I know there are a lot of Work-in-Progress Girls out there, and Guys too, probably, but lately I’ve been feeling a bit like my identity as a crafter is entirely caught up in the things undone rather than the things that I’ve finished. (It’s possible I read too many blogs written by people who never seem to start anything, but always miraculously are finishing something.) I do finish things for sure, but I start so many more. And I sure do buy a lot faster than I finish.

In my dream world, I wouldn’t have a stash. Or anyway, not much of one. I’d like to be able to buy what I want, when I want it, and actually use it, but instead I have a small mountain or three of gorgeous fabrics that I won’t probably like any more by the time I finally get around to using them.

Well, that’s surely not true; they are gorgeous fabrics after all. But I do still have an appalling – appalling! – pile of things half-done or barely done or sometimes even mostly done and my goal, my every year goal, is to finish more and start less, so that’s what this blog is about.

Or will be, if I ever write anything…


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