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Smonday Stash (A day late and, now, many dollars short)


It’s getting on a while since I updated last. Mostly I just kind of wanted a break and summer is always a good time for that, but also I was kind of tired of basically only posting entries when I’d bought fabric. It’s not that I’ve not been working on things – I have – I just couldn’t seem to work up the energy to write about them. And maybe I’m still feeling that way just a little, because I’m going to write today about the fabric I’ve recently bought.

Although I live in a fairly big city with a fair number of fabric/quilt shops, I pretty much never go to any of them. I live in the far north-east of the city and most of the stores are in the south part of the city… and since I don’t have a car that means transit. But yesterday, I sucked it up and took the hour long trip down to My Sewing Room to look for some text print fabrics:


I don’t usually love Halloween (nor any other season) fabrics, but with these I can largely ignore their Halloween-ness. I don’t know the name of the line these prints come from, the selvedges just say they’re created by Echo Park Paper Co. for Andover fabrics. Oh, and they were from 2013. That purple is just gorgeous, though, isn’t it?


The colour in this one came out really wrong – it’s a much darker colour than this, more of a bluey-green, something I wouldn’t call a teal, but… well, just not this. I’m not quite sure how the colour leached out of the photo – I photographed all of these in the same conditions and the rest of them came out really close to real life. Anyway, it’s a print from Piecemakers by Kathy Schmitz for Moda Fabrics.


I don’t know what this print is – I bought a half metre of it and there’s not a scrap of text on any of the selvedge! But I sure do want to fussy-cut some scissors and old-fashioned shoes out of it. The blue in this print is actually the same colour as the blue in the print above and they were stored on the same shelf, so maybe they’re from the same line, but I’ve never known Moda not to print info on their selvedges.


And finally a bit of Daysail from Bonnie & Camille for Moda. This one doesn’t exactly fit in with the colours of the previous bits of fabric. But I was after text, not matching colours.

I decided also to head to another store, one I’d never been to before, which turned out to be located almost immediately beside one of the train stations, Along Came Quilting.

I spent a stupid amount of money here.


Hey look – more text prints! Well, first up is the one non-text print in this batch – the red print in the top left is from L’s Modern Basics for Lecien fabrics. Such a great colour. The purple one is an unknown – no info on the selvedge. I don’t really love the blah blah part of it, but it’s not easy to find really purple purples with text on them, so there it is. And then the red text print is from Pat Sloan’s The Sweet Life for Moda Fabrics. My cold dead heart doesn’t like all the uplifting messages on this one either (I rather text that’s random or is largely unreadable or is in another language), but again: it’s a very red, red. Finally, maths. My selvedge is incomplete, but I can see enough to tell this is called Math Genius and it’s been made by Benartex.


I let myself get sucked in by some super sweet Hello Darling by Bonnie & Camille. I’m not quite sure what it is about their fabrics that makes me buy them, because generally I dislike all things sweet girly pink and floral, but this is at least the third line of theirs that I’ve bought. I’d have bought the green strawberry print if this shop had had it, but they only had two bolts from the line so I guess sometimes you take what you can get.


An in-store made charm pack of whites and greys. (Love me some low volumes…)


I didn’t photograph this one particularly well, but it’s a kit for a blanket called a Burrito Baby Wrap. Hopefully I’ll get it made quickly and then you’ll be able to better see it – it’s a very cute idea. (Alternatively, you can see a different version of this blanket here at Along Came Quilting’s website.)

So that’s that fabric binge! I don’t like writing Sunday Stash posts on days other than Sunday, but I was too busy watching Border Security for hours (and hours!) yesterday to get it done. (And today I’ve been listening to the Lore podcast while writing, so if there’s any random asides in here about werewolves or huldufolk, it’s because I was splitting my attention between fabric and the supernatural.)

Linking up with the ever-fabulous Molli Sparkle’s Sunday Stash.

And check back Wednesday. If I’m not too lazy, I’m hoping to update with a work-in-progress post (because I’m working on lots of things!) and it’ll be attached to a giveaway… it’s my birthday week (obviously I deserve a whole week – it’s one of those big, every five years, birthdays) and that means a giveaway for anyone who might still be thinking I might update again one day.


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I'm a 30-ish quilter, and occasional sewist and embroiderer. I mostly talk about crafty things I'm working on, or wish I were working on.

7 thoughts on “Smonday Stash (A day late and, now, many dollars short)

  1. I still love a good text print. I sometimes feel like I’m 2 years behind the quilt trends, but I like how text prints can fade into the background. Scribble Notes from Architextures is still my favourite. I’ve never been able to get into Bonnie and Camille, don’t they keep reusing the same colour scheme? Well, it’s a nice scheme, but easy to reproduce by mixing and matching different designers.

    • I love text prints too – the boom might be over, but I don’t think it’s a trend that’ll ever really go away now because they’re just so versatile. I love that Architextures print too… I’ve got a bit of it, but it’s one of those ones I wish I’d bought way more of when it as readily available.

      Bonnie & Camille do have a pretty strict colour scheme – pink, red, aqua blue, spring green, navy, and then a rotating cast of orange, yellow, and grey. Their earliest lines were super different (more in that brown and dusty blue/rose kind of zone), but once they settled into this one they haven’t varied a lot. I’ve heard in that past that Moda asks their designers to keep their lines fairly steady in that you could work line 2 in with line 1 and line 3 in with line 2, so that if you don’t have all or enough of any of them, you’re not unable to make them work with something else. I don’t know if that’s true (though certainly I think B&C have kept more closely to that than some other designers, Joanne Figueroa is another one who stays very close to brand all the time), but I could sort of see where it might be.

      With B&C, I’ve found that their lines tend to be things I can picture my Mom and (when she was alive) my Grandma liking, so in the past that’s who I’ve used their lines for. (I really need to finish my Mom’s quilt though… hopefully by Christmas!) I think they tend to have great blenders and background prints, but generally I’m less a fan of their larger focus prints. Their florals rarely set me on fire.

      And that’s more than I ever thought I’d have to say on the subject of B&C prints 😀

  2. I feel you with blogging. I’ve been kind of meh about it lately. Trying to put actually SEWING over blogging about it and then since I still have barely been sewing, I’ve got nothing to blog about! But I’m not really missing blogging and I’ve barely even been on IG much so I don’t know…

    That Halloween text print I *think* is related to that Chillingsworth skeleton guy print stuff? I have some of the it on the cream background and remember seeing someone else’s project and being all excited finding out what it was from but I don’t remember where i saw it now.

    B&C prints really speak to me too though I rarely actually buy them because I can’t justify it! I find it a bit off putting that they constantly just change colours of a certain print (like dots or scallops) to pass of as NEW in each line so its like getting a couple of new prints and some recoloured old ones so I don’t really want to buy a whole collection – except Daysail which was totally different and I loved it for that. I don’t even know why I feel drawn to their lines in general as they’re not really my thing either but they’re just something so sweet and happy about them so I can’t hate them!

    • Sometimes blogging just takes too much mental energy. This summer I just found it SO draining to even think about sitting down and writing something for the blog, so I just decided to let it go for a while – best idea I’ve had in a while. It kind of made me question if it’s worth doing it at all, but then I do like having some record of what I’ve made (because I sure don’t print or otherwise keep pictures of anything, so if flickr ever crashes and dies, I won’t have a record at all of all the things I’ve made and given away!) and I like that it gives me a little bit of an outlet to communicate with people in the real world who also quilt (since I don’t know any quilters in person). I don’t know… it’s definitely a bit of a good/bad thing, but I guess I’m not totally ready to give it up entirely.

      I think you’re right about the Halloween prints… the store had them on walls opposite to one another so I assumed they were separate lines, but I was in a different shop the other day and ran across the whole line together, so it must just have been a space thing or maybe someone putting things away without knowing where they belonged 😀

      Daysail is such an interesting line from B&C – I guess because it really is such a departure for them! Not quite the exact same colour palette they keep using and a lot of prints that are actually fairly different for them. It was a fun change. (I never did buy any of it, though. Other than the last couple weeks, I’ve really reigned in my fabric spending – without making some big proclamation about it this time – so a lot of things have been passing me by that I might have bought, but have been finding myself really not missing them.

      • Yeah, I just haven’t been feeling it lately. I just keep seeing so much stuff where people seem to be fighting to be the BEST AND MOST POPULAR and SPONSORS SPONSORS SPONSORS, just keeping up with the “blogging community” is tiresome! It’s been making me question whether or not I want to continue blogging as well because I can’t keep up with being the biggest and best (which I know isn’t important for personal gain) but it seems disheartening sometimes when Big Names make , well, crap stuff and everyone applauds them for how great it is, and then no one says anything about your own creative work. So whatever. I’m getting addicted to a mobile game at the moment too so have admittedly been on IG less because of that … lol…

        The past 1-2 years, maybe it’s just because I’ve been unemployed for most of it so have stopped looking so closely because of money, but I’ve barely seen anything I’ve liked well enough to buy. And when I have it’s only been one or two things and then I struggle figuring out what else to put in the cart to fill it up and then I stop because I don’t really want to spend money on xyz when I don’t like it that much. It’s only now at the moment there are a handful of things I want – Heather Ross and Lizzy House’s new line in particular, but our dollar is SO BAD. I almost bought something the other day and it converted AU$1 to 68c US. Yikes!! SO I didn’t go through with it. There’s a C&S print I desperately want for the background to a quilt I want to put together but it’s going to work out so expensive if I go through with it !

  3. loved them before they became the trend…….and will love them after. The only good thing about them being trendy is that ;you can find lots of them. Before it was hard. My other crazy fav is skeletons. Anyway do you remember coming into Periwinkle Quilting. I used to manage the store when it was on 8th street and think I remember you. Was thrilled to find your blog really enjoy you. Debbie

    • Oh that’s awesome about Periwinkle! I’d have to see pictures to know if I remember you, but I probably do – it’s funny how we get used to seeing people in stores or wherever without ever really knowing them. I took a class there with a friend once (a double wedding ring table runner) and I was mostly a kind of poor student when I was living in Saskatoon, so I remember mostly buying one or two fat quarters at a time (and there were loose charm squares for sale back then too! so I remember buying those) because that’s all I could ever afford 😀 I still go back there any time I’m in Saskatoon and it’s still one of my favourite quilt shops, even if I hardly ever get there.

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