Sunshine (on a cloudy day)

So last year I decided not to participate in so many swaps, and so I didn’t, but then I missed doing it. It’s fun doing swaps… you get to try things you might never otherwise try and you have the benefit of quick finishes so you’re not adding another WIP to the pile (which, of course, is my usual MO). So when I ran across a quilted postcard swap on Instagram, I had to join!

This swap was run by Patty of Elm Street Quilts and had some fun and easy requirements. All we did was give a prompt word and then we made our cards based on the prompt that our recipient requested… however we wanted to interpret that prompt.

Postcard I made and sent away

With this project I decided to try out trapunto and doubled up my batting under the round bits. It doesn’t show so well in any of the photos I took, but there is a huge amount of puff. I had planned originally to use a different shade of yellow in each of six squares, but got distracted by the idea of improv piecing and so landed on this look instead. To be honest, I’m not sure if I like it as much as I’d hoped I would, but I don’t dislike it either. It just sort of makes me go, hmm.

Postcard I made and sent away

So, can you guess what prompt I received?

Well… it was ‘Summer’ but I immediately thought of sun and sunshine..

Postcard I made and sent away

It’s just been nothing but snow, snow, and more snow this year. I’m desperate for some summer sun.

Funny thing… my prompt word was ‘Glow’ and I was sent some summer sun by Mommaneen on Instagram:



Also, there will be a postcard parade at Patty’s blog, Elm Street Quilts, on April 7, so do go check it out! I really should have held this post until then!


8 thoughts on “Sunshine (on a cloudy day)”

  1. YOU NEED SUN !! Oh gosh, all that snow. Bright cheery project, and I like the way the circles are somewhat connected to each other with the fabrics that move between them. 🙂 One of your flickr photo’s is not showing on your post, a broken link perhaps?

    1. Oh thanks for the head’s up! I had changed the size of the picture and I did change the link, but it doesn’t seem like it “took” the change. Sigh. Anyway I will get it fixed!

      I think we’re supposed to get another 3-5 inches of snow again tomorrow… we just can’t escape the stuff this year! In February we had as much snow as we get in a typical year… within the first week. And then it kept on snowing! And then it happened again in March! It’s been crazy (and tiresome).

  2. What a cheerful, bright postcard that you received! I bet you have that displayed in a very prominent place! 🙂 I can certainly understand why you chose yellow and orbs to depict summer for your postcard!

  3. Your sunshine is such a standout! It’s one of my favorites in the whole parade! I’m sure it brightened your swapper’s day when it was received! I’ll have to give your method a try, I can definitely see the dimension from the extra batting.

  4. I think your postcard is so unique and so clever! Definitely modern and there’s nothing wrong with that! I love it! So glad you participated in this swap with us.

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