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Sunday Stash: OOP HTF

When I first started buying fabric online, I wasn’t remotely aware of designers or even the different fabric companies or really anything – I just bought things I liked. One of the first places I shopped was Fat Quarter Shop and (which I won’t shop at now – I’ve tried to take myself off their mailing list probably a dozen times and yet I still get their daily emails!) and then Etsy.

From I bought the first and largest chunk of my collection of Mendocino prints; they were selling them for $6/yard, which wasn’t a spectacular sale at the time (I would guess fabric was about $8/yd then), but was still significantly cheaper than buying from a local shop. (I think the place nearest to me was selling their fabric for about $22/metre, though I’ve noticed lately that most brick and mortar shops sell for around $16-18 now – I don’t know if that shop was particularly expensive or if everyone in town was selling that high… I took transit and that was the only one I could get to very easily). From there, I found myself on Etsy, looking for more to add to my Mendocino collection. only had the bronze and brown and orange prints, so everything else I was going to have to get elsewhere. And that’s when I found myself tumbling down the OOP HTF rabbit hole. (If you don’t know what that is, it’s “Out of Print, Hard to Find.” That’s a thing that took me a while to work out when I was a fabric newbie.) I may not have known Heather Ross’ name back then, but sure as shit, I learned it fast.

Fabric Glutton

Mendocino, back then, was OOP but not terribly HTF, so I was able to get the bulk of my collection for $10-12/yard, but then over time I noticed prices going up and up and up every time I went onto Etsy. It was $15-20/yard and then more and more. Right now you can buy one Fat Eighth of Presentation Mermaid for $25. Some of the more “reasonable” sellers are asking $50/yd for some of the mermaid prints. I’ve seen it as high as $100/yard. (I hope nobody buys these because I think these fabrics are going to be reprinted in 2016, though I suppose we don’t know if it’ll be the whole collection or only part of it or different colours or substrates or…)

My collection of Tula Pink’s Neptune fabric happened in a similar way – it was already OOP but only mildy HTF. I was kind of broke during the buying of both these collections of fabrics, so I did have to be relatively choosy about what I bought and how much I was willing to pay for it, and that’s a fortunate thing because I do love both those lines of fabric a lot and I might have been more of a dumb-ass and spent way more than that fabric is worth if I had had more money.

Fabric Friday: Tula Pink's Neptune

For the low, low price of $180, you can buy your own Layer Cake of Neptune. Yeah. That probably cost that buyer less than $35 and now they’re trying to sell it for nearly $200.

I generally don’t sell my OOP HTF fabrics for a couple reason. One, I don’t know what to charge. I know what people on Etsy and Ebay are charging because I can look, but I can’t stomach that. Maybe I’m not cut out for that kind of capitalism, but it makes me feel dirty to think of charging someone $20-60/yard for something that cost me $8-10/yd. It feels wrong to me and it feels disrespectful to the designers (who, after all, make their living off what we are willing to buy and if they’re making a small percentage off the original price, well, they’re making nothing more off that $180 layer cake) and to fellow crafters. (Maybe I shouldn’t care about showing respect in that way, but I do and that’s my choice. I don’t expect anyone else to share my ethical concerns about much of anything.)

Tula Pink

My second concern with selling these fabrics is that if I sell them at what I consider to be a reasonable price (ie. my cost including shipping, plus a small profit), then someone might turn around and resell it again at those insane prices that I’m trying to avoid. And I don’t want to be taken advantage of like that. If I’m selling it, I’d like to believe that it’s going to someone who intends to use it rather than to someone who intends to profit from it. And there’s really no way to control or combat that.

Tula Pink

All of this by way of saying that I sold some of my OOP HTF fabric this weekend. I mostly sold off Tula Pink fabrics, well, exclusively Tula Pink fabrics, both from the Plume and the Parisville line. If I take Etsy sellers at their word, I undercut myself. A lot. I sold my cameos for $20 a yard (Etsy currently has prices ranging from $65-75/yd). I sold a jelly roll for $40 – that one was basically no profit, as I bought it for $38 at a local shop, and I remember it so specifically because I was making $12/hr at my job at the time and I really questioned the purchase because it was THREE HOURS WORTH OF WORK. And I never used it in all these years. I sold some other bits and peices for $10-20/yard and some scraps for basically $0 (because I didn’t take into account how much money PayPal takes for the transaction and thus didn’t build that into the price in any way).

Tula Pink scraps

I think the ideal transaction of this type is one where both parties come away feeling like they’ve done well – I think that’s how this went down. I don’t feel bad about any of my choices and I think my buyer is happy with what she’s getting as well. She certainly seems excited, in any case! (I suppose I don’t know that she isn’t excited about some amazing re-sale possibilities. But if she is, I hope I never find out about it.) Still, I don’t think I’m going to want to do this again for a long while. That influx of cash is nice, but I don’t think I’ll ever see myself turning into one of those Etsy sellers who’ve spent the last five years doling out $30 “last one” scrap packs of Mendocino, all composed of bad and awkward and small cuts with one or two nice large ones of the prints that are still relatively easy to find. I guess they’ve got to get their selling done while they can (even though probably the bottom won’t drop out of the market when the reprint drops – people still sell “original” vs “legacy” Flea Market Fancy for stupid prices) though. 2016 is coming!

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The Doctor’s descending an ice cliff… (Doctor Who Stitch-A-Long Week 7)

When I started researching the Classic Doctors for this stitch-a-long – week 5 was my pattern, but this week is ALSO my pattern! – that video was the very first thing I discovered about the Seventh Doctor, and I got an idea and fell in love with it and didn’t let go. Was it, like the ice cliff scene, a complete cock-up as an idea? I hope not! I hope everyone loves this pattern as much as I do! (It’s definitely my favourite of the two I did, though I was also pretty self-impressed with the celery/five combo. Haha… I’m so modest today!)


This seventh pattern is, of course, Sylvester McCoy’s Seventh Doctor:

Doctor the Seventh

This was the second pattern I created for the Stitch-a-long and my favourite of the two. I was trying to find videos on YouTube so that I could get some ideas about this guy – I knew I didn’t want his busy sweater vest to be the only focal point! – and I found the video linked up above where they make fun of this apparently infamous “cliff-hanger” scene. A literal cliffhanger, but not a figurative one because apparently it isn’t the actual cliffhanger of the two-part story, which was called Dragonfire. If you don’t watch the video above, basically, the Doctor is descending an ice cliff, then gets to a point where he can’t get any further, so he climbs over the edge and hangs on by his umbrella. I never did find out what comes next – I assume someone helps him back up? or maybe he just slides down the ice cliff? maybe there is a ledge directly below him? I don’t know! Anyway, I thought it made a pretty dynamic image for a stitching pattern, so I blew up a tiny photo of him dangling and this is the result. You can get the pattern for this block here at Fandom in Stitches.

As with all my blocks, I’ve done the stitch in primarily 2-strand split stitch, with the question mark umbrella handle done in tiny back-stitch:


I used the icy blue thread to represent the ice cliff, but couldn’t help putting in that splash of red as well. I was going to restrain myself to two colours only, but this time it just felt more right to break the rule than to stick to it!

A few details:
Sashing – light blue – Star Charts in Blue from Lizzy House’s Constellations
Sashing – purple – Supernova in Purple from Lizzy House’s Constellations
Background – Essex Linen Blend in Natural
Blue – DMC 939
Pale Blue – DMC Satin Floss S932
Red – DMC Satin Floss S666

If you share your photos at the Fandom in Stitches Flickr group, you’ll be entered to win a monthly prize and I’m also offering a special prize to someone who finishes all twelve patterns by August 12 – Nine Fat Quarters from Lizzy House’s Constellations line of fabric:

FQ Prize

This is the Lunar Landing colourway of the line, which has richer, more royal blues than the fabrics I’m using, and doesn’t have the purple tones. You MUST post your pictures at the Fandom in Stitches Flickr group to win, so if you’re stitching along, don’t forget to share with the class!


1. Fifth Doctor Block, 2. DWSAL2, 3. DWSAL1, 4. Doctor Who Block Six, 5. Photo0383, 6. Dr Who 6, 7. Sixth Doctor Block, 8. Doctor number 5


Work in Progress: The Mendocino Baby Quilt

Do please ignore the multitude of creases that need to be pressed out of this top. And the piles of crafting crap surrounding it. Just squint your eyes a little, maybe unfocus a bit, and pretend nothing is there but that swathe of purple surrounding some gold and pink mermaids and seahorses.

Mendocino Posh Tot quilt top

Rumour has it that I’m working on finishing this project in February. Rumour might be wrong. Or exaggerated, possibly. Just a little bit. If I had, say, pressed the top, I might consider that evidence that work is being done, progress is being made, but no. I didn’t do that. I did drape it over something in hopes that the wrinkles might sort of drift out a little bit, but if I really want that, I should go hang it in my bathroom. I’m not really a super-hot shower kind of person, though, so it probably wouldn’t help much – not enough steam.

Today, I went looking for the quilt pattern – this is Posh Tot by Blue Underground Studios – so that I could see what size quilt backing it thought I should have, but no dice. Somehow in the last two years, that pattern has gone missing. So I had to do the much more difficult work of actually measuring the top and, you know, figuring out for myself how much fabric I’d need for the back. I also drew out a sample quilt back, and figured out approximate sizes for everything.


Like my four-limbed octopus?

I also dug around in the bin of fabric with my solids (if you look in the top photo, there is a stack of three plastic bins on the lower right hand side of the photo, kinda sorta just barely visible in that heap of crap you’re squinting your eyes to avoid seeing, one of those three is over-filled with solids) and found my Kona Mulberry yardage, which is the primary fabric in the quilt top, and also the Kona Daffodil, which is the yellow in the centre of the block squares. And then I hauled out my stack of Mendocino fabric, so that I could have a long and difficult debate with myself about the likelihood of my cutting into my last remaining fat quarter of the pink Swimming Sisters for piecing something interesting into the back.

A quilt back?

But that heap of Mendocino fabrics (top left – it contains one fat quarter of every print in the line EXCEPT the giant octopus with the gold background, plus assorted yardage and smaller pieces of several prints) also has a collection of smaller scrappy bits, and I found that scrap with the octopus on it. That print isn’t on the front of the quilt, but it fits right in. AND it saved me from having to decide whether or not to chop into my swimming sisters fabric.

I should really get working on this today – pressing EVERYTHING, because my god! the wrinkles. But somehow every time I think about it, my brain drifts away to other things. Wondering if someone on Flickr will bite, as regards this fabric I’d like to trade away:

Monaluna's Circa 60

Wondering what the heck I did with the last package of fabric that arrived. (Two yards of texty goodness – one in an old-timey script, the other like a hand-writing workbook I might have filled out in first grade, before I figured out that half-printing, half-cursive was a much faster way of writing. And also some Yuwa text fabrics, more of the olive Je Vous En Prie fabric, and a couple rose prints with a newsprint underly. I’d show a photo, but I don’t remember what I did with it!) Debating whether or not to bake a potato and make some roasted vegetable sauce to put on top of it – it’s after 11, I should really decide now if that’s the route I’m going. Or maybe just Havarti cheese on toast, because I broke down and bought some cheese the other day.

I don’t know. I have a pathological aversion to crafting when I try to give myself a deadline, anyway. I enjoy crafting, but finishing things? Ugh. I think I need to get rich quick so that I can hire an assistant to finish everything I start, once I get bored of the project. Can you imagine, just starting everything you ever wanted to start, but not having to worry about the tedious detail of finishing 100 bitty little blocks or putting together rows of finished blocks?


February Goals

Do you think it’ll be easier to accomplish my goals if I talk about them more often instead of just thinking them, and then promptly ignoring them? I guess we’ll see… I had a goal in late January to take on a challenge I’d stumbled over on someone’s blog to spend 20 minutes a day, for the month of February, crafting. And I thought, hey, what a great idea. I can find 20 minutes on any given day – just leave the dish-washing till tomorrow or put off my laundry by one more day or spend less time contemplating how to pluck my eyebrows into just the exact shape I want them, or… you know, whatever. So the very first day, February first, I had worked a night shift and I was tired and I knew I didn’t want to set up my sewing table (which is still in the quilting configuration, rather than the sewing a quilt configuration), so I got out an embroidery project I’ve been working at off and on for months. I think I spent an hour and a half stitching before crapping out and going to bed, but I was pretty self-impressed because hey, I’d done more than twenty minutes!

But then the next day rolled around and I’d worked another night shift and I was even more tired and I thought about it, getting out the stitching again or going to make a different sort of mess of my sewing room so that I could sew again, but instead I justified skipping the day – I’d spent 90 minutes stitching the day before, so really that was kind of like 4 days worth of 20 minutes. But then I skipped another day and another day and somehow now it’s been five days and I haven’t done any crafting. Ooops. So much for that goal.

Well, it was just a thought anyway, a nice thought, but just a thought. Here’s a real goal:

In February, I will baste, quilt, and bind the purple quilt in the following photo.

Posh Tot quilts

Two years ago my co-worker found out his wife was unexpectedly pregnant, and before they found out if they were having a boy or a girl, I thought I’d just make one quilt for each eventuality and then finish the one that was needed. As you can guess, they had a boy, so that blue quilt has been done for a while now (you can read about it here), but the purple quilt top has languished. Nobody I know has had a baby girl in the last two years, so I haven’t really had a reason to pull it out from the closet and sew it.

Anyway, now is the time, so I pulled it out of the closet on Tuesday and tried to shake out the wrinkles (it’s going to take a good bit of pressing…) so that I can get it finished up. I need to find the quilt backing: I’m pretty sure I’d bought fabric for the back at the same time, or at least I hope so since I’m not sure that colour is available any more. Oh, then again, I’m totally wrong: MadAboutPatchwork does have Mulberry in stock. And now that I think of it, I think it’s the purple in my OTHER Mendocino quilt that’s not being made any more. And then I need to decide how to quilt it – I’m leaning towards figuring out how to do something wave like or water-motiony. I’ll probably default of straight line quilting because I’m lazy and that’s easy but hopefully I’ll be able to figure out how to do something more organic and pretty than that. I think I need to find binding for it too – I think a bright pink would be assume, but maybe I’ll just go with more Mulberry or pull in that Daffodil yellow again, since there is so little of it in the quilt.

My other goal for February is to finish up my ABC Sampler.

Daisychain ABC Sampler in progress

There isn’t much to see in this photo, but my camera is downstairs so I can’t take a more up-to-date one. Anyway, I want to get this sampler done so that I can move on to my next embroidery project without getting all stressy about having WIPs in two different crafts. (I have enough quilting ones I definitely don’t need embroidery ones as well!) I think I only have 3 or 4 letters left to go and then it’ll be finished – just blocking and framing.

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Modern Scrappy Bits Swap – Received!

I was really hoping to write this entry on Monday, but I borrowed the first season of Mad Men from the library and had just 7 days to finish the whole season, and I’d wasted the first 2 days because I picked it up while I was working nights and I never watch tv then. (Makes me tired when I should be awake or awake when I should be tired. Does me no good, anyway.) So I had to pack thirteen episodes into five days, whilst also working full-time and trying to feel less ill (I’ve got some sort of lung unpleasantness). So anyway… belated entry.

The Modern Scrappy Bits swap is a Flickr swap where we each were given a name and then would send a fat quarter’s worth of fabric, something small and handmade, a postcard, and some other small something to our recipient. The stuff I made and sent is off in the mail and will probably arrive next week, but the package coming to me arrived on September 7 from Cathy of Blueberry Patch!

Modern Scrappy Bits swap pkg received

When Cathy posted pictures of her swap package on Flickr and on her blog, I’d hoped to myself that I’d win it, because I really love the little needle-book she made! Like everyone, I really love the Mendocino fabric line, it’s just so pretty, who couldn’t love it? And then I really needed a needle-book and at that point, I didn’t have one. Well, now I have two!

Mendocino Needle--book

Cathy decorated some of the pages with pretty little Mendocino scraps (I never throw them out either, even when they’re small like this, or are just lopped off heads and that sort of thing) and some buttons. It’s so sweet, I just can’t even say! And it’s a great size. The one I made for myself is fairly big, but this one is small enough I can easily carry it around with a project if I’m taking needlework to work or during a long car trip.

I thought for sure I had a better picture of the fabric, but I guess I don’t! If it weren’t already filtered into my various groups of fabric scraps I’d take a new photo! In any case, Cathy sent me a very nice selection of greens and blues and pinks with green or pinks with oranges. I think I had some of only one or two of the fabrics she included, so they’re REALLY great additions to my scrap pile. They’ll definitely fill in some spaces. I’ve been playing around with the idea of doing a string quilt to bust through some of my scrap stash or maybe a Mod Mosaic, and every one of these scraps will find a use somewhere. You’ll have to scroll up to see it, but my favourite piece is the blue one (just beside the needle-book) with the white/green tree on it. I’ve never seen that fabric before and it’s so lovely!

Pretty Threads and Pretty Fabric

Cathy included these pretty threads, which might get broken in to stitch up Cate Anevski’s Little Lemon Slice stitch. Although the pinkish-red makes me want to turn her into a watermelon slice, so I’ll have to think about it a bit. I think the white one is perle cotton, but I’m not totally sure (the print is in German, I think, on the paper, but I’ve been told that baumwolle is cotton).

Haida artwork postcard

And last but not least is this is the postcard from the package – it’s Haida artwork of hummingbirds and so so lovely.

I really enjoyed opening the package, which had everything wrapped in red tissue paper tied up with string and it was just fantastic. Thanks so much Cathy!

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In which I show a lot of stuff I got in the mail, including my swap package for my Scrappy Bits swap on Flickr, the package I sent away for that swap, some fabric and art from Cori Dantini, and some fabric postcards I made several years ago.

For more about Cori Dantini: (Beautiful) Art for Sale, Prints for Sale, Blog.

Cathy who sent me the swap stuff: Blueberry Patch. (I will write an actual post with actual pictures, hopefully tomorrow. I’m trying to watch all of Mad Men Season 1 in four days, though, and that’s a lot of tv. I’m not getting much else done.)

Okay, when I filmed the video, I hadn’t actually looked at the photos of the postcards I was talking about (the ones I made, not the ones I sent to Aalia) and I was describing them based on several year old memories. This is what they actually look like. Also, there are 5. Who knew.

Sorry for the poor quality photos – if I could go back in time and fix them…

I made it sound in the video as if it had real buttons on it. It didn’t. This was kind of appallingly made, if I were to remake it…. well, no point in thinking about that this many years later. Maybe I should remake it someday though. Hm…

Potions bottles. I didn’t have a lot of fabric back when I made these, so I’m kind of impressed these are kind of potiony looking in any way. I sort of like that green print.

This is how you make a profile without having to figure out a mouth or eyes or ears or anything at all complicated: cover it all with hair.

So blurry! This was my attempt at a cartoony Snape sneer. I wanted something with fairly straight lines because it was easier to cut out and fuse 😀

I guess I’d forgotten there were 5 cards. A not terribly great dark mark.

I don’t remember getting 4 cards in the mail, but maybe I did. I cut out of my video a rather long explanation of the 3rd card I’d gotten, which was a naughty striptease Snape. (His robes opened to flash his boxers, which pivoted away to flash his dangly bits.) It was made of construction paper and tore, so it was thrown away ages ago.

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Fabric Postcards – Swap Cards

Am I getting behind on posting or what? I’ve got two other finished items to show and there have been one or two videos since my last update. Maybe I’ll remember this Tuesday.

Fabric postcard #1 by clumsy chord
Fabric postcard #1, a photo by clumsy chord on Flickr.

I made three postcards for the second swap at my Livejournal community for exchanging fabric postcards (Fabric Postcard – creative name, eh?). I had set an optional theme of rainbows, and intended to do something rainbow related, but I got distracted by the stuff on the top of my scrap pile, bits and pieces of aqua and raisin Kona cotton and scraps (little wee scraps that I couldn’t talk myself into throwing away) of Mendocino.

This was the first postcard that I made, and the most basic of them. Just slashes of purple in aqua, and I wish you could see it BEFORE I quilted it, because the quilting really ruined it. I should have done my usual type of postcard quilting and just done a light, decorative stitch around each of the purple pieces. It’s just too busy as is.

Fabric Postcard #2
Fabric Postcard #2 a photo by clumsy chord on Flickr.

When Canada Post went on strike just in time for the exchange, I decided to try remaking that first card, but the second version didn’t really turn out any better. I like the quilting better, but the purple slashes ended up more as chunks and they just don’t work, somehow. Or anyway, they don’t work for me. (Also, I rather obviously forgot to trim the excess purple from behind the aqua in at least one place. Eeep.)

In the end, I sent out the first card and still have the second one sitting around, waiting for me to decide who to send it to.

Fabric Postcard #3
Fabric Postcard #3 a photo by clumsy chord on Flickr.

This is the second postcard I made and it was definitely, to begin with, the most simple of all the cards – just a sea of aqua and that bright square with the seahorse. I had some blue variegated thread and had always planned to try stitching on some water movement, but decided at the last moment that I wanted to try embroidering fish on the card as well. I don’t know the proper stitches for embroidery, but I just winged it and I think it turned out pretty well anyway.

First I drew on the shapes with a pencil (they’re all based somewhat on another Mendocino print, the one with schools of fish) and then I stitched in whatever way seemed like it might work. The fish with the lower fin was done in mostly very small stitches, which I was hoping would look like scales.(I don’t think it does, quite, but it’s not bad.) The other large fishes were done with a lot of parallel stitches, just filling in space. The littlest fish were just two or three stitches done in the same entrance/exit holes, which was wide enough to make the fish body, and then two small stitches for the tail fins.

Creating the water look with quilting was harder than I thought it would be and less successful than I’d hoped, but I think it adds something to the card anyway and I wouldn’t change it. (Maybe I’d make it more smooth, if I could, but I wouldn’t do away with the quilting entirely as I would with the first card I showed.)

Fabric Postcard #4
Fabric Postcard #4 a photo by clumsy chord on Flickr.

In Flickr, I labelled this postcard as #4, but it was actually the third one I made. In terms of the fabrics I used, it’s the most complicated or… involved of all the cards. (It’s more wonky in style, and wonky is NOT a comfort-zone for me.) All the bits of colour are little pieces of Mendocino fabric. The pale and the bright pinks are both from prints that have giant octopuses on it, but my scrappy bits are just background only. I love the way the colours all work together though. The little gold octopus (and its even littler pink friend) were centred as carefully as I could so that I wouldn’t lose any of the print. I’m sure the seam allowance is at most an eighth of an inch, but that’s okay since this is a postcard and not likely to be used and abused like a quilt might. I really liked the postcard, it turned out beautifully, I thought. (Maybe I should have quilted some waves into the water, rather than just outlining things, but I’m happy with how I made it.)

In return, I should receive three cards, but I’ve only had one arrive so far (damn the postal strike/lock-out), but I’ll make another post once they’ve put in an appearance. If they do. (One may have been lost, and the third person is MIA. She sent out all her earlier cards on time, but I haven’t been able to get a hold of her in the weeks since the postal strike was over, so I’ve got no indication that she’ll have received the email saying it was okay to go send out my card.)

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Fabric Friday: Mod Times Mendocino Quilt-Along

It’s hard to imagine that these stacks of fabrics will actually make a quilt, but that’s 65″ x 83″ worth of quilt top.

There are fifty rectangles and eight squares of Mendocino fabric. Three hundred thirty-six squares and rectangles in aqua. Three hundred ninety-three rectangles of purple.

If anyone is quilting along (Mod Times Quilt-Along) and wants to make their quilt larger, this is what I decided to do. I’m making mine nine columns across and six rows down, with no changes to the size of the pieces. It should come out about 65″ x 83″.

From the print fabric, you need:
50 @ 3.5 x 7.5
08 @ 3.5 x 3.5
From the border fabric:
049 @ 1.5 x 9.5
100 @ 1.5 x 7.5
108 @ 1.5 x 5.5
016 @ 1.5 x 3.5
120 @ 1.5 x 2.5
From the background fabric:
240 @ 2.5 x 4.5
096 @ 2.5 x 2.5

I very much hope that I got the numbers right when I was figuring out what to cut – I don’t have very much spare purple and what what left I cut into 2.5″ strips for binding. I really want to finish the quilt with that purple framing the edge, but I don’t know if I’ll have enough length left to do the entire way around. I may have to piece it with other scraps or to use some aqua (I do have a fair chunk of that left). I could try buying more of the purple, but I don’t recall what colour it was and I’d be concerned about dye lot anyway. (Looking at the inventory at Simply Solid Fabric, where I bought it from, I think it might be Kona Raisin, but it could be Hibiscus or Dark Violet or some other very deep, dark purple.)

It took me a few hours today to cut all of that, and now my legs are tired, cramped, and sore, and I’ve got a headache to end all headaches. But hopefully I’ll get started sewing tomorrow, because I’m excited to see what it’ll look like.