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December Giveaway Day!


EDITED TO ADD: This giveaway is now closed and the winners – Mom C from Utah and Susan Holden Hutchens from Kelowna BC – have been notified. Thanks everyone for playing along and entertaining me with your comments! Better luck next giveaway day!

I thought I was going to miss giveaway day at Sew Mama Sew this year – we’ve been going through a huge software change at work that has led to my working so very much overtime that I have hardly opened my laptop in the last couple weeks and I’ve hardly read any of my blogs (I think I’m down to about 50 unread posts now!) and I haven’t answered any email in all that time… But here I am! I always love doing giveaway day, so I couldn’t avoid it, even if I don’t think I’ll have time to enter too many giveaways myself!

Typically I’m going to give away two prizes, both for craft supplies!

Giveaway One
A $25 gift certificate to my favourite online shop, Mad About Patchwork!


Mad About Patchwork is a shop in Stittsville, Ontario… which I think is near to Ottawa (I’m from the West of Canada, so I’m pretty shaky with my geography out East). Pam, who owns the shop, has been wonderful to me over the years, largely because of just how much she’s helped contribute to my fabric stash… but she even let me mail her a swatch of shot cotton once so that I could have her tell me what colour it was so that I could buy enough for the background of a quilt. (It was Jade, I think… but I could be wrong because I never write these things down!)

Worst quilting idea ever...
This is the shot cotton in question… photographed in some pretty poor light and on my phone, so I’m not sure it’s the best Jade representation going…

She’s got a fantastic selection of both Kona Cottons and Kaffee Fassett shot cottons and all sorts of assorted other print collections, books, patterns, and notions. One of my favourite things to get sucked into buying are the curated Monday Mosaic bundles, which I think are usually put together by Laura who also teaches classes at the in-store studio. Here’s a fairly new one, Rustic Winter:


I also really like the Stash Bundles, which are grouped together by colour. Here’s one I don’t think I’ve bought, in fuchsia, which is a colour I always used to hate, but have really come around on over the last year:


Anyway, all this by way of saying: imagine what you could buy, gift card in hand email!

Giveaway Two
A 5-fat quarter collection of Tula Pink Moon Shine fabrics plus some as yet undecided bonus prize… which may or may not be crafty in nature. Maybe I’ll make something. Maybe I’ll include a mini-charm pack. Maybe I’ll top it up with some coordinating non-Tula fabrics. Maybe I’ll put in some cute bottles of nail polish. Maybe it’ll be Christmas candy, I really couldn’t say!

Moon Shine

Okay, I cannot tell a lie… these are my least favourite prints from Moon Shine and won’t be terribly sad to see them go. But there’s a lot of Tula love out there, so I think these fabrics will shine a little brighter in someone else’s life – maybe it’ll be yours!

The Details
I always choose one winner from Canada or non-US locations in the world and one winner from anywhere in the world. (So, in theory, there could be 2 Canadian winners or two Malaysian winners or one Brazillian and one American winner or whatever combination you want to come up with… but there can’t be TWO American winners.) The reason for this is that sometimes those of us from non-US locations get excluded from some pretty amazing prizes. This is a teeny tiny way I’ve come up with to give the rest of us a little bit of a boost for winning. (It’s important to note, I don’t particularly care what nationality you are – if you’re an American living in Paris, you count as “non-US location” because your mail is going to Paris, not Omaha. Likewise, if you’re Romanian, but are living in Pensacola, you count as US.)

I will draw the winners on Saturday, December 13 using, which means you MUST enter by 11:59 PM PST on Friday, December 12. When I do the first draw, if the winner is from the US, then I will continue drawing numbers until I find someone from outside of the US. If the first winner is from outside of the US, then the second number drawn will be the second winner, regardless of location. I’ll need to hear back from the winners by Tuesday, December 16, so that I can get your prize in the mail to you.

If you want to be entered, I need to know…
1. Where you live!
2. Anything else… what you like about where you live, what the weather is like, what you’re planning to do this week (besides enter giveaways…), what your crafting goals are for next year, what you’d like to receive as a surprise gift if you win the Tula Pink fabric, what you’d buy from Mad About Patchwork if you win the gift certificate, etc… Anything your little heart desires.

I will delete your comment if you don’t include your location and some other comment besides “thanks for the chance to win” because those are my least favourite comments to receive. Do not include your email in the body of your comment – WordPress will provide it to me (and keep it hidden from everyone else).


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227 thoughts on “December Giveaway Day!

  1. 1. I live in a tiny rural village in heart of France, and would thank you for all the internationals !!! Quilting made my days with reading quilting blogs.

  2. 2. I am from Amarillo, Texas. I love the Tula Pink fabrics but I don’t see many fabrics that I don’t love. I think it is very kind of you to ensure that someone from outside the U.S. wins. When I see them excluded on other giveaways it seems sad.
    I also love you style of writing. You have a great sense of humor & make me laugh!

  3. 3. Yes, Pam has been quite helpful to my stash too! I live in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada just about an hour east of Toronto, where we do not have any snow yet, but it has been below zero for a couple of days now, so I expect we will soon.

  4. 4. Gidday, I am from a suburb in Adelaide, South Australia Australia, where at present the temps are heading into the high 30 ‘s thats Celsius not Farenheit. Next year I hope to get back to my crazy quilting this year was messed up with my darlings health issues but we are on the way up again whoohoo!! I love bright coloured fabrics whether its patterned or not its always fun to go looking for something and coming hom with entirely different fabrixs …. The fun of a crazy quilter. Happy and safe Christmas to you all!!!

  5. 5. Mad about Patchwork is a favorite of mine! Especially the stash bundles, but I also have a fondness for their blog showing up with the new Monday Mosiac! I’m a workaholic who tries to unwind by quilting, living north of Toronto, Ontario.

  6. 6. I live in Wyoming in the US. Growing up I lived in Alaska and we always said the best things came from Canada (cutest boys etc). I need to get things cleaned up and organized as my Dad is visiting this week and I have several projects I need to finish before Christmas YIKES!

  7. 7. I live in Pittsburgh in the US and this week, my plan is to start a sort-of surprise quilt for my husband for Christmas (the surprise would be me finishing, he’s approved the (mostly) final design)

  8. 8. I live in Victoria BC where the weather is cloudy but mild. I have been working on making hexies of tula pink fabric so would welcome your moonshine.

  9. 9. I live in Pennsylvania, USA and beginning right after Christmas I’m planning on making tons of baby “stuff” because I have a new grandson coming in May!

  10. 10. I’m in Ottawa and Stittsville is indeed right next door lol πŸ™‚ I am hoping to maybe come up with a new bag pattern this week, wish me luck πŸ™‚

  11. 11. I live in Canada and I would definitely add more Kona to my stash from Mad About Patchwork. I love that Pam labels everything so you don’t have to try and figure out Coffee vs Cappuccino on your own.

  12. 12. I live in Michigan, south of Detroit in an ancient farmhouse that my DH great, great, grandparents built. I am finishing up some Christmas presents that are going to be shipped to the west coast this week.

  13. 13. Living in Dallas and slowly working through my Tula Pink’s sampler. These fabrics would be a welcome addition. I love to sew little girls aprons (they’d also be adorable for that), girls clothing for my children 3 and 8. My goal next year is, of course, to sew more!!!!

  14. 14. I live in Alberta, Canada. I love this time of year, as I really get my craft on. Sewing unique and very personal gifts for my kids brings me all kinds of joy and satisfaction.

  15. 15. I’ve never heard of Mad About Patchwork, so I ‘m excited to check them out! I live in Montreal and just started sewing in earnest a few months ago. It has been a very steep learning curve (the first time I tried to thread my machine it took me a full 5 hours…), but I’m slowly improving and trying to limit myself to projects that have straight seems, no zippers, etc. I’ve made a few pencil cases (from a Sew Mama Sew handmade holidays link!) that have a measuring tape enclosure, and am working on a patchwork quilt (nothing fancy yet!). It’s been great fun to see everyone’s blogs and the great online sewing community. Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. 16. I live in Argentina. We’re close to summer now and believe me, we’re boiling eggs! We’re eagerly waiting for Christmas like everybody else in the world.

  17. 17. I’m in Mooresville, NC and this week I’m trying to balance finishing up Christmas sewing with sewing I want to be doing for myself! Isn’t that always the problem?

  18. 18. I am Canadian from a small community north of Lake Superior!! We have a ton of snow already and it has warmed up from the frigid temperatures (-30 degrees Celcius!!!) so we can expect more snow!! Which is fine by me because I enjoy cross country skiing and snow shoeing.

  19. 19. I live in Hammond Indiana, Im home today with a cold. Hopefully I will feel better soon so I can get back to sewing. Im making all my friends beautiful table runners for Christmas.

  20. 20. I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan! I have lived here for about 5 years and as much as I love living here I grew up on the east coast and I miss it terribly! My family all lives in South Carolina and I hope one day we end up there as well! I miss the sunshine and I hate the cold snow!

  21. 21. I live in a tiny town in Montana, (US). I love the open spaces and freedom, but I do not like the long winters. This week I will be trying very hard to finish up four Christmas quilts, we’ll see!
    I love anything Tula Pink and I have yet to buy any of her Moonshine line so this is an exciting giveaway for me. Thanks!

  22. 22. I live in the US — I’d like to get faster at rotary cutting next year!

  23. 23. I live in St. Louis, MO. Weather wise I like that we can experience beautiful fall foliage, snow, spring rains, and temperatures warm enough to swim or spend on the river. We’re in the middle of the United States, so we have a lot of options for driving vacations. Finally, the town is large enough to offer everything from professional sports to opera, but it’s not so huge that you feel lost. As for the companion gift to the Tula fabric – I’m down for whatever! If it’s polish I like darks over pastels, if it’s candy I hate coconut and am allergic to Nutrasweet. Other than that anything goes. Oh, and thanks for the chance to win. πŸ˜›

  24. 24. I live in Ohio, USA. Love our changes of seasons.

  25. 25. I live in central PA. We are expecting a storm to move in soon and I am out of milk! AAAH! I have 1 boy and 5 girls and we live on a little farmette with cows and chickens. I have a whole bunch of Christmas gifts to make, but I am waiting for my 3yo to fall asleep here!

  26. 26. I’m in North Carolina where the weather is a mild 50* for this time of year.

  27. 27. I live in Austin, TX. Lots of sun and heat here!

  28. 28. I live in Calgary, AB (Canada). We’re having a Chinook right now, so our weather is lovely and balmy this week (8C-11C), which is perfect timing, since I’ve sent off all my handmade gifts already, so I can go out and enjoy the nice weather! πŸ™‚

  29. 29. I live in Illinois. Today, it’s rainy, which makes me grumpy, but I am thankful it’s not snowing! I’m actually from the desert, and I prefer my winters mild and without snow. I’m hoping to eventually move somewhere warmer or best of all–to the beach! πŸ™‚

  30. 30. Lovely giveaway,thank you for the chance to win it.Danijela from Serbia here.Crochet is my passion and love it,making some ornaments at the moment.Latest I made few amigurumis for the swap and next is pincushion,also for a swap.Planing to get some new yarn these days and start making blanket for my daughter.For this giveaway,you had me at nail polishes =o).Since you ask I would love something handmade,love ornaments,yarn,Christmas items… Have a great week.

  31. 31. I live in Wellington, New Zealand, the middle of Middle Earth if you’re a Hobbit of LOTR fan. I’m not a fan of the movies myself, but I am a fan of our beautiful scenery and all the extra tourist those movies have brought to New Zealand.

  32. 32. I live in Mallorca, an island in the Mediterranean Sea.
    I love those Tula Pink fabrics!
    Thanks for the chance!

  33. 33. I live in Virginia, USA. I made a really long list of projects I wanted to accomplish in 2015 (the ones I didn’t finish this year), and then I paused, thinking I needed a break from all this sewing and crafting and quilting — tennis elbow and a sore shoulder from 2014 made me pause. That lasted about half a day, then I bought more fabric. I’m going to schedule a massage and pause a little bit more and ponder what I really need and want to do in 2015. I promise to continue following you no matter what.

  34. 34. I’m from the United States. And bravo to you for deleting the generic responses, I hate them too, lol!! I happen to like the Tula fabrics so I will be vary happy to take them off of your hands πŸ™‚

  35. 35. I live in Kansas, US where the sun is shining bright today and is 56 degrees. Don’t shoot me, but I’m not a big fan of Tula pink fabrics. I would love to get the yellow stash bundle.

  36. 36. I’m from DownUnder (Melbourne, Australia in fact). Thank you for including non-USA peoples in your give away. I do love a bit of Tula Pink! It’s summertime here – windows and doors open, washing on the line, and skirts and t-shirts the order of the day. Hope it’s not too cold where you are!

  37. 37. Bonjour from Alberta. I’ve developed a bit of an addiction to English paper piecing this year, so I think large scale prints like those Tula fabrics would work well to create a fussy-cut “kaleidoscope” design, which I’ve been wanting to try.

  38. 38. I am from Ortonville, MI. This week I am trying to complete step 1 of Bonnie Hunters mystery quilt. Oh and make 3 aprons, a set of placemats, wrap presents, work etc. πŸ˜€ Any I do appreciate the chance to win. πŸ˜‰

  39. 39. I live in Virginia on the east Coast of the US. I love Tula Pink or any fabric really! Stash bundles are so fun to make quilts with.

  40. 40. n. west Georgia, the most beautiful place in the world

  41. 41. I’m in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’m wishing it was colder and snowing! It’s been too warm! =)

  42. 42. I’m near Houston, TX. I’m from MD originally and I’m still not used to the warm winters here.

  43. 43. Hi, I am writing this by my fireplace, in SantarΓ©m Portugal and I am planning on finishing those cord trouser for my girl right after this line. By the way, it’s quite late and cold here.

  44. 44. Hi and greetings from Kilkenny in the Republic of Ireland, great giveaway thanks. In between entering the giveaways I’m actively looking for a job, I’ve been out of work since March and in the past month I’ve had nothing but a series of bad luck.

  45. 45. Seasons Greetings from North Carolina. This week I plan to miss my hubby who is deployed and Christmas shop for the kids great giveaway love Tula Pink

  46. 46. I live in Central Florida. I love the mild winters, but summers are way too long and humid.

  47. 47. I live in Georgia, USA. It’s too warm to be preparing for Christmas here!

  48. 48. I”m in NY, USA where we are expecting a big storm-hoping not to lose power!

  49. 49. I am in California, good ol US of A!!! Where we are hoping for TONS of rain this El Nino winter season! I am working on an I Spy quilt for my grand kids and a pansy theme quilt for….oh, yeah..ME! For my bed to actually USE! And I have one I am designing for my sister with a cat theme as she loves cats! By sheer luck and surprise, I found the perfect fleece for the back in pink with the cutest cats so I think I am going to do a quilt block design on the front and then have the cats on the back…a flip quilt!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. 50. I live in central Florida and as a teacher of middle schoolers, I am looking forward to some sewing time during our winter break. Feliz navidad

  51. 51. I’m in Melbourne, Australia and even though it’s summer here, the weather has been pretty crazy with temps ranging from 18-30 Celsius. But that’s Melbourne for you!

  52. 52. Thank you for the giveaway. I am from Minnesota, US. I am working on my current pattern right now

  53. 53. Nashville Tennessee! Its cold and miserable…guess its december!!

  54. 54. Hi I am Lori, I live in ROchester NY. The weather is cold with a Noreaster blowing in right now. Snow to come….

  55. 55. I’m from Nova Scotia and it is cold here tonight!

  56. 56. Hi I’m Terri from Ottawa, and yes Stittsville is just west of Ottawa. I love checking out the Weekly curated bundles, and the Colour Stash bundles at Mad About Patchwork. I am working on finishing a quilt for my nephew for Christmas.

  57. 57. I am Italian but I live in Maryland but would have been fun to be a Romanian in Pensacola πŸ˜‰
    And next week I need to finish to sew some gifts! I think the only missing thing is a bag, but I need to get it done!!

  58. 58. So… You are Canadian? In that case, send this American (from Nashville, Tennessee) some delicious chocolate!

  59. 59. I live in North Carolina, USA. I love the mountains in my state, the weather, the four seasons… I could go on and on because it is a beautiful state to live in.

  60. 60. I live in Arkansas and the weather is cold. I should be working on my quilt but instead I am surfing around all these blogs tonight.

  61. 61. Hi- I live in Portland, Maine. Right now I am up to my eyeballs in lavender sachets for teacher xmas gifts. I never thought I could be sick of the smell of lavender! But they are so cute— Liberty of London and muslin!

  62. 62. I’m in Ontario, Canada, about an hour West of Toronto. I am loving our warm December weather (about 0 today!), and am hoping for a very short winter this year.

  63. 63. I live in a suburb of Philiadelphia, Pennsylvania. Right now I am making placemats and pillows as Christmas gifts. I can’t wait to make a bed quilt using Charley Harper fabrics for MY bed!

  64. 64. I live in Central New York State – we are supposed to be getting a foot of snow tomorrow. I hate driving in the snow, but seeing it on the trees and yard when it is clean and white is so pretty. I want to work on FMQ and The Project of Doom Harry Potter Quilt in 2015

  65. 65. Hi there! What a great giveaway!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Yaaaaa!! A fellow Canadian! I from Airdrie, AB. The weather this week has been fairly decent. I hope it keeps up because I HAVE SOOO MUCH TO DO FOR CHRISTMAS yet. lol Such as the binding on my daughters quilt and cmas shopping.

    • We’re practically neighbours! I’m in the north east corner of the north east of Calgary! It has been SUCH nice weather this week, hasn’t it? I could live with something like this all winter… I’m so behind on Christmas things too… normally I’m a Done By October kind of gift-getter, but this year I’ve done nothing! Maybe this weekend…

  66. 66. I like the bottom 4 fabrics…the pink hmm not so much, but great choices for give away’s. I live in NC, USA πŸ™‚

  67. 67. I live in New Brunswick and am so excited you have introduced me to another Canadian fabric shop! Although I grew up near Toronto, I love this very rural, tree-filled province I now call home!

  68. 68. I am Australian, living in Australia! I love your snarkiness about Canada’s pants πŸ˜‰

  69. 69. I live in beautiful sunny Colorado and LOVE it! This week I’m sewing much needed beds for my two kitties so they ave a cozy place besides my quilts to sleep on in my studio.

  70. 70. I always enjoy your posts. I’m in California, USA. It has finally rained here, and everyone is relieved (and wet).

  71. 71. I live in a small country town in Victoria, Australia. About 4 hrs drive from Melbourne (which I love to visit!). Today the sun is shining but the clouds threaten. Apparently we’ve had the warmest year/spring on record but I find it hard to believe! Maybe it’s been warm but there hasn’t been much sun. Get into gear, summer!

  72. 72. I live in Illinois, right on the line between zones 5a and 5b, and what I’ve always loved about living here is the length of our growing season [can’t do tropical plants but most crops will mature], having four seasons even if they don’t seem as distinct as they once did, and the winter skies. The only thing that could make them better is if we could catch the Northern Lights more often than once every 10-15 years. What I don’t love about late Fall [now] are the overcast days and flux between rock hard ground and mucky mud.

  73. 73. I live in Dartmouth, NS…..the City of Lakes…..there are so many lakes in Dartmouth, and then we have the harbor that is between Dartmouth and Halifax…..If you drive down toward Eastern Passage and you will be on the Atlantic Ocean….so in other words….I am surrounded by water……fresh and salt water…..and nothing better than the smell of the salt water ….mmmmmmmmmmmm

  74. 74. I live in New England (US). We have a winter weather watch here right now.

  75. 75. I’m from Canada. To say I’m not a fan of or cold and snowy weather would be an understatement.

  76. 76. I live in the U.S., Plymouth Indiana to be more specific. The weather here is wet currently, but I’m not complaining because we haven’t had much snow yet. I’m working this week and entering contests, and I am taking my youngest daughter to her first job interview tomorrow (wow they grow fast). Have an awesome day!

  77. 77. I’m from the US. I am planning a birthday quilt to make over the course of 2015 by making one block per week, my birthday is in January so it is an ideal time to start. Good luck with your software change at work, I hope it runs smoothly and makes your work life easier.

  78. 78. I live in a small summer village in central Alberta in Canada. We live on a lake so the view is always beautiful no matter what the season is. Thanks!

  79. 79. I’m in Southern Ontario, Canada.
    If I won the gift certificate, I’d probably give it to my mum for Christmas, as she loves Mad About Patchwork. If I won the Tula Pink fabric… I think I’d keep it all to myself. πŸ™‚

    • Incidentally… the Tula Pink fabrics came from Mad About Patchwork… I don’t think they have the pink bundle of Moon Shine any more, but if you were to win the gift cert…you could still get yourself some Tula!

  80. 80. I’m out in BC and my goal is to find my walking foot so I can complete my first quilt. Any guesses as to where I put it?

  81. 81. I live in Kentucky,USA and I have been working on clothes for my grandaughters dolls and my epp embrodiery project and you can never have too much fabric can you. love the tula fabric but I am not one to turn away fabric…

  82. 82. I live in Washington State, USA. Here in the PNW it is wet and rather warm currently at 54 degrees lately. I am taking a vacation the rest of this week to finish up some sewing projects for Christmas πŸ™‚ I love the Yellow in this Tula line it is my favorite color

  83. 83. I live in central Texas and I do not like the humidity.

  84. 84. I live in Detroit, MI USA. The weather is colder than I’d like–I prefer it to be quite warm and can’t wait until summer comes around again! I am currently sewing pj’s for my kids for Christmas.

  85. 85. I live in Petaluma, California. We are planning a cross country move back east this summer though to Pittsburgh, PA, which is about two hours away from family!!! I’m excited that I’ll be closer to my family and I have really missed seasons while living in California, so I’ll be happy about returning to those as well πŸ™‚

  86. 86. I live in Eastern Washington. I am really enjoying these giveaways and finding new blogs but it’s making me want to go fabric shopping soooo bad.:)

  87. 87. Thank you for thinking of the internationals! I’m in Canada! I’m new to sewing so this is my first giant giveaway party and I’m loving it! So many new blogs and new fabrics. Right now I really only sew clothing for my 2yo daughter, but I get the feeling I’ll start dabbling in quilting soon!

  88. 88. Fabric is a fabulous prize, even if it’s not your favorite πŸ™‚ I live in Oregon, USA and will be making a red velvet birthday cake for my 12 year old tomorrow. Thank you.

  89. 89. I live in Queensland, Australia. The weather is stormy here, since last week. I love the seasons in Toowoomba.

  90. 90. I live in Los Angeles, California! And I just finished my project list for next year, which, if I do it all will be pretty amazing! I’m also planning on getting my real estate license next year so let’s hope that goes well!!

  91. 91. I live West Virginia and it is turning cold, yuck! I love all fabrics Tula is pretty awesome and I love those colors. I also love to buy fabric so a great stash buster would be nice in green, i am short on green!

  92. 92. I live in upstate New York. This week I plan on sewing a pair of felted mittens from an old sweater and maybe trying to make a festive candle holder with a mason jar, twine and some pine cones. Perhaps some glitter too!

  93. 93. I am in the US. I love seeing what others love or choose to give away. I love the moonshine prints, but i shy away from cutting them up too much. I like your idea about spreading the love to non US people too, nice balancing!

  94. 94. I live in south Germany, is wounderful it is a wine area. the wether is good and the people are frendly

  95. 95. I am from the state of Iowa and will be traveling to Ohio this week to spend Christmas with my husband’s family. I plan to take my sewing machine this year. πŸ™‚

  96. 96. I live in Hamburg, Germany and it is an amazing city. We have cruise ships right in the heart of the city! Thanks!

  97. 97. I live in the US. But I want to move to Canada! Seriously!
    And I love your modern hexie quilt and want to see more of it. I’m working on a similar project right now, all kona cottons.

  98. 98. Merry Christmas from Salmon Arm, BC! This weekend I am rehearsing for Christmas concerts next week -I play in a bell choir!

  99. 99. Hi! I’m in Alaska, so we’re kinda like neighbors, right! We just moved here this year, and we’re 4 hours from Anchorage, so anything you send me will be an awesome treat! Also, I hate bananas. So there you go…

    Have a great day!

    Kristin in Alaska

  100. 100. I’m in Wisconsin, which is close to Canada! It’s been snowing and I’m looking forward to sewing my huge pile of random strips for a duvet cover in progress.

  101. 101. Hello from Palmerston North, New Zealand. It is springtime here, and we have had the odd lovely day but it has been a very windy month overall. At least the gorgeous spring flowers still bloom regardless. I think the long-term forecast is for improvement for Christmas.

  102. 102. I’m in the UK
    It’s cold and grey here but at least it’s not raining!

  103. 103. Hi! I’m from Tel Aviv, Israel, you have fans here too πŸ™‚ It is a little bit rainy here lately, but it is more fun to sew in rain πŸ™‚

  104. 104. Hi! I’m in Florida, USA – this time of year I hate living in Florida because the highs are still in the 70’s and it just dampers the whole “holiday spirit”. I own no Tula Pink fabric so that would be a new venture for me . . . however I do have a friend expecting a baby girl and those would go great with some soft solids for a baby quilt!

  105. 105. I live in the cold cold hills of England. (Cold now anyway, though no snow yet for us). I like your tula bundle, I like the colours. I make a lot of bags and could see the stag motif sitting proudly on the front of one.

  106. 106. I live in Nottingham, England, where it’s currently very cold and a bit windy. If I win the Tula, please pick another winner as I really am not a fan!

  107. 107. I live in Southwestern, Ontario Canada. It is a rainy day.

  108. 108. I live in Frederick, MD and it is a rainy day that may possibly turn to ICE!

  109. 109. I live in the Netherlands, Europe (for those who might think it’s somewhere in the US or so πŸ˜‰
    I would love to get a hand written card as a bonus gift :-))

  110. 110. I’m in the UK so thank you for your bias πŸ˜‰ I’m actually in the process of emigrating out to Canada but we’ve not decided where just yet. I love Mad about Patchwork, Pam posted to a hotel I was staying at in Toronto last year and I think I’ll actually visit her shop for real when I go for my third recce visit next summer!

  111. 111. I’m in Kansas City, almost right smack in the middle of the US. I love Tula Pink designs! I’m now behind in my Christmas sewing, and need to spend the next week in a mad rush making dolls clothes!

  112. 112. I am in Texas, USA. The weather is driving me crazy because it will be cold one day and hot the next!

  113. 113. I live in Missouri in the US heartland, gateway to the west. Weather here? 30’s cold, wet and sometimes snow which is early for us. But great weather for hot drinks and warm conversation with family and friends.

    One woman’s fabric unlove is another woman’s fabric treasure. Your Tula Pink fabrics will find a great home.

  114. 114. I’m in Indiana in the US. It’s cold here and my husband has requested a microwavable rice vest for Christmas, like a rice bag only much bigger. So…my goal is to figure that out this week!

  115. 115. I’m from Vancouver, WA, USA, where it’s kind of cold and rainy right now. Looking forward to a week of looking at fun giveaways and trying to de-stress and maybe clean a little before Christmas, and oh yeah, working on the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. I love those Tula Pink fabrics… they are sweet without being syrupy.

  116. 116. Hello there! Just started following your blog. I love Tula Pink and this would be so fun!! I’m from Colorado and the weather is cold and barren!

  117. 117. I’m from Illinois, and I am planning on doing some more gift sewing, probably right up to the 23rd!

  118. 118. I live in North Carolina (US). Right now it is a dreary, cold, rainy morning and I am at work… trying hard to concentrate on work, but instead looking at all the cool SMS giveaways! I am daydreaming about all the awesome fabric I won’t win and what I would do with it if I did win. I have no crafting goals for next year aside from getting my backlog of projects completed. I have too many quilts-to-be sitting on my to-do shelf!

  119. 119. I am in Bellingham, WA and it is very windy today!! I have final exams this week, and then I will be off for the holidays! I can’t wait to get back to my sewing machine.

  120. 120. I’m from WA state, and it’s cloudy and rainy today. At least it’s warmed up recently! Dont have much planned this week, maybe wrapping up all the Christmas gifts if I have time (or motivation).

  121. 121. I’m from San Antonio, TX, where it’s sunny and warmish (67 right now). Between work and finishing Christmas presents it’s going to be a busy week.

  122. 122. I live in Ohio! It is cold here usually in the winter, but we are getting a reprieve today because it’s actually almost 40 degrees!

  123. 123. I’m from WA State and we don’t have any snow yet :(. I was looking forward to a snowy winter. Have you ever made a snippet roll? Working on one for a swap at Vintage Dragonfly right now. They are so much fun!

  124. 124. I live near Chicago, but in Indiana. Its cold and dark outside (at 1 in the afternoon!). I wish i were elsewhere, but at least I have two squishy kitties to snuggle up next to the wood stove with:) You like cats? I uploaded their photos to the wiki page for javanese cats.

    (Even though it’s your least favorite, I do want to say thanks for the chance to win! It’s only polite πŸ™‚

  125. 125. I live on Mayne Island BC…….I’ll be delighted if you’ve heard of our little island. And the sun is actually out! We anticipate the weeks rains will flood our yard and the bunnies will have to move into the barn for a while.


  127. 127. Minneapolis MN. I wouldn’t mind living somewhere warmer. πŸ™‚

  128. 128. I am from Washington State …. I would like to see more of the world but I love where I live.
    Lots of agriculture and great wines

  129. 129. I’m in New Mexico. Not really new, not really Mexico. Not Mexico at all, actually, New Mexico has been a state for over 300 years.

  130. 130. I live in North Dakota, which should count as a foreign country since very few people come to North Dakota for tourism, and many people have no idea of where North Dakota is. I’m working on a queen sized quilt for my son this week. I don’t know if it will be done by Christmas, but I’m trying.

  131. 131. I live in eastern South Dakota, we raise cattle! Beef it’s what’s for dinner:)

  132. 132. I live in Wainwright Alberta. I love the buffalo (or proper name: Great Plains Bison) that live near my house. I love those Tula Pink fabrics! And I love Mad About Patchwork too! Thank you!

  133. 133. I live in Pennsylvania. We are having a cold winter, but an odd one. Some days are 15F, feels like -2F. Others are 40/45F.

  134. 134. I live in Northeast Ohio where is is chilly and gloomy today but it could be worse!

  135. 135. I live on Vancouver island in BC, canada. I’m finishing a bag for my daughter right now (posting as my iron warms up!) We have a bit of clearing right now, but are expected to get a big dump of rain with wind -perfect to stay indoors and sew!

  136. 136. I live in Colorado. I am sewing 3 winter hoods with faux fur and bunny ears for Christmas!

  137. 137. I’m from Wisconsin USA. The only part of Canada I have been to is the Calgary Banff area. I was fortunate enough to go to a conference there may years ago, and still have wonderful memories of the beauty. I hope your overtime ends soon and you can spend more time sewing and enjoying the holidays!

  138. 138. TX and I love Aurifil thread.

  139. 139. Admiring these lovely fabrics from Tennessee! It’s a very gray, cold and kind of yucky day here today….but it’s these days that give the Smoky Mountains their name, so I suppose that makes it ok. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

  140. 140. I am in Tokyo and it is bright sunshine but rather cold today.

  141. 141. I live in Western Michigan in the USA. I am working on trying to get my Christmas gifts finished. I am hoping we get some snow for Christmas!

  142. 142. I am from northern Florida, in the United States. I love the line quilting on the “jade with shot cotton” quilt! Did you mark the quilt, or did you take a deep breath and eyeball it?

    • It’s a bit of a combination… The first several rows are 1/4-in apart, so those ones I just used markings on the walking foot, the 1/2-in ones I mostly eyeballed (by trying to figure out a 1/4-inch beyond the edge of the foot) and sometimes marked. The 1-inch ones were marked… mostly because I kept getting my corners in the wrong places when I didn’t mark them. I’ve been using a hera marker to score a line marking the cross where you go around the corner of the hexie.. I don’t mark the whole line because I’m lazy and because the walking foot stays pretty straight if you keep the weight of the quilt from dragging on it.

      I think the shot cotton was a kind of poor idea, though… it’s much more stretchy than regular cotton and I’m getting a lot of rippling in some places… I’m hoping it’ll hide well once it’s all washed πŸ˜€

  143. 143. I am from South Carolina, USA. I live on 90 very rural acres. My son is named after his father who is named after his father, who is named after his father, who is named after his father ( our road is also named after this one). I love being part of this family history.

  144. 144. I’m visiting from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and I found your blog because you visited and commented on my blog during the Blogathon Canada. I’m busy making oven mitts for Christmas mitts. Considering I live in “the Great White North”, we’re having such warm weather right now. Snow was melting like crazy here today and it’s supposed to be above freezing all week! BONUS!!

    • Hello again!

      We’ve been having SUCH nice weather all week here in Calgary too… though the news is saying chance of showers tonight, which is not good, since it’s bound to freeze into a nice slick skating rink. (I’ve “skated’ down my wooden front steps before when we’ve had winter rains.) I’m hoping the decent weather will last out Christmas, though… I mean, maybe not quite so warm, but just…. above -20 would be nice. My parents are coming out from Saskatchewan (they’re in the Battleford area, which is where I’m originally from) so I always hope for good weather when they’re travelling.

  145. 145. I’m from Dayton, Ohio and the weather is cold and drizzly! It goes back and forth from drizzle to snow, tuck! Thanks for the giveaway, I definitely love the what you have for the giveaway! Thanks so much!

  146. 146. I live in Oregon, right now it is cold and rainy. We are planning a move to the east coast I will be so happy when it actually happens

  147. 147. I’m near Cleveland OH, USA– chilly and snow-free (which makes me sad- snow makes the cold worthwhile!). Love that you’re ensuring an international entry wins. I need to be finishing up some Christmas sewing (including my daughter’s dress!), but sickness has descended onto our home so I’m also busy tending an ill child and hubby (he’s the bigger baby BTW!). Thanks!

  148. 148. I live in Southern California and I’m sewing Christmas gifts this week!

  149. 149. so…thank you for the chance to win….lol
    im in Saskatchewan, Canada. today it was 4C which is unseasonable warm for us!

    • When I lived in Saskatchewan (I’m from the Battleford area) I’m convinced the winter was basically never warmer than -18C and often colder than -30… none of this 4C stuff πŸ˜€ (At least, not in the December-February part of the year…) The best part of moving to Calgary was leaving behind most of the worst of winter (though the Chinooks do give me migraines), but it sounds like I should have stayed there a little longer! (I still want to move back to Saskatoon one day, but never seem to make a move in that direction.)

  150. 150. Merry Christmas from Oklahoma, USA! I am needing to get off the computer and finish a baby quilt. I am just having fun meeting new bloggers. We just heard a low rumble, either rain is coming or artillery firing at Fort Sill.

  151. 151. Checking in From Ohio in the US! I love your blog name.

  152. 152. Lets see… I live in Missouri in a small town about an hour south of Kansas City. I love that it’s far enough away from the city to be rural but close enough that if I need something it’s just a little trip down the road. I’m a born flatlander but love New England and wish I could spent at least three weeks there every Autumn. I’ve just gotten two kittens and they are making me crazy but making me laugh with their antics. At this very moment one of them has managed to crawl up into the back of the fold out sofa and is meowing in her tiny voice to be rescued. I like the way you are going about picking the winners so non US citizens have a fair chance to win….well done.

  153. 153. I’m in Oregon!
    I think I’d buy some Lizzy House Bracelet print in different colors if I won!

  154. 154. I’m in Oregon too, howdy to previous poster fellow Oregonian! I’m so happy to be finished with school for the term and to have found giveaway day and that my bff is coming to visit me in a couple days that I’m up waaaaay too late tonight!

  155. 155. Greetings from Malaysia. It’s the school holidays here. Planning to bring my boy to beach this weekend πŸ™‚

  156. 156. I live on the west coast of Florida. I like the weather sometimes. Summers are wickedly hot and humid, winters are quite variable with temps in the 30s for a few days, then back into the high 70s. My favorite season is Spring which can be a few weeks to a few days long all depending on the whims of Mother Nature. My least favorite thing about living here are the many Snowbirds we get. They clog our roads and restaurants and just about everything. Residents let out a collective sign when they leave in June. My plans this week are to work on getting caught up with Quiltville’s Mystery Quilt. Crafting goals next year are to make a dent in my pile of unfinished quilt tops. If I won I’d buy the Shot Cotton Sampler as I recently bought some Peppered Cottons and I think they’d play together nicely. For a surprise gift, chocolate, of course! Thanks!

  157. 157. I live in the US – Texas to be exact. I’ve been to Canada several times but my favorite was in July 2013 when I went to Marystown NL to see my “almost” granddaughter. We did some sight seeing in the area to and even visited France on the island of Saint Pierre and Miquelon. I love that fushia colorway and will have to visit this store to see her colorways because I really like my things well coordinated by color. I’m still trying to get the house decorated for Christmas this week and to get my sewing space uncluttered and more organized.

  158. 158. I live in Minnesota, but dream of retiring to our lake home in Northern Wisconsin. My oldest son is moving back to Minnesota from Alaska, this Saturday! I can’t wait!

  159. 159. I live in Lynchburg, Virginia, USA. It a medium size town in the south central area of Virginia with beautiful mountain views.

  160. 160. I live in Croatia. I love it here, but Christmas tends to be rainy, and that’s no fun.
    Thanks for a chance to win!

  161. 161. I’m the Midwestern USA (Cincinnati, Ohio) and it’s cold and icky here right now! Winter is coming!

  162. 162. I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. The weather is cold (28 degrees F.). The sun is trying to come out from behind very overcast skies. At least we are not inundated with snow right now.

  163. 163. Hi I live in Sonora, CA. We are expecting a very nasty storm. I do love Tula Pink and you have my curiosity now for the bonus. Thank you for being a part of the Sew Mama Sew giveaway and giving me the chance to win. I can always shop for fabric by Tula Pink. Merry Christmas.

    Sandi Timmons

  164. 164. Well, I’m glad you don’t like those Tula fabrics enough to keep them! Lucky us. So, so far this holiday season I’ve knit a pair of slippers and a hat (one more hat to go), sewed 4 stockings, two aprons, made one wood slice wreath, decorated 5 new cardboard trees for my Christmas display, and have 5 pairs of pants cut out and waiting to be sewn on my sewing table. There’s a few more things that need doing, but in the spirit of actual Joy during Christmas, I’m not stressing about it. Happy Holidays to you!
    p.s. I live in Oregon, US.

  165. 165. I live in the western suburbs of Chicago, IL US. My plan this week is to finish unpacking my sewing at my new house and discovering treasures I forgot about!

  166. 166. I live in northern Louisiana. It is just starting to get cold enough here that I need a coat. This morning, the boiler at work did not ignite, so it was 63 degrees in my cube!

  167. 167. Hi!! I am from Sydney, Australia
    The thing I love most about where I live (inner western suburbs of Sydney, Australia) is the great mix of people, the sense of community, the awesome cafes and restaurants (with kids not too much sampling of those) and bars (or those!). Plus all the benefits of living in Australia. Come visit!

  168. 168. I live in Victoria, on the wet (not a typo) coast of Canada. Grey and wet. Very grey and very wet. If I’m lucky enough to win the gift certificate, I’ll buy shot cottons. I’m making a Dear Jane quilt with shot cotton, and the more colour, the better. Thanks for the chance to win.

  169. 169. Thank you from Southern California, USA! You had me at Kaffe Fassett in the gift certificate giveaway description.

  170. 170. I live in Ohio in the U.S. and SMS GIVEAWAYS are getting me through the flu. I actually love this Tula prints.

  171. 171. I in Southern CA. The weather has been a bit chilly lately. We might even get rain this weekend. I do love the rain so bring it on πŸ™‚

  172. 172. You saying “comment about anything except don’t say thanks for the giveaway” gave me a chuckle! I’m from Fort Washington, PA, and I’m home with a cold today which on one hand is nice because I needed to sleep, and on the other hand is not so great because I have tons I was planning on getting done today! πŸ™‚ Besides entering giveaways, that is. πŸ™‚ I enjoy your blog!

    • Haha… it’s because sometimes I get the impression that people have a pre-typed up “Thanks for the giveaway! somebody(at)” comment that they go around posting everywhere regardless of what the giveaway post asks for πŸ˜€ I always like it best if people leave a comment that I can respond to in some way, though I’ve been so busy at work that I’ve only been responding to scattered comments instead of making my usual attempt at responding to everyone!

      Hope you’re feeling better!

  173. 173. I am from Auburn Maine. It is currently 34 degrees and raining! Hopefully the temperature doesn’t drop anymore we don’t need any more ice!

  174. 174. I live in Prince George, BC, Canada. πŸ™‚ And right now it is like 8 degrees above freezing and it’s melting all our snow… 😦 Very unusual weather this time of year. And I’m busy sewing up some pj’s for my son as most of his warmer/winter jammies are too small. πŸ™‚

  175. 175. I live in Oshawa Ontario. I’m making it through a week of kindergarten before a 2 week break of sewing. πŸ™‚

  176. 176. Hi, I’m from Lincoln, Nebraska. I tried to link up to your fave shop, but got a bad link message. It’s no sin to give away fabrics that you’re not fond of — after, the old saw is “One [wo]man’s trash is another [wo]man’s treasure. Appreciate your generosity in participating in the giveaway, particularly as busy as you are. Hope things slow down so you have time to enjoy the holidays.

  177. 177. I live in Bothell, WA (well for a week, then its off to Des Moines, WA….) That’s great thing to do with non loved fabrics, thank you!

  178. 178. Long Island NY where it is cold and nasty tonight.. thanks!

  179. 179. Good for you! Even though I’m in the US, I feel guilty about excluding international quilters. I love Tula, live in Cedar City, Utah and enjoyed a most unseasonable nearly 60s day, dreading but hoping for snow so we can sled on Christmas Eve day. Thanks.

    • I understand why people do exclude non-Americans from their giveaways… shipping can be very expensive. The thing for the rest of us is that shipping is ALWAYS expensive – we’re pretty much always sending out of country or bringing things in from out of country, so we always have to absorb those higher costs and it sucks, but we do it because we have no other option. So this… yeah, it’s my one little thing to give us something extra πŸ˜€

      I’m hoping for no snow until after Christmas — my family have a 7 hour drive to come here for the holiday — so I always like the roads to be as clear as possible πŸ˜€ Hopefully if snow hits North American in the next few weeks, it’ll focus itself where you are, but not up here πŸ˜€

  180. 180. Greetings from Los Angeles, CA! This week, I’m hoping to bind 2 baby quilts, quilt 3 pillows, quilt/finish a quilt, and prep another quilt! A bit ambitious perhaps, especially since I’m under the weather! Thanks for the chance. Your quilts are lovely! πŸ™‚

  181. 181. I’m live in Surrey, BC. I’ve been sewing poinsettia Christmas ornaments to give to my family and friends this year.

  182. 182. I’m from Oregon, the beautiful Pacific Northwest in the US. Originally from Chile, but living here with my family for many years. I love Portland. it’s the most beautiful city. It rains a lot, and it is raining right now. We’ve been decorating for the holidays. The tree is up, lights are going up. Tomorrow we are volunteering with my kids at the Local Food Bank, have swim practice and have a busy weekend of swim meets. I think I’ll take my knitting this time.
    Thanks for the chance. Happy Holidays to you!

  183. 183. Hi from Ireland! It looks like we’re heading for a stormy Christmas here!
    I’m mainly a knitter, but I like to play with other media too and would like to take up quilting. The SMS event has been truly inspiring!

  184. 184. I am from Ankara, Turkey, its + 15 and sunny. My smallest boy will start his preschool so Δ° hope to learn knitting and take drive licence for Turkey because i cannot use mine here. And thanks for the giveaway)

  185. 185. I live in Kelowna, BC, Canada . . . but I’m originally from the southern US. I have the accent to prove it! LOL I love love love living in Canada, except for the shipping costs, which I’m sure those outside the US understand just as well as I do. My crafting goal for next year is to finish up all my UFOs or WIPS, whatever you want to call them. My husband laughs every time I start a new project, because he knows it’ll be awhile before it’s finished. I’m working on a Christmas quilt right now that I will get finished before Christmas – hopefully before our children begin arriving for Christmas next week!

  186. 186. I am in the US. Austin, Texas! This week I am cleaning my house top to bottom to prepare for my Cookie Exchange on Saturday. I haven’t had company since my two year old was born. Wish me luck!

  187. 187. I live in Cape Town, South Africa. It is awfully sunny here at the moment – I’m sure in contrast to your wintery weather. It is my last day of work tomorrow so I am beyond excited! It has been a long year, as it has been my first year of teaching. Rewarding, but tiring.

  188. 188. I live in Maryland, outside of Baltimore. This morning it was sunny but cold (30’s). This afternoon it is cloudy, cold with flurries. Thanks for the chance to win.

  189. 189. I live in Virginia in the Shenandoah Valley…a lovely area. I’m not working on any sewing for christmas this year…maybe in january I can pull out my table and set up my machine. So since i’m not sewing this week…I’m mostly entering giveaways and then when I’ve entered them all, I’ll start on my Christmas cards.

  190. 190. I live in Redondo Beach, CA. I am really excited about the storm that is moving in tonight. I know it is crazy, but I grew up in Florida where it rains nearly every day, but here we only get about 12 rainy days a year. I miss the sound the rain makes hitting the roof. I miss snuggling up under a blanket and taking a nap listening to it. Crazy, right?

  191. 191. I live in Greece, but you already know that πŸ˜‰ and I wasn’t going to enter in your giveaway and then I was like wouldn’t it be fun karma, if I won from you and then you won from me and then i won from you again, we could go on like a merry go round chase of sending each other gifts, have you gotten yours yet?

    • That would be pretty hilarious πŸ˜€ You know I’d have to go find more Hot Tamales for you too.

      I haven’t gotten mine yet, though I did get a lovely postcard from you yesterday! Thanks for that too πŸ˜€ I have a tiny bit of a postcard collection from different places around the world, and Greece is a new one for me.

  192. 192. I live in Walla Walla, Washington, we have high wind warnings today. I have been working on pocket tissue holders for people. πŸ™‚ It is cold/flu season afterall.

  193. 193. I’m in the middle of the US in Missouri. We saw the sun for a little while today after six days of clouds!

  194. 194. I live in Maryland and this year I was ambitious and am making all my Christmas presents. Thank you for the giveaway!

  195. 195. Lovely lovely prizes! Those are in fact my favorite prints from Moonshine, so that works out well. πŸ˜‰ I’m living in Milton Keynes in England – but I moved here from the Netherlands, where I lived for 17 years, and I’m actually from Pittsburgh, PA. The weather here in rainy ‘ole England is very, very rainy. Gray and grim and horrible – but I’m about to go to bed and I love the sound of the rain, so it’s ok just for now. πŸ™‚ Thanks for this awesome giveaway chance!

  196. 196. I live in Lantana, Texas (north Texas)

    I’m preparing for Christmas, doing last minute shopping and cleaning house before the family descends upon us πŸ™‚

  197. 197. I live in the USA in a little town in Washington State close to canadian border. I would love to someday live in Italy. LOL Tula Pink…i haven’t found the perfect pattern yet for all those wonderful large scale fabrics but I have been hoarding them until I do. LOL

  198. 198. i live in Michigan, US
    i really like that Rustic Winter bundle. I would definitely get that if I won!

  199. 199. I live in Northern Wisconsin in the US – we’re so far out that it basically counts as a different country. And I love those Tula prints !

  200. 200. Happy Holidays from sunny (and cold, at least for here) coastal South Carolina, USA. If I don’t get my Christmas shopping wrapped up and mailed out this weekend, someone won’t get their presents on time! Oh, and I need to sew a couple of blocks for a friend. Thanks for participating in the Giveaway Day.

  201. 201. I’m in Los Angeles. And my goal for the next year is to make enough money in my shop to warrant paying taxes! πŸ™‚

  202. 202. I live in north Georgia and I am thrilled because I only have to work one more week before I am off for two weeks for Christmas holidays. I can’t wait!

  203. 203. i’m in Surrey BC, go Canada go lolol Mad about Patchwork is one of my fav shops the other being My Fabricspot, what one doesn’t have the other does and with sooooo few modern online shops in Canada they get alot of my business especial with the dollar down so much, i love that i can get fat quarters of everything too. Oh and those Tula prints are the color scheme that i like the best, i can’t believe you don’t like the Low volume grey that bees are adorable lolol

    • Haha… well, I was back and forth on the bees. I almost didn’t include them, but then did at the last minute because I wanted to put in more than 4 FQs (I couldn’t talk myself into including any of the other prints I had though).

      Yeah, there’s definitely no more buying of fabric from the US from me right now… that exchange rate. Yikes.

  204. 204. Hi I live just outside Victoria on Vancouver Island BC Canada – thanks so much for picking a non-USA winner to give us all an extra chance to win because we are excluded from so many USA giveaways. I love Tula Pink and my granddaughter of 10 yrs of age will love a dress made of the ones you are giving away. I used to live in Kanata 30 yrs ago which is very very near Stittsville where there used to be a fantastic flea market every SUnday. I will include my email address because I prefer to use this one: perry94022 at hotmail dot com

  205. 205. I’m in Ontario, Canada. I plan on putting up my Christmas tree this weekend.

  206. 206. I’m in the US, and I like your idea. And I am going to be working two 12hr shifts this weekend. (It’s not all that bad; I kind of like working weekends since the hospital is little quieter).

  207. 207. I’m a Scottish girl living in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Today it is sunny and cold here.

  208. 208. Wisconsin, USA. It’s supposed to be fairly warm here this weekend – almost 50ΒΊF (looks like we won’t have a white Christmas)

  209. 209. Greetings from WA state. It’s actually sunny out today! My goal for next year is to learn how to make my own binding!

  210. 210. Hi from OH. Love your rules to pick winners and I agree Tula is fab!

  211. 211. I’m in Texas! We just moved back after being KY residents for 8 years so we are super happy to be Texans again and to be closer to family!

  212. 212. I live in Northern Colorado, USA. Next year I’m going to try to make some quilted bags, in the style of Yoko Saito. πŸ™‚

  213. 213. Hi there, I live in a tiny town about an hour east of Vancouver, BC, called Pitt Meadows.
    I have big plans for tomorrow…I have an appointment to go to the christmas hamper society recycle store and shop(for free) for things for my family! It is all donated, gently-used items like clothes, shoes, bedding and household goods. Sometimes there are new things too.
    It has been a really hard year for us(I am on a small Disability pension and my Hubs can only work part-time as he has to take care of me). To all of you out there…please consider donating those Christmas presents that you receive, but may not like or use, to your local Christmas Hamper Society, and also Food Banks need support too! Did you know that Food Banks can get double your value of donation, as they can buy in bulk? EX: a $25 donation(in many places tax deductible) can bring $50 and more with of food when the Food bank spends it! Yay!

  214. 214. I live in Edinburgh, Scotland and I love fabric surprises of all kinds!

  215. 215. I live in UT, USA. Right now I am excited for Christmas when I will see my family!

  216. 216. I live in Missouri, USA and this weekend I get to hang out with my fiber gals and do some weaving.

  217. 217. I am from Clyde, Tx. It’s actually quite cloudy and cool out at the moment but still really pleasant. Not much going on this weekend except working and hopefully some painting getting done.

  218. 218. I am writing from not so cold, but definitely dark, Sweden! I have plenty of sewing ot do, but I have had such fun just browsing blogs like yours today and looking at all the wonderful quilts. Filling the well!

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