Gypsy Wife: September Blocks

Well, I’m just barely squeaking these ones in for September, but I just finished up my last Square in Square blocks for the month… So so so many square in square blocks in this quilt!

Seven more for September:

Square in Square blocks

I keep thinking I should put all my blocks up on the wall and see how the colours are coming out because I haven’t been planning anything. But maybe they’ll turn out okay without planning. I keep hoping that’ll be the secret to a good scrappy look.

Also not planned?

Lost her head

Chopping off Bicycle Girl’s head.

The other two blocks for September were two Puss in the Corner blocks.

Gypsy Wife blocks: Puss in the Corner

Like Hydee Ann at Splish Splash Stash – Hydee Ann is running the linky for this month and has some great tips for sewing up those million and one square in square blocks – I’ve got to wonder where the heck that block name came from. Maybe I should have found a cat fabric to put in the middle. (But then it would have had to be a tiny little cat because that centre square is only an inch, finished.)

Gypsy Wife September blocks

Anyway, that’s September in blocks… And only two more months worth of blocks left to go, then it’s time to start putting it all together.

As mentioned, this month’s linky is being held by Hydee Ann and the prize will be a gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop, so if you’re sewing along, don’t forget to stop by and link up! (I know it’s the end of September, but it looks like she just wrote her post today too, so hopefully that means the actual link-up will run this week!)


7 thoughts on “Gypsy Wife: September Blocks”

  1. Love all your Gypsy Wife blocks ! I’m just startet on it and been workin for a hole week on Pershing block, but after making three of them I finely got one right šŸ˜€

    1. Oh, man, that Pershing block was SO difficult, but it looks so great finished, doesn’t it? You should post a picture on your blog! I couldn’t understand a word, of course (and Google translate does a pretty poor job), but it was lovely to see the blogs you have got finished, anyway! I find you have to be really, really careful about using scant seams with that pattern, or just cut things a little big and then trim it down as each unit comes together.

  2. I love your blocks. I really need to get started on my Gypsy Wife quilt, the blocks and quilts I’ve seen are beautiful.

    1. It’s such a great looking quilt – if you haven’t started it already, you definitely should! Some parts of the pattern are SO frustrating, but I think it’s going to look AMAZING, so I’m trying to let that frustration go šŸ˜€ (Also, if you have an older copy of the pattern, check Jen Kingwell’s blog because she’s got some updates for mistakes in the pattern.)

  3. did you ever finish?! i’m anxious to see the final quilt but i couldn’t find one by searching your blog. i’m back at mine this year. and hosting a quilt along for it. i need to finish mine! such a brilliant quilt.

    1. I haven’t finished it! It’s terrible, but it’s all still pinned up on my design wall waiting for me to finish. I’ve only got a handful more blocks to do, so I’ll get there eventually for sure! Maybe I ought to join back up with a quilt-along to pressure me into finishing those last blocks šŸ˜€

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