Talk to Me Tuesday: 13 August 2019

So for those who don’t know, I periodically make videos where I talk about the things I’m working on or the things that I’ve finished. I share these videos with a group of ladies (mostly from the US, though we’ve had people in Australia and still have people who post intermittently from South Africa and England) at Talk to Me Tuesday. A lot of us are quilters and some do crochet or knitting or various other crafts and it’s a nice way to share things – even if it is a bit unnerving putting my face (and perpetual “but, um, anyway”) out into the world. This has been a really off year for me for posting and it’s been around 2 months between videos (usually I manage closer to one a month, maybe every other week), but here’s my newest, in which I show a couple finishes (not yet posted here!) and a couple things that I’m working on.


2 thoughts on “Talk to Me Tuesday: 13 August 2019”

  1. Hi, Kristel! I really enjoyed your video post and seeing the great projects you’ve worked on the past while. I really *love* the blend of greens in your comfort quilt. What a cute Hipster Cat!! You also have some terrific projects on the wall – it sure makes a nice work space to be in. I need to fix my design wall (it fell down after 6 years) so I can get things back up like that.

    1. Thank you Lynette! I’m sort of excited to see how my Comfort Quilt comes together… just need to find time to work on it!

      My design wall is partly a baby quilt bat with stuff pinned on it, and partly just quilt blocks taped on the wall with half-decent washi tape… I keep expecting all those taped on blocks to get all over the floor one morning when I come in!

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