Work-in-Progress Girl

Done in 2011


35, 36. The Doctor and River Song Matryoshki (18 December 2011)
The Doctor and River Song

28-34. A Family of Matryoshki (04 December 2011)
Fourteen Matryoshka Dolls

27. Punk Matryoshka doll (15 November 2011)
Skull and Crossbones Matryoshka

25, 26. Two Voile Scarves (Date forgotten?)
Two Voile Scarves

24. Wonky Star Quilt (04 October 2011)
Wonky Star quilt

23. Two Little Halloween(ish) Hooters (15 August 2011)
Two Little Hooters Halloween

22. Brown Quilt-Along Quilt (Finished 25 July 2011)
Cherry House Quilt-Along Brown Quilt

16-21. Baby Bibs (Finished July 2011)
Baby Bib Baby Bib (Reverse Side) Baby Bib (Front Side)

15. Brights with Black Exchange Quilt (Finished 10 July 2011)
Black with Brights Exchange Quilt

11-14. Assorted Fabric Postcards (Finished June 2011)
Postcard #1 Postcard #2 Postcard #3 Postcard #4

10. Pink Baby Quilt (Cherry House Quilt-Along) (Finished 11 April 2011)
Pink baby quilt

4-9. Assorted Fabric Postcards (Finished March 2011)
Elephants postcard Log cabin postcard Pennants postcard Sunrise or a Sunset postcard Ticker Tape postcard Ticker Tape postcard 2

3. Brown and Pink Baby Quilt (Finished 18 March 2011)
Pink and Brown Baby Quilt

2. Posh Tot Playday (Finished 24 January 2011)
Posh Tot quilt in blue

1. Busy Wall-hanging with Flower Appliqué (Finished 03 January 2011)


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