Orphan Block Adoption

NOTE: This giveaway/orphan block adoption is now over and the winners have been contacted! Here’s hoping they’re all able to make beautiful things about of these unwanted projects!

Do any of you have old works-in-progress or works-not-in-progress that you don’t love and that don’t make you want to make anything? Cynthia of Quilting is More Fun Than Housework is hosting a link up for sending those old unwanteds out into the world where they might be used and loved. I’ve got three.

I will send out the BLOCKS for free, but if you want the extra fabric (where it exists), I’d ask that you pay shipping (or rather, the portion of shipping above what I’d pay if it weren’t included). And you have to understand that I’m in Canada and shipping rates here are often ridiculous. If you ask, I can let you know approximately what it will be. Try to remember that even if it seems high… You’re getting a bunch of free blocks and fabric,.. so it’s probably not that expensive after all. (Don’t worry. I won’t hold you to it, if you’d rather not pay shipping in the end.)

Here’s the thing. I would like it if these blocks were turned into quilts or whatever for charity, but it’s not a requirement. The real requirement is that you’ll use them and hopefully love them. I’m going to keep this adoption post open until Saturday, June 13. If you’re interested in any of the three things I’m posting, let me know by number which you would like to have. If there is more than one person interested in any of them, I’ll draw names for each project.

1. Amy Butler Midwest Modern Sampler


Fair to say these blocks have spent a few years in a ziplock bag waiting for me to do something, anything, with them; sorry about the wrinkles! There are 12 of the blocks, all of them different, using three different prints, plus the pale pink background.


I think I need to try this photos again later when the sun comes around the side of the house because they look awfully dreary, don’t they?

I believe I had planned originally to do 20 or 30 blocks and there is quite a bit of fabric left if you have thoughts in a similar direction. (This is the part where you’d pay to shipping, if you’re interested in the extra fabric.)

The print on top right was never used in the quilt blocks – it always seemed too big to cut up. It might work if you wanted to expand the size by alternating blocks with “plain” squares and using this instead of a solid? There’s 1 metre of it. There is approximately half a metre of the floral print to the left, plus assorted off-cut scraps. There is a 12″ x WOF strip of the dotted fabric, and 15″ + 6.5″ x WOF of the stripe. The darker pink wasn’t used in the blocks, but it’s a good match and I think I’d intended to use it for sashing or cornerstones or something to do with a border perhaps. It doesn’t need to be included, but it’s a 1 metre cut. And then finally, I’ve got a huge quantity of the pale pink, about 3 yards. It’s an Amy Butler solid. Again, if you just wanted some rather than all, I’d be happy to cut it down for you.

2. Orange and Green Batik Sampler

I started this sampler at the same time as the last one. They both were part of Crystal of Sonnet of the Moon‘s 2009 Modify Tradition sampler and I didn’t wind up loving either of them very much. (No knock on Crystal – I loved her blocks way way more than mine!) For this one I have 9 blocks, plus a 10th with a different yellow background that I thought made it look too much like my grandma’s kitchen.


These blocks used a mix of solid gold, orange, and brown plus the orange and green batik for the main fabrics and then a very pale yellow for the background.

If you’d like to pay to have some or all of the extra fabric shipped out, this is what I’ve got left. Of the batik, there is 24″ x WOF. There is about 10″ x WOF of the gold, 14″ x WOF of the pale yellow, 31″ x WOF of the orange, and about 31″ x WOF of the brown. Plus scraps of all.

3. Pink Bento Boxes


This was originally intended to be a charity quilt that would have been auctioned off at my work for the Breast Cancer Foundation in Canada, but my work has changed the way it does charities and so it isn’t going to work for that any longer. I didn’t photograph it, but if you most solemnly swear to me that it will be used for charity, then I will include a metre or two (whatever I’ve got) of fabric with pink breast cancer ribbons on it, no additional charge. (But seriously, only if it’s for charity.)

There are 16 blocks and they were made by a variety of women across Canada and the US. The particular problem with that is that they’re varying in quality a bit – both in terms of their workmanship and their fabric.

So yes. Check out the other Adoption options at Cynthia’s Orphan Adoption Event. And remember all of this.

1. This post will be open for offers until June 13.
2. If you would like any or all of the things above, leave a comment telling me which, by name or by number.
3. I will draw names if there is more than one person who wants something.
4. I will pay shipping for the blocks only.
5. If you would like some or all of the additional fabric (to be worked out later, once a winner has been chosen), you will have to pay the remainder of the shipping costs. Shipping from Canada is expensive, but our dollar is weak right now, so try to remember a Canadian dollar isn’t going to cost you a full American dollar (or whatever – maybe you’re from a country with a weaker dollar than Canada, though, in which case you should keep that in mind too).
6. If you pay for shipping extra fabric, please remember that YOU are responsible for the cost to send money through PayPal, not me.

15 thoughts on “Orphan Block Adoption”

  1. Oh my! You are certainly getting the old projects out of your sewing room! All three of these projects are going to make lovely quilts and it is so generous of you to pass them on. I know they will find good homes. Thanks so much for your support in my Orphan Adoption Event. It really is appreciated!

  2. Ooh Ooh Ooh … I can only resist begging for these because I MUST stick to my resolution to unWIP, not addWIP this year. All 3 will make beautiful quilts for donation … I hope we’ll get to see photos.

  3. Yes please, I’d be interested in Number 1 then perhaps Number 3 and would be willing and more than happy to pay you for the postage for any yardage too.
    I typically make 2 quilts for charity a year for the two guilds I belong to. I don’t know where it’ll end up, but do know it will go to someone who’s had hard times either health wise, economically, experienced a tragedy or even for a raffle to raise money for the local school’s playground fund which the principal asked if I could help (ah hum….DO!).
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your orphans would be put to good use in a few quilts for Project Linus. My little sewing group does a fundraiser every year, and I do my own separately, to earn funds to support our quilting efforts for Linus, and any donations are quickly put to good use. Last year the dozen of us made over 200 quilts and blankets for Project Linus, and are on track this year to exceed that as long as we can get the materials! Your lovely blocks would certainly be appreciated, and used. I’d be interested in the extra fabric, too, depending on what the shipping would be, as that would come out of my pocket not the group’s.

  5. I only wish I didn’t have so many WIPs myself. The breast cancer blocks are of interest to me and I cannot take them as I have yards and yards of breast cancer fabric to make for charity since I am an almost 10 year survivor. I still am on oral medication (which is virtually unheard) to keep it at bay since I’m high risk. Good choices and I hope you find great homes. Wish I could adopt and would offer for adoption if I had more things in order

  6. The Pink Bento Boxes would be fun to piece together. I’d like to use them for a quilt for the nursing home I work at. I know a resident who would love a pink quilt!

  7. Would love to finish any of these for a fundraiser for someone in town. Small town so things bring in not much but would help if they were free . i quilt my own quilts and put in lots of love.

  8. Wow, what great projects you are giving away! Any of these would make a lovely donation quilt for a teenage girl. Lots of people make baby quilts, but few are offered for teenagers. Good luck clearing out your old projects!

  9. Laurie’s comment really cracks me up! (Three Old Keys) Kristel these are amazing giveaways, but I must resist too. Just hopping over from Cyndy’s fabulous Orphan Project Event to cheer you on!

  10. I would take any of them. It would go to a young mother whose house was recently flooded out. I am making flannel quilts for her kids, but I think she could use a little TLC too.

  11. I would love to finish your bento boxes. As a Canadian I so hear you about the postage costs. I belong to a group called the Scrapbag Quilters. We make charity quilts for community members in need for one reason or another.

  12. These are some pretty combinations. I’m especially interested in number 1 and number 3. I make lap quilts for our local senior center and also some larger ones to donate as raffle prizes for our local animal shelter.

  13. I’d be happy to finish any of the projects for you but really leaning towards one or three if I had to choose. And they’d probably be going to a fundraiser for The North Country Arts and Crafts Workshop to continue to provide classes in the arts (quilting is included) in northern Minnesota.

  14. I would love to finish Quilt Project #3!!!!! I love the pattern and the colours are so yummy!!! This would be a perfect quilt to give you our Hospital Auxiliary and they can decide if they want to give it to a specific person or smoother plan!

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