WIP: SS Bluebird Patchwork

Pattern Info: Melissa Marginet’s 6×6 charm pack patchwork quilt with borders [Link to original Walking Foot quiltalong]

Size: Baby quilt, about 36.5″ x 36.5″

Recipient: A friend who is having a baby very soon

Ideas about the Project: A charm pack of SS Bluebird from the OG Cotton + Steel – laid out in an ombré from light to dark, with 2 dark borders and 2 light borders hopefully from SS Bluebird fabrics with the extra 4 charms as cornerstones. Planning to quilt with a pattern from Melissa Marginet’s Walking Foot Quilting Designs book (available on her website). It’ll be quilted with a beautiful blue Aurifil thread #2780.

Project Stage: I’m done everything but trimming and binding.

General Thoughts: I’d have liked to have done a quilt with some kind of dog fabric because my friend who is having a baby this summer is super into her dogs. But I don’t know of any good dog themed fabric that’s out right now. Also,.. I already had the SS Bluebird charm pack. Just need to buy backing and borders.

The quilting is a pattern called Bevel – it’s not finished here but it’s kind of an idea of what it looks like in the centre of the quilt. I’ve done something a little different in the borders… and I’m not so happy with them. I didn’t give myself lines to follow and just eye-balled the points I needed to hit and it’s all a bit… hit and miss. I’m hoping that when it’s washed it’ll blend down a little better.

Except for the red block, I did the whole layout in an ombré with the lightest at the top left and the darkest in the bottom right. I pieced everything directional in a particular way except somehow managed to get that ship upside down. Oops.


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