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Sweet and Simple Swap Package Received

So late last week I received a package in the mail from Rockislander, who is the swap mama for a Flickr swap group I’m a part of, the Sweet and Simple Scrappy Swap. For our first round, we were swapping a handmade pouch, a notion of some sort, and a collection of 50 charms cut from our own stash. I didn’t open it until today, because it’s my birthday and I thought it would be fun to save it and open it on the day since I’m spending my birthday largely alone (I went out for lunch with a friend, but my family is all out of town) and otherwise birthday gift free. (I’m not actually super big on birthdays – or not big on my own, anyway! – but let’s face it, getting gifts is ALWAYS fun.)

Simple and Sweet Swap Pkg Received!

I couldn’t have asked for a more awesome swap package than this. I mean… seriously. Doctor Who. A Doctor Who pouch. The cutest thread/floss winder in existence. A seam ripper (unbeknownst to all of you, I’ve been using a straight pin + a pair of scissors as a “seam ripper” for quite a while – I used to have two, but I lost one and broke the other, and neither was as brilliant as this one which has a long enough handle that I’ll be able to see standing up in my container of tools and actually be able to hold onto decently). White piecing thread. A piece of typewriter fabric – there’s a thing I’ve never had, but always liked! A bit of potions bottle fabric! A great selection of charms AND some extra island charms, because Ms RockIslander lives in Bermuda. By the way, did I mention the Doctor Who pouch? Because if I didn’t, I should.

Doctor. Who. Pouch.

Simple and Sweet Swap Pkg Received! Simple and Sweet Swap Pkg Received!

This apparently is licensed Doctor Who fabric, though of course out of print. I didn’t know such a thing had ever existed! I’ve seen stuff on Spoonflower that people have created, but never anything licensed. So there is the Tardis and there are Daleks and please note the frequent flier privilege of a key for the front door!

Simple and Sweet Swap Pkg Received!

These extra charms are Mari-Ann’s “way of sending a bit of Bermuda” my way, and they’re lovely and beachy! I am thinking that maybe I need to make a little wall-hanging with these, maybe my own little hexagon mug-rug so that they will retain their beachy islandness and maybe give me something warm and lovely to think about once winter hits in a few months!

Simple and Sweet Swap Pkg Received!
Simple and Sweet Swap Pkg Received!

And finally, the rest of the charms. This is such a nice mix of different fabrics: the super cute owls and hedgies and ladybugs and safety pins and that lovely tree down at the one corner that I love love love. And then there are great basic blenders like the Art Gallery Natural Elements and other tone on tone/tone on white prints. I didn’t give Mari-Ann a lot to work with in terms of things I like or was looking for, so she did a great job with the little bit of information I did provide. She also doesn’t know it, but I’ve had long (long!) term plans to do a dots quilt, someday, using only prints with dots on them, and quite a lot of these fabrics will work perfectly for that as well.

It was a really great (unintentional) birthday gift to open today. So many, many thanks to Mari-Ann!



Giveaway Day! Post the first: Handmade Scarves

EDITED TO ADD: The giveaway is now closed, any additional comments will NOT be included in the draw. I will draw a winner and contact him or her tomorrow or Sunday. Thanks for all your great responses!

It’s Giveaway Day again at Sew, Mama, Sew! And for once I’m actually ready for it! I’m doing three give-aways, separated into two posts. This post is for scarves, handmade from some very lovely Anna Maria Horner voiles. The other give-away, for fabric charm squares, can be found here.

Both these scarves are made with double layers of voile and are about 8-inches wide and 52-in long. I’ll be honest and say that I find them slightly too short, and thus they don’t drape as nicely as they would at a longer length. However, you could always add some sort of weighted embellishments at the ends or perhaps simply trim off the seams and use the material in any way you choose ;D These scarves were made by me in my non-smoking, no pet home. The material was NOT pre-washed, so it may shrink a little in the wash. Or it may soften up a little and drape a little more neatly.

There will be two winners from this post, and here is how to enter.

1. Leave a comment!
2. In your comment, tell me where you’re from and which of the two scarves you prefer (white or blue).

I will be writing names/locations on slips of paper and drawing the winners myself. There will be one international winner (international, for me, means outside of Canada) and one Canadian winner, so don’t forget to let me know where you’re from! The winner in the first draw (for the Canadian) will be given their choice of scarf. Hopefully whoever gets the second scarf will be happy with it whether it was his/her favourite or not!

You can enter your name (once only please) between now and December 16, and I will make the draw on Sunday, December 18. Best of luck, and enjoy all the new blogs you stumble across this week! I think that’s always my favourite part of Giveaway Day, finding so many interesting new people.