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30/30 Sewing Challenge: Month End

You know, I keep thinking I should have more to show because I’ve spent SO MUCH time crafting this month, but so much of it was absorbed in the beginning of the month with the Radiant Orchid challenge mini-quilt, that once I was finished with that, nearly all my time went into making things I had to make – bee blocks and swap projects. Which, hey, nothing wrong with that, but I still have so much more I wanted to finish this month!

It’s the last day of March, for example, [or the first day of April, even… I fell asleep before I could finished editing this post yesterday] and I didn’t even touch my Gypsy Wife booklet! Not a single Gypsy Wife block sewn in March! But if I get them done by the weekend, I’m still linking up with Ashley at Wasn’t Quilt in a Day.

Beginnings of two #quilts -- lowish volume and loud for the #gypsywifequiltalong

This (rather dreadful Instagram photo in a too-dark room) is where both my Gypsy Wife quilts are at. I’m really, really wanting to get working on these, but that Pershing block is really kind of scaring me – I’ve been having issues with details lately and none of my blocks lately have been working out quite like I hope. Pershing is not a good one for when you’re feeling wibbly about your sewing skills.

I’m also six blocks behind on the Layer Cake Sampler Quiltalong! Six blocks!

Layer Cake Sampler QAL... so far...

This is where I’m at though! Loving how this is coming together, although I do feel a little bit like it’s too pink. I’ll have to wait till I have more blocks together, but maybe I’ll need to sash it in a dark purple or burgundy or something. I think I have a bunch of yardage from this line (Eva by Basic Grey), which was meant to be used as backing for a different Eva quilt-in-progress, but depending what the fabrics are, maybe I’ll be able to use it for finishing the quilt.

So what have I gotten done since finishing my Orchid quilt? Well… a couple bee blocks:

Stash Bee Hive #12 March Block Stash Bee Hive #12 March Block

Neither one of them turned out exactly as I’d hoped – I don’t know… the first one came together pretty well, but that second one is a mess of bad points and it’s a little too small and I was really not happy with it. But I kind of love the colours – that domino dot was a great match for that centre print, although I think it’s a lot more green than the recipient was looking for. In any case, I had changed the needle (and thread) in between sewing the first block and the second and it was just a fight to get anything to work properly. I’m not sure what’s the culprit – maybe the bobbin is wound crookedly, maybe the needle has a bad point or it’s slightly misshapen or the wrong size or maybe I’m a poor craftsman who is blaming her tools. In any case, I’m going to start swapping things out and see if something helps.

I also finished a few things for the 4S swap on Flickr… I don’t want to write a full post about those yet, but here is a shot of the drawstring bag I created and the pincushion I tucked in along with some other treats (fabric and candy and chocolate…):


I feel like there must be more, but I’m drawing a blank on it, so I guess that’s what I’ve been up to with all my 30 minutes (and more) of crafting every day for the last while! Truly, the majority of the month was taken up with this guy, time hog that it was:

Radiant Orchid mini quilt

Linking up with Sarah at Berry Barn Designs for the 30/30 Sewing Challenge. In general I was pretty successful with the 30 minutes a day thing, I think I only missed once on a weekend when I was unexpectedly working nights (but had expected to have time off). It feels like not very much stuff, considering the time I put into it, but crafting really can be a huge time suck. I enjoy it, don’t get me wrong, but it is not a speedy thing, even when something moves along quickly.

Berry Barn Designs

Linking up also to WIP Wednesday at Needle and Thread Network and WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced and Let’s Bee Social at Sew Fresh Quilts:

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced Sew Fresh Quilts



Modern Scrappy Bits Winter Swap 2012

So yesterday I received my swap package from my flickr swap group, Modern Scrappy Bits. I’m not sure when/if another swap will start up in the group, but it’s something I’d definitely be happy to participate in again. Both rounds I’ve received really great packages of fabric and handmade goodies. I’ve never gotten around to writing about EITHER of the packages I’ve sent away, but I suppose I really should do that one of these days. In any case, here is the entry for the package I received the first time around.

This go around I received fabric/goodies from SouthernlySweet, who, so far as I can tell, doesn’t have a blog. She made for me the most fantastic thing, which is a long weighted pincushion with an attached thread catcher bag and a kind of apron for holding small tools.

Swap Package Received

This photo doesn’t show it at its absolute best, since it’s looking down on it from above, but in my next photo, I’d not got the thread catcher bag attached and it’s kind of upside down. Anyway, never mind that. From this photo above, you can see that there is a strip of felt sewn in for storing needles, and then space on either side for pins. I put that pink ribbon in the bag just to show you basically how it works – you chuck all your little cut-off bits of thread and what have you into the bin, and then you can detach it to empty it. (If you leave it on a table-top, it’s completely reversible as well. I’m not sure where the lining is sewn into it, but it’s completely hidden and looks perfect at any angle really.)

Mod Scrappy Bits Swap Pkg received

Before I worked out how to attach the basket, I took this photo, with my scissors and some other tools in the little apron part. (This is the photo where it’s kind of upside down.) I think it would probably be pretty easy to add a loop for holding scissors (which would actually be a pretty fantastic idea, if you wanted to mess around with the basic formula. Though I suppose you’d have to still be careful about adding too much weight to the hanging portion. You can find the tutorial for it here, created and written by Elizabeth Hartman of Oh, Fransson! fame.)

I’m pretty much in love with the handmade part of my swap package, so I’ve not paid as much attention to the rest of the package as it probably deserves! But here’s a shot with the rest of the goodies:

Mod Scrappy Bits Swap Pkg received

A pretty bundle of fabric, some lovely blue threads, and a few notecards. The embroidery floss are in a very lovely selection of colours, and if I ever get around to making these in-my-mind’s eye snowflake wall-hangings, they will be perfect colours for the snowflakes. (I have the fabric set aside, and the canvas that the fabric will be stretched over. I just haven’t quite started translating the thought to reality.)

Mod Scrappy Bits Swap Pkg received

Opened up, the fabric is mostly a collection of purpley-blues and greens and some bits of Kokka linen-blend fabric. They’re all new-to-me scraps, so they’ll be great additions to that someday string quilt (or log-cabin) that I keep intending to make with the bazillion scraps I’ve got!

Thanks so much to Kiwanier for the fantastic swap package! I really love it a lot and can’t wait to put the pin-cushion to use on my sewing table.