Brown and Lime Hashtag Quilt

I finished a thing! And this thing was both my A Lovely Year of Finishes January goal AND my first project on my Finish Along Quarter One list!

Brown and Lime Hashtag Quilt

This photo was just for my sister who, when I was lamenting the lack of clean outdoor places to photograph this quilt, suggested that I use her fresh-from-the-car-wash car as a backdrop. There was too much sun, but the car was nice and clean… The quilt, too, was sort of for my sister. She commissioned it for a friend of hers who was having her first baby. The new parents didn’t know if they were having a boy or a girl, so they were doing their nursery in browns and lime greens, and so that was my only requirements for the quilt. I gave my sister a few options of things I wouldn’t mind to try making, and she choose the one I was rooting for all along, a pattern published in the Spring 2014 edition of Fons and Porter’s Scrap Quilts magazine called 42 Hashtags by Tanya Finken of Squares and Triangles.

Brown and Lime Hashtag Quilt

The original version was made with 42 charm squares plus a little over 1.5 yards of white fabric – I made mine with 2 yards of some random brown in my stash (I think it was a Kona cotton, but I’m not sure) and 42 self-cut charms. I pulled all my fabrics except one out of my scrap drawer, leaning as much as possible on lime and grellow sorts of colours, but with a little bit of sky blue, darker greens, and some yellow mixed in as well.

Brown and Lime Hashtag Quilt

Fourteen of the blocks are made with a solid background rather than a print, which I think gives that hashtag centre of the quilt a bit of a twinkliness, as silly as that sounds. It just changes the way your eye moves around, somehow.

Brown and Lime Hashtag Quilt
Brown and Lime Hashtag Quilt
Brown and Lime Hashtag Quilt

Even though it’s a baby quilt, I didn’t want to have too many children’s prints involved. There are a few novelty-type prints to give a nod to the fact that it is a baby quilt, but otherwise it’s just dots and stripes and other mostly geometric prints. These few animals and the airplane are all I’ve got in that line of things! (And aren’t those sheep from Laurie Wisbrun just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?)

Brown and Lime Hashtag Quilt

I quilted this very simply so that it would remain soft and drapey, creating two sort of ribboned lines horizontally through each row of hashtags, plus through the borders. If I’d had enough time, I’d have done the same thing vertically, but I was a little short, so I did the vertical borders as well, so that it created a row of hashtags down the sides of the quilt. After that, I went back into the centre of the quilt and added vertical quilting lines to each of the blocks with the brown background, so that they have a completed ribbon hashtag, while the rest of the quilt just has the horizontal quilting. I used a green variegated thread, so that I didn’t have to try to colour match the variety of colours in the hashtags. I kind of like the green quilting on the brown – it gives it a little lift where otherwise it’d be a too big, too brown expanse of fabric.

Brown and Lime Hashtag Quilt

I backed the quilt in a flannel with elephants to tie in with the elephant block on the front of the quilt. Colourwise, it doesn’t match my binding very well, which was largely done with that awesome plaid of Denyse Schmidt’s Chicopee line, but to be honest I don’t really care. I love how the binding looks on the front and the flannel feels nice on the back. That’s good enough! It’s not visible in this particular photo, but one corner of the binding was done in the same solid brown as the majority of the front.

Brown and Lime Hashtag Quilt

I really love this quilt and it was the tiniest bit hard to give up. I may have to make another, larger one some day. Love.

Some quilt stats
Name: I mostly call it the Brown and Lime Hashtag quilt, but that’s because I’m never creative with names.
Pattern: 42 Hashtags by Tanya Finken
Size: About 39″ x 43.5″
Fabric: Assorted green, yellow, and blue prints, with a Kona cotton background, which I think is Espresso, but I can’t find my colour card to doublecheck.
Backing: Cheapie green and white elephant flannel
Binding: Denyse Schmidt’s Simple Plaid in Lime from Chicopee

Posting a #fridayfinish on my blog today about my green and brown hashtag quilt... Love these fabrics I put into it!

So if you made it all the way to the bottom of this ridiculously long post,.. you can be entered to win 42 charms in lime, grellow, green, yellow, and blue fabrics, all cut straight from my stash! They’re not an exact match to the 42 from my quilt, because some of them I didn’t have enough fabric to make two charms, but there are 42, which is enough to make this quilt (or something like it!) for yourself. If you’d like to be entered to win, just leave a comment telling me what you might do with these charms if you won them. (I’m perfectly okay with you saying, “I have no idea!” or that you’d filter them into your own scrap stash to be used as you find the perfect place for them.) [Edited to add: please don’t add this to any sites that compile lists of giveaways. I don’t care who enters my giveaways – they’re open to anyone – but I prefer they go to someone who is reading this because of a link-up I’ve joined or because they just read my blog, rather than because they’ve hit on a site that links them all up.]

Also, edited to add: I forgot to say when I’d do the drawing! All entries need to be in by Thursday, February 5 – I’ll do the drawing when I get home from work on Friday morning.


37 thoughts on “Brown and Lime Hashtag Quilt”

  1. It wasn’t hard to make it here. I totally love this quilt and the quilting. I have no idea….grin.

    1. Haha… I guess it’s not the longest post ever (I’ve certainly written longer), but it took me nearly 2 hours to write, so I think it FELT a whole lot longer to me! I worked a night shift last night and haven’t slept yet (because I needed to get this post up for the A Lovely Year of Finishes link up) and I was pretty afraid the whole way through of either falling asleep, face down on my laptop keyboard, or typing something completely insane, because that’s kind of what I do when I’m so tired. (I’ll start sentences the way I mean to and then sort of drift off into some kind of sleep-typing that usually involves whatever my sleepy brain is thinking about which rarely has anything to do with what I’m trying to type about.)

  2. I love this quilt… The colours are perfect and it looks so crinkly cozy too!! If I won the charms I would make a baby quilt because I have 3 friends expecting… Perfect timing indeed!! Thanks!

  3. Hi there Kristel,
    I’m thinking a modern tote bag! I really need a more adult, less cutesy tote now that I am in the later part of my 40’s! ha ha ha
    Thanks so much for the giveaway,
    Jacqueline in Pitt Meadows

  4. I lovethe colors of your quilt, and the baby won’t outgrow it so soon. CDahlgren at live dot com

  5. I can see why it would be hard to give up this quilt, it looks so awesome and I don’t even like brown!

  6. I hate brown. I love this quilt! So cuddly! Since I have a new grandson due in a few months I will most likely make something for him. Maybe this same quilt?

  7. I love, love, love your quilt! I might try to make a quilt like yours. More likely I’d pet it and try to wrestle it away from my youngest who is two and thinks any fabric I have she ought to be able to hold as well. Did I mention I really love your quilt? I really do.

  8. my green charms in my stash are kind of lacking right now so they would be happy there until we get to the green month on the scrapbusters month

  9. A finished thing! I think it looks great and I love your quilting, especially how you just did the vertical sides in the border. Hope the baby’s family will love it (because hey, we know the baby won’t really care lol).

    If I won the charms they’d sit in my scrap area which needs a serious tidy… and then I’d have to plan a proper scrap project!

    1. Haha… too true about the baby 😀 Apparently the mom almost cried over it, so I think that’s a good sign?

      You’ve done some pretty interesting scrap projects! (Even if your scraps are super tidy!) Your cat quilts were scrappy and the ROYGWHATEVERTHEHECK was too, wasn’t it?

      1. Nah, my Supernova was cut from stash (some of the pieces required about 3/4 yard). And at least for the later cats I made, I cut pieces as I went from the fabrics I used (the earlier ones I did have to pull from scraps). I always forget to even look in my scrap bin when choosing fabrics and only ever really used them for bee blocks since I generally only needed small pieces for those. I am using some scraps for the Tula Pink mini swap I joined but that’s still going to be specific scraps (from one collection). I really need to work out some kind of complete scrap project! I’m trying to make this year the “get yourself together” year and finish off some WiPs and ideas I have because I really want to buckle down and do things properly (try and concentrate on my style, or what I want to do, not just random stuff I find on the internet and whatnot if that makes sense?)

        1. Eh, the cat quilt is still a scrap quilt, even if you made the cats while you were still using the fabric for other projects… pulling the fabrics from a scrap bin doesn’t make it scrappy, using an assortment of leftover bits (or what would otherwise have been leftover bits) is what made it scrappy.

          I really get the wanting to get other things dealt with thing… I sometimes finish something really old (or just fish it out and look at – it’s not like finishing is a particular skill of mine) and can’t see anything of myself in it anymore (if ever I could). So I definitely have that desire to see what I’d make – what my “style” would be – if I didn’t have 10 years of unfinished projects hanging guiltily over my head.

  10. Love your quilt! I’m finishing up a Quilt As You Go quilt right now, and have loved the whole process, so I think I’d probably use your charm squares to start another one.

  11. So I think you’re ahead of the curve with Marsala being the pantone color of the year. And the lime green is a perfect color to camoflage the baby spit up stains. For the charms, they would probably disappear into my stash, although there is a paper pieced quilt in a magazine I would like to do in greens and corals. Personally I prefer scrappy quilts for that movement, as you said.

  12. I just saw this post. Your quilt looks amazing! Thanks for sharing! (P.S. You don’t need to enter me into your drawing) 😉

  13. I’ve been making green and brown quilts lately too, but yours looks so much nicer and coordinated. I like camping, so I’ve been using camping/nature/wild animal novelty fabrics for camp-themed lap quilts. These charm squares would work perfectly to add some modernness to a camping quilt. I can see why the mother was so happy to receive this special quilt!

  14. Oh my, what a fabulous quilt. I’m very tempted to use this pattern simply to annoy my daughters who hate it when I say hashtag (you are so NOT cool Mum!). And I love that grellow is a colour! I use them over time in a variety of projects.

  15. Nice finish! And I agree, you can’t go wrong with backing a quilt in flannel – I’ve done that several times, and would like to give minky a try at some point too. If I won the charms…I think I’d have to tuck them away for now, I’ve got a bunch if things I’m trying to finish up!

    1. I’d really like to try minky too, though I never have because I heard so many complaints about it being stretchy etc. (Though I think I’ve also heard that they’re better constructed these days than when minky first came out and it would shed all over everything and stretch like mad.) I think it’d be ridiculously soft, though!

      I definitely understand trying to finish up other things .. I’ve got so many unfinished projects (and projects I wish were in progress) that it feels like I should never start anything new ever again.

  16. That is an awesome baby quilt! I love the colours, and that it has a few fabrics that give a nod to baby things, but it will certainly be able to grow with the baby into toddlerhood and way beyond! I have no idea what I would do with the 42 charms if I were to win, but it’s always fun to have little bits of different fabrics, so I’d love to add them to my stash! Thanks for linking to TGIFF.

    1. Thanks! The colours were a lot of fun, I’m glad the parents were looking for something as interesting as that and not something too babyish or boring (I’ve got friends who have a white nursery – so dull!).

  17. Really liking the colors and think the blue addition was a great choice. With family getting married this summer I see baby quilts in my future, so who knows. I like that the hashtags are different sizes. Otherwise my new favorite thing with charms has been to make needle cases. Usually with a paper pieced pattern on front. I’m still working on my gypsy quilt so some may end up in there, ha! Thanks!

    Ps. Reading above I just lined a doll cape with minky; it does stretch. Bit frustrating, but manageable. Well received.

  18. I love your quilt and I’d love to make one!
    Do you know if the pattern is available elsewhere as I’ve never seen this magazine in the UK????

    1. I was going to suggest emailing the lady who wrote the pattern, but I decided to google the pattern name and found this.

      It’s an easy little quilt and looks so stunning finished! I think I’ll definitely have to make another one some day.

  19. This turned out really well. I had a hard time visualizing the finished project but now I see! So cool! I’d probably change my mind about 100 times if I had your charms to work with so for now I’ll go with turning them into hexies and mixing them with my blues in a quilt.

    1. Someday I’m going to have to make a quilt with hexies, I mean, an EPP one (I’m part way through quilting one that was done all on my machine, and just appliqués the hexies to a background material). Blue and green sounds like a great combo! I’ve got so many blue and green scraps I keep thinking I should start a scrap project that would use some of them up.

  20. I think brown is too often overlooked, it makes such a good foil for the lime here. Didn’t expect a giveaway and maybe you won’t post internationally but those charms would find their way into many projects I’m sure 🙂

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