Work-in-Progress Girl

Done in 2012

19. Starry Night Pouch (5 December 2012)
Modern Scrappy Bits swap package

18. Needle-book with Crewel Embroidery Rainbow Mum
Needle-book with Crewel Embroidery Flower

16, 17. Black and Blue Pouches (27 & 28 August 2012)
Scrappy Bits pouch #2 Scrappy Bits pouch #1

15. Molly Mutante embroidery (27 July 2012)
Molly Mutante (close)

14. Red Wonky Star Quilt Top (26 June 2012)
Wonky Stars Quilt

13. Blue Checkerboard Quilt Top (sewn, but not quilted)
Checkerboard Quilt
[Not Yet Blogged.]

8-12. Assorted Fabric Postcards (April 2012)
Star Trek fabric postcard Hello embroidered fabric postcard Hedgehog fabric postcard Abstract fabric postcard Jellyfish embroidered fabric postcard

7. Oldest Quilt Top I’ve got (sewn, but not quilted) (April 2012)
First Project Ever

4-6. Two Stuffed Owls and a Receiving Blanket (March 2012)
Two Owl Stuffies   Flannel Receiving Blanket

2, 3. Two Bits of Embroidery (March 2012)
Star Bursts
[Not Yet Blogged.]

1. Double Wedding Ring Table Runner (13 February 2012)
Double Wedding Ring


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