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Sunday Stash: Low Volume Love

I was going to draw this out another two weeks, but I want to wrap this up, so this is the end of all the stuff I got from Hawthorne Threads back in March. I think most of this stuff was from a giftcard from the Fabric Fairy Michelle at Factotum of Arts, though some of it might have come from a fabric purchase before that.


On the right is the only bit of Alison Glass’s Sun Prints Text I bought – I like it a lot, but it was never available when I was still buying fabric left and right, and then it started sticking around right when I wasn’t buying fabric so much. The other two are Heartfelt from the Art Gallery Fabrics line Littlest.


Down at the bottom is another print from the Littlest collection, Dream Cloud. The stripe is Sunburst Stripe from Dear Stella… I’m not at all sure about the colour, turquoise maybe, but it’s so pale that I can’t really be sure that’s what sort of blue it’s supposed to be. That last one is Kyubu in Atmosphere from the Robert Kaufman line Satsuki. (I liked this one better before I saw it in person. I don’t like the metallic bit too much and I don’t know… it’s just one of those ones that worked better before I looked at it too closely.)


Some familiar ones here again… more of the Satsuki, this time in Natural (and again I don’t love it, but there it is) and another stripe from Sunburst Stripe. Last here is Up in the Air in Pollen from Skinny LaMinx’s Up Up and Away line. Love this print!


Oh look, it’s Up in the Air again, this time in Blue Moon from Skinny LaMinx’s Up Up and Away Line. Still love it. Up above it is a print from Lizzy House’s Catnap line, Chasing Butterflies, love that lime on aqua. At the bottom is an Angela Walters’ print from her Legacy line, Drawn Destiny in Denim. This was my favourite print in her Legacy line, probably because it draws out all the best parts of her particular long-arm quilting style. The shades of blue are great too.


I also picked up that same Legacy print in Linen and another print from the Littlest collection, Teensy Weensy in Lotus. And finally Scissors in White from the Dear Stella line Do It Yourself.

So that was the end of that bout of fabric related madness. Tune in next week to see what I bought (in March) from Warp and Weft.

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Beauty is You wall-hanging (#1)

Last year for Christmas I gave my mom a quilt rack from Robinson’s Woodcrafts and a couple of mini-quilts to hang on it. The mini quilts were this Halloween(ish) themed quilt and (I never wrote a proper entry about it, having never gotten any decent photos) a Christmas wall-hanging, which my sister and I made together. The two options didn’t exactly cover a great deal of the year, so back at Christmas, I promised my Mom that I’d make her another quilt, a more generic one, so that she’d have something else to put on the rack the rest of the year. It was due to be done in time for my parents’ next visit out here, which finally rolled around this past weekend.

My Mom’s house is decorated in some slightly… difficult colours for matching things. In the upstairs/main floor, some of the walls are a sort of buttery off-white, but some are a kind of dark brick red, and some others are a mustardy yellow. In my experience, quilt fabrics do not come in the colours that my parents’ house comes in. I had pulled a few fabrics that I thought might match, so that I could get my Mom to pick some favourites for me to work on another mini quilt for her, but when we were up in my sewing room, looking through them, she found my collection (small though it is) of Cori Dantini fabrics and fell in love.

I can’t pretend to understand the whys and wherefores of fabric sales, but I’m always sort of shocked that Dantini’s line for Blend Fabrics, Beauty is You, wasn’t some massive runaway juggernaut of a line. It’s utterly gorgeous, but I’ve seen very few pieces made using the fabric. (You can still buy it from some Etsy sellers and in part at Lark Cottons. Hawthorne Threads will be selling Dantini’s next line, which drops in July.) I imagine there is a lot more of it out there in people’s stashes than I know about, but every time I see someone post a picture of it on Flickr, there is an inevitable Oh my God, what is that where did you get it how come I haven’t seen it before? response. Which actually was my exact reaction the first time I saw it.

As it turns out, Cori Dantini is an artist who has moved, in part, into fabric design. She also has an etsy shop, Corid, where you can buy prints of some of her artwork. Before I ever got any of her fabric, I bought a print of one of her pieces, which I think is called “From Here on out, It’s You and Me.” I had to do my photoshoot at midnight in my bedroom (my little sister was sleeping in my craft room), so I taped the wall-hanging up beside that picture. As you’ll see, Dantini has a very distinctive style…

Cori Dantini x 2

My photos were all a bit dreadful, I’m afraid. As I said, I photographed this around midnight, just after I finished stitching up the last of the binding. I knew my parents were coming up this weekend, but I’d been putting off making the wall-hanging because I was afraid I’d ruin the fabric and I only actually started it Tuesday last week. I was stitching on the binding when my parents and sister arrived on Friday, and then didn’t finish working on it until the night before they left. (Look for a video post tomorrow or Wednesday in which I’ll talk a bit about the wall-hanging.)

The panel that I used for the main part of the mini is the centre panel of three large pictures. My mom’s favourites were the two on either end, but I wanted to quilt them by stitching around the pictures and I was terrified of ruining the two favourite pictures, so I started with the one my mom was least interested by. If it didn’t turn out well, then at least the others would have still been waiting!

Beauty is You wall-hanging

I do think it turned out pretty well though. The quilting doesn’t show up in any of my photos, but I stitched around the outlines of most of the elements in the picture. It wasn’t perfect – some of the tighter curves came out a little bit more… angular than I’d have liked, but it went pretty well. I didn’t use a free motion foot or anything for quilting, just used a regular foot with the feed dogs up, which makes for slightly more difficult movement, but more even stitching than I’m capable of with free motion just yet. On the pieced border, I just quilted in the ditch through the triangles, travelling from top to bottom.

Beauty is You wall-hanging

The seed fabric in the pieced border (and making up most of the binding) is from the same line as the printed panel, but the script print is Michael Miller’s Old Script. And that bit of red in the binding is something random from my scrap bins.

Every time I look at this, I just think the artwork is so exquisite. I’m really pleased with how it all came together and my mom seemed pretty happy too. Eventually I’d like to turn the other two panels into wall-hangings as well, so that I can give my mom the one she REALLY wanted, but for the time being, I think this one works perfectly. And the colour will probably suit her house a little better anyway!

This project is 16″ wide, but I’m not sure how long, perhaps 22″? It was finished on March 2, 2013, late enough in the day that it was almost March 3. I think this is my third finish for the year, which feels kind of good considering how slowly I usually finish anything.