The Pink and Orange Quilt

So I’m kind of at a boring stage in the making of things… by which I mean I’m putting the top of a quilt together, but it’s not really much fun to show because it’s kind of neither here nor there right now.


Right now the sort of… central body of the quilt is in three parts. That’s two of them, pinned together and ready to be sewn. It’s been sitting on my table for a couple days because it’s been so cold and miserable that I haven’t felt like sewing (and have only felt like taking hot baths and/or sleeping and/or cooking warming things like stew and Cuban Smashed Potatoes), but I’m determined to get at least that centre part sewn together by Thursday afternoon.

I really need to press that again, but that Best Press is actually not scent free and smells so bad that I hate using it. (I feel like my lungs are full of the stuff every time I use it, even if I only use it very, very lightly.)


And here is the other third of the blocks of this quilt, along with the borders, which are as thick as the blocks are themselves! It’s going to have a… non-standard setting, in a way, which lead to the exceptionally wide (for me) borders. I don’t love big borders… I never know how to quilt them. But I think I’m just going to do the same all over quilt job, borders, blocks and all. This isn’t really a quilt that I think I’m going to love – when I see individual blocks I like them and I basically like all the fabrics involved and I like the block pattern that I chose, but I find the colours overwhelming when they’re all laid out together pink! coral! orange! floral! – so I’m thinking of it as good practise and I’m going to use it to practise quilting spirals. Just a pretty basic spiral type thing. I need to watch some more Craftsy classes and find one of the ones where Leah Day shows how she does them.

Anyway, here I am talking about it:

You won’t learn anything from that video that I haven’t already told you, at least I don’t think so, but I don’t know. Maybe it’ll be more interesting(ish?) in person?


11 thoughts on “The Pink and Orange Quilt”

  1. Putting the top together is one of my least favourite parts too.

    Making the first few blocks? Fun!
    Making the last few blocks? Exciting!
    Making the blocks in between? Am I nearly finished yet?!
    Putting the top together? I just want a full top already!!

    1. It really doesn’t help that I’m not exactly excited by this quilt either… I mean, it’s good in some ways (I don’t care so much if I screw something up!), but it’s really hard to get all on fire about finishing it when I don’t really love it. I don’t even have someone to give it to, which is another way that I can sometimes talk myself into being excited about moving a project along. Oh well. I really do like the pattern though… enough that I just bought a bunch of fat quarters in some fabrics that I like better so that I can make another larger version of the same thing for myself. (I’m going to do it in Art Gallery Indie fabrics. That one is such a weird line because I don’t really like the prints much, but I like the overall vibe of all the prints in combination. I think it’ll be good in something where it’s all a mish-mash.)

  2. Loving your pink & orange combo… and while I can’t see the whole thing, the black & whites seems to give it a real ‘punch’ !! Linda

    1. Thanks, Linda! It’s certainly not going to be my favourite make ever, but it seems to appeal to other people more than it does to me, so maybe I’ll just have to find the right person to give it away to, or something 😀

  3. When i have a quilt that is brighter or busier than I intended it to be, I sometimes try to ground it with a more subdued border. I wonder if putting darker, more subdued sashing between the sections might also help tone it down (if that is what is making you not love it). Personally, I think it looks great so far!

    1. It’s what I’d probably normally do – put in sashing to calm it down a bit – but I didn’t want to add any more fabric to it than I had to (just 12 FQs plus 1 yard for the border) and I think the blocks work better directly beside one another, rather than spacing them out. I think the border, which is quite white, will help it a little bit.Probably not enough for my tastes, but that’s just because a pink and orange combo isn’t my thing 😀 Anyway, someone will like it, even if it’s not me, and it’ll still be warm either way.

    1. Thanks! It’s interesting/odd working on something that feels so UNLIKE me. Anyway, it’s nice to think of it as something I can use for practise and it won’t be so hard to live with if something gets really messed up in the quilting 🙂

  4. From what I can see…. I think this is going to be a very striking quilt. Love the combo of the orange and pink with the black and white. And the pattern is lovely! It might not be the quilt that’s the only thing getting you down. This time of year is hard on the psyche. Hope you can find the motivation to overcome and finish!

    1. Yeah, we’re having pretty decent weather in Calgary (we might be the only part of the country that’s not drowning in too much snow and cold weather), but it’s definitely the most difficult part of the year for me and I’m having a lot of motivation problems in general. I’m getting there, but it’s sure taking a long time! (I should be basting the quilt right now, but I keep doing the “I’ll just start it at 2:30” “Nah, it can wait, I’ll just start it at 3” “Three is too early, I’ll get started at 3:30” thing so all day I’ve been putting it off. But basting is my least favourite part, so once I get there it should be fine 😀 Might not finish it in February (short month!) but it’ll be close, at least.

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