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WIP Wednesday: Little Things

Naturally because I have a bit of a goal list for the month, I’ve so far only worked on completely different things. Two of them totally new!

The simplest thing on my ginormous To-Do list was to add borders to two finished baby sized tops and send them away for a Linus group to quilt and gift to a child in need. I even had the borders cut.


Sure, the lighting is horrible. But so are the borders! I don’t hate all borders on sight (like some capital-m Modern Quilters seem to), but there’s a time and a place for all things, and these two quilts were not the place for borders, apparently.


Thing was, they weren’t very square and if you have a not-very-square quilt, adding properly sized borders can really help fix a multitude of sins. But they’re just so awful looking! I couldn’t decide if I should take them off or leave them on, and I left them in the end. I figure if the Linus group that gets them really hates them as much as me, they can trim off 2.25″ width to use as binding fabric (and be left with a skinnier border, that maybe wouldn’t look so bad?) or they can rip them off entirely or they can leave them on because maybe some kid somewhere will appreciate it anyway.

Anyway, after I got that done, I went digging through my drawers looking for a needle. I can’t remember what got me looking for one – I don’t think I had anything that needed hand-sewing – but I did and then I found a little embroidery project that I bought a while ago and never got around to making:

Mr Monkey Man

An embroidered monkey stuffie from Kiriki Press. They sell a sweet little collection of embroidered stuffie kits. This is one of the simplest ones – you only need to know chain stitch and running or back stitch to do the embroidery. I picked it up because I thought it was cute and because Kiriki is an independant Canadian company (and I want to support Canadian talent) and did I mention it’s cute? I’ve only been working on it a little here and there while watching tv, but then I haven’t watched anything in a few days now, so I’ve set him aside again. I’m determined to finish him this month, though, so to that end, I’m going to link up to &Stitches January finish-along. I have lots of other embroidery projects I could try to finish instead, but I’m feeling this one instead.

Potholders in Progress

I’m also working on some pot-holders out of that Christmas fabric I mentioned a couple days ago. I started out following a pot holder/hot pad tutorial, but I got distracted somewhere along the line and sort of did my own thing and then I thought how very boring it was (just this floral fabric on the front/heat reflective side, all that brown background fabric on the back side) so my brain went back to that original tutorial and thought I’d better add some kind of embellishment to break up the front a little.

So today I headed over to Fabricland and picked up a half metre each of those two crochet lace edgings – grand total of $1.13 – to test against the fabric. Neither matches quite exactly – in brighter lighting, the white is a much purer white than the fabric, which is a creamy yellow-based white and the beige is much too dark. (The beige does match the twill tape loops quite well.) But I have enough to do four hot pads, so I think I might just do two with the white and two with the beige and be done with it whether they match precisely or not.

So that’s what I’m working on! And then I need to get working on my bee blocks and some cat-faces…

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Scrappy Trip Around the World

I’ve kind of disappeared off into the ether the last little while, which wasn’t really intentional, but… life. I seem to be having a hard time this year with balancing everything, I’m just doing bits of everything in fits and starts and not really accomplishing much at all. Hopefully once it really hits spring I’ll settle down a little bit and get my equilibrium back.

Anyway, last night I sat down to watch The Hunger Games movie and spent my time sorting through all my fabric pulling out all my batiks.


I think a lot of people go through a stage of loving batiks and some people never come out the other side, but I did. So all these fabrics have just been sitting around getting by-passed every time I need a fabric for anything (because they’re harder to blend into a block, you almost need to go all or nothing on the batiks) and I decided it was silly to have them sitting around but to do nothing with them. So I dragged my mind all the way back to the beginning of the year when everyone and his or her dog in the quilting blogosphere was making Scrappy Trip Around the World blocks. I found it interesting at the time, but was determined not to pick up another new project. But… I guess I’ve got a bug up my butt about making use of these fabrics. So I also pressed everything and sorted all the pieces that are too small into my TARDIS bucket and made a nice big pile of fabric to start cutting.

I’ve borrowed a season of Robin Hood from the library (I’ve never seen it before and picked it up on a whim, I bet it’s going to be TERRIBLE), so maybe today I’ll watch that and start in on cutting all my strips.