Doctor Who Stitch-a-long

I’ve been mentioning working on something that I couldn’t talk about, and finally I can because it’s been properly announced!


Fandom in Stitches, which is owned and operated by the very lovely Jennifer of Sewhooked, is running a Doctor Who Stitch-a-long beginning May 15 and running through July 31. Fandom in Stitches has primarily focussed on paper-piecing patterns, but this will be an all-embroidery stitch-a-long, which also offers instructions for turning the 12 stitched patterns into a quilt. You can read more about the stitch-a-long here on Fandom in Stitches, but in short, it will feature 12 Doctor Who patterns celebrating the 50th anniversary of the only doctor I’d like to visit, including two created by me! I don’t typically dip my toe too far into the pattern-creation waters, but it was a lot of fun to work on, and right now I’m hard at work stitching up my patterns to make sure everything is just the way I want it to be.

But since I can’t show those patterns to you just yet, how about I give you a little peek into the fangirl part of my life instead! I tend not to have a lot of fandom-related things in my house, but I do have a few and the vast majority of them show off my Whovian side. They’ve all been made for me by various people I know online, except for one that was made by my sister.

My Whovian Shrine

1. TARDIS basket

TARDIS basket

You’ve seen this here several times already, and it’s the thing I most recently received. I have so much love for this basket, made by Deanna of Little D and Me, but I might stop showing it every other post here… if I have to. I guess.

2. TARDIS painted card

In Flight/Crack in the Wall

This card was made for me by Aalia of Joy of Stitches. Aalia is also designing three patterns for the DWSAL. She’s a really fantastic designer, both of embroidery patterns and paper-pieced patterns. (She also made me this incredible hand-stitched bag, which is another fannish thing of mine, though you might not recognize the fandom in it! (The green plant with the red beads is a Mimbulus Mimbletonia from Harry Potter.))

3. Adipose Baby stuffy


This adipose baby, with the ever-so-clever name Addy, was made for me by Jordan/dozmuffinxc, who as far as I know doesn’t have a blog (other than her LJ). This is a little fat baby from an episode in.. the third season of the new Who. No wait, not the third season. It must have been the 4th season. Anyway, I think these little fat babies were the cutest “villians” they’ve had on Doctor Who. They might inadvertently kill you, but they’re just so adorable!

4. Dalek Propaganda Poster cross-stitch

To Victory! stitched Propaganda poster

My sister stitched this for me using a pattern created by Shaebay, based on the poster in… hmmm… one of the Eleventh Doctor episodes, from his first season. I tried stitching one of these, but cross-stitch makes my brain melt, so I gave up. (I still have it in a bag somewhere with the threads and pattern.)

So that’s a little look at my fannish crafts, so far. By summer, though, one more! And finally one made by me!


15 thoughts on “Doctor Who Stitch-a-long”

  1. That is a nice collection you’ve got there! The Dalek stitch blows my mind…both the genius of Shae’s design AND that your sister had the wherewithal to stitch the whole thing!

    1. I’ve been very lucky to get such brilliant things πŸ˜€

      I don’t know how my sister did it, but she has a patience for cross-stitch that I definitely don’t. She’s done some pretty big pieces too, like… 2 feet tall when they’re finished (granted those tend to have the background left blank, unlike this stitch which is solidly stitched top to bottom, left to right).

  2. ooh exciting stuff-I too love Dr Who so I’m interested to find out more about this stitch along. I stumbled across your blog and must say I’ll definitely be back.

    1. I hope you’ll love it! The first pattern will be posted on May 15th, so not too long now! If you embroider (or want to learn!) you should definitely join in πŸ˜€

      (Sorry – you might get two email for this – I try to email directly to non-Wordpressers and it didn’t show your blog address in the approval comment, so I assumed you didn’t have WP account, thus sent an email, but then I remembered that I’d opened the link to your blog from one of the other notifications and since I’m going to post the same response here, you might also get a notification for this, and I hate being all spammity spam on people. So yeah. Apologies!)

    1. It’s a British sci-fi tv show that’s been around for 50 years – it wasn’t on-air for all that time, there was a gap from… the mid-80s, I think, through till it was restarted in the 2000s. The Doctor is an alien who, on the cusp of death, can regenerate to another form, hence the show being able to survive so long with the same main character.

      1. Thanks πŸ™‚ I posted this and then asked around as well. My pop said it was some Sci-Fi thing from when he was growing up. The reason I asked is because I had heard that name but it literally meant nothing to me, just a name, nothing else popped up. Even the information smidge you had in the blog post popped up a question mark, you know, like my brain fell out…… Sci-fi is not really my thing. My parents are the “”annoying”” types that did not allow my brother and I to watch garbage, especially since thier parents did not allow THEM to watch (the SAME apparently) garbage when they were growing up. “”Garbage”” being the opinion of others, I have never seen any of it, so I have no opinion other than it does not sound like something I want to watch, you are 100% entitled to a different opinion about it. πŸ™‚ I mean I have seen a smidge of Sci-Fi, like Star Wars, a couple of Harry Potters and parts of several political and presidential debates, but World History is more my bag. Have a good time in your embroidery Who-athon! πŸ™‚

        1. Haha… yeah, when I was a kid I wasn’t allowed to watch anything that had things that don’t exist – vampires and aliens and witches and what have you (except, I suppose, for like… Muppets), so I never was into genre fiction/television when I was young. But when I got older, I started dipping my toe in the waters and found out I really liked The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter and that sort of thing. Doctor Who I didn’t get into until it was in its third season of the reboot. It’s a pretty cheesy show sometimes, but very charming. The kind of charming that makes you just want to keep watching, and so I did. (I’m not the biggest fan of the newest version of the doctor, so my interest has been waning a bit, but eventually they’ll change to someone new again and then maybe I’ll like it all better again.)

          1. The Muppets were fine on my end as well, I mean, (technically) Muppets DO exist. πŸ˜› Though, some of my favorite muppets are not PC any more so they appear briefly, but that is it. I don’t think that my parents had a specific definition as to what was “garbage” other than if I was not likely to learn something useful from it, it was garbage. So sitcoms etc were in the list of garbage because they might have taught us something negative, so most of what we were allowed to watch was on Public Television. Also, we were only allowed an hour each day of our choice, most of what we watched was also what my parents preferred, so again, mostly Public Television. That is likely why we are all history or science lovers, the entire extended family is really. I have read the Hobbit, Lion the With and the Wardrobe and Lord of the Rings a couple of times, but never really got into that type of story. I never really got into the Hunchback of Notre Dame (different genre) either, and always wondered why teachers and district decision makers thought that was a “great” book and was made a reading requirement in school. I mean, everyone is abused (or an abuser), everyone dies except the military guy and he isn’t exactly happy when the book ends either, maybe I was just too bored by it, and a lot was lost in translation or something. Maybe I just never “got” the books punch line…… “Change to someone new again”? Do they change the actor every episode/season or something? It sounds like a weird show to be honest, but, if weird is okay with you, at least you are not one of those boring “”normal”” people (snicker). Enjoy your Who stitch-athon. πŸ™‚

            1. Quick answer as I’m at work and on my phone, but there have been eleven doctors over the years.. The show was a massive hit when the first doctor got too old or I’ll or something like that, so the had the character regenerate so that they could keep it going.

              Sent from my iPhone

              1. Hehe, I am a relatively patient person, you could have waited until you were not at work, and had some breathing (coffee stain free) space. πŸ™‚ I am a work from home person, but most are not, and I do “get” that much. πŸ™‚

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