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WIP Wednesday: Rainbow Text Mini

I’m on vacation from work this week, so I’ve been trying to spend my time working on a mini that’s due to be sent out by August 31. It’s for a swap that requires us to use at least two text prints… I’m using quite a few more than that.

A mini I'm working on for an Instagram swap

I rotated through at least a half dozen options before finally settling on this pattern, Glam Garlands by Elizabeth Hartman from her book Modern Patchwork. My partner seems to be a fan of rainbows, so I dug deep into my collection of text prints to create (most of) a rainbow.

A mini I'm working on for an Instagram swap

I’ve got it all basted and have spent the last 4 hours not quilting it, even though I could probably be (nearly) done by now if I’d just get going on it. I’m a little torn about how to quilt it though – I had been thinking about long lines down the length designed maybe to look like crepe paper garlands or something like that. But then I wondered if that was too boring and thought about maybe emphasizing the garlands by stitching in the ditch round them and then densely quilting the background with pebbles or stippling, so that it sits back and the garlands pop out. I really just need to make a decision because I’m planning to be out of town for three days and it needs to be finished before that so that I’m not rushed in the last day before it needs to be sent.

Anyway, it’s my birthday this week, so it’s time for a giveaway. Basically the winner – who can be from anywhere – can choose from one of two prizes.

The first prize I haven’t really put it together yet, but I’m going to make a scrap bundle of text prints:

Fabrics for a mini I've been working on

This scrap bundle might include bits of all of these fabrics (or it might not – some of them I don’t have enough left to call them scraps really) as well as some of the rest of my giant collection of text fabrics.

And the second prize will be a charm pack of all the prints from Lizzy House’s Constellations line of fabrics.

Both prizes will contain similar amounts of fabric – I’ll aim to have them both approximately the same weight. To enter, follow the prompts on Rafflecopter:

(Deleting the Rafflecopter link.)

(Ugh. I clearly didn’t edit that well. Forgive the misspelling. And make sure you follow the prompt – I will be checking!)

Edited to Add: I can’t figure out how to make this work on WordPress. They do NOT like script based HTML. So let’s skip that.

Same deal, just with me using to figure out a winner! Please leave a comment below telling me which of the two prizes you’d rather win. That’s it! I’ll be accepting entries until 11:59pm on Tuesday, September 1st and will draw the winner the next day when I’m home from work. Anyone anywhere around the world can enter.

Also, please don’t enter this giveaway into any giveaway aggregate services. I’m happy for anyone at all to enter, but I’d rather it be organically found by followers and people who’ve also linked up via one of the below Wednesday Link-ups.

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Fabric Friday?

Just a quick one today – a Fabric Friday post, since I don’t foresee myself making anything you can actually look at until Monday or Tuesday at least. (Maybe Sunday, if I can manage not to sleep the whole day away – I work nights this weekend.) I was going to write about a quilt my sister wants me to repair (which I think might be too difficult a task), but that seems like too difficult a task to write about right now! So many pictures! So many details! Maybe next week…

Fabric Friday

Anyway, all of that came in the mail this week from Hawthorne Threads, which remains my favourite shop to buy fabric from, even though I’m generally speaking avoiding buying fabric because the cost to ship has gotten so astronomically high.

All the fabrics on the left are from Lizzy House’s Constellations line. From the top, they are Star Charts in Blue, Supernova in Purple, Constellation in Blue, and (just barely peeking out from the bottom) Asterisk in Black. I’ve been wanting to buy some of this fabric for ages, so I’m glad I finally bit the bullet and ordered it. The rest of it is just random oranges – ZigZag in Orange from Dear Stella’s Garden Party, Robert Kaufman’s Metro Living Tiles in Marigold, and Circle Stitch in Orange from Michael Miller’s Mod Basic. I never seem to have much orange around, so I bought those to fill in a few corners on that neglected section in my fabric stash.

What have you been buying lately?