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Sunday Stash: Tula Edition


So about three weeks ago, QuiltsFromTheAttic on Instagram posted a request asking people to share photos of their Tula Pink stash. Because I’m slow, I hauled all my fabric out of my closet, but then took a week to take phots, and then took two more weeks to finally write about it here. (How long will it take me to hit the “Publish” button? Who knows!) Oh… hey, Nicholas has a blog, too! Once upon a time everyone I followed on Instagram was someone whose blog I read, and now it seems I follow all kinds of people who have blogs I don’t even know exist.

Anyway, for Sunday Stash this week I thought I’d give you the complete picture of my Tula stash. I think if you’ve followed me for long, you probably know I have a sometimes complicated relationship with my fabric stash. Meaning I love it and I’m constantly adding to it, but I feel horribly guilty about having and not using so much STUFF. I have a slight aversion to using my Tula Pink stuff too because… what happens when it’s gone?! What if I make something and it comes out ugly?! But it’s pretty ridiculous to own fabric and just… shelve it with no apparent intent to use it. It exists with a purpose in mind, so I’d really like to get it there, you know?

At any rate, here goes…

Tula Pink Stash

When I first started buying Tula Pink fabric I didn’t really know who she was or what she was about – this was when Plume came out. I was in love with the feathers and I’m almost certain that I got my first credit card specifically so that I could buy some Plume fabric online, since I couldn’t find it anywhere in person. Because I was less afraid then of ruining something that already seemed perfect, I whipped most of it up into a quilt top right off the bat (note: I’ve specifically said “quilt top” because I’ve never actually quilted that quilt…), and the bits shown here and in the photo below are about all that are left of it!

Tula Pink Stash

I think of these two photos as sort of the ‘leftovers’ of my Tula collection, by which I mean that they’re bits and pieces where I don’t have anything nearly approaching the whole line. One or two pieces of Prince Charming, a little bit of Hushabye, scraps of Plume. These are pretty much all fat quarters or less, except for the pink birds in the top photo, which I’ve got something closer to a yard of and the red Plume fabric, which I’ve got half a quilt backing of (I sold the other half and then it disappeared into the ether, along with a full shoe box of Tula fabrics). I gave away nearly all of the Moonshine fabric I’d bought, except for these FQs here and some below, which I bought to make into a particular quilt top.

Tula Pink Stash

These four Moonshine fabrics will eventually be a Bright Sky quilt, using the pattern from Alyce at Blossom Heart Quilts. These are my most favourite prints from this line – even though there were some cute bits and pieces in some of the other prints, I really didn’t like them much. These butterflies, though? I could keep a bolt in each colour they’re so lovely.


I’ve actually had a lot of mixed feelings about most of Tula’s newer lines. Foxfield. Not a big fan. I bought that ubiquitous Craftsy kit and then when I saw all the troubles people had putting the quilt together, I put these three jelly rolls and bits of yardage into the closet and didn’t really look at them again. There were a few blender prints that I liked from the line, but by and large it left me cold.

Of course… I also felt the same about Neptune, back when it was still readily available. It took me a long time to come around on Neptune and then I frantically started buying it up once I realized how awesome it is.

Tula Pink Stash

It’s not all in these photos, but I think I added it up once upon a time and discovered that I’ve got around 17 yards of Neptune fabric. Crazy cakes. And yet I won’t share a scrap of it, even with people I really, really like because I haven’t decided yet what I want to make with it and what if I give away some crucial piece that I can never get back?

I am, in all ways, completely irrational about this line of fabric.

When I was buying this fabric, I really hated the coral colourway most of all and so I hardly bought any of it, but now I feel like it’s really important to the collection as a whole – it helps tie everything together and gives spark and life and why didn’t I buy more of it?

Tula Pink Stash

So 17 yards and this isn’t even the complete collection! I know I didn’t buy some of everything, I came late to the party so some things were already getting very hard to find and I wasn’t willing to spend stupid amounts to get it. The only thing that could pry any of this fabric out of my hands is the prospect of trading for the prints I haven’t got. So if you recognize anything that’s missing and want to trade some of something you’ve got for some of something I’ve got… give me a shout! I might (might!) be persuaded.

Tula Pink Stash

I always felt like Saltwater was an attempt to return to the awesomeness of Neptune. I don’t think it got nearly there, though I do largely like it. When I pulled this one out to photograph I discovered that one of the prints is missing! I mean, I think there’s one missing anyway. Shouldn’t there be a green life saver ring? What the heck?!


Parisville has long been a favourite of mine. Another one where I’m paralysed by indecision… how can I possibly use it and make the most of it? Because there’s got to be some awesome way of making use of the portraits!

Tula Pink Stash

Because these are sublime. But I’m not even sure that I’ve got complete faces for each of the three looks (ship, lion, and mouse). I sold most of the yardage I had (it was part of that lost shipment) so I haven’t got a lot left to work with, should I ever figure out how best to make use of these.

Tula Pink Stash

This line and Plume made some of the earliest “girly” in-roads into my life. I never liked feminine, girly, pretty things so I was a bit dumbfounded to like this so much, but I really did fall in love with it. When I was a kid I was obsessed by the decadence of some of these earlier time periods – I poured over library books about Fabergé eggs and royal jewellery collections and the clothing of the late 18th century France – so I suspect this line sort of appealed to that part of me.

Tula Pink Stash

Acacia is another line that I had a bit of mixed feeling about. I didn’t love it immediately and hadn’t planned to buy any, but then I saw it in a store and couldn’t stop myself from buying a bunch of Fat Quarters of the line. I whipped it up into a quilt top straight away, but then never did baste and quilt it. I’m loosely planning to use it for Free Motion Quilting practise, but I guess I need to turn these raccoons into a quilt backing if that’s going to happen…

Tula Pink Stash

My favourite prints in this line were these blues and greens. I’m not quite sure why because the purples are pretty great too. I really love the blenders from this line, but the focus prints – the raccoons are oddly appealing, but those flowers with the weird stems? – are not my favourite. I don’t really get the pineapple slice prints or those butterflies made of plants or the little triangle/butterfly things (what are they?!), which just seem so stiff and angular and geometric compared to the rest.

Tula Pink Stash

The last thing I’ve got is this collection of “bricks” of Tula prints. I took two places in a group that swapped 5×10 pieces of Tula fabrics, so I got two each of all these prints, which I think might get turned into a plus quilt, someday. But then again, maybe not… maybe I’ll just use bits and pieces as the urge takes me. We’ll see, I suppose.

So that’s pretty much the collection. Except that when I hauled these all out of the closet to take photos, I had a minor little panic about all the prints I didn’t buy and how much I might someday regret never having bought them. And then my income tax return came back from the government and… well. I went on a bit of a binge. In fact, I went on a fairly spectacular binge. So next week, if I can get my ass in gear, I’ll post the NEW additions to my own little closet full of Tula fabric. There are yards worth. Yards.

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Author: clumsykristel

I'm a 30-ish quilter, and occasional sewist and embroiderer. I mostly talk about crafty things I'm working on, or wish I were working on.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Stash: Tula Edition

  1. Your post on Tula fabrics is right on. I am very late to the Tula party and after trying to find her older fabrics, decided to focus on storing up the newer ones. Why store them up? No reason except I don’t want to be late to the party in the future!!!! Thanks for your gorgeous photos!!! Envious of your Tula collection!!!

    • Haha… maybe one day you can sell some of yours at inflated prices and get something back 😉 It’s SO hard to find anything from the older lines, it’s like a miracle when you spot them anywhere (at regular prices, anyway)!

  2. I’ll be honest I don’t really know whose fabric is whose or what line it is from except for In the Beginnings fabrics. I seem always to be able to recognize those and I often like them. I do remember the acacia line when it came out though because people were going nuts about it. I think there are some pretty cute fabrics in that one. I think the raccoons would make a great back!

    • You know, I really hated those racoons when they first came out.. they seemed so creepy! But then I decided to use them for a quilt back and started to come around. Eventually I’ll get basted my Acacia quilt though and then I’ll get to put them to use 😀

  3. I haven’t been to fussed on Tula’s new lines. The Birds and the Bees came out when I was starting to buy fabrics for my own quilting and I really liked that one because of the colours and I think it has some really awesome prints in it (lady bugs! Swallows! the dizzying illusion print!) Pink Castle Fabrics had a few Prince Charming prints in the sale section around the same time (probably where most people got the prints they sell for a million dollars… sigh) and I picked up a couple of those – but only what I liked/wanted… Then i pre-ordered Saltwater because I liked the look of that one but since then… meh. The new upcoming one Eden is kind of meh looking too. I had been looking out for true Colours but after looking at the pictures of that, I’m starting to feel meh on that one too (it seems too saturated/tone on tone).

    Bits and pieces out of the lines are great (like the Acacia dots, and I don’t mind the pineapples though didn’t buy any because it seems like a weird print to be able to use) but too many of them have just been plain ugly (the stem one on the pink background is completely hideous and the Elizabeth face looks too creepy, like the eyes follow you).

    Overall, I love her use of colours and a bundle of her fabrics stacked together looks great, but looking at each print separately they kind of lose my interest (especially looking at the pink stems ahhhhh).

    • I find she’s pretty hit and miss and just generally speaking I far prefer her older lines to her newer ones. I think she does really fantastic blender prints and I love the level of detail that gets into things, but there’s often something just a little bit odd about her larger, focus prints. I’ve mostly come around on the Elizabeth selfies, but they do have a kind of flat, dead around the eyes look to them, don’t they? I liked them much better in person than I did on photos, but I’m wonder if they’ll maybe be tough to use in the long run. I guess we’ll see!

      Eden. I don’t know. You know, Tula Pink mostly designs within a very set colour palette, but Eden is a little different. Weirdly I find it a really bad combination of colours though – if you look at her butterfly quilt that she did in it, there’s just no way the three colour palettes look good together! It feels disjointed, somehow. I’m pretty sure I’ll wind up liking the blender prints again, because that seems the be the way it goes with me and her lines, but the tigers? Meh.

  4. You are a fabric nutter. Yes, that is a compliment.

    • Haha.. yeah, it feels pretty ridiculous though. I need to figure out a better work space so maybe I’d actually spend more time sewing and less time planning to sew.

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