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Sunday Stash: Neutrals


I’ve been getting myself in the bad habit lately of writing half an entry, saving it for later, and then never finishing it up. The last one was about batting (and I’d still like to come back to the subject) and included a link to a then active Massdrop for wool batting… but I’ll save the rest of that conversation for later. Instead, fabric.

I haven’t been posting Sunday Stashes very frequently for a while because I’ve actually been much better in this latter half of the year about not buying fabric I don’t have a specific purpose for. I mean, not that I’ve stopped mindless buying entirely – I never fully got on the Fabric Fast Wagon at the beginning of the year and I still haven’t quite got on it now – but I’ve cut my fabric buying way, way back. It was a bit of an awkward summer for me and without getting into all of it (as most of it is not my story to tell) there’ve been quite a few moments when I’ve thought I might wind up rather suddenly having to move. And my DOG the thought of packing up all that fabric (plus all the fabric that was coming in) and finding somewhere to put it in a probably much smaller apartment was a bit daunting. The kind of daunting where my practicality finally got the better of my desire to buy All The Fabrics I Love And Some That Fell In The Cart When I Wasn’t Thinking Hard Enough About It.

But here are some new things…:


I generally try to avoid people’s posts where they talk about What’s On Sale in the online fabric buying market, but I went and read one somewhere and then tumbled blissfully down the rabbit hole of a sale at Green Fairy Quilts and found myself walking away with a Fat Eighth bundle and a jelly roll and a pattern (not pictured for reasons of I kept having too much glare on the packaging). I think that was my first time buying from Green Fairy Quilts and if the Canadian dollar keeps taking it’s long downward stumble against the American dollar I may not shop there again for a while, but it was a good shopping experience and I’d definitely go back. The package came really quickly, which is not a requirement – I do grasp the realities of international shipping – but still is great. (I mean, generally it takes almost exactly 14 days for me to get mail from the US, and so that’s always what I gauge things by, but it was exactly 7 days instead, so woo!) I found their website a bit busy (appearance-wise) for my tastes, but if you’re looking for Moda or Riley Blake pre-cuts, you really can’t go wrong. (They do have yardage and notions and Aurifil and Superior Threads and all sort of other things, it was just the pre-cuts that really stood out to me.)

Anyway… fabric. I was looking for some more masculine pre-cuts when I stopped in and I think both my selections delivered.

My first selection was Amy Ellis’s Modern Neutrals:


This line covers a nice range of blue, grey, brown, something I call taupe, but is probably better described as tan or latte, and then… an unfortunate bit of salmon/coral that I’d thought/hoped was a little more orange coloured than it actually is. It has no florals, so I figured it would work for something more masculine. (I’m hoping to make a couple quilt tops for a friend’s Linus group which is in need of quilts for older boys – they get a lot of baby quilts and a lot of things for girls, but less that are appropriate for older boys.)

These are my favourite three prints of the bundle:


I’m always kind of drawn to the quieter tone on tone and geometric prints, I think. I mean, occasionally I’ll like some wild floral print, but mostly this is the stuff I go for.

Here are the rest of the prints:


I just really don’t love those corals. Any how, I’m trying to remind myself that probably they’ll look good mixed into a quilt with the rest of it, just that little pop of other colour. (But the pattern I’m intending to use only take 18 F8s and I’ve got 28, so more likely I’ll abandon most of the corals and include only a little for some interest.)

And here is the jelly roll I bought, A Field Guide by Janet Clare:


This one again has a really neutral colour palette and I think a fairly masculine one.


There is a butterfly print in this line and a floral, but I don’t think it’s going to stand out when it’s rendered in these neutral tones. I’m actually kind of interested to get this one opened up and see what I think, but it might be a while yet before I get there.

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Stash: Neutrals

  1. Oranges and reds are hard for me too, a little shift in the shade seems to make a huge difference in how it looks. It’s nice to have that feedback on it, but for me the only orange I’ve ever really liked is anything by Kate Spain. For corals, I tend to lean to the pink side.

    • Kate Spain has some good bold oranges. Well, I’ve never had many of her lines, but I’m thinking of one of the prints from Cuzco – loved that orange! Maybe it was that same orange in Sunnyside too… I did like that one. I love orange in general, but I don’t seem to use much of it when I’m sewing. Like purple, I think there aren’t nearly so many good examples of it as it seems like there should be. (Or maybe I look in the wrong places..)

  2. I agree that oranges and purples are hard to find. I like orange-oranges, like… an orange! What I mostly find are yellow-oranges or coral-oranges. Purples are either too blue, or too pink, or too light/grey. I’m actually finding blue to be tricky lately as well. I have darks, and lights, some grey blue but very few, if any, blue-blues. Seems like people (designers) go for more ‘shades of’ rather than the true colour itself.

    • I’m okay with yellow-orange and orange-orange, but I sure don’t love coral orange.And I’m a bit meh on the more rusty red-oranges. I guess with anything it depends how you’re going to use it, if it’s going to work. But yeah, really orange oranges don’t seem to appear too often, even in basics collections. (I think Lizzy House has one, though. Probably because of her Halloween line, though I’m not completely certain…)

      I seem to have a hard time with darker blues. I’ve got light and aquas to the ends of the earth, but anything darker… I don’t know. I must buy the wrong things 😀

  3. Good additions, I am on the same band wagon with the fabric buying, I kind of cringe at my stash, I need to use more of it, so glad I don’t have to move though, phew, then my husband would really see how much fabric I have, haha.

    • Haha… I’m glad I don’t have anyone looking over my fabric stash and wondering if I really need all that 😀 The potential move has been put off another couple months at least, so I’m not having too worry too much about figuring it out yet, though probably I should work on having a system for fabric going out faster than the fabric coming in… 😀

      Mara, I mailed something to you at the beginning of September and they’d said 6-8 weeks, so it’s not outlandishly late, but I stress anyway… so if it happens to arrive any time soon can you let me know (because oh I’d be so pissed/sad if it disappears into the ether).

  4. Oh I love those same prints from the Modern Neutrals. Long ago I realized I gravitate more toward what are the blender fabrics, and I’m okay with that. I will have a big print here or there, but for the most part, my favorites are not them. Living overseas really cut down on my fabric shopping, something my husband likes I’m sure. LOL

    • Haha… It’s not the best trade-off, I’m sure you’d agree, but not having a husband at least means I don’t have anyone looking over my buying habits going, “Are you sure you really need that?” 😉

      There’s nothing like shipping costs to make me want to shop my stash a little more often, though! (I’m still pretty bad at that, though.)

      Anyway, yeah, blenders are definitely my comfort zone – the work everywhere! Some of the big prints are really great, but I just don’t always have ideas (or the desire, even) to do something with them.

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