian Reservation where I lived for a bit as a child. Today I am going through my stash to see if I can find enough “olive/peridot” fabric to make a mustache quilt for my son, thanks for the inspiration!!!

    1. Haha… that’s awesome. I hope you do have enough! That’s one of the most over-represented colours in my fabric stash, so I could probably outfit a dozen moustache quilts 😀

  4. My birthstone is aquamarine which I always thought was nice but didn’t get too excited about it. Then when picking out a stone for engagement ring I kept going for the light blues and ended up picking a blue zircon, which is just a tiny bit greener blue than aquamarine, so I guess I have the right birthstone!

    1. I so love aquamarine. When I was much younger I had my parents buy me an aquamarine ring (rather than a peridot one) because I liked it so much. Blue zircon is really nice too, though, great colour!

  5. Oh I hate having machine problems! I think your needle is probably dull. Depending on the size of your bobbin I have read you should change your needle approximately every 10 bobbins (for smaller bobbins) I use a featherweight most of the time. If the Juki has a large bobbin I would probably change my needle ever 3 bobbins. My birthstone is the Amethyst. Not a huge fan of the purple, but I thought it was better than the aquamarine which was my sisters. That was back in the day when they were usually almost blue white. Lovely bundle of greens and I was just thinking the other day I needed some limey/peridot color green.

    1. I’ve heard the adage about changing it every three bobbins. I usually do, but that one had only run through about half a bobbin on a fresh needle! Anyway, I pulled it out and there was a burr on the end, too small to see, but big enough to cause a lot of damage! At least it was an easy fix.

      I really love aquamarine, but yeah, it helps if you can get one that isn’t too pale! Same with amethyst, though, I love it when it’s a really rich, deep purple. So pretty!

  6. Happy birthday. I’m from december and I don’t like my birthday stone, wich is blue. I’m a red girl. Too bad for your machine. And have a great visit to Tyrell, I have a paleontologist friend (a doctor friend could be of more help) who’s working at Tyrell. I’m waiting for my kids to be older to go to Alberta. I love your greens, it looks like the quilt i’m currently working on.

    1. I kind of like the Tanzanite (if that’s the one you’re talking about! I looked it up and they listed three different stones for December – Tanzanite, Zircon, and Turquoise), but it’s an interesting shade of purpleish blue,.. or anyway, the one pictured on that website is 😀 Turquoise I have more of a problem with just because if I were wanting to wear jewellery, I’d probably want something kind of fancy, and I find turquoise to be a more casual choice, as far as stones go. If that makes sense!

      I haven’t been to the museum in probably more than 10 years, so I’m sure there will be lots of new-to-me things to see. Of course, I always wish I could get behind the scenes and see the things they’re working on a little more close-up. There’ve been some interesting fossil finds in Alberta recently, so that’s always the stuff I’m wanting to see more about.

  7. Happy Birthday! My birthstone is Opal and I love it. It is sew frustrating when you have problems while making a quilt. I have a machine on my Hintenberg quilt frame that is giving me fits with thread looping on the back of my quilt. I can go along just fine and then it starts to do the looping thing and then reverts back to good stitches. Not sure what is going on. 😦 Hope you get your problem figured out. Thanks for the great giveaway.

    1. Thank you!

      Opal is such an interesting stone – the colour play in it is just so interesting.

      Ugh, that’s frustrating about the looping threads – how can you do anything about it if it won’t do it all the time? At least you can start making adjustments if you’ve got a permanent issue!

  8. Happy Birthday!! My birthstone is Amethyst which I used to like because purple was my favourite colour and now I’m kind of meh on it because it’s so light and greyish and I like deep/dark/bright colours these days. Plus I always wanted an expensive gem as my birthstone because it feels more special, like I’m worth more lol. Though I doubt I would have been given birth stone jewellery if I were a diamond month (er… is that May? Too lazy to google). Thanks for the chance! 😉

    1. Haha.. diamond feels too boring. I mean, you can’t beat it for sparkle and it’s a workhorse of a gem in big jewellery pieces, but I pretty much always prefer the coloured gems.

      Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  9. First off, Happy Birthday!! Secondly, I am so bummed for you on the fabric pulling :-(. That is so disappointing. My birthstones, as we have two in June – Pearl and Alexandrite. So, I am not thrilled with either….but at least Alexandrite sounds cool. It is a pink to pale purple colored gem….not like a cool blue or green 🙂 Also not in too many tiara’s.

    1. Well, ten minutes ago I’d never heard of Alexandrite, and now I know it’s a colour-changing stone named after Tsar Alexander II. Very interesting. But yeah… I think I prefer other gems over it, for sure.

      Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  10. Happy Birthday! MY birthday is in March so my birthstone is aquamarine. I love it and have a few pieces of jewelry with it. I’m a bigger fan o diamonds though 😉 What girl isn’t?

    1. Oh man… why did I have to click through to your blog? Now I’m just going to want to eat EVERYTHING 😀 Your pictures are gorgeous. (Also, I really, really need to get my passport, because I so want to go to Norway now!)

      I love aquamarine! When I was 16 my parents bought me a birthstone ring for my birthday but I talked them into getting me an aquamarine instead of a peridot. Diamonds are the sparkliest of them all, though!

  11. Dear Kristel, I an sorry to hear you are having a not so good week but I hope it turns around. I would suggest you have a burr on the needle and to throw it out. My birthstone is diamond, which is kind of crappy because usually I don’t get a diamond but a white sapphire which if you look it up is actually just quartz. Boring.

    1. It was a burr on the needle… I’m glad it was something as simple as that, but it’s too bad I didn’t notice it happening soon enough to save some of that fabric!

      I once had a ring with a couple diamond chips in it. They were so small I’m not sure they could muster a single sparkle between them 😀

  12. Happy Birthday and I like the way you share the birthday celebration! I am an October baby and my birthstone is opal. I LOVE the colors in this stone but it is indeed fragile. One of the first pieces of jewelry my husband gave me was a lovely, unique opal ring. Despite care, the stone did crack and now the piece sits in a drawer.

    Bummer about your needle problems (although excellent pictures of the situation!). I am no expert, but it may be a dull needle. I know….why would it sequentially go from being fine to this? Sewing mystery. Good luck! And I was going to say something about thanks for the giveaway but I dare not.

    1. I didn’t know opal was such a fragile stone, that’s too bad!

      I figured out the needle thing — there was a burr on the tip of the needle. So much fuss for such a little thing!

  13. My birthstone is Topaz (I think) which is a kind of goldy colour and I think it’s boring. Have you tried changing the needle? A lot of folk say you should change it after every project anyway. It could well have got damaged somehow. What a pain though, was there a lot of swearing? there would have been if it had been me. I’m grumpy at work today too. Lots of under the breath swearing. Some colleagues clearly think my middle name is Merlin. Or Gandalf. Yes, I prefer Wendy Gandalf.

    1. I think topaz is a very sophisticated looking stone – at least in a very nice brown shade. The yellows can be pretty hit and miss.

      I think it must have gotten damaged because there was a burr on the end of the needle. As soon as I swapped it out, everything came together perfectly.

  14. Happy Birthday!
    I do think you’re right about the needle causing the snags in your fabric. It could be that the looser weave of this fabric compared to your last project catches on a burr that the previous fabric slid past. I’ve heard it recommended to change needles after every 8 actual hours of stitching, although I’m guilty of not changing needles frequently enough.
    Your collated green collection is lovely – can’t wait to see what you do with it! Thanks for the chance to be in the drawing.

  15. Happy Birthday

    my birthstone is blue topaz and for the most part I like it — it seems that this color is vastly more popular among other ladies that I quilt with. I much prefer the Sapphire of September

  16. I’m an April baby which makes life easy in terms of birthstones…diamond all the way. I don’t know that it’s my favourite birthstone possible, but it is hard to go wrong with.

    As far as how my day is going I would say pretty darned well. It’s day three of maternity leave for me and I am busy enjoying what I figure will be my last stretch of time truly to myself for years.

  17. I’m on the “come-back-to-reality-after-vacation-week.” We’ve been home a week and a half, but with getting kids ready to go back to school and few let’s play at home days the reality took long to set in. I live in in a desert and our vacation was a trip “home” to see my folks and my brothers in SE Alaska. I miss the green! So thanks for the green relief. It’s nice to be able to see it somewhere. I’m a May baby and so my birthstone is Emerald (more green!) which I like, but I’m not much of gem person so I don’t own any.

  18. Happy birthday! My birthstone is an emerald, which I just love. My fabric collections have always included more greens than any other color, so I guess I have the right birthstone. Love your green fabric pull and would love to win it.

  19. Happy Birthday! My birthday in on Labor Day weekend here in the USA, Sept. 4 and my birthstone is a sapphire. I’ve always loved my birthstone and when I was a little girl my parents bought me a pretty little gold ring with sort of a swirl on top with a small sapphire (manufactured I’m sure) that I wore all the time and cherished. Eventually it was outgrown and I have it saved as I found it in my Daddy’s things. My hubby bought me a lovely sapphire ring with a marquis stone but it pokes a hole in my finger! I wear it on special occasions.
    Anyway, Happy Birthday! Do you like your birthstone? Hee, hee.

  20. My granddaughter’s birthstone is peridot, mine is sapphire and I have sapphires in my wedding band, but my favorite piece of jewelry is a locket. When I was 16, in 1966, my mother gave me the locket that her mother had given her when she was 16 in 19 34. The locket had pictures of my mom and dad in it from when they were going steady. I cherish this locket but have yet to give it to my daughter. One day I will but I am not ready to part with it yet.

  21. Happy birthday!! My birthstone is topaz (Nov) and I never used to like it, but lately I’m starting to! I guess my tastes have changed- I used to ONLY wear silver jewelry, so I thought that topaz looked terrible with it… but I wear a lot of gold and rose gold and even wood now, which it looks great with! My husband actually got me this raw topaz necklace when I had our son (two days after my birthday!) and it’s soo pretty. Much different than the cut and polished ones you see in the jewelry stores

    Now that I’ve practically written you a novel, thanks for the giveaway! Lol sorry!

  22. Happy Birthday! Lovely giveaway, thank you for the chance. My birthstone is amethyst and I love it. On the machine, try a new needle. Make sure you needle is in right. Test on the same and different fabrics. Try different threads. Rethread your machine. Check the presser foot tension and try changing it. Check the bobbin case for defects and also try winding a new bobbin. Any or all of these might be at play.

  23. My favourite colour is green! Sadly, I’ve made two gorgeous green quilts which both ended up as gifts… I need to make one for me. My engagement ring has a peridot for a stone, because after my 1st marriage I realized it wasn’t about the ring, the wedding, or the dress, it’s about finding a good life-partner! Duh… Who knew that at 22? So this ring has a green stone – because it’s my fave, and second, it’s my way of marking how I’m smarter now (at 50) and have a good man. Whom I actually call my husband, even though we haven’t made it legal yet. At 50, who cares, right? And if we ever do, it’s all about the party!

  24. Happy Birthday, Kristel! Sorry plans fell through for you to be away this week instead of working. Hopefully, you’ll have an easy day at work or at least be able to enjoy the day (it’s starting out sunny, fingers crossed it will stay nice all day) after work.
    Much as I hated peridot as a kid, I don’t mind it so much now… probably has a lot to do with the fact that I’m not big into jewelry anyways. Fabric is a different story! I’m big into that. ;o) After your post on Sunday, I had another look at my stash and realized that for someone that doesn’t claim to love green, I do seem to gather it. Epecially, the brighter greens. ;o) Peridot rocks in fabric form! lol

  25. Happy birthday to you! My birthday is in May which means a beautiful GREEN emerald for me! I like it lots. My two kids have diamond and ruby which are both great, but I can’t do anything with the three stones/colours (should I ever have enough money to buy fancy jewellery) without it looking like the Italian flag. I guess it’s a good thing then that fancy jewellery isn’t in our budget. 8)

    Now I do hope I win this because school is supposed to start on Sept. 2nd but the teachers in BC have been on strike since mid-June. They are unlikely to be in the classroom next Tuesday so I will need some cheering up! 50$ free dollars at a fabric store (and such a nice one!) would be a real treat.

    And happy birthday again. Bummer about your vacation and the pulled threads. Grrrr.

  26. My birthstone is golden topaz. It’s hideous. I’ve always hated it and would never want jewelry with it.
    My day started out pretty well, both kids slept all the way through the night for a change.
    And I love Mad About Patchwork. I intend to dive into a big pile of Kona once I get some other bills paid off.

  27. Happy Birthday! Love Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires a girl can dream. Birthstone is a pearl its OK. Also could have Alexandrite and moonstone, never used them.

  28. It’s your birthday and you’ve been pulled into work?! Ouch! I’m sorry! I hope you can reschedule your vacation. My weekend got cut short his week because we had an earthquake and my job includes emergency response. Luckily it was not as bad as it could have been, and only a few people were injured. We are almost back to normal around here, with only a few problems that will take longer to fix.

    I’d love to win a gift certificate for Mad About Patchwork!
    Yes, I do love my Birth Stone-Garnet! It is a beautiful dark clear red,which is also one of my favorite fabric colors to quilt with. Thank You !

  30. Happy B-Day!. Sorry to hear about your machine. Hoe disappointing. My birthstone is Emerald. I love green and of course all colors. Enjoy your day.

  31. Happy Birthday!
    I’ve had the same thing happen to my fabric. It even happens to me when I’m longstanding – basting my edges. Its so frustrating! And I always purchase quilting store quality of fabrics. Changing the needle usually works for me. Maybe since your machine takes specialty needles, the needles aren’t as hardy as the standard ones and they need to be changed more frequently. I’ve heard many times to change the needle everytime you start a new project. Good luck with your stitches.
    My birthday is in June and I do not like my birthstone. It changes colour. During day, its looks like a pukky green and at night its a really pretty pink. I wouldn’t mind if it was the other way around. Oh well. Just buy diamonds or pearls 🙂
    Its been years since I’ve been to Drumheller. We’ve talked about taking the kids there and camping for the last two years but hasnt panned out yet. Maybe next summer. They are getting to a good age to take them. 7 & 5. Hope you have fun!
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  32. My birthday was two weeks ago and it was wonderful. Nothing big, just spending the day with my boyfriend then a few great people over for beers and Cards Against Humanity. As for today, I’m spending your birthday going back to teaching because the fall semester starts today (I teach astronomy and science teacher prep classes). Happy Birthday!

  33. Count me in as a peridot. My word, August is a good month! 😉 It’s my birthday this weekend, and I’ve got plans with a tent and some smores tonight to start it off! I’m sorry that you’re having to work on your birthday. I hope you have an awesome weekend to make up for it! Happy Birthday! (And also, thanks for the chance to win!)

  34. I would be outraged (or maybe enraged- likely both!) if that happened to a new project! My Mom has always warned me to change needles frequently (with each new project). I’m lazy and forgetful and didn’t bother for a long time and did some damage to my machine (oops- maybe I’ll learn to listen to her now?). Hopefully it’s a simple fix 🙂 My birthstone is topaz- ugh. I warned my husband early on to never waste money on a piece of jewelry with it. I love vintage and antique pieces, and am not overly excited about any particular stone, but rubies, opals, and sapphires are some I love to drool over! Thanks for the chance- both are such lovely prizes! Happy birthday!

  35. Happy Birthday! I hope that even though you have to work you still get an amazing day.
    I’m a January baby so my birthstone is a Garnet. I am not a huge fan of red, I don’t mind it but I don’t love it. I did a bunch of research a few years ago and found out that a red garnet is most common but they can be found in green, orange, orangish brown, reddish purple, and a deep blue. I really glad my daughters were May and June babies, I love Emeralds and Pearls!
    You may be interested in it is all about the fancy jewels including the history of the piece. The blogger previously spent a year doing ‘A Tiara A Day’ which was 365 days of just tiaras! The content is now private but is being incorporated onto The Court Jeweller blog.

  36. Ohmygosh! Those snags make me want to cry for you! I hope some really great stuff happens for your birthday to help compensate a teensy bit for the wounded fabric and cancelled vaca.
    You share a birthday with my little sister. 🙂 My own is in January, so my birthstone is garnet, but I much prefer things like emerald, peridot, jade, tourmaline, sapphire, lapis lazuli, turquoise, and blue opals when it comes to jewelry. I tend to lose anything expensive, though, so most of my own jewelry is just made from pretty beads. 😀

  37. Happy Birthday! My birthstone is Aquamarine and I love it because my favorite color is blue. I have been to the Royal Tyrell Museum and it is awesome! You will enjoy it.

  38. How dare she cancel your holiday like that! Well, in order to be helpful, I tried googling. “Ways to get back at co-workers who break their foot, forcing you to cancel your holiday plans”, but came up with nadda. So, I suggest retail therapy, stash adjustment, whatever it takes to adjust your equilibrium again.
    Try not to give in to petty revenge, and eat her chocolate stash in her top drawer or something. Unless of course she will be off work for a while, and the chocolate is about to expire, in which case you are doing her a favour.
    My birthstone is amethyst, but I don’t like purple! So, I ignore the concept. I prefer emeralds, so pretty!

    Hope things look up, only 2 days til the weekend……..

    1. Haha.. yeah, I’ve done a little of the retail therapy thing 😀 I’m not sure it helps, but it’s nice when the mail comes and I get to ooh and ahh over it. I just keep thinking, though, how I was going to spend half this week sewing and the other half travelling, but instead have been spending it working! We were both hoping she’d be back by now – she broke it in June, but it’s an on-your-feet job, and there’s still a gap in the bone that shouldn’t be there, so her doctor still doesn’t want her standing on it. Sigh. One of these days I’ll make my escape 😀

      Emeralds are pretty, but I think amethysts are too! I think I’m just all about all the sparkly stones, though. The pink ones are about the only ones that put me off.

  39. Oh no! My needle pulled a fast one on me last week when the very tip of it bent funny and was pulling at the fabric. I couldn’t figure out WHY the darn thing was hitching up and getting knotted till I looked closely and saw this tiny bend in the needle. It was just enough to catch the fabric. Annoying! I’m a yellow topaz girl and honestly I like that it’s different. Like a citrine.

    1. That’s exactly what happened with my needle! Just the tiniest little hook that I couldn’t see, but felt when I pulled the needle out. I’m so glad it was such an easy fix, anyway!

      I like yellow topaz… I think it’s a sophisticated looking stone.

  40. Happy Birthday!!!! My birthstone is garnet and I commented on your last post how I noticed that red is a prominent colour in my ‘stash’… Interesting….

    1. I’m so behind on my comments,… as soon as I get caught up on all these, I’m going to go back and get caught up on the ones from that previous entry! I love reds, so garnet and ruby are appealling to me for sure – I have way fewer reds in my stash than I feel like I should, though! The collection is definitely dominated by blues and greens.

  41. Garnet is my birthstone. When I was in elementary school my parents gave me a birthstone ring. I wore it to school and took it off during PE class. I don’t know what happened to it after that. I was heartbroken. I told this story to my future husband and he used garnet for our engagement ring — the biggest one I’ve ever seen. Okay, that story should get me at least two entries.

  42. Happy Birthday! My birthday is in April, the diamond is my stone. I would much rather have a stone of color. This holiday weekend, we are going up north to the cabin. I hope to get some boating and relaxing in.

    1. Diamond comes in all sorts of colours – the Hope diamond is blue! You could claim that for yourself instead of clear diamonds 😀 You can’t go wrong with diamond for sheer sparkle value, but I like to mix it up a little myself.

      Enjoy your weekend!

  43. That does look like a possible burr on the needle , what a shame . My birthday is in December and my birthstone is turquoise which is ok but not my all time favorite . Tomorrow is my hubby’s birthday . Happy birthday to you . Hope it was a good one and thanks for being so generous with your giveaway .

    1. It was a burr on the needle… I pulled it off a little while ago. SO frustrating! But at least it was an easy fix! It’s amazing the damage done by such a tiny little thing.

      I think turquoise is too casual a stone for really fancy-pants jewellery, which is what I like to imagine myself owning. Anyway, some sites say that December is Tanzanite or Blue Zircon, which is sparkly and a nice deep blue. You should claim that one instead!

      Birthday wishes to your husband!

  44. Happy Birthday from a fellow August birthday girl. When I was young I didn’t much care for our birthstone. My husband has given be the nicest set of peridot earrings that I just love. I hope you get your sewing problems figured out soon.

    1. Thanks Vicki! Belated (I assume?) birthday wishes to you too!

      I like peridot a lot more now too than I used to when I was young. Actually, I was telling someone else in the comments that when I was 16 I got my parents to buy me an aquamarine ring rather than the peridot one they wanted me to get because I just didn’t love it. But now I’ve spent a stupid amount of time looking at peridot jewellery on Etsy, wishing I could justify spending that kind of money on jewellery (when I don’t even wear it pretty much ever to begin with…).

  45. Happy birthday (again lol) I am trying to think of something interesting to say LOL! When I was younger I made up an expression that I still use to this day lol Holyshishkabobbobaranarooneytooneygollygeewhoppers!

  46. Well, first of all, happy birthday! My birthday is my favourite day of the year so I always want people to have awesome ones. I hope you aren’t grumpy! It is a bummer about your machine. They are such temperamental beasts. I am borrowing my mum’sat the moment and all of a sudden it will only quilt with the tension set to zero. For piecing it is fine at 4…who knows, but I hope you get your issue sorted. And lastly my birthstone is aquamarine which I love. I am a jewellery girl and I love diamonds!

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes 😀 It hasn’t been a bad day, though not a great one either!

      That’s crazy about the tension issue with that machine… my mom’s machine always hated me: guaranteed bird’s nests of thread if I ever so much as looked at it (but she could do anything on it!). Mostly about tension though, I think it doesn’t matter, so long as the stitching is coming out the way it’s supposed to. Yeah, most people sit in a particular middle point of the tension range, but you have a range instead of just one setting for a reason!

      I love aquamarine too. When I was 16 I got my parents to buy me an aquamarine ring (rather than peridot as they wanted to get…). I’ve lost it in the intervening years, though. (It was probably a flake of a chip of an aquamarine, anyway :D)

  47. 1) happy birthday!
    2) I think I told you about my lack of love affair with my aquamarine birthstone Sunday
    3) My evening is going well – my husband has class tonight so I get the house ( and tv!) to myself!
    4) the only famous gem or jewelry I know about is the Hope diamond. I remember thinking that a diamond famous enough to be in a museum had to be at least softball size. Imagine my disappointment when I finally got to see it…and it was “only” the size of an apricot!

    1. Haha… I SO need to catch up on my email/comments! I LOVE aquamarine, but there are a lot of pale kind of nothing stones out there, eh? Lots of rubbishy looking peridots, though, too. Too yellow or too brown.

      It’s interesting about the Hope Diamond that it’s probably less than half it’s original size, but I guess you don’t get the sparkle without cutting away some of the extraneous bits! Still, I think the Cullinen diamond was bigger than the hope diamond, though maybe not baseball sized 😀 It’s been cut down into a bunch of stones though too because a big uncut diamond is kind of just a stone, only really the idea of a gem.

  48. Happy Birthday to you! I have a birthday next week and I, too, did not care for my birthstone (sapphire) growing up even though blue is my favorite color! I wanted aquamarine or opal to be my stone. As I get older I realize I like all of life’s little gems!

    1. I think I’ve loosened up on the various gems myself… I always thought Topaz was pretty lame, but now I think it’s kind of elegant and classic in a way that a lot of other stones aren’t. Sapphire is a really lovely stone, though, if you get a nice dark blue. Well, I guess that’s true of most of them, so much relies on having a really good quality stone!

  49. Happy Birthday!
    I have a Juki TL-10Q too, and I absolutely love her; she’s just a little work horse! That said, I agree with the others who’ve suggested a different needle. That fabric looks loosely woven, and maybe your previous project was a tighter weave, and wasn’t affected. Or, if you’re using a “generic” aluminum bobbin, they can cause all sorts of problems. I got some and my little sweetheart just hated them! So maybe try an “original”. Good luck!

    1. It’s not a loosely woven fabric – I think that’s just the macro shot making it look that way 😀 It’s a Cotton Couture solid on the back (the fronts were…. something different, Michael Miller for the yellow, I forget who makes Sketch fabric, though, which is what the pale blue was) and I’d half wondered if it was the fabric that was the problem, but in the way that trying to sew, say, a nylon might be a problem, where anything sharp nearby would be a shock to its system. Anyway, once I get some comment answers written, I’ll go try a new needle and see if that improves things.

      I got the machine second hand (it’s the older model… 98E or something like that?) and it only came with three bobbins, but I’m not at all certain if they’re original or not! I definitely need to order some more, because three doesn’t nearly cover as many thread colours as I’m bound to wind up wanting on a bobbin. I need to find a source for the needles and bobbins though,.. the place nearest to me doesn’t sell either!

      1. LOL – I hear you; never enough bobbins! I get my bobbins from Rubenstein Bros in Winnipeg. I also got my machine through them; they’re great! If you google them – there’s a phone # & email on their site. Hope this helps.

        1. Thanks for the suggestion! I live in Calgary so there’s bound to be something somewhere here, but I take transit, so it makes getting to the proper quilt shops difficult. (I’m very close to a Fabricland, but they only have the most basic, standard stuff. Any proper shops are about 1hr by transit, one way, so I don’t get to any of them very frequently. I’m having guests with a car this weekend, so maybe I can talk them into ferrying me around a bit 😀

  50. Happy Birthday!!!
    I didn’t know what my birthstone is so I tried to figure it out and now I am more confused than before 😉 there are birthstone defined by different cultures, for the different months, zodiac signs and week days! and obviously for me they are all different!! but if I can choose between the different options, I would get turquoise, so let’s say it’s turquoise 🙂
    Happy Birthday again and good luck with your sewing machine! I hope that changing the needle will fix your problems!

    1. Haha.. yeah, when I was typing up a post about these fabrics on Sunday, I looked up the various (American/Canadian) birth stones and discovered that apparently August has two options – peridot and Sardonyx, whose name I love, but which I’d never heard about. So apparently even we have more options than I ever knew about. I don’t really follow the zodiac thing, but I can see where lining up stones with that would make sense, since the majority of August is Leo, but I’m a Virgo, and if those things do mean anything, then why shouldn’t I be grouped in – stone-wise – with the rest of the Virgos (who are mostly born in September) instead?

      Anyway, turquoise is a fun option. I don’t love it so much now, but I used to really love it when I was younger. I think it’s a good casual jewellery choice, if that makes sense?

  51. My birthstone is ruby . For Christmas one year my daughter managed to get her father and brother to pitch in and get me a family ring with 4 rubies and a diamond in a gold band. Too bad my arthritic knuckles won’t let me wear it anymore. I am just about to complete my Dear Jane quilt in 15 more seams, unless I have to redo some.
    Happy birthday. Imagine the relief your co worker must feel having you step in and cover for her.
    The greens would be fun since I am starting to move out of civil war repros.

    1. That sounds really lovely! My mom has a ring like that too with everyone’s stones, though it’s a bit more of a pick-and-mix with 2 amethysts, a peridot, an aquamarine, and a ruby 😀 It’s a shame you can’t wear it any longer.

      That’s amazing you’re nearly done a Dear Jane! I very nearly bought the book once a long while ago and then I wised up and realized how few things I finish as it is, without adding such an enormous and complex quilt! Did you do all the triangle border too?

  52. Happy Birthday! My birthstone is the ruby, and I like it, but don’t have it; too expensive. 🙂 We took the kids to the Smithsonian museums over Easter break this year, and saw the jewel room; they had all sorts of colored diamonds in there, which I hadn’t known existed! There were even red diamonds, and a guide told us that the person who originally had them sold them as garnets, when they are actually only 3 (if I remember right) in the world! They were really pretty and I guess they are my favorite jewels that I’ve seen.

    1. Haha… yeah, I don’t have any gem stones either! I’m never going to be as fabulous as Elizabeth Taylor in emeralds anyway, so it’s all good… I’m happy to look at all the pretty things other people own.

      That sounds kind of interesting – the jewel room, I mean. We don’t really have any of that sort of museum in Calgary, though I suppose I should (finally – I’ve lived here 7 years!) check out the museums we do have. There’s probably more interesting stuff than I imagine. Did you get to see the Hope Diamond while you were there? (Is that the museum it’s at?)

  53. Oh dear… must be a dull needle and/or tension? Sorry for that issue! But happy birthday and thank you for celebrating w/ us and having a giveaway! I am a happy Oct birthday girl and love my birthday stone which is Opal! I don’t know if I have a famous jewelry that I like but my husbands hobby is polishing stones and I love an amethyst ring he made for me!

    1. It was a burr on the end of the needle… I pulled it off a little while ago to check it out and I could feel it when I ran the needle between my fingers! So frustrating!

      I loved rocks when I was a kid and I so wanted a rock polishing machine (Sears sold them and I asked for one every year at Christmas, but no dice!). That’s awesome you’ve got something made by your husband, how special is that?

  54. My first thought was that it was your needle, too. I hope swapping it out helps, what a bummer! I’m yellow topaz, which I’m okay with. I’m not a big fan of jewels, so I guess I don’t really think of it that often. Although, my mom did have a mother’s ring when I was younger, that had both my sisters jewels, who had the same month on the outside, then both my brothers who had the same month, and then my single yellow in the middle. I remember thinking how special that was.

    1. It was definitely the needle… I went and pulled it out an hour or so ago and could feel a little hook on point of the needle. Sigh. So much ruined fabric for such a tiny little thing!

      My mom has one of those rings as well, though I’m sure it’s been made with chips of flakes of real jewels 😉 Still, they’re a lovely idea, having a representation of your entire family close to you always.

  55. My birthstone is Opal…which is not really my thing. They are pretty classic looking, but for some reason I’ve just never been in love with them. I’m not hooked really on any specific “stone” per say, but I do like aquamarines and sapphires. I am in love with 1920’s Deco jewelry and drool over it all of the time. I have a few necklaces that I would love, but have not bought (I keep leaving pictures of them up on the computer screen hoping my husband will buy me one…so far no luck. I’m just going to have to buy one myself :).

    1. I sometimes like opal, but it’s a bit of a strange stone, isn’t it? I think I’d rather pearl (even though I sort of associate it with old ladies – the fault of QEII, to be sure), if I were going for something opaque and whiteish. I drool over a lot of Art Deco jewellery too! I spent a long while looking at various pieces on Etsy a week or so ago, but I definitely can’t justify the expense of buying something like that (especially since I don’t wear jewellery anyway).

  56. My birthstone is Peridot. The stone is just okay but I do love that color in fabric!

  57. Those greens are gorgous, you always put together the best groupings of fabrics. My birthstone is opal. I hated it when I was growing up because I thought it was boring, and also read about it being bad luck. Who wants their birthstone to bring them bad luck, right? My mom brought me an opal necklace when she visited Australia my senior year in HS, and I wore it to school every day until someone literally ripped it straight off my neck while walking down the hall during passing period. It hurt like hell. Maybe there’s something to that bad luck story after all…

    1. Okay… I’d never heard that bad luck thing before with opal, but that’s a pretty insane thing to have happen! Who would ever just rip a necklace off someone’s neck? Ouch. (At least, I mean… I could get it if you were having a fight with someone, but just randomly? Crazycakes.)

      1. It was a big crowded school and we had more than a few gang problems. I should have known better than to wear jewelry to school. Never did before that necklace, and never did again after. ANd ouch, indeed!

  58. The Tyrrell is so awesome. I was there on the August long weekend. And, then I went camping, which I’m going to do again this weekend, even thought I really need to start working on one of my quilting projects.

    Sucks about the runs in your fabric. I hope you figure out what was causing it.

    And, Happy Birthday!! 🙂

    1. I haven’t been to the museum in years (probably 10 or more) so I’m really looking forward to going. I think it’ll be interesting (but I’m a museum kind of person…). I’m a little jealous of the camping though, I haven’t done that in years and years either 😀 One of these days…

      I did sort out the issue with fabric runs – it was just the needle. I’m glad it was something simple!

  59. My birthday is in January, so my birthstone is garnet – which I’m not overly fond of. Maybe I’ll ‘adopt’ August as my birth-month because I LOVE LOVE LOVE peridot, lime green, chartreuse, etc.!!!

    1. I love reds, so I could live with garnet for sure! But peridot fabric might be my favourite thing.. I never seem to notice it, but I think I have more fabric in that shade than any other. It’s so easy to love.

  60. Happy Birthday!! I’m so sorry about your machine having those kind of messy prob! On birthstones, mine is amethyst, which I love so far. I’m a big fan of purple, though not quite that much for quilting. I’m now an aqua quilty girl 😉
    Thanks for the chance.

    1. Thanks for the birthday wish! Fortunately the sewing machine was fixed with just a new needle!

      It’s funny about purple – I like it as a stone too and I wear it quite a lot (in certain shades), but I rarely quilt with it either! I wonder why. Maybe there just aren’t a lot of “good” purple fabrics out there. I think I lean more toward berry shades if I’m going in a purplish direction. I do love aqua fabrics though! Such a gorgeous colour.

  61. Ugh about the machine problems. I have no advice, but that really sucks.

    I’m a March baby and the only thing I ever remember about my birthstone is that I don’t like it! I like rubies; my wedding ring has tiny rubies set most of the way around it.

    I have Saturday off and am going to a real football (i.e. soccer) game with some coworkers, which I’m a little nervous about because I don’t hang out with my coworkers very much. And then I work Sunday.

    1. Oh… we need to trade birthdays, like… yesterday. You’re an aquamarine, which is one of my very favourite! When I was 16 I talked my parents into buying me an aquamarine ring (instead of a peridot one) even though an awfully long way off from my birthday 😀

      At least a football game will have lots going on, so it’s an easy place to hang out with people you don’t know well? (I don’t know. I’m bad at social interactions with my co-workers! A couple of mine thought we should go out for drinks after work yesterday because of my birthday and I begged off… so that I could come home and clean toilets and make dinner? I don’t even know. I promised them “later” though so one day I’ll have to suck it up. It’s not that I don’t like them, but… what if the only thing we’ve got to talk about is work?)

  62. Oh dear on the fabric. My thoughts are three fold on the matter. Yes, you need a new needle, supposedly wer’re supposed to change needles after every project. Especially big ones like a quilt top. Number 2, I don’t suppose your feed dogs are catching on it at all? Maybe your fabric is grumpy and wants a smaller needle.
    As for birthstones mine is turquoise for December. Never mind all that blue topaz nonsense, it’s all a marketing ploy to get people to want to buy “sparkly” ones. No thanks though 🙂

    1. Fortunately it turned out to be a burr on the needle point – just a tiny little hook causing so many problems! The project before I started this was very small (a baby quilt small enough to use a single yard of fabric as the backing, though I haven’t basted/quilted it yet), so I didn’t think I should need to swap needles for a bit yet, but better a new needle than ruin all my fabric trying to make it work, right?

      Haha.. I’m not a jewellery person really, but I do like the sparkly things 😀

  63. I’m a May baby, and emerald is a fitting birthstone. I love all greens, from emerald to peridot. That green bundle is full of prints to love!

    1. Green is one of my favourite colours. (I’m pretty non-discriminating though. Depending on the day my favourite might be red, blue, or green. And I mostly like all of them all the time.) Emeralds are lovely, anyway!

  64. My birthstone is Amethyst, I like it, but not as much as some others. My favourite piece of jewellery is the only real jewel I have, it’s a gold and silver ring with 9 tiny diamond chips in it, that was my great great aunt Jessie’s engagement ring. I like the ring, but I don’t really like diamonds, I don’t understand paying all that money for a clear stone, I’d rather have one I can see properly with a bit of colour in it!

    1. I like coloured stones too, sparkly coloured stones specifically. I don’t really have any jewellery any more, but I used to have a ring with an aquamarine and diamond (flakes) on either side when I was a lot younger. Also, I had my grandmother’s wedding ring, which was a very thin band of gold, no adornment at all, but I gave it to my sister, since she wears jewellery every day and I don’t. I think it’s nice to have things from family, so there’s the memory behind it.

  65. I am not jewelry gal either, but mine is the Amethyst. Oh, I hate when a needle is flawed and causes that to happen — I can hear/feel it now as it hits the fabric and pulls on it.

    1. Yeah, it was pretty frustrating with the needle… but fortunately it was an easy fix! It worked perfectly through the previous project (which was very small .. just the top of a little baby quilt that took about an afternoon to put together), so it was a bit weird it suddenly went crazy on me, but who knows what happened with it?

  66. My sewing machine dealer (also the owner of on of my fav LQS’s) once suggested that one should always change the needle in your machine either before you put the binding on a quilt or before you sew the hem of a garment. That way, she said you would be ready to go with a nearly fresh needle for your next project. Needles never last as long as we think they should. I have found that changing them frequently saves a lot of grief. I hope you can salvage your project.
    I love the fabric from Mad About Patchwork. I spend a lot of time coveting fabric on her site. 🙂
    Happy Birthday. I am a December girl myself, so my birthstone is turquiose.

    1. I usually change my needles after every third bobbin (and any time I’ve been paper-piecing, since it’s so hard on needles), but I’d only done one very small project with it — I did say quilt top, but it was a tiny little baby quilt, sewn up in an afternoon. Anyway, swapping the needle did fix things – it had a burr on the end that was catching threads in the fabric and pulling. So frustrating!

  67. My birth stone is Ruby for July. Happy Birthday my last birthday sucked, but that’s another story:) Thanks for the chance to win some more fabric!!!

    1. This wasn’t my best birthday ever, though I’ve probably had worse ones in the past! I worked, came home and did some cleaning, and then cooked dinner. Thrilling! 😀

  68. Well my day is going to be spent in the car with 2 littles and my hubby. We are enroute from DC to NYC for the weekend. I don’t think I packed enough things for my toddler to do, who is now driving us all mental! Of course there is no rest stop in sight and she had declared she needs to pee ( 5 min after leaving the rest stop!).

  69. My birthstone is a garnet…which I do not like! I love diamonds! ha ha! They go with anything! Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day!

    1. I don’t mind garnets at all! At least if they’re a nice colour anyway… I think I’m easy on the gems, I pretty much like them all, though I don’t love any of the pink ones too much (those poor October babies :D) nor any of the opaque stones. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

      (PS – I’m in Calgary too!)

  70. My seam ripper was my best friend, until I figured out what was happening with my machine.

  71. My birthstone is opal. I have a piece that I bought years ago direct from the guy who dug it out of the ground (we visited Coober Pedy which is a wild and crazy place to go). I recently found a jeweler who does custom design for a reasonable price, so I’m saving up to finally (15 years) later get it made up into a piece that I can wear.

  72. Green peridot, I’ve never really liked it as its not bright enough for me.
    My fav Turquoise, from a closed mine in Morenci, Arizona.
    Traces of white run thru and when cut and polished it’s amazing pearlesque…if there is such a word.
    Thank you for sharing the bundles. I might change my mind about green:)

    1. I am a big fan of green, all things green all the time, so I might just hope you do win the fabric bundle so it’ll give you something to think about 😉

  73. My birthstone is diamond 😛 I used to want one but after I saw Blood Diamond, well let’s just say I’ve lost my taste. I think my favorite would be a deep aquamarine, sighhhh married 33 years and no engagement ring in sight. I know that sounds trite but I was married in front of a judge, no wedding dress, no flowers, nada. Anyway… I’m really sorry about your vacation going down the tubes.
    I spent the today with my best friend from Elementary school (friends since age 4!) doing a Craftsy wax resist dyeing class by Malka. I’m exhausted but very happy with what we got done. I have a lot of work to do this weekend to be ready to finish the process on Tuesday. Wish we’d have had some yummy green dyes like the peridot colors you picked 🙂

    1. The whole industry around diamonds can be so depressing – I haven’t seen the film, but I can imagine at least a bit of how awful it might be. You can buy Canadian mined, cut, and polished diamonds, though, if you ever want to dip a finger (or both ear lobes?) into the diamond market 😀 I do love aquamarines though… they’re definitely one of my most favourite! 33 years on I think you need to start dropping hints about what might make a nice 35 anniversary gift ;-D

      I’m intrigued by the idea of wax resist dying (or any sort of dying, really), but it seems like such a lot of work! How was the class? I have a lot of craftsy classes, most of which I’ve half-listened to, but I’ve never made anything from any of them! That was one of my goals for 2014 – to make something from one of my craftsy classes, but I haven’t really followed through.

  74. I am a June child, so my birthstone was alexandrite and is now pearls. I love pearls and never was much for pink, so it’s a fair trade =)

    1. I’d never heard of Alexandrite before someone mentioned them in a different comment. What a strange stone that one is, eh? I like pearls, but they sort of remind me of Queen Elizabeth. I don’t think I’m classy enough to get away with wearing pearls 😀

  75. Happy Birthday! I think your fabric bundle choices are wonderful, makes me think of Christmas trees, of course it’s 95 here so I don’t know why. Any gift you give is wonderful!

  76. Happy to read changing your needle fixed your problem. My birthstone is the lovely sapphire. Which means my birthday is in September. (Trying not to think too much about that!)

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  77. This weekend I hope to get lots of sewing done, our guild quilt show is 7 weeks away, yikes!

  78. I just had a birthday and would love to win! Your displaying of fabric is delightful!

  79. My birthstone is topaz. Yuck. Although I must admit that I have a small place in my heart for it. My grandmother used to buy me jewelry with my birthstone in it, so I remember her everytime I think of birthstones. Also, my mom has one of those rings containing a birthstone for each child. Two of her four girls have the same color, youngest and oldest, so the ring looks really pretty.

    I would never make a quilt out of only yellows and golds, but I would find your green bundle would look lovely paired with blue or purple as you suggested.

    Happy Birthday!

  80. I’m an August birthday girl too! My birthstone is the peridot and I really hated it when I was younger, but now it’s not so bad. I love the color in modern quilts though!

  81. I hope you get your sewing machine problems straitened out, the feeling that you are ruining a project that you have been looking forward to is awful. I hope you have a great birthday!

    I remember hating my birthstone (aquamarine) as a kid…and it really hasn’t grown on me much, but my alternate birthstone is bloodstone which apart from having an ugly name is a pretty dark green stone with red flecks, and I like it a lot more.

  82. Speaking of jewels, I sadly have lost my engagement diamond ring which I have had for 45 years as well as the diamond wedding band that my husband gave me on our 15th wedding anniversary. I kept praying that they would show up somewhere, but alas they have been missing since last October. I guess that there is always hope, but maybe it is time for me to accept that they are gone. By the way, Sept. 2nd was my mother’s birthday–maybe that will bring me some luck, since it is the day of the draw!!

  83. Happy Birthday! I know how you feel about crappy weeks mine has been one too! I have been laid up in bed with my back out and I haven’t been able to do anything and it bites! Lol!! My birthstone is aquamarine and I’ve never really liked it much, I seem to be drawn to emerald and rubies! Let’s hear it for the real gemstones! I don’t really own much real jewelry but I definitely have plenty of costume! I would love a free day in Tiffanys! I’m divorced but I’ve been saying if I date again, he better give me some of the real stuff, right! Lol! I hope your next week is better and I wouldn’t mind winning anything, I’m mostly easy to please and thanks so much!

    1. Ohh… you’ve got it worse than me, it must be so boring (on top of being painful) to be trapped in bed for so long! That’s awful. I love aquamarine! It’s so pretty and delicate and lovely. I do like the big gun gems too, though, the emeralds and rubies and all of them.

  84. Gosh, I’d love the chance to win more fabric. A girl just can’t ever have enough. My birthstone is the ruby and I really love it. It’s deep and hypnotic to me. My husband has given me several pieces of jewelry containing the ruby.

    1. Fabric is always awesome. I’m trying to stop always buying more, but it’s so very difficult when there’s so much great stuff out there.

      Ruby is pretty awesome. I love red, it’s a great stone!

  85. You’re really having a run of crummy luck lately, aren’t you? Hopefully now, your next year will be great, since you’ve gotten it all out of the way this year. I would prefer the gift certificate, but I love green too, so, no wrecking my day either way. We are moving my sewing room up from the basement this weekend, into one of the bedrooms. My husband and sons have decided though, that they want me to sew in the living room. I’ve been sewing in the dining room this summer, and they say they’ve really enjoyed having me more available all the time. They are 25 and 26(my sons), and it seems they appreciate my company now. They also are very proud of the fact that I’m not letting my being unable to work hold me back, and seeing me work on making my quilting work for me. I’m testing patterns for quilters, which pays wonderfully well, lol. I’m also doing samples for my local quilt shop, which pays a little better. I’m also going to try selling some of my quilts at a consignment/art shop in town. They’re very excited about getting some quilts up. Now, to think up a sort of a business name. cdahlgren at live dot com

    1. I guess things are bound to turn around one of these days? I did have a really nice weekend, even though it wasn’t quite the trip I’d been planning.

      That’ll be nice for you too, I’m sure, being upstairs and around people while you’re sewing. It can be such a solitary thing, sometimes, which isn’t always a bad thing, but it’s good to have family nearby. Especially when they want you nearby 😀 I might be wrong but I’m guessing the only pay-off in testing patterns is that you get to test them without buying them,.. am I guessing right? 😀 Sometimes that’s fun though.

  86. Happy birthday!!
    I have no idea what my birthstone is (off to google it……) OK it’s aquamarine which is a gorgeous colour! I like vintage jewellery and I have several pieces from my mum and granny . I especially love to wear my mum’s engagement ring which is of little monetary value but means the world to me!

    1. Oh.. I do love aquamarine – it might be my favourite, if someone held a gun to my head and made me choose. But I kind of like all the sparkly stones, at least a bit 😀

      I think jewellery that’s been passed down is the best kind. It’s great to have that connection to the family that came before.

  87. Happy Birthday!!! My birthstone is a pearl. I love it! Nothing adds a little extra something to a casual outfit like pearls. Sorry about the stitch issue. There is nothing on the planet that is as frustrating. Hope you get it figured out soon.

    1. Pearls are a nice classic choice – they go with and dress up everything! I only have some coloured pearls, but it’s my favourite necklace, I think.

      I did get the stitching issue sorted out – just had to swap out the needle, which was a pretty easy fix!

  88. Happy birthday. My January birthstone is garnet, I have a ring and a pair of earrings made with garnets but it is not my favourite stone at all as I love pearls. The problem with your sewing could be your needle, theoretically you are supposed to change your needle every quilt (I am not even close to this).

    1. Garnet can be really lovely, at least if it’s a nice dark, rich colour! Pearls are lovely, but they do make me think of QEII.

      Changing the needle did help! I usually change my needles every 3-4 bobbins, but this needle was only 1 bobbin into the world when it crapped out. Oh well, swapping needles out is a pretty easy and cheap fix, so I’m happy that was all it took!

  89. Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a great one.
    My birthstone is Amethyst. I do like purples, but not much of a jewelry gal. I am really a tomboy.
    My color preferences change pretty much daily. It really depends on how I am feeling that day.
    In general I do like brighter colors. I have made a quilt in the past that I love which has oranges, and yellows in it.
    Also, I have had the sewing issue that you were talking about. I did change to a new needle and – viola- problem solved!

    1. Amethyst is such a pretty stone… hard to go wrong! I’m not much of a jewellery gal either, but I like to look at it, even if I have no real interest in wearing it.

      Changing the needle solved my problem too! I don’t know when the needle got damaged (since it was working perfectly before I started that project), but I’m so glad it was such an easy fix.

  90. Birthday Greetings and Blessings! Have you changed your needle recently? Even a new needle might have an imperfection in it. I’ve had that happen (snagging of fabric) and was solved by just changing needles or using the proper weight of needle for the fabric. So sad to hear about your vacation plans. Hopefully, you will be compensated well for your sacrifice. Hopefully, you didn’t have reservations that you had to cancel. In that case, I’d be bitter too. Both of your giveaways are great! I could use either one but if given the chance would probably choose the gift certificate first. Thanks,

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

      I did change the needle and that improved things 100%! The other one was pretty new and worked fine for quite a while, but I guess anything could have happened to it – I might have pushed it out of alignment ever so slightly so that it hit up against something leaving me with a flawed needle tip. Who knows? Anyway, I’m glad it was an easy fix!

  91. Happy Birthday!!! My birthstone is Topaz, which I’m not terribly excited about. Yellows/golds are not really my colour, definitely not my favourite colour. Now *blue* topaz–that’s gorgeous! :o)

    1. Blue topaz is lovely… I kind of like the brown topaz, too, though. At least if you get a good shade of it, anyway. I think it can be sort of sophisticated, just a bit square brown sparkly stone, or something.

  92. Happy Birthday! My birthstone is Emerald. Oh, I love my birthstone. It is so pretty. I am not a jewelry person either. I do like earrings though. And I do wear my mother’s cross necklace and her bracelet. It was the only jewelry that I wanted when she passed away in November. I never take them off. I am not a fancy kind of girl. I am a tshirt/jeans kinda girl. Sorry also that you had to cancel your vacation! that would have made me bitter as well. Anyway, hope you got that stitch thing worked out.

    1. Emerald is lovely… I love the dark green colour. I’m more of a jeans and tshirt type too, but it’s fun to imagine having a need for all the sort of ridiculous frippery that queens and princesses put on for various functions 😀

      I did get the stitch thing worked out – all it took was a new needle! (Which is what I was hoping, but I was very glad to have it confirmed.)

  93. Happy Birthday! I love emeralds and sapphires, my birthstone (June) is the pearl and those are nice, but I like some color.

    1. Thanks!

      I like the coloured stones better than the opals/turquoises/pearls of the birth stones too – love the sparklies, too, though I prefer coloured sparkly things to plain diamonds too.

  94. Wow, I wonder what is causing your problems with your Juki. It can be very frustrating when your sewing machine doesn’t work. My birthstone is a ruby and I love it! Red is my favorite color. I love your stack of green fabrics, so pretty. Thanks for the giveaway.

    1. It turned out just to be a bad needle! I was hoping that was the case, but it was a pretty new needle that hadn’t previously been acting up, so I wasn’t sure. There was a teeny tiny little burr on the tip of the needle though!

      Ruby is brilliant… I love red too!

      1. Oh my goodness! You are Kristel – as in Kristel who sent me the gorgeous fabric scraps in R5! I totally didn’t make the connection until I got your reply. Well, happy birthday, Kristel!

  95. Sorry your vacay got cancelled and Happy Belated Birthday! I celebrate my birthday in July along with my son. Birthstone is Ruby. I look forward to learning more from your blog!

  96. HBday! My birthstone is diamond (april) but I’m partial to Australian Opals and they have held up pretty well for me. Thanks for sharing a story about something that’s not perfect. I get upset with how perfect everyone seem to be sewing while I’m not. It makes it more genuine to share some frustrations.

  97. My birthstone is an opal & I love opals! The most interesting & thing I love most is that my birthday is on Halloween. My parents always took a big group of girls trick or treating for my birthday & then we had a great party! There was never a question of what theme would I have for my bd party. I have lots of friends tell me ” I thought of you on your bd I always remember your parties ” considering those parties were 45 – 50 yrs ago, I guess everyone enjoyed them.
    I have purchased so much cute Halloween themed fabric this year! Hope to get something made before Oct.

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