APQ Quilty Resolutions 2018

Okay, so last year I only posted twice. Which is not great. I’d like to do more, but maybe I just need to only expect myself to do picture posts, and then it wouldn’t be so much work, which always seems to be the reason I don’t want to post. Hm.

Anyway, just like last year, All People Quilt is doing a UFO challenge designed to get people working on old and unfinished projects. And I’ve still got plenty of those. So many of those that I only actually finished 1 of last year (and I probably added another… 5 or so to the WIP/UFO list).


I’m actually just keeping the list from last year, but taking away the finished project and adding in one new one. Maybe this year I’ll knock two off the list? Haha.

All Solids Churn Dash Quilt

Churn Dash

This project was begun as part of the Simply Solids Bee in… 2013 (?) and then again in the Stash Bee in 2014. I can’t remember how many blocks I have, either 30 or 42 and they’ll be pieced together like this, staggered with partial blocks on certain columns. I’ve got all my blocks, but need to piece them into a top, which then needs to be basted, quilted, and bound.

Baby Moda Love Quilt

Moda Love

A baby quilt (or very large mini quilt?) using the Moda Love Charm Quilt pattern. It looks brown in this photo, but it’s actually a burgundy/maroon sort of background. I wanted to put a border on this – it’s only 32″ square – but wasn’t able to track down any of the prints that I thought would work best for a border (namely one of the burgundy/maroon-y ones), so it might just stay a small quilt. Needs to be basted, quilted, and bound.

Blue Nine Patch Quilt

First Project Ever

This was my first project ever and has been a UFO for over 10 years. The top is pieced (the blocks by hand, even!), just needs to be basted, quilted, and bound.

Blue-Orange Big Block Quilt

[No existing photo?!]

My second oldest UFO, this was in progress when I moved to Calgary almost 10 years ago. I might be wrong, but I think it’s basted and just waiting to be quilted. For all I know, the pins are rusted into place. I think I won’t like this one much when I fish it out from the closet again, but it’d be good to knock such a long-standing project off the list!

Carolyn Friedlander Random Patchwork Quilt

Botanics Random Patchwork

A truly dreadful photo – I should pull this one out of storage just to get a better shot of it. Needs to be basted, quilted, and bound.

Scrappy Log Cabin Charity Quilt

Okay, I haven’t got a decent photo of this, but I’ll upload one when I’ve got some decent light to do it in. This is a small baby size quilt, which will be donated to a children’s charity.

Dad’s Quarter Section Quilt

Quarter section quilt

This one is further along than the picture implies – all the blocks are sewn, they just need to be pieced into rows and then a top and then to be basted and bound.

Doctor Who Quilt

Dr Who Quilt-in-Progress

I had big plans for the border on this quilt, so most of the quilt is pieced… just the side border needs to be finished. Maybe the answer will be to scale back the border idea,… but I like that border idea. I guess we’ll see what happens! Once the border is worked out, then it needs to be basted, quilted, and bound.

Halloween Plus Quilt

Halloween Plus Quilt

I usually don’t go for holiday specific quilts, but this one is pretty subtle and in slightly unusual colours – rust, teal blue, deep purple. I don’t have a good photo of it, but the top is completed, it just needs to be basted, quilted, and bound.

Midnight Mystery QAL Quilt

Midnight Mystery Quiltalong

I really don’t like to finish quilts, do I? This is another, yet another, that just needs to be basted, quilted, and bound.

Mom’s Hexi Quilt (Confetti Go Lucky)

Q1 FAL projects

This one is getting to be a pretty long standing UFO of mine, and as it’s meant to be a gift, I’d really, really like to get it done! It’s partially quilted, but there’s still a long road to go (because I had the GENIUS idea of quilting it with quarter inch spacing around all the main units.. quarter inch!!). Quilting and binding is all that’s left.

Plume Quilt

Fabric Friday: Tailfeathers in Lime

I seem not to have a picture of this quilt top, which is about throw sized and has been laying around for several years. I wanted to try to quilt feathers on it, but was terrified of trying. I think I’m finally ready to just give the feathers a go, whether they turn out good or bad. So basting, quilting, and binding is all that’s left.


So that is where that is at! Twelve projects desperately in need of finishing! All People Quilt has already revealed their pick for January, so I suppose I can reveal that Number Twelve – the Plume quilt is my goal for January! This is one of my oldest quilt tops, something I put together in the first couple years after I moved to Calgary. (So.. it’s probably 8 or so years old. Well, I guess it would be whenever Tula Pink released the Plume line.)

I’ll also be participating in One Monthly Goal, hosted by Elm Street Quilts and I’m making this my January goal. Because I don’t need to make life harder on myself by having two goals!

Elm Street Quilts


8 thoughts on “APQ Quilty Resolutions 2018”

  1. You got a lot done that isn’t represented from last year’s list. So I think you should be proud of what you DID get done instead of bummed about what didn’t get finished. You did the churn dash in the birthday blocks one year, I recognize at least one of my blocks in there (bright green and purple). You have it split between the top and bottom of the quilt. I can’t wait ti see that one done , it’s such a fun bright quilt. And I am really looking forward to the plume quilt. That one has been hanging about a long time, I recognize that fabric. I think I have a scrap of it. Look forward to seeing your progress. Go Kristel go!

    1. I’m really not that bothered about what I didn’t finish last year.. I found it kind of funny that out of 12 options I only finished one and waited for most of the year to do even that one (it was the January project from the list in 2017). I’m not really sure why this is, but I’m really bad at following goals I set for myself… basically I need a deadline that matters or I’ll just do a little of anything else 😀

      I’m looking forward to the churn dash too… it’s absolutely one of my favourite blocks and I love all the bright colours in that one.

  2. Feathers are fun to quilt! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.

    1. Thanks for the best wishes! I’ve only done a little bit of practice with feathers and having done more than a few small ones for practice, but here’s hoping it goes well! Done is better than perfect, right?

  3. oh, I love that bird in the fabric for this month’s project. Go for the feathers!!!! They’re actually quite forgiving once you get going. Give yourself permission to make grade-school feathers to start with if you need to, or use a chalk pencil or soap sliver or something to sketch some in first if that helps. I had to sketch all of mine for some time before I was comfortable starting to freehand them.

    1. Thank you! I’ve done a little practise with feathers and don’t feel too bad about my chances with it, though I have got a stencil and a pounce pad, which I’m keeping in reserve in case I need it 😀 I think probably I’ll chalk in the beginning and then see how it goes over time! That fabric was one of the first lines I ever really fell in love with, when I started realizing how much good stuff was out there (and there’s so much more good stuff out there now). It’ll be exciting to have a quilt made with it!

  4. I love all your quilts! Quarter inch quilting! LOL…….been there and done that……..worth it in the end though. I had to keep reminding myself that “I love quilting” and “this is fun”


    1. That’s so true! I do wish I’d have started with at least half inch distance instead, but since I didn’t I think the real solution is to do it free motion. I’d been using my walking foot, which is great for even stitch length on long straight stretches, but it’s really awkward and frustrating when you’re turning all those quarter inch lines around a 4-in hexagon.. if I can get my stitching steady enough with a FMQ foot, I could go all the way around without having to rotate the entire quilt 6 times for each pass. That would speed things up substantially!

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