WIP Wednesday: Cushion covers

So I’ve been working on cushion covers lately. Quite a while ago, like months ago, I’d cut out all the pieces for a 16″ quilt block that exactly matched one I’d sent away for the Stash Bee and then it sat around for a long, long time without me doing anything with it. And then I got bit by the free motion quilting bug because I was working on that baby quilt I just posted about the other day and I started watching Craftsy videos about free motion quilting – I’ve got several, two with Leah Day, one with Elizabeth Dackson, one with Angela Walters, and one I haven’t watched with… Wendy Butler Berns – and that got me wanting to do some more practise. But I hate just using random fat quarters (and I hate wasting my “good” fabric for it, but I don’t have all that much ugly fabric any more either) so I made up that quilt block and turned it into a quilted cushion. Which is the one on the right, here:

WIP and a finish

Once I get it washed up, I’ll write a proper post about it with some decent pictures, but for now it’ll do. Part of the process with that one involved my (weak) attempts to FMQ smooth curves, and that got me watching another Craftsy class, that one Jacquie Gering’s class about quilting with a walking foot. (I’m feeling lazy: I’m not sure I spelled her name right and I can’t recall the exact name of the class, but it seems like too much work to look it up!) And so there’s a little bit of walking foot quilting in that finished pillow, and then a little more on the pillow-in-progress on the left. It’s so very sweet and pretty, isn’t it? That’s so not my usual wheelhouse and I’m not at all certain what I’ll wind up doing with it, but there it is.

I’ve been thinking for the last little while about what my “style” is as a quilter (or as an artist if you want to take it in that route – I’m talking less about the mechanics of it and more about the look of the finished things I make) and I don’t really think I’ve got one. My brain sort of flits around from this to that and I like to try a little of everything, but I don’t think anyone would ever, in a random line-up of stuff, be able to point to the thing I made and feel certain it was mine. I think that’s true of a lot of quilters I know, that we haven’t really found our niche in a way, but then some people you really do recognize straight away. I suppose it just takes time to find that place that belongs to you and the flitting around is just part of the process.

And a belated Talk to Me Tuesday. The later half of this video is directed at the other video makers/posters at the Livejournal TTMT community who posted videos in September.

8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Cushion covers”

  1. Flitting around is definitely part of the process. I’m still doing that, too. And those look beautiful! I think I have all of those classes in my wish list, but I’m not buying any of them until I have a way to watch them actually in my sewing room instead of on my desktop on the opposite side of the house.

  2. Your pillow looks great! I’m making the back for that quilt (hopefully today!), then it’s time to start quilting. I love that quilt so much I’ve been scared to start quilting – thus why the top has been done for months and I’m just now making the back.

  3. The aqua and greys are such a nice colour combination. Your quilting looks great too! If you want to keep practising without “practising” and wasting fabric; have you thought about doing QAYG blocks? I’ve got my 100 Tula City Sampler blocks I was thinking of using for FMQ practise and doing them QAYG but I’m talking myself into figuring out how I will join them up…

    I’ve been thinking about my “style” too. There are a few people I follow that when I see a picture, i can tell right away whose post it is in BL without actually reading the name. My stuff, i look at and it’s all over the place. I’m trying to mak a goal for the New Year to work on ME. My quilting, and doing stuff I want to do. No swaps, bees etc (except what needs finishing off). No Quilt Alongs and maybe try and spend less time blog reading and more time sewing 🙂 sometimes I feel like wanting to do everything because everyone else is doing it — not that I want to be a follower but everyone else has such great ideas and I just want to make all the things, so it doesn’t give me a chance to really “find myself”. Maybe I’m having a quilting version of a mid life crisis? 😀

  4. Gah… why didn’t I answer all these comments 3 weeks ago? I’m so lazy…

    Anyway, thanks for the nice comments about the quilting! I’m pretty happy with how things have been going. I have thought about trying QAYG (and I actually have one nearly finished QAYG project, but when I started it, for some reason I did everything with straight stitching… I don’t even know why because the whole point with that project was to practise FMQ.. I probably go scared and crapped out) and I think maybe I should try it with something that I’ve got laying around that I don’t love, like old blocks from BOM groups and that sort of thing. Maybe then I could loosen up a bit to keep trying things.

    I keep trying to get away from doing so many bees and swaps too, but then they always seem so fun and who doesn’t want to participate? Every year that seems to be a goal of mine – do more for me, less for other people – and then I still never manage it. Maybe 2015 will be the year of selfish sewing 😀

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